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Six Hundred and Twenty-seventh Contact

Sechshundertsiebenundzwanzigster Kontakt
Saturday, 26th September 2015, 14:06

Samstag, 26. September 2015, 14.06 Uhr

Florena: Florena:
1. Here I am, dear father friend ... and I greet you and bring you a good word from Ptaah with his wish that it may be well with you. 1. Da bin ich, lieber Vaterfreund, … und ich grüsse dich und bringe dir auch ein gutes Wort von Ptaah mit seinem Wunsch, dass es dir wohl ergehen möge.
2. But I see that your condition is not exactly that of good well-being. 2. Wie ich aber sehe, ist dein Zustand nicht gerade der des guten Wohlbefindens.
3. Also from Cladena-Aikarina I should greet you, to which she says that she is very attached to you in love, while from Zafenatpaneach I should bring you a greeting and wish you a good recovery. 3. Auch von Cladena-Aikarina soll ich dich grüssen, wozu sie sagt, dass sie dir sehr in Liebe verbunden ist, während ich dir auch von Zafenatpaneach ein Grusswort bringen und dir gute Genesung wünschen soll.


Oh, thank you very much, Florena, and for the kind greetings, good words and wishes also my thanks to Ptaah, Aikarina and Zafenatpaneach. Please give her my regards, too. Oh, lieben Dank, Florena, und für die lieben Grüsse, guten Worte und Wünsche auch meinen Dank an Ptaah, Aikarina und Zafenatpaneach. Lasse sie bitte auch von mir grüssen.


4. I'll be happy to convey your thanks to them. 4. Gerne werde ich ihnen deinen Dank überbringen.
5. But look here, from what you have designed and what I have transmitted to Ptaah, he has made the representation shown here, which he has made for your information booklet 'FIGU-Time Sign' for expansion and clarification. I will transfer to your computer the representation as it was transmitted to me by Ptaah, so you will have an exact reproduction in which nothing can be changed: 5. Doch sieh hier, aus dem, was du entworfen hast und was ich Ptaah übermittelt habe, fertigte er die hier abgelichtete Darstellung an, die er für eure Informationsschrift ‹FIGU-Zeitzeichen› zur Erweiterung und Klarlegung angefertigt hat. Die Darstellung, wie sie mir Ptaah übermittelt hat, werde ich dir in deinen Computer übertragen, folglich du eine exakte Wiedergabe haben wirst, an der nichts zu verändern ist:
Organ for free, politically independent views and opinions on world affairs. Organ für freie, politisch unabhängige Ansichten und Meinungen zum Weltgeschehen.
According to the 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights' of 10th December 1948, 'Article 19 Freedom of expression and information': Laut ‹Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte› vom 10. Dezember 1948, ‹Artikel 19 Meinungs- und Informationsfreiheit›:
Everyone has the right to freedom of expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and disseminate information and ideas by any means of communication, regardless of frontiers. Jeder Mensch hat das Recht auf freie Meinungsäusserung; dieses Recht umfasst die Freiheit, Meinungen unangefochten anzuhängen und Informationen und Ideen mit allen Verständigungsmitteln ohne Rücksicht auf Grenzen zu suchen, zu empfangen und zu verbreiten.
Statements and opinions do not necessarily have to be identical with the FIGU ideas, interests, teachings and missionary material. Aussagen und Meinungen müssen nicht zwingend mit dem FIGU-Gedanken-, Interessen-, Lehre- und Missionsgut identisch sein.
6. The whole is to serve, as he expressly explained, that those objectors who misunderstand and insult free, politically independent views and opinions as political expressions and machinations learn to understand that such views and opinions correspond to rational and rational ways of viewing and judging as well as, under certain circumstances, to ways of giving advice which are in no way politically formed and therefore neither can nor may be understood in this form. 6. Das Ganze soll dazu dienen, wie er ausdrücklich erklärte, dass jene Beanstandenden, die freie, politisch unabhängige Ansichten und Meinungen als politische Äusserungen und Machenschaften missverstehen und beschimpfen, verstehen lernen, dass solcherart Ansichten und Meinungen verstandes- und vernunftträchtigen Betrachtungs- und Beurteilungs- sowie unter Umständen Ratgebungsweisen entsprechen, die in keiner Weise politisch geformt sind und also weder in dieser Form verstanden werden können noch dürfen.
7. The desire of Ptaah for his design is that nothing be changed in this representation, neither in the designed form of the arrangement nor in the size and colouring. 7. Das Begehr von Ptaah zu seinem Entwurf ist, dass an dieser Darstellung nichts geändert wird, und zwar weder an der entworfenen Form der Aufstellung noch bezüglich der Grösse und der Einfärbung.
8. Also, as he desires, the lines must remain arranged according to the arrangement of the sentence structure which he bindingly prescribes, as must the typeface, i.e. the overview must therefore correspond overall to the finished representation as he prescribes it. 8. Auch muss, wie er begehrt, die Liniengebung nach der von ihm verbindlich vorgegebenen Anordnung der Satzstrukturierung angeordnet bleiben, wie auch das Schriftbild, folglich also die Übersicht gesamthaft der gefertigten Darstellung entsprechen soll, wie er sie vorgegeben hat.


