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This page attempts to list, in a single location, all major events in history that have been revealed by Billy and the Plejaren Federation and some of those yet to come.

~10,000,000,000 CE The entire Sol star system will be pulled in by a black hole and be compressed by its heavy mass.[1]
~4,000,000,000 CE The Sun will only exist as a dead, respectively shrunken, dark, and inactive star, along with some inactive planets, which will still float, together with their burned-out sun, through free space for around 6 billion years.[2]
~470,000,000 CE No floral, faunal, and human life forms can exist on the planet any more.[3]
~380,000,000 CE The Sun will already be incorporated into processes, through which an excessive activity will emerge, by what means all life on Earth will slowly start to become extinct (all CO2 will start to sink into the ground).[4]
~3TBC CE Historians looking back at the political and legalese arrangement disparities prevalent at the beginning of the third millennium shudder in horror at what they discover themselves looking at.[citation needed]
~3TBC CE Women will fully regain their former original equal status and rights in the men's world with regard to their complete duties, assignments and tasks. As its a life path related prediction it will take an evolution (several incarnations) before becoming real. An ephemeral version of this relationship comes about early in the 3rd millennium due to a fine-sensitive perception of the future itself.[5]
~2TBC CE Transportation devices (Spaceships) reaching velocities above the speed of light, indeed, speeds several million times the speed of light, become the rule.[6]
~2TBC CE Mars will be devastated by a war with spaceships.[7]
~2TBC CE One of Earth's continents will be forged into a gigantic fortress.[8]
~2TBC CE The rulers of governments residing in space stations orbiting Earth will be overthrown up there.[9]
~2TBC CE Many new power struggles and revolts will take place on Earth when governments no longer reside on the planet itself, but will orbit in space stations surrounding it.[10]
~2450~26TBC CE
The optional phase in recognition of the facts. Present term future determining factor, Cause-Effect Evolution.
The material intellect accepts the testimony of the material senses and their resulting conclusions but rejects the deepest subjective intuitions. The direct display of the truth supersedes all useless objections; the realization of the truth makes everything down to the finest detail clear and self-explanatory. It is completely wrong to restrict the field of view of life only to observable phenomena and to let the valuations of objective worth determine things. Neither social welfare nor national improvement are possible through merely adhering to shadows and disregarding the essential substance. The correct behavior of the family and the administration of the country and the society form a part of the universal determinations, which have equipped the totality of the beings with strictly impartial laws.[12]
~2TBC CE Mars becomes globalised.[13]

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: A fairly large mass of Earth humanity maintains a consistent, sustainable difference of opinion with regards to lifestyle, lets say

~2TBC CE Money will eventually be prohibited by law.[14]

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Construction takes place in various unconventional places. On Ceres, Phobos, Deimos, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Charon, various asteroids and meteors etc etc. But this is exclusively reliant on the continuation of the current social regime in the current format.

2340 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Mars becomes partially habitable

~2TBC CE Money will completely lose its value for various historical reasons. Nevertheless, such transitions will not produce solutions to every monetary problem to the point where money will be totally eliminated as legal tender once and for all. It will still be used for the fulfilment of personal pleasures such as recreational and pastime activities. Including the illicit trade in valuable and still undiscovered rare earth elements, rare earth metals, precious stones, jewellery and other items, which ultimately leads to the collapse of any attempts to abolish money.[15]
2100 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: 10.1 Billion human beings, According to UN's 2010 revision to its population projections, world population will peak, compared to 7bn in 2011.

The study is sometimes referred to as "A profound reflection of the very best study the responsible educated Earth humans could possibly come up with, early in the 3rd millenium".

Both Earth alternative conventional propositions and Plejaren projected calculation based propositions, correlate to another population bottleneck.[16] However the Toba catastrophe theory[17] for example customarily associated with a supervolcano in Indonesia (74,100—75,900 BP), is 'probably' associated with the destruction of the planet Malona (73,000 BP),[18] by way of the 5th barely (partially) discovered fundamental force. Being no other cosmic influences on par with this destined to occur during the 3rd and 4th millenium. Outlandishly indicating the human population will rise and continue to grow indefinitely, perhaps atleast for the coming centuries. Even given all the various offsetting factors, such as infertility, disaster, disease etc.

