Contact Report 037

This is an unofficial and unauthorised translation of a FIGU publication.

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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"A lady from the stars" by Jim Nichols


  • Contact Reports volume: Unknown
  • Page number(s): Unknown
  • Date/time of contact: Thursday, November 3rd, 1975, 7:43 PM
  • Translator(s): Unknown
  • Date of original translation: Unknown
  • Corrections and improvements made: N/A
  • Contact person: Semjase


Billy and Semjase discuss the abduction of Betty Hill and Barney Hill by scientists from the Zeta Reticuli star system in 1961.

Contact Report 37 Translation

Semjase ....For a longer time hitherto unknown intelligences have been visiting the Earth. They first came to our attention in your year 1961 when they took posession of two Earth human beings for the sake of study, took these into their spacecraft and subjected them to a physical-chemical analysis. Here they were...
Meier In this field I am a null. Can you tell me, what good is such a physical-chemical analysis?
Semjase It concerns not only one method, but different ones, by which matter mixtures and compositions can be separated as desired, quantitatively and qualitatively, from what then are definable the chemical compositions in their structure and combination according to their characteristics, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Very finely studied methods connected to finely studied techniques, admit those analyses of living creatures without any injury to them. As far as we know, this is still unknown on Earth, but very much used by certain space-traveling races. They use these methods only in connection with telepathic hypnosis, from which fact the test or examination subjects have no conscious cognition of such tests or examinations. This means that for them this time is missing from their memory, by which I mean the examination or test. That memory is only established very deep in the subconscious, and so it can only be recovered from there. This is not even possible by the consciousness, but only by strong hypnotic counter block, which we also call block breaking.
Meier Oh yes, even if I don't understand the chemical things, your explanation does inform me. But what has happened in the year 1961? This matter is somewhat unknown to me.
Semjase Of this i can say: It happened on the 19th of September, in the mountains of New Hampshire in the USA, during the night, when two Earth human beings, by the name of Betty Hill and Barney Hill, a married couple, met with a spaceship of extraterrestrial origin. By oscillation-paralyzers used by the intelligences, their vehicle, an auto, was placed out of function and forced to stop. At the same time both of them were put into a deep hypnosis by telenotical forces. By that their consciousness was paralyzed, by which their conscious recollection was blocked. This I have explained to you before. The purpose of that proceeding by the intelligences was no ill behavior, because their data gathering was only in exploring the Earth human form of life. So they took possession of both Earth human beings for a time of 127 minutes, brought them into their spaceship, and subjected them very thoroughly to their examinations and analyses, while they also took different specimens from both, such as some drops of blood, male sperm, hairs, saliva, finger nails and skin. They took as well, specimens from the shoes and clothing, and from other things too, which were of importance for the analysis of those intelligences. Everything was very carefully examined by them and was recorded radio-photographically.
Meier This term is not known to me. What is radio-photography? I have never heard of this.
Semjase This is an apparatus similar to your pocket cameras, by which the results of physical-chemical analyses are recorded in its radio radiation, and can be photographed in this way, with which the radiations are converted by apparatus processes in the photograph filter directly into the symbol pictures.
Meier That is like a "Spanish Village" to me, but this is surely not of so much importance to myself. A technician or physician would know more about that, from this information.
Semjase Surely, but now listen further on: After the analyzation of both Earth human beings, they were then released from the paralyzing radiation and set free. The deep hypnosis was dissolved in both people, and they drove on without any memory of the time of the examinations. They had not the least recollection of this. Only in later years were they able to solve the riddle of this event, when by hypnosis they could reveal their unconscious knowledge.
Meier I see, but why have you cared for this matter in these days?
Semjase A new event, about which i unfortunately am not allowed to speak, has demanded this now. From our examination of this space-travelling intelligence in 1961, it appears you have nothing to fear. They are of humanoid form, and really only perform explorations. Their forms are human, while their body size is different from ours. Their size varies between 126 and 163 centimeters.
Meier That is interesting. From where do they come now, indeed? What kind of spaceships do they have, and how are they enduring the atmosphere, etc.?
Semjase They originate from the planet and star system ZETA RETICULI, as I already explained. This system has a median distance of 37 light years away from the Earth. Their spaceships are similar to our beamships, and extremely well equipped, and are very able for space-travelling. The atmosphere of their homeworld is very similar to the Earth atmosphere, thus they can breathe here without great difficulty. They wear close fitted filter-dress, which offers protection for them in some ways.
Meier Could you print me or take for me a picture of the Zeta Reticulan intelligences, if that can be arranged?
Semjase I could produce a drawing for you if you want.
Meier This would be nice. Could you produce at least one picture from the breast up of one of these intelligences, and perhaps too, a drawing of their spaceships?
Semjase I could do so, but I don't have paper and writing equipment.
Meier Of that I can give you something. Here, a pencil, and here there is some colored ballpoint pens, and here is an eraser, and - a moment, yes here, is this enough paper?
Semjase Surely: I will bring these drawings to you at the next contact.
Meier Well, but now it would still interest me, whether from the mentioned intelligences there is anything to fear?
Semjase They are peaceful humanoids
Meier Is that all?
Semjase There is nothing more to tell about them.
Meier As you like. Then from the side of the Earth there is nothing of importance in their mission; this is what I get from your words?
Semjase Surely, so it is.
Meier Today you are very narrow in words. Each word I have to buy from you.
Semjase I try not to explain more than is admitted for me. You often have a manner of putting questions that unintended to explain more than I am allowed. So I must be cautious.
Meier I will no more put you in troubles - at least not with those Zeta-Reticuli human beings, which they are, or...?
Semjase Surely, they are different only in their size and color of skin.
Meier Well then something else: We are now concerned with a start with respect to the lectures.
Semjase That is known to us, and we are also very much pleased that now you all care so much for that. We will be helpful to you in these matters as far as possible, while we give impulses to certain persons to get in contact with you. By that will further some groups announce themselves to you and join you. Some very important contacts should find their beginnings this way as well.
Meier What do you mean by that?
Semjase What I just explained. In the course of time, important contacts for you will come to pass.
Meier What kind of contacts?
Semjase We hope that we can lead UFO contactees to your group.
Meier Astonishing! Real contactees?
Semjase Surely."