The Laws and Directives of Creation

Date Written: 18th May 2006

Introduction to this Compilation

Through the Billy Meier extraterrestrial contact case, Earth humanity has been provided with renewed spiritual teachings which clearly distinguish themselves from, and shine a bright light on, the spirit-enslaving teachings of our Earthly cults and religions. Of all the extensive, remarkable information and clearly intelligent advice which has been provided through "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier (ie. the photographic and other evidence of extraterrestrial craft, scientific information, accurate predictions, history, explanations about other worlds and about extraterrestrial beings, and so forth) the spiritual teachings are stressed as being by far the most important.

Before I learned any of the German language I really wanted to understand more about what was meant by the phrase, laws and directives of Creation. I thought I sort of knew, but I was guessing. In an attempt to help convey some more to other people in the English speaking world about what is meant by this phrase I have drawn from Meier's books Arahat Athersata and OM. I tried to put the relevant points in my own words but when it comes down to it, the original words always express it better! (No surprises there!) On the other hand, there are times when it is more practical to use my own words. In the end I do whatever seems best to make it as clear and accurate as I can. Please keep in mind that we (Vivienne and Dyson) are still just learning about this enormous body of teaching ourselves, and, as with all our other Meier-related work, this is just our personal effort and not an official explanation from Meier's group FIGU.

Our usual disclaimer applies: The following contains unauthorized preliminary translations (by Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine of of material. It may contain errors.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you refer back to the web pages and publications of Meier's group, FIGU, in Switzerland to learn all you can there. Above all, if you have a sincere interest in this material we stress the importance of striving to learn the German language and read and test the source material for yourself. Please don’t take my word for it! - Vivienne Legg

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The Laws and Directives of Creation

[From Arahat Athersata p.89:]

729. Für den Erdenmenschen gibt es nur das ewige Walten der schöpferischen Gesetze und Gebote, und soweit es sich um diese geistigen Gesetze und Gebote handelt, hat er infolge der Kraft seines in ihm wohnenden Geistes die Möglichkeit, ganz bewusst nach diesen Gesetzen und Geboten zu leben und sich dadurch zu vervollkommnen.

730. Je mehr er sich daher in die eherne Ordnung dieser geistigen Gesetze und Gebote einordnet und einfügt, um so mehr wachsen in ihm bewusstseinmässig das Wissen, die Wahrheit und die Weisheit, und um so mehr erwachen in ihm ungeheure bewusstseinmässige Kräfte, die er durch erschaffenes Wissen und Können als Fähigkeiten zur Anwendung zu bringen vermag.

731. Damit öffnet er sich förmlich für alle schöpferischen Kräfte, die aus den unendlichen Weiten des Universums als lebendiger Strom der Liebe in ihn einströmen.

732. Wenn der Erdenmensch diesen Weg beschreitet, dann führt er nicht nur ein der schöpferischen Ordnung und ihren Gesetzen und Geboten entsprechendes Leben, sondern er geht den wahrlichen Weg der geistigen und bewusstseinmässigen Evolution und damit den Weg der Vervollkommnung.

733. Das Gesetz der Liebe ist das Grundgesetz aller schöpferischen Gesetze, und dieses Gesetz verkörpert auch das Grundgesetz von euch Erdenmenschen.

734. Wer sich daher nicht in universeller Liebe übt zu allem, der verstösst gegen ein Gebot der Ordnung und gegen ein Gesetz der Bestimmung.

[Our translation of main points:]

For the Earth human Creational laws and directives govern eternally, (just as they govern the whole universe, on all worlds and all beings). As a result of the power of the human’s spirit, which lives in him, it is possible for him to live quite consciously according to these laws and directives and to thereby perfect himself. Therefore the more he arranges himself under, and adapts to, the ironclad order of these spiritual laws and directives, the more knowledge, truth and wisdom consciously grow in him, and the more the monstrous (ie. enormous) powers of consciousness grow in him which he may, through the created knowledge and ability, employ as capabilities. Therewith he really does open himself for all creational powers that stream into him out of the infinite vastness of the universe as a living current of love. If the Earth human treads this way, then he not only leads a life corresponding to the creational order and its laws and directives, but he goes the true way of the spiritual and consciousness evolution, and therewith the way of the perfecting. The law of love is the most fundamental of all creational laws and this law also embodies the ground law for you Earth humans. Who therefore does not practice universal love to all offends against a directive of the order and against a law of the determination.

How do we begin to recognise the laws and directives of Creation for ourselves?

OM tells us that the prophets have often taken their students into free nature to teach them because the works of creation themselves express the love of Creation.

[From, OM, Canon 40:]

32. Wahrlich, wo könnte ein Mensch sein, und könnte er auch mit höchster Zunge sprechen, der von der schöpferischen Liebe so ergreifend reden könnte, als die Werke der Schöpfung selbst sprechen.

