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Psychology involves a complicated field of scientific study of the mental functions and behaviours of the human being of a Consciousness Evolution. The field has the immediate goal of understanding individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

Psychology in the Contact Reports

In Contact Report 134 during a 3 way conversation, Ptaah confronts Semjase upon Billys revelation that the mission begins to bear fruit due to something being understood about the Earth human. Revealing that she (Semjase) had with Billy, private conversations, related to the behavioural patterns of the Earth-humans. Which Ptaah explains goes completely against all they are taught and know.


...everything finally comes to order and the mission begins to bear fruit and to fulfill itself. That's why Semjase and I seized upon the psychological basis of the conspiracy.


191. I must admit to you, my daughter and you understand a great deal regarding the psychological treatment of people.

192. Already, the specific psychological actions have already come about from your conspiracy idea, which is a peculiarity of your thinking.

193. Such behaviors are not given to us, which is why I am very surprised that my daughter has also come to this idea and implemented this with you.


35. You should not be surprised about this, father, because I had an excellent teacher in our dear friend.

36. He has shown me in past years, in purely private conversations again and again, the behavior patterns of the Earth-humans and has taught me how they should be treated.

37. And because one of my fields is psychology, I got used to working during all of those years in a psychological manner, which I learned from Billy.

38. So in the end, it was clear to me as to what way we had and have to go, in order to let everything still thrive and bloom.

Quetzal during the 208th contact reveals he is a scholar of the field of Psychology, and lays out a number of controversial, because they are factual, explanations about underdeveloped deficient earthly psychology industry practices. That IQ tests convey a wrong and incorrect assessment of the facts of the real Psychology field of study. The release of criminals based on various Psychology tests is of itself criminal, where the criminal then commit the same crimes again as a result of these practices.


For my part, Sfath taught me that there are various forms of human intelligence and, thus, not just one type. Thus, he explained that there is an emotional intelligence, a thought-feeling intelligence, and a creative intelligence, along with a musical intelligence, an intellectual intelligence, an individual intelligence, and a general intelligence. Further, he also mentioned idea intelligence, fantasy intelligence, and character intelligence, as well as consciousness intelligence, but these are not all of the manifestations. All forms of intelligence taken together, namely in their full value, result in the actual intelligence quotient. The higher the quotient is, the more intense and the higher the speed of thought is, with the maximum speed of thought being the speed of light. And the higher the person’s speed of thought and combination is, the higher his intelligence should be. This all seems clear and also logical to me, in complete contrast to the so-called IQ tests, which are made by pompous earthly psychologists, etc. As to the question, what is to be made of these tests?


11. The use of these intelligence-quotient tests among the earthly psychology-practitioners is well-known to me.

12. Unfortunately, I must describe these tests as extremely deficient and as just as wrong as the psychology that is applied by the psychologists, which, for the most part, does not truly correspond to such but rather only to illusions and false diagnoses, by which entirely wrong analyses and attestations are very often made.


Which very often leads to the fact that, for example, rapists and murderers, etc. are released from penal institutions or insane asylums as being cured and are released upon humanity again, after which they then commit similar new and often even worse crimes.


13. Unfortunately, that is a word of truth, which also proves the actual inability of those who presumptuously call themselves psychologists and who are of the crazy belief that they, with their underdeveloped knowledge of psychology, would stand above others and would be able to judge these psychologically.


A harsh word.


14. But it corresponds to the truth.


I think that you, as a doctor and scholar of psychology, are able to judge very well.


15. That is correct.


Of course. Your explanations are consistent with those of Sfath and Ptaah, who also spoke so well as you. Sfath was, among other things, a physician and, thus, an excellent doctor and scholar of psychology, as well as Ptaah – his son, that is. Through Sfath’s outstanding medical knowledge, I was preserved from death by him at the age of six months. Also, his knowledge of psychology was always extremely valuable and useful for me.


16. That is known to me.

During the 251st contact conversation between Billy and Ptaah. Billy explains how presenting negative things positively, as a way demonstrating, teaching their wrongness, is counter-productive, because the Earth human reacts in the opposite way, whereby more negativity occurs rather than what was aimed for, that they act like what they see in other methods of wording. That it is therefore best not to say anything at all against such things, not to drag up the horrendous scenes of the past in images and not to explain to people that we should not repeat history, by showing people over and over again, unpleasant pieces of history. To maintain a position of neutrality.