~2TBC CE Terrestrial social formats of states still prevalent in 1995 will be abolished and replaced with new programs.[19]
~2TBC CE Individuals in Japan and China discover that the prevailing physics is not the last word in knowledge, but that there exists yet a higher level of physics which extends into fine-matter spheres. Upon this realization science will be discredited for quite some time.
≈2074/2075 CE Nokodemjon spirit form's next incarnation. When Billy Meier will "spread the mission again in this world as another personality" (CR115 v147).
~2TBC CE Individuals any longer make personal provisions for they're old age through personal finances, because society, or rather the federal state, will pay for it.[20]

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Full body flight safety suit comes onto the market and sells several million copies.

~2TBC CE Air with a more suitable composition becomes available for purchase both in bottles for personal consumption and as "little life extenders".[21]
2054 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Another study on the other hand concludes that education of women will lead to low fertility rates even in Africa.[22]

2050 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: By 2050 (Medium variant), India will have 1.66 billion people, China 1.42 billion, United States 440 million, Indonesia 327 million, Nigeria 306 million, Pakistan 282 million, Brazil 261 million, Democratic Republic of the Congo 196 million, Ethiopia 189 million, Philippines 171 million, Mexico 166 million, Egypt 151 million, Bangladesh 145 million, Russia 129 million, Tanzania 120 million, Vietnam 113 million, Japan 107 million, Iran 101 million, Turkey 97 million, Kenya 90 million, Uganda 84 million, Germany 81 million, United Kingdom 76 million and Colombia 70 million. According to various similar studies working with the same ideas and data set.

~2TBC CE Scientists recognise that Earth's atmosphere is truly not conducive to prolonging human longevity.[23]
~2TBC CE Pension plans and other financial support systems become redundant due to income any longer being required for a person's livelihood.[24]
~2TBC CE A new invention powered by the most economical of energies, artificially heats Earth's atmosphere
2043 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Randers' "most likely scenario" reveals a peak in the world population in the early 2040s at about 8.1 billion people, followed by decline.[25]

~2TBC CE The cost of living drops to nearly zero as a result of more incredibly inexpensive energy being generated than can be utilized.[26]
~2TBC CE A very inexpensive energy source increases food supply production to the point where it can be distributed without charge.[27]
~2TBC CE Much of North American and large areas of other places of the world become barely worth living in after many decades of quantitative and qualitative natural disasters incessantly ravages everything over and over again, year after year over whole lifetimes.
2036 CE A 350 metre trabant amongst an elongated chain of similarly sized meteors entering the inner solar system creates either a historical scientific fuss event within the 5 years leading up to the event or devastates a small area of Europe creating a freshly historical western European continent, TBC either way.[28]
~2TBC CE Individuals of the idiosyncratic belief derived from the teachings of the prophet who pathologically lied about contacts with extraterrestrials, dispassionately take a misapprehension to a new delusional height.
~2TBC CE Scientists develop cognitions that a planets imperceptible internal expansion process acceleration in correlation with its stars decreasing nuclear fusion rate is associated with gravity fields of planets.[29]
2030 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: The United Nations Population Fund study in 2010 calculated a projected world population growth up to 2030 to 8.321 billion.[30]

~2TBC CE Animal husbandry, mass-breeding, mass-transports and mass-tortures of billions of animals will be abolished.[31]
~2TBC CE Geneticists eventually discover a feasible genetic manipulation process which enables plants to produce the animal protein dietarily required by human beings.[32]
~2TBC CE The Christian religion finally and at long last collapses, churches and monasteries end up in ruins and ashes.[33]

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Police continue refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration.