[Our translation:]

32. Truly, where can one be and where can one also speak with the most exalted language which can talk of the creational love so movingly as the works of Creation themselves speak?

33. Und wahrlich, was ist alle Schulweisheit aller menschlichen Lehren gegen eine einzige Ahnung, die aus der Fülle der Schöpfungen der Schöpfung entsteht, die selbst auch nur ein Abglanz schöpferischer Herkunft sind, sichtbar geworden für das Menschenauge.

33. And truly, what is all school wisdom of all human teaching compared to a single notion that comes about out of the abundance of the creations of Creation which are themselves even only a glancing reflection of the creational origin become visible for the human eye?

34. Der Mensch muss es fühlen, dass ihn die Natur an ihre Brust ruft.

34. The human must feel that nature calls to his breast.

35. Und wahrlich, der Mensch ist ein anderer in seinen geschlossenen Räümen, wo ihn so viele kleine Umstände widerwärtig mahnen und seine Psyche und gar sein Gemüt bedrängen und alles Grosse zerstören oder abziehen.

35. And truly, the human is another (person) in his closed rooms where so many small circumstances disagreeably remind him and beset his psyche and indeed his nature, and destroy or take away everything great.

36. Der Mensch ist ein anderer Mensch, wenn er, vom himmlischen schöpferischen Morgenrot umstrahlt, vom reinen Entzücken der erwachenden Natur durchströmt wird.

36.The human is another person, when, surrounded by the rays of the heavenly creational sunrise, the pure delight of awakening nature streams through him.

37. Und er ist ein anderer, wenn er sich an der Seite eines Freundes und im gesunden Schatten wehender Gebüsche in heiterem Gespräche erfreut.

37. And he is another if, at a friend’s side and in the healthy shade of swaying bushes, he takes pleasure in bright conversation.

38. Und der Mensch ist ein anderer, wenn die liebliche Abendstille ihren Frieden in seine Psyche und in sein Bewusstsein legt.

38. And the human is another when the lovely evening silence lays its peace in his psyche and in his consciousness. ...

What are some of the laws and directives?

[From Arahat Athersata p.21:]

3. Als Einzelwesen hat der Mensch verschiedene Aufgaben, die ihm obliegen:

4. Als erstes ist er der Aufgabe verpflichtet, sein Leben für die Dauer seiner ihm entwicklungsmässig gegebenen Zeit zu erhalten; und zweitens hat er auf die Erfüllung seiner Pflicht zu achten, sich geistig und bewusstseinmässig bestmöglich weiterzuentwickeln und die Geistevolution als wichtige Wahrheit anzuerkennen.

5. Als Gemeinschaftswesen obliegt ihm die Aufgabe, seine Art zu erhalten und seine Nachkommenschaft im Sinne der geistigen Lehre zu unterrichten und zu bilden.

6. Weiter aber ist ihm die Pflicht auferlegt, sich einzuordnen und einzufügen in eine natürliche Gemeinschaftordnung, die ebenso eine natürliche Evolution in jeder Beziehung gewährleistet, wie dies die Natur schaubar vorlebt.

[Our translation of main points:]

As an individual being the human has various tasks that he is obliged to fulfill. He is firstly obliged to maintain his life (for the duration of the time given him for development) and secondly, to further develop himself spiritually and consciously as much as possible and to acknowledge the evolution of spirit as an important truth. He has the obligation as a part of the community to maintain his kind and instruct and educate his descendants in the sense of the spiritual teachings. Further, he is obliged to arrange himself under, and adapt himself to, a natural community order which guarantees a natural evolution in any relationship, just as is observably demonstrated in nature.

Arahat Athersata and the Plejaren repeatedly advise us in particular about our out-of-control overpopulation problem and, as of 1975, recommended a strict, humane plan of world-wide birth control (which we arrogantly and self-destructively ignored, and continue to ignore. Countries like Australia even promote the growth of our population for economic reasons even as our water and other resources are increasingly reduced and contaminated!). Arahat Athersata says, that one of the most important tasks of the realm of material life of the Earthly humanity is to pay attention to the fact that the population must be very severely restricted and the number of human beings must not exceed 500 million. (According to the Plejaren we had 7.5 billion at the end of 2004, which is one billion more that was acknowledged at the same time by the USAmerican Census Bureau!)

According to the Creational laws and directives the correct formula for maintaining the human species is not one of simply increasing, as is wrongly proclaimed by Earthly religions, but is based in the adherence to the natural laws so that there is order, meaning that population growth is overseen and supervised. Through the irrationality and false religious teaching of the Earth human the mass of humanity is driven into boundlessness, whereby problems, which are containable and can be restricted for a small humanity, spread and become uncontrollable to an unspeakable extent. With the breaking and abuse of the law of maintenance of the species humanity has been driven to a mass of overpopulation in only a few hundred years, and with that all problems, need and degeneration climb (and because of this millions are forced to die a degenerate death.) (Please refer to the FIGU overpopulation pamphlets for more on this.)

