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Consciousness: (General definition) Human personality = Intelligence capable of development = Evolution-factor in first potential.[1]

Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of self-hood, and the executive control system of the mind. Despite the difficulty in definition, many philosophers believe that there is a broadly shared underlying intuition about what consciousness is.

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  • In principle it is possible to use these consciousness-related forces/energies/laws, but in order to become capable for this you would have to devote your entire life to this goal (besides possessing the knowledge of "how to do it")[2] [show / hide]
  • The spiritual consciousness cannot be compared with the material consciousness; it cannot be located at a certain place.[3]~ Extra notes: In the Human Brain. The material consciousness is located in the human brain, the spiritual consciousness is not located there, therefore its not comparable in that way, the two subjects need separation.
  • The spiritual consciousness is and are impulses and swinging waves which are active (wirken) on their own. In much the same metaphorical analogical likeness of electricity as a power to machines or a light bulb etc,.[4]~ Extra notes: Spiritual consciousness creates impulses and swinging waves
  • The creational spirit-energy (schöpferische Geistenergie) is interweaving throughout the entire universe. The entire universe (universal consciousness) is laced with this energy. And its an intelligence of its very own. But the wording intelligence should not be likened to the one found in human beings. The designated intelligence of this energy has the effect of bringing forth, e.g. lifeforms, matter, etc,.[5]
  • It is not possible to project one’s material consciousness beyond ones body.[6]
  • By feeling with one’s [perceptual] eye (Sixth And Seventh Senses) it may be possible to extend one’s antenna [peripheral scope] (Consciousness) [range] [and] experience visual perception stimuli and or possibly some level of clairvoyance, but it could equally cause delusions and or the experience of a [compound of] fantasy or delusion.[7]~ Extra notes: Important to clarify reality. Be clear about what reality is in comparison, so that you can compare.
  • Be careful about “projection experiments” they can lead to schizophrenia.[8]
  • Its the forces of the consciousness that bring about the effects and results which organised religions and individuals throughout history and still even today have often (worn down) called miracles.[9]~ Extra notes: The physics is tremendously complicated and the brain is tremendously complicated on top of that the creative freedoms and liberties within the creative natural laws is complicated, so we rapidly and easily have a picture emerging here of a situation where accidental use or unknowing experimentation of any aspects of consciousness powers and natural forces could in a society that still believes rather than know the actual facts lead to all kinds of wild assumptions and assertions which take on all kinds of wild fantastical forms. The process of evolution puts all human societies through the same process of learning and as a normal rule this takes millions of years.
  • "New Age nonsense" really means nonsense, smack or rubbish, like e.g. channeling, "esoteric", parapsychology, spirits and demons, photon belts, conspiracy theories, etc. smack.

    "New Age sense" includes and or means that which is real, like technological and medical progress, consciousness-related development, wisdom, knowledge, in other words: everything that can be proven or checked/verified/examined.[10]
  • "The end of suffering" is a silly unstable, erroneous Buddhist teaching. "Spiritual Enlightenment" does not exist.

    However, there is "consciousness-related enlightenment", which means the same as "to acquire knowledge, wisdom and love". In the Contact Report 010 Semjase was talking about consciousness-related enlightenment. In the early contacts she often used the word "spiritual" for "consciousness-related", because the people then did not yet understand "spiritual" correctly. (Actually, even to this day "spiritual" is often misused and misunderstood on Earth.) Consciousness-related enlightenment is a process and influences body, psyche, gemuet (Gemüt) and consciousness, among other things.[11]
  • Even if it's a very very rare thing "Shapeshifting" is possible. These human beings (Billy knows of such people), who are a special human form or variety, are very far evolved. They must be placed between very highly-evolved human beings and the level of the "High Council"). We people here on Earth are not able to change our "shapes" or bodies, etc.[12]
  • Affinity may be felt when you meet a person whose personality/consciousness is of a nearly conform level as yours. The closer the evolutionary level of a person is to the one of another human being, the more they are similar in character/nature (wesensverwandt/Wesenverwandtschaft in German). Each person has a personality that may be well received by (have an effect on) certain other persons. In other words: We could talk here of a relationship/affinity of consciousness.[13]
  • The case with Edgar Cayce was that he was very gifted in using and applying his consciousness-related powers.[14]

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