It is my personal opinion which is based on my knowledge of the human-psychologic reactions, that all of those people who shout "anti" and "contra" against torture and capital punishment, concentration camps, crime, wars in any form by showing those gruesome and horrifying pictures shown in newspapers, magazines, as well as on TV and in the cinemas of people getting massacred, tortured and murdered, of cemeteries being violated, houses burned among other things, are doing others a great disservice. They have no clue about the human psyche and psychology. If they knew anything about this, they would realize that their actions achieve exactly the opposite to what they intend because numerous misled, erroneous-thinking individuals feel attracted to such purported anti-propaganda. These people see that idiotic anti-propaganda and are then triggered toward the opposite effect, whereupon they want to act in the manner they are shown.

Following on, In contact 441 Ptaah explains how angst, horror, terror, hate and revenge always sell well, while the truth appears too banal and therefore appears uninteresting as well as not worth knowing to the Earth human being. Ptaah additionally reinforces these perspectives and the subject of Psychology by talking with Billy about a series of secret groups that operate worldwide on Earth (Also see Globalisation). That has gained ground especially during the last century due to various culminating factors. Some of these reasons being connected with the Earth human beings wrongly founded ideas, being carried and explored extensively to the point where they now appear right and correct. Ptaah goes some way to illustrating with specifics, the Earth human condition, Psychology as well as Cause-Effect Evolution.

It has also occurred many times that premeditated "abductions" of Earth-humans by "extraterrestrials", and the massacre of animals, has been and is faked by this group.

That stands partly also in connection with those illusionary and schizophrenic visions and apparent experiences of those who believe that they have had, or have, these kinds of real experiences.

Also wrong information and falsified pictures of alleged extraterrestrial flying devices is strategically circulated worldwide, whereby according to our investigations, about 98% of all false pictures, films, videos and false information is directed at moving the Earth-humans to angst and terror of extraterrestrials and to engender hate and thoughts of revenge in the Earth-humans.

Therefore, in this way, angst, terror and hate is stirred up against all life foreign to Earth.

Especially films for cinema and television serve this purpose, as also, however, do many books which are constructed on lies and untruths and are written partly by "experts" in psychology and psychiatry.

All this nonsense sells very well to the Earth-humans because many on the search for the effective truth trust and believe this false information, and these films and pictures.

Angst, horror, terror, hate and revenge always sell well, while the truth appears too banal and therefore appears uninteresting as well as not worth knowing.

Only the fantastic and unreal find a place in the interests of Earth-humans.

However, precisely that is the launching platform for the infamous machinations of the worldwide group, because, through disinformation and fear-mongering in regard to the malicious foreigners to Earth, the entire group, which reaches right around the world, derives horrendous advantages of a financial, governmental-power, military-power as well as an economic form.

The entire war, electronics and weapons industries, and so forth, thereby gain an enormous boost.

Yet, in the worldwide group, secret paramilitary units also exist as smaller groups which carry out the same kind of operations which, however, are mostly controlled by the worldwide group.

Read the entire report 441

We have a situation here where an extraterrestrial is speaking peacefully with a terrestrial friend about how 98% of information related to extraterrestrials is false information, directed at moving the Earth-humans to angst and terror of extraterrestrials. Again to reiterate what you have just read, this is a situation where an extraterrestrial is speaking peacefully with a terrestrial about terrestrial human being welfare.

In 2011 during the Contact Report 531 conversation, Billy asks Ptaah a question about Psychology, but requests that he references the field of Psychology as a Plejaren practitioner might, i.e. approach the question particulars in his own native way, within the remit or province of what he has been permitted to reveal openly. Respectively, to reveal more about something we uncertainly know.


Then I want to ask you about something from your field of psychology, if it is all right with you.


9.Of course.


Good, thanks. Here I, in fact, in my own family must battle again with habitual, respectively, notorious lies, slander and tirades of hate addressed against me. I want to know again, how it is about the actual facts of this matter, and I mean in all things around it, such as also, where lies the origin for such a behaviour pattern and what further consequences are connected with it.


10.Habitual lies and slander have their origin in an, of the human since childhood from a particular compulsion situation, which also depends on notorious or pathological, respectively morbid lies and is called ‘Pseudologia phantastica’ as well.

11.It is accompanied as a rule already in childhood and adolescence by an asocial behaviour through a personality disorder, whereby social standards and rules are ignored and often very blatantly violated.

12.There exists in a certain way an inability for integration and insertion into an upright life in the human community, whereby the antisocial personality disorder behaviour of the habitual liar as a rule goes on during the whole life and results in the harming of the community.