~2TBC CE A secretive climate weapon coinciding with a weak solar cycle subjects Earth to very problematic climatic changes causing overall temperatures to drop dramatically, freezing land masses and oceans.
>2020 CE China transitions from solely being an economic power dependent on a global economy, into the next world power and superpower.[34]
∝≤2020 CE[35] USA relinquishes superpower[36] status due to a specific culmination of precipitating factors.[37]
<2020 CE[38] Innumerable nations bust themselves voluntarily, socially, politically, financially, economically and morally. Ironically due paradoxically to an overflowing wealth.[39]
~2016 CE Private trade between individuals over the internet continues to undermine tradition, community trading centres, lifestyles.[40][citation needed]
~2015 CE A predomination of wireless handheld international broadcast device exists on Earth.[41]
~2014 CE The jet stream becomes altered in its function.[42]
~2013 CE An ever increasing man-made administrated chaotic demolition and environmental destruction causes damage of every kind, on water, land and in the air.[43]
~2012 CE The progresses made on the Internet positions humanity to steam ahead with great energy and enthusiasm in every conceivable field of advancement, only it does not, but instead is all ultimately quietened and silenced by religions and their vested bigwig bosses, to which governments are usually and generally allied.[44]
2005 – 2050 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: According to the United Nations, during 2005–2050 the net number of international migrants to more developed regions is projected to be 98 million. Because deaths are projected to exceed births in the more developed regions by 73 million during 2005–2050, population growth in those regions will largely be due to international migration.

~2003 - 2TBC CE A disparate and amorphous cognoscenti of computer professionals, hackers, thinkers and online activists of all kinds with no visible leadership or membership structure comes into loosely connected being. Following a series of historical worldwide conscious evolving revelations initiates a quiescent shift in ideology and lifestyle.[45][46][citation needed]
2003 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Brian Binnie pilots the first privately built\funded craft to ever achieve supersonic flight. A year later SpaceShipOne made its first suborbital flight into space.

2002 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Hyper-threading computer technology first appears.

≅1995< CE Many incredible breakthroughs, innovations and discoveries in technology and science change civilization.
~1850~22TBC CE
The optional phase in recognition of the facts. Present term future determining factor, Cause-Effect Evolution.
The human being of the new time, the human being of the Aquarius era, now faces an easily solvable problem, for if he now lays the foundation stone of the truth, then he gains a whole new structure of philosophical and psychological values for a happy, free, and peaceful spiritual life in the future. A free spiritual life, which is based on everything that represents the best in the cultural and spiritual inheritance of the Earth: The spiritual truth. If the Earth human being now finally recognizes and acknowledges this truth, completely frees himself from all religions, sects, and other erroneous teachings and their delusional imaginations and finally aligns himself with the spiritual and creational laws, then he has triumphed. Only the truth is serviceable and brings the human being progress; religion, erroneous teachings, and sectarianism, however, are unserviceable to the human being and throw him back into the deepest darkness. The erroneous religious philosophies, with their colossal confusions and delusional claims, reduce in the human being his inner strength, which would maintain his consciousness and could help him to surpass himself and thrive in his striving and which would make it possible for him to attain inner growth and inner peace, which stand in right proportion to the external achievements and conditions. Natural human understanding defends itself against allowing the circle of inappropriate, unreal religious dogmas to press itself into the square of the dominant truth, and this is especially brought to thriving existence through the new time of the Aquarius era, through new religious fanatics, sectarians, and frauds; however, at the present time, the religious delusion is still too widespread to be able to create a useful defense in great measure; consequently, toward the turn of the millennium, many thousands of human beings will senselessly die in the sectarian delusion by murder and suicide. Already for a long time, the modern ranting human being has made great efforts to find peace and freedom, but so far, all his efforts have fruitlessly blown away and escaped. In the absence of real knowledge and the truth of a healthy, reasonable lifestyle that would give him inner and real balance and peace, he has committed himself to abnormal ideologies and to destructive, dangerous, and harmful religious philosophies, which lead him into even greater consciousness-related poverty and keep him away from the actual life, as this has already been the case here since ages ago. The lack of the spiritual, for which it is worth living, or the need for a practical life philosophy and life psychology in the present time is often responsible for the crisis in the lives of human beings and in their concerns.[48]
≜1995 CE All personnel of the Plejaren Federation depart Earth, all bases of operations are returned to a natural state. Only monitoring devices remain of which telemeter discs are among these.[49]
1982 CE A splinter group of The Bafath on planet Saban in the Karan star system 2.1 million light years distant are arrested and their base with it's devastating booby trap disarmed.[50]
≜1978 CE All 2,100 members of The Bafath group are arrested and deported to the Neber system. Base under Giza Pyramids removed of all technology and filled with stone.[51]
1976 CE Kamagol II dies aged almost 4000 years old.
~1800 - 2000 CE Plejaren impulse contact through a telepathic transmission device to various higher educated individuals such as Einstein and other notable human beings, provided information that led to various progresses in technology and medicine etc.[52]
1945 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Hiroshima August 6th followed by Nagasaki 9th destroyed by atomic weapon.