Biblical clarification trail

  • 'Original sin' (Genesis 3)
  • 'Egypt's nine plagues' (Exodus 7:14 to 10:29)
    “seven biblical plagues”, Contact Report 150
  • David chosen by God (Samuel 16:1-13)




Information icon4.svg.png
Reality Check?
We're living in an age of instability and we can’t edit the false information on the internet, but we won’t stand aside either. Reality check aims to weigh in on the battle over lies, distortions and exaggerations, fact check and debunk deliberately misleading and false stories masquerading as real.
Claim: "We haven’t seen them"
Reality: There are many ways we have seen them. Our DNA is similar, we look similar, our very distant ancestors are theirs, all of Earth's best languages originally developed from those brought here from space. The creative-natural laws are uniform across the universe, which never change, thus we experience the same reality as them, are under the same principles of reality, subject to the same fundamental forces, exposed to the same scientific factors etc., thus languages are only ever as expansive as they ever are because there is only ever so many things to ever have to communicate, genetics is only ever as uniform as it ever is because there are only so many natural laws and creative-natural laws which factor. There are many additional ways we have seen them which has more hazardous cautioned wording; instead check for yourself so that it isn't taken out of context.

We all have a little belief, at least somewhere, that there is life beyond our planet. While we have not been able to rightly access when and where to look for it, many Earthly people have claimed of having alien or UFO encounters. This suggests that the aliens have already found us. We haven’t seen them, but there is one man who claims to have contact with extraterrestrials. The man is an 82-year-old, Swiss Citizen, Billy Eduard Albert Meier. He calls the extraterrestrials, he contacts with, the Plejaren.

According to Billy, his first encounter with the extraterrestrials occurred in the year 1942. Born in the year 1937, in the town of Bulach in the Swiss Lowlands, Billy was only five then. He met an elderly extraterrestrial human being called Sfath with whom his contact lasted till the year 1953. After that, for the next eleven years (1953-1964), he was in contact with the extraterrestrial woman named Asket. He did not remain in contact from 1964-74 with anyone; however, in the year, 1975, he came in contact with the granddaughter of Sfath, named, Semjase.

Albert spent the majority of his life traveling and seeking spiritual exploration. He covered around 45 countries in 12 years. Overall these years of him remaining in contact with the extraterrestrials, he has collected many controversial pictures. These pictures are controversial because some of them showed alleged spaceships and Plejaren. The Plejaren

According to Bill Meier, the Plejaren is the name of an extraterrestrial race. All of them whom he had been in contact with since the year 1942 are the Plejaren.

As the story goes, the Plejaren have always allowed him to photograph and film their spaceships, which he called “beamships.” Billy confirms that Plejaren hail from a planet, known as Erra. It has a population of around 500 million with its size being only a little smaller than Earth. He has named those extraterrestrials “the Plejaren” because their planet is located in the Pleiades star system. The Plejaren could live for more than 1000 years due to their genetic factors.

Information icon4.svg.png
Reality Check?
Claim: "They withdrew themselves"
Reality: They havn't withdrawn since 1995 evidently because the communications have not only continued since, but became even more in-depth, detailed, educational and explanatory than before.
Claim: "They had the purpose of visiting Earth"
Reality: Their purpose has never been 'just to visit' the Earth, because visitors don't establish themselves properly like they have for thousands of years. Visitors don't communicate with individuals spaced several hundred years apart and impart such a colossal quantity of knowledge, throughout a worlds entire known history.

Meier says that these extraterrestrials had their secret stations on Earth, located in places like Switzerland, North America, and Asia. There was almost the population of 2862 extraterrestrials, stationed on Earth, until in 1995, they withdrew themselves. The aliens had the purpose of visiting the Earth. They wanted to communicate the universal “teachings of the spirit” to the people; however; they left owing to the future events, unspecified.

Information icon4.svg.png
Reality Check?
Claim: "Meier says that these extraterrestrials..."
Reality: The Contact Reports are conversations, this means the extraterrestrials representing themselves say...

