Contact Report 014

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[Tuesday, April 29, 1975, 2:00 p.m.]

Contact person: Semjase

The following topical listings do not represent the entire contents of this Contact Report.

Meier contacts Semjase by sending his thoughts to her

Semjase suggests that Meier "raise a center" so they have a "chance to exercise yourselves spiritually each day"

Semjase suggests Meier sell the crystals & stones she brings for raising money for building the center

Semjase comments on some of the "stupid & primitive" laws of Earth humans; "94% of your laws are outside all human dignity and reason"

"Every human being has the right to learn"

Possibility of allowing "Mr. J." to be informed of and accompanying Meier to contact locations; discussion about his spiritual development; Semjase examines the future to see Mr. J. will visit Meier tomorrow (April 30th) to read his 12th Contact Report Meier informs Semjase that she destroyed the wrong portion of the April 20th film with the beamship over a hillside with friends

Message From The Pleiades additional contents -- 4 photos [April 20, 1975, Ravensbuhl; friends on a hillside with Semjase's beamship hovering; double-exposures] Special Note By The Publisher

[The photos and Special Note By The Publisher found in Message From The Pleiades {printed book} are located after Contact 34 in Messages From The Pleiades vol.2 {eBook CD-ROM}]