1945 Sfath explains to Billy in February that Hiroshima 6th followed by Nagasaki 9th would be destroyed by atomic weapon.[53]
1945 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Trinity the first detonation of a nuclear weapon

1937 CE The prophet of the new time Eduard Albert Meier is born on February 3rd, in Bülach, Switzerland. He was the second of seven children. His father was a shoemaker.
1934 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Enrico Fermi bombards uranium with neutrons

1932 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Leo Szilard conceives of a multiplying neutron chain reaction

1932 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: James Chadwick discovers the neutron

1905 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Albert Einstein lays down a paper titled "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?"

~1800 - 2000 CE Plejaren impulse contact through a telepathic transmission device to various higher educated individuals such as Einstein and other notable human beings, provided information that led to various progresses in technology and medicine etc.[54]
1903 CE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Wilbur and Orville Wright conducted their first powered flight of an aircraft, reaching an altitude of 10 feet (3.0 m)

571 CE The prophet Mohammed is born on February 19th, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
1 BCE Plejos and his people depart Earth for the Plejares.[55]
2 BCE The prophet Jmmanuel is born on February 3rd in Bethlehem, Palestine. His biological father was the Plejaren Gabriel and his mother was the Earth woman called Mary.
22 BCE Plejos places Hyperborea under the guidance of the Andromedan High Council.
63 BCE Plejos son of Salam takes over leadership of the civilisation of Hyperborea.
662 BCE The prophet Jeremia is born.
772 BCE The prophet Jesaia is born.
891 BCE The prophet Elia is born.
2,080 BCE Jehovah displaced by Kamagol I. Kamagol I forced all earthly religions into his control and created terrible cults which demanded human blood. Kamagol II his son was even worse, he overthrew his father, deprived him of power and let him die miserably in a deep dungeon. Kamagol II introduced the monstrous mass murder of Earth-born terrestrial human beings.
3,010 BCE Arussem ousted by a mutineer called Henn, known as Jehovah in the tongue of the Hebraons and The Cruel One.
3,343 BCE Jehav murdered by first-born son Arussem but Arussem exiled by his younger brothers Ptaah and Salam. Arussem returns soon after and creates his base beneath the Giza Pyramids. Ptaah and Salam begin to rule Hyperborea with justice, wisdom and kindness.
3,545 BCE Venus stabilises itself and sets itself into its own path around the sun.[56]
3,683 BCE Jehavon murdered by his son Jehav who then took over command.
3900 BCE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: The 5.9 kiloyear aridification event, ending the Neolithic Subpluvial and probably initiating the most recent desiccation of the Sahara desert.

3952 BCE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Bede began his history of the world

4,006 BCE Venus crosses into the Earth's path and lightly disturbs it without bringing about large catastrophe.[57]
4,023 BCE Arus XI is murdered by his third born son, Jehavon who took over command of the Hyperboreans, Armus people, the Aryans and Hebraons.
6,104 BCE Venus breaks into the earth's path and disturbs its rotation in such a way that a new rotational period originates, bringing gigantic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and elemental storms. Lesser Atlantis in modern day Santorini, Greece is destroyed by the volcanic eruptions.[58]
~6,200 BCE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Mt. Etna Sicily produces a massive volcanically induced landslide causes a megatsunami which devastates the eastern Mediterranean coastlines on the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe.