To follow Creational laws and directives also means the correct raising of children, in which, by adulthood, they are entirely equipped for self-reliance and independence from their parents. Other laws concern respect for all life forms, not killing in degeneration, (which includes not committing suicide), learning from mistakes rather than condemning them, taking responsibility for one's own thoughts, words and deeds, not judging falsely but instead making judgments according to logic, respecting one's spiritual and physical needs, the requirement for leadership in each family, community and population, etc., the obligation of a leader to guide, teach and protect the people, the implementation of correctional measures for wrong behavior instead of torture or the death penalty, which entirely go against the Creational laws and directives, and so on.

The ironclad laws and directives cannot be changed or injured

[From Arahat Athersata p.101:]

30. Der Unterschied zwischen den verschiedensten Leben liegt nur in ihrer Form, niemals aber in verschiedenen Gesetzen und Geboten, denn diese sind universell-einheitlich.

31. Der Erdenmensch als selbstdenkende Lebensform jedoch vermag bewusst sowie unbewusst seine Evolution zu steuern und zu beeinflussen, wodurch er auch fähig ist, die bestehenden Gesetze und Gebote der Schöpfung zu missachten und zu verstossen, wodurch er aber lebenunfähig wird und im Abgrund versinkt.

[Our translation:]

The differences among the most varied kinds of life lie only in their form, never, however, in differing laws and directives, because these are universally uniform. However, as a form of life capable of independent thought, the Earth human may consciously, as well as unconsciously, steer and influence his evolution, whereby he is also capable of abusing and offending against the existing laws and directives of Creation, whereby however he would become incapable of life and sink into the abyss.

[From Arahat Athersata p.96:]

799. Mag der Erdenmensch in seiner Unvernunft noch so bestialisch und barbarisch sein und erfinderisch in bösartigsten Intrigen, so wird er doch niemals die Gesetze und Gebote der Schöpfung zu verändern oder zu zerstören vermögen.

800. Mögen seine Intrigen in deren Anwendung und Auswirkung noch so gross und gewaltig sein; die schöpferischen Gesetze und Gebote vermögen sie niemals zu beeinträchtigen.

801. Die nachteiligen Auswirkungen angewandter Intrigen und des Hassens fallen immer auf den Urheber selbst zurück und bringen ihm sehr oft tödlichen Schaden.

802. So der Erdenmensch nach von ihm selbsterstellten Intrigen- und Hassgesetzen denkt und handelt, hat er die entstehenden Folgen selbst zu tragen, denn allen Endes vermag er durch alle negativen Ausartungen nur sich selbst böses Leid, Not, Elend und Schaden zuzufügen.

[Our translation:]

Even if, in his lack of reason, the Earth human is still so bestial and barbaric and ingenious in the most malicious intrigues, he will still never be able to alter or destroy the laws and directives of Creation. Even were his intrigues very great and forceful in their application and effect they may never injure the creational laws and directives. The adverse effects of the intrigues he employs, and of the hate, always fall back on the originator himself and very often bring him fatal damage. So if the human thinks and behaves according to the laws of intrigue and hate which he himself produces, he has to bear the results which come from that himself, because, due to all the negative degeneration, of all possible outcomes he can only organize for himself evil suffering, need, misery and damage.

Arahat Athersata also explains that the spirit also lives according to the same laws and directives of the creational order and cannot simply abuse these, and, in the same way, the Creation itself cannot abuse its own laws and directives.

[Arahat Athersata p.20:]

133. Was zeitlos ist, das ist ewig, und in der zeitlosen Ewigkeit ruhen Wahrheit und Weisheit schöpferischer Kraft und Allmacht.

134. Je näher der Mensch dieser Wahrheit kommt und sich an diese hinanarbeitet, um so leichter fällt ihm die Befolgung der Gesetze und Gebote in schöpferischer Ordnung.

135. Wo der Mensch die Wahrheit der Schöpfung und ihre Gebote und Gesetze anerkennt und befolgt, da leuchtet strahlend die Ordnung aller endlosen Dauer in sein Leben.

136. Ruhe, Frieden und Liebe werden die Begleiter des Lebens durch Raum und Zeit und zeugen von der Vollkommenheit schöpferischer Harmonie.

[Official translation from Life in the Spiritual and Physical]

That which is timeless is eternal, and in timeless eternity rest the truth and wisdom of Creative strength and omnipotence. The harder a human being strives to approach this truth, the easier it will be for him to live the laws and commandments in the Creative order. The order of all infinite continuity will shine radiantly into man’s life, provided he recognizes and observes the truth of Creation, its laws, and commandments. Tranquility, peace and love become his life’s companions through space and time and are evidence of the perfection of creational harmony.

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