Physical Evidence

Photo of metal sample from Wendelle Stevens book Pleiadian Message.

Billy Meier was given some metal and stone at a time, place and for a reason.

The Metal Alloy - Second Analysis
The Metal Alloy - Third Analysis

Continued on Expert Opinions.

The other physical evidence
The other physical evidence is theoretically evidential worldwide and in many diverse fields of study. These other evidences occur throughout the Contact Reports and in many cases have not been investigated yet. The reason they have not is partly because many are not physical in the traditional sense, in part because they cannot be investigated yet, are not yet discovered and partly because they fall under controversial or risky fields such as: Ufology, Pseudoscience, Pseudoarcheology, Cryptozoology, Parapsychology, Astrology, Extra-sensory perception, Levitation, Psychokinesis, Séances, Tunguska event (extraterrestrial), Lunar effect, Cydonia Mensae, Moon landing conspiracy theories, Worlds in Collision, The Bermuda Triangle, Climate change denial, Flood geology, Free energy, Orgone, Autodynamics, Einstein–Cartan–Evans theory, Electrogravitics, Lysenko-Michurinism, Biodynamic agriculture, Feng shui, Ley lines, Vastu shastra, Technical analysis, Acupuncture, hypoadrenia, Alternative or fringe medicine, anthroposophical medicine, Applied kinesiology, Body Memory, Chiropractic, Attachment therapy, Brainwashing, conspiracy theories, Hypnosis, Law of Attraction, Neuro-linguistic programming, Aryanism, Unilineal evolution, Animal mutilations, Channeling, Crop Circles, Fomenko's chronology, Numerology, Scriptural codes, Phantom time hypothesis, Koranic scientific foreknowledge, Christian Science, Creation science, Creation biology, Intelligent design, Quantum mysticism, wave–particle duality, uncertainty principle, Polywater, Occam's razor, Paradigm shift, Observational error, skepticism.

  • Atlantis
  • Polar Axis Shift - theoretically discoverable all over the planet in Geology, Biology, Archaeology, Evolution etc.
  • Acupuncture
  • Beamships - theoretically discoverable by camera satellites.
  • Extraterrestrial Life
  • Bigfoot or Sasquatch - theoretically discoverable in several areas of the world.
  • Reincarnation
  • Ageing rapidly - Genetic modification theoretically discoverable by DNA sequencing.
  • Malona, Mars, Moon (Earth)
  • UFO cover up conspiracy theory - theoretically discoverable by asking questions and evaluating the answers.
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Materialkinesis
  • Apollo 11 & 13 conspiracy theory - theoretically discoverable by measuring exactingly the Apollo 11 landing site.
  • Time Travel
  • Foo Fighters and secret UFO conspiracy (Area 51 etc) - theoretically discoverable by asking questions, evaluating the answers, investigating, finding a way in, or someone who worked there etc.
  • Ectoplasm, Teleplasma and Teleplasty
  • Tunguska event - theoretically discoverable by digging up the entire area with large machinery.
  • Sixth And Seventh Senses
  • Lifestyles and Health - theoretically discoverable by evaluation.
  • Science and Mathematics - theoretically discoverable by trialing the mathematical formulas.
  • Karma
  • European Union as a dictatorship - theoretically discoverable by evaluating its democratic merit.
  • Ratio
  • TWA flight 800 and efforts to gun down a UFO - theoretically discoverable by piecing it back together and then investigating the nearby military missile base.
  • Law of Love (book)
  • EVP - electronic voice phenomenon, use search. - theoretically discoverable by repeating the same method.
  • Ancient tunnels, caverns, filled in bases etc., with preserved artefacts, remnants etc., inside - If there are any, say a mile underground, then very sensitive ground penetrating radar or similar device would have to be used to discover them, or by chance during mining etc., and they would likely be fractured, incomplete pockets or simply be modern fills etc.
  • Time Gate
  • Beamship flights - theoretically discoverable by developing the same technology they use to cloak them.
  • Time Flows
  • Spirit Teaching

There are many others too in the Contact Reports if you're brave.
It may be the case that the entire thing is a hoax and it's all pseudoscience, not supported by science and real evidence and it's conspiracy theory; we don't know everything, consider investigating it independently or as part of a team or part of it, research it meticulously and check. That is up to you if you are interested in it.