6,339.5 BCE The Destroyer rips Venus out of its orbit around Uranus and "tows" it behind itself in the direction of the Earth's (orbital) path.[59]
9,000 BCE The prophet Henoch is born.
9,498 BCE Greater Atlantis and Mu destroyed by Hyperboreans.[60]
~10,000 BCE

Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Holocene begins, Allerod oscillations bring transient improvement in climate. Sea levels rise abruptly inducing massive inland flooding due to glacier melt. The Bering Sea land bridge is covered in water. Long Island becomes an island. Lake Agassiz forms. A permanent ecological change occurs in Europe, Savannah-dwelling reindeer, bison, and Paleolithic hunters withdraw to the sub-Arctic leaving the rest to forest animals like deer, aurochs, and Mesolithic foragers. In North America many animals become extinct including the Dire Wolf, Smilodon, Giant Beaver, Ground Sloth, Giant Columbian Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi), Woolly Mammoth, Mastodons, Giant Short-Faced Bear, American Cheetah, Scimitar Cats (Homotherium), American Camels, American Horses and American Lions. Settling of Mediterranean isles re-begins, the Maglemosian people settle UK

10,790 BCE Arien splits off from Hyperborea and allies itself with Mu and Agharta. Hyperborea constantly attacks Mu and Greater Atlantis for the next 502 years.
11,000 BCE The Bafath return led by Arus I and initially conquer Hyperborea in the far north (modern day Florida, USA). Arus II son of Arus I conquers India, known then as Arien, Pakistan and Persia locations and forces the Sumerian forefathers south. The Sumerian forefathers are descendants of the Sirian refugees that settled in 131,000 BCE.
11,500 BCE It was recognised that the High German language must exist on the Earth in the New Age so that the teachings of the spirit could be fully extensively clarified comprehensively with the required words and terms and word-combinations, as would not be possible in any other language of the Earth peoples during this future time.[61]
13,000 BCE Group that later became The Bafath fail an attempted coup and flee to space-time shifted region of Beta-Centauri.
18,000 BCE Academic Comparison - Upper Paleolithic - Chatelperronian culture in France and Spain.
23,988 BCE The Kinten (Chinese) and Niper (Japanese) races arrive from the Lyra star system.
24,000 BCE Academic Comparison - Upper Paleolithic - People around the world use fibers to make baby-carriers, clothes, bags, baskets, and nets.
28,500 BCE Academic Comparison - Upper Paleolithic - New Guinea is populated by colonists from Asia or Australia.
48,000 BCE The beginning of the current age of peace of the Plejares star system.
50,000 - 70,000 BP Academic Comparison - Middle Paleolithic - Homo sapiens move from Africa to Asia. In the next millennia, descendants of these human groups move on to southern India, the Malay islands, Australia, Japan, China, Siberia, Alaska, and the northwestern coast of North America. *Note: the destruction of Malona below.
71,344 BCE Egyptian pyramids built by group of humans from Orion constellation.
~73,000 BCE Planet Phaeton/Malona is destroyed by the inhabitants through war actions, more specifically, tremendous quantities of seawater are induced into the crater of a volcano. This causes an explosion that partially destroys it but which also thrusts it to a more distant orbital position whereupon a further explosions completes it's destruction. Thus the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is created because of man's insanity and megalomania.[62] The atmosphere on Mars also becomes uninhabitable by a temporary increase in solar energy followed by a receding of the radius Sun's life-zone. Most of the human spirit forms of Malona and Mars reincarnate on Earth which is becomes the only planet remaining within the life zone.[63]
~69,000 - 77,000 BCE Academic Comparison - Middle Paleolithic - Toba Volcano supereruption. This event caused a global volcanic winter of 6–10 years and possibly a 1,000-year-long cooling episode. *Note: the destruction of Malona above.
131,000 BCE Refugees from space-time shifted region of Beta-Centauri led by Atlant settle on Earth and establish cities of Greater Atlantis, Lesser Atlantis and Mu. Refugees also from Plejares led by Armus settle in modern day Armenia region. Refugees from the Sirius system also settle on Earth at another location.
190,000 BCE Pelegon arrives from Plejares, with 70,000 of his people, on Earth.[64]