13.Notorious, respectively pathological habitual lying captivated persons, deceive perfectly their family members as well as psychological experts, judges, authorities, superiors, so called ‘friends’ and other people in general, whereby the pretence of sickness and allegedly suffered violence etc., are usual procedures.

14.As a rule habitual lying is also associated with a psychic disturbance, which has its origin already in childhood, however it can also appear through sickness or accident as well as through abuse.

15.In addition to the habitual lies, combined with asocial personality disturbance, there are then also theft, the running away from parental care and the parental house, as well as however also vandalism, begging about some material value and habitual debt in various forms.

16.Also the neglect of learning of any kind regarding a valuable life style etc. is associated with it, as well as also failure to follow instructions and the ‘myself does not fit’ into the standards and rules of uprightness.

17.The whole thing expands then more and more, up to work shyness and to law breaking, and I mean into adulthood, in which everything is continued.

18.The form of habitual lying cannot be controlled by those overcome by it, consequently they assess the presented lies by themselves and from them originating slander as facts and truth, and I mean, because their brains cannot differentiate between genuine memories and imagined memories.

19.From this follows that habitual liars also willingly accept false ‘memories’, if as such lies or false memories etc. by third persons are told or even suggested to them.

20.Similarly, in those who are habitually lying captivated people, incorrect ‘memories’ are forcibly elicited by incorrect psychological therapies etc., if an incorrect psychological treatment is made about them, in the past to find and make ‘remembered’ the by treatment harmful experiences and events etc., which are to remedied, respectively resolved.

21.Such a ‘psychological’ action is not only extremely disturbing and incorrect and testifies to the incompetence of the psychologically ‘trained’ person, but it is fundamentally also dangerous for the habitual liars, because as a result a great amount false ‘memories’ will be built in them, which by the in this way incorrect psychological treatment, then are taken as fact and truth and correspondingly are incorrectly assessed.

22.And why this occurs is, because memories regarding the events and experiences of other persons are taken on by the habitual liar as his own experienced ‘facts’ and events, and I mean because the brain of the habitual liar is not able to differentiate his own experiences from the experiences of other persons. - 23.Many times habitual liars emerge with an asocial personality appearance through a wrong or missing honest attention of the mother, or through a totally incorrectly exercised treatment and upbringing by her, with mal treatment, lies and slander, although however here the same can be the case of the father’s side.

24.Also genetic factors or a broken family home can play a very great roll, as well as also alcohol-, drug-, medicine abuse or mightiness of a parent or possibly both parents.

25.The whole thing regarding habitual liars as the aforementioned explained, is that as a rule they exhibit an asocial personality disturbance, through which they have no ability to empathize in the world of thoughts and feelings of other people.

26.This disturbance also enables them not, to fit themselves into the social standards of the community, as a result often it is infringed upon in flagrant ways, and criminal actions are not rare, because owing to the missing sense of right and wrong between mine and yours cannot in a clear way be differentiated and everything only is assessed for one’s own advantage.

27.Humans, who are overcome by such a personality disturbance, are on the one hand genetically afflicted by a parent, who suffers from the same malady, and on the other hand are they hardly, with only extreme difficulty or generally not at all, to be able to change for the better.

28.Humans of this kind are as a rule physically and in their speaking can become very quickly very aggressive and totally irritable, and the inhibition threshold is extremely low in them and as a result everything also can be accompanied by a mightiness.

29.And once again must the running up of debt making must be pointed out, because in this respect there appears no limit.

30.The non-payment of debt as well as criminal actions and acts as a rule always appear, although however no remorse is shown for these.

31.At the same time, the tolerance regarding frustration is also very low, as well as also the accusations of other persons is prominent regarding things, which are based on incorrect memories or of one’s own actions and acts, which then are blamed on others.

32.So are also actions, words or speaking of another human in an extremely negative way very quickly and with condemnation sentenced in advance as threats and provocation, consequently after that also is reacted to aggressively through word and act.

33.From these emerging actions, acts, arguments, insults and accusations originate then spontaneously, rashly and totally unplanned, exactly as well as also false, superficial explanations for one’s own incorrect behaviour in every conceivable connection.

34.So others are also always to blame for conflicts, with whom habitual liars cannot cope with, as a result they always hold some other person responsible for these.

35.The conscience of the habitual liar is insensitive and not in the position, to summon up pangs of conscience or remorse, as a result a conscious and for the better aligned rationalizing also cannot come to exist in them regarding social and interpersonal behaviour.