Evidence of Photographs

Information icon4.svg.png
Reality Check?
Claim: "Some of the photos show alien spacecraft floating above the Swiss countryside"
Reality: The beamship design is not 'alien' by any means, it's an agreeable design devised repeatedly by scientists the universe over. Flight and floating denotes suspension or gliding, the beamship is more of a repulsion.

He has collected the photos of the UFOs between the years the 1970s and 1980s. As stated earlier, some of them show alien spacecraft floating above the Swiss countryside. The spaceships appearing in the photos are disk-shaped, with the diameters ranging between 7 meters and 21 meters. As stated by Billy, the beamships are made up of metal like copper, silver, and nickel. Their beamships are also capable of time travel and can be used for universal space travel.

Information icon4.svg.png
Reality Check?
Claim: "One of the high-quality images shows a spacecraft named Apollo-Soyuz 1975 which can be seen docking"
Reality: This image is among the very lowest-quality in the entire collection and it has been repeatedly stated for decades that it was maliciously counterfeited by a third-party, who had nothing to do with FIGU.

In one of the high-quality images, there is a spacecraft named Apollo-Soyuz 1975 which can be seen docking. While many believe that this image isn’t fabricated, there have been many investigations held on the man and his evidence.

Information icon4.svg.png
Reality Check?
Claim: "The UFO community largely ignored Lt Col Wendelle Stevens findings"
Reality: The vast majority of investigators throughout all the decades since have read Wendelle Stevens reports. It is true that the so-called "UFO community" have however broadly ignored the 40 year running 'Billy Meier UFO case', largely because it's ideologically opposed to the fraud they're doing.

A retired Lt Col Wendelle Steven along with an American team conducted the onsite investigation. They reached the conclusion that the case was genuine; however, the UFO community largely ignored his findings.

Well, there are many skeptics and ufologists that characterize Billy Meier as a fraud man. They suggest that he used the spaceship models to hoax the photographs. Some of them employed techniques used in the pre-digital age of film special effects and produced the recreations of Meier’s images. Evidence of Metal Samples and Recordings

Other evidence such as metal samples and sound recordings of the extraterrestrials have been, too, presented by the Swiss man. A chemist who tested them actually stated that those metal samples were unusual. They were pure to such an extent that as soon as they were exposed to intense light from the microscope, the metal oxidized rapidly or broke down which was something not very ordinary.

While the metal samples examination could convince the skeptics, those who inspected the sound recording had a different view.

Apparently, in the year 1976, Meier made a six-minute sound recording of a UFO. Well, according to the investigators, this sound recording possessed no usual characteristics, they had the sound of the conventional aircraft sounds. The truth

Information icon4.svg.png
Reality Check?
Claim: "His ex-wife Kalliope revealed he used ‘old fashioned tricks’ and regular household items to create the models."
Reality: His ex-wife Kalliope Meier is a key witness with years of thorough testimony reports which attest that it all really happened and couldn't have been a trick. She didn't hold a grudge against her husband, instead she never loved him and was using him to escape her excessively religious family. She probably found it fascinating how after so many decades the false information and made up stories were far more popular than the actual documented evidence and real happenings, quite boring comparatively, and decided to play up to this 'secondary narrative' by sceptical reporters who had never actually investigated it, to see what would happen and be made out of it. She offered a small quantity of malicious quotes and it went around the world. Eduard was told by Plejaren this would happen years before and had to keep silent about it, because such sceptical intrigues has been tremendously valueable to the mission, it's really defined the actual narrative against the wishful fantasy one and has been very reinforcing to those who have genuinely looked into it. An aspect of the 'mission' of the extraterrestrials has been to explain and demonstrate to us that we've deceived ourselves very badly e.g. with religion, politics and about why we have a very short life expectancy. This type of negative sceptical exposure has been valueful in demonstrating this Earth human behaviour of creating fictional narratives to mould it wishfully into how we want it to be rather than how it actually is and has been. Apparently this is why we've forgotten and destroyed all history and records of history and have religion explain it with creationism instead.

Meier might have used the ‘old fashioned tricks’ such as photographic cutouts or foreground miniatures to craft the fake photographs. He might have used items like trash can lids, carpet tacks, and other such objects available in the house to create the models. The truth was revealed by his wife Kalliope, who after breaking up bitterly with the man, stated that he used to cover his acquaintances in tanning paper to fool people.

Well, it isn’t very clear if Billy Meier lied all his life, or his wife is doing it for the grudges she held against her husband; thus, the topic is highly controversial.

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Reality Check?
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