200,000 BP Academic Comparison - Middle Paleolithic - Anatomically modern Homo sapiens appear in Africa, including by this point lack of significant hair compared to other primates.
228,000 BCE War of Liberation in the Lyra and Vega systems.
387,000 BCE The ET Asasel created Ledon, the father of the dark race (the native African race) with an Earth human female.[65] Semjasa created Adam, the father of the white human race.[66] Sartael created Tet-el, the father of the red (American Indian) human race. Giant humans of up to 33 feet height arise from the mixing of ET human and Earth human over several generations. The prophet Henok travels to Earth from the Lyra star system (from a different space-time continuum)[67].
400,000 years ago Academic Comparison - Lower Paleolithic - Control of fire by early humans.
500,000 years ago Indigenous Earth human develops first tools.
1,500,000 years ago Indigenous Earth human develops into modern form.
2,400,000 years ago Academic Comparison - Lower Paleolithic - Genus Homo appears as a carnivorous scavenger.
2,400,000 years ago The Kinten (Chinese) and Niper (Japanese) races arrive at planet Nissan in the Lyra star system after traveling from planet Kudra of the Nisan star system.[68]
2,500,000 years ago Academic Comparison - Lower Paleolithic - Evidence of early human tools.
22,000,000 years ago The first three peoples who first came to Earth simultaneously. They were the red ones, the brown ones and the white ones. This came about because the Destroyer had done its work of destruction in the Lyran home systems.
26,000,000 years ago The Lyren galaxy dissolved itself and turned into energy, out of which new stars and planets and a new galaxy came into being. Some of the human spirit forms incarnated on Earth are originally from the Lyren galaxy.[69]
27,000,000 years ago The first physically recognisable humans emerged quite certainly as the life forms named hominids, which, however, first appeared very much later on the Earth.[70]
28,000,000 years ago The first humans, in their original form, came into being on the oldest planetary systems of our galaxy.[71]
5,000,000,000 years ago The Earth was so hard and solid, that slowly life developed on it, first only seas of lava and volcanoes and then, in the course of time, also the very first and ur-primitive life in the form of lichenoid plant life.[72]
7,000,000,000 years ago The Sirian Creator Overlords lost knowledge of their true ancestry or origin. They lose the capability to defend themselves and they start to genetically engineer new warrior races. Warrior races [much later] mutiny and escape with help across the galaxy and some arrive on the planet Kudra in the Nisan star system, others on planets Mars and Malona in the Sol star system and land begin to create new colony's.
12,000,000,000 years ago Nokodemjon came back out of the Arahat Athersata spirit level for the sake of his peoples, who followed no creational laws and commandments at all, to bring his peoples to reason and therefore to rationality.[73] Enoch's original tribes split into two lineages. One lineage, who we refer to as the Old Lyrians, went it's own way to settle throughout the galaxy and eventually settled in the Lyra and Vega star system in another space-time shifted configuration. Another lineage, who we now refer to as the Creator Overlords, also settled throughout the galaxy and eventually arrived in the Sirius star system.
28,000,000,000 years ago Nokodemjon became a purely spiritual form.[74]
46,000,000,000 years ago The solid body of Earth began to form.[75]
86,000,000,000 years ago The prophet Nokodemjon is born in the Waron star system in the Lyren galaxy. He appeared repeatedly until the last time of 12 billion years ago.
646,000,000,000 years ago The Earth itself had the beginning of its origins, as the first gasses, molecules, and atomic particles and quarks, and so forth, formed.[76]
1,730,000,000,000 years ago The first formations of gas come about for the Sun.[77]
1,911,000,000,000 years ago The first formations of gas come about for the Milky Way galaxy.[78]
39,260,000,000,000 years ago The first higher forms of life came into being.[79]
40,300,000,000,000 years ago The first solid material came into existence.[80]
41,800,000,000,000 years ago The stage of this universe's development was reached in which the first fine matter began to change into its transitional form.[81]
46,000,000,000,000 years ago Birth of this universe, the DERN universe.[82]



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