36.Their thoughts and feelings world is extremely limited regarding decency, respect and uprightness, etc., which leads to the fact, in order that they accordingly outwardly appear to others to be similar, they simply to imitate affected behaviour and the gestures etc. of the fellow human, and they can be very charming, in order however to exploit and manipulate others, and I mean, because they are very well aware of their thinking- feeling like strivings and can use them for their own advantages and purposes.

37.There is missing thus both the ability to empathize as well as thoughts and feelings of guilt, as well as not rarely also valuable emotions regarding other people, because the thinking-feeling like connections are so minimal, that they are unable to put themselves in the thoughts and feelings of other humans. - 38.This expresses also, that their sympathy for themselves likewise is lacking as well as also for other people.

39.All of this indicates also to a very poor control regarding valuable characteristic actions.

40.The strongly pronounced impulsiveness plays an important role, which however at all costs is to be hidden, although however contrarily anger and rage, etc, again reveal everything.

41.Along with this are accompanied also the underdevelopment and the absence of responsibility consciousness, which is why it is as good as impossible, to show consideration for the thoughts and feelings as well as the rights and wishes of other humans.

42.The care for relationships extremely rarely in social ability way, but likely so, they are not valuable to mention and they very much are changing, exhibit superficial and unstable forms, whereby however as a rule exists, prominently a calculating, benefiting for themselves form, which however by the pathological liars in every connection can be covered up by them with their own remarkable acting skill.

43. From this follows, and owing to the false charms of habitual liars as well as their lies, that relationships frequently emerge, in which are exploited those, who trust them them.

44.That for such relationships by the liars are selected particularly unstable, psychically damaged, naïve or some consciousness-, understanding- and reason- damaged persons, is a fact, which then underpins, that the pathological liar has like a kind ‘of fine sense’ for this at his disposal, to recognize such humans and to make them dependent in bondage.


Which is actually so unfortunate, because what emerges from your entire explanation, is how sick the humans are who are notorious liars. And is there actually nothing to be done, then for them to be able to be free from this? It would be really desirable, that such humans can be helped.


45.In all that I already explained is, that it concerns a pathological matter and therefore a morbid manifestation.

46.This is anchored though so deep in the consciousness, that hardly a possibility exists for it to ever be completely removed.

47.Possibly small successes could be achieved, but the rule shows, that an extensive removal of the condition and therefore actual help is hardly possible.

48.Regarding this since 1975, when we came into contact with this phenomenon in certain Earth-humans, we have studied it thoroughly.

49.We have gathered a great deal of material about this, which by our noted scientists, to which I belong as well, since then have worked on and analysed.

50.At the same time we have reviewed also psychological educational material of terrestrial teaching institutes and psychologists, which however did not exactly bring us much insight.

51.The up to now obtained results corresponds for that reason, to what corresponds to our own research, clarifications and discoveries, which I have explained to you.


Unfortunate, but I think, that humans, who are harmed by notorious liars and slanderer damages, both in one or the other case should defend themselves against this, should they? And how is it actually with slander, is this always accompanied by notorious lying?


52.The whole thing is actually very unfortunate, however a great deal of damage and troubles emerge from it, whereas sometimes nothing else remains, that against a denying must be considered and carried out.

53.And as far as the slander goes, such then is to say, that as a rule slander always occurs through certain malicious or pathological lying, and I mean not just elicited by habitual liars [themselves].


This should actually be enough. Dear thanks for your explanation. Everything is really very unfortunate, and I honestly must say, I am completely stunned, because I have not known, what all is behind the notorious lying. Unfortunately I have never concerned myself to fathom into it.

In Contact Report 648 extract included in FIGU Bulletin 94, Ptaah explains something of what the Plejaren have discovered, detailed and understood for some time about Paranoia.

[opinion] How it could theoretically be seen to be attracting by a group such as FIGU. Ptaah later explains more and probably reveals the Plejaren study into characteristics of worldwide group members or worldwide prospective non-group members which never materialised etc, or the goings on behind some of the group confrontational conversations all over the world through out the years perhaps.[opinion]

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Thank you. Earlier I said that people who switched from a large quantity of Captagon in-take use, could be paranoid. Recently I was asked what paranoid could mean and whether that it could be considered one of the forms of psychopathy, which I said, could not really be the case because paranoid is a term of a personality trouble described as a pattern of profound suspicion and mistrust of other people of the opposite, when we say Paranoid we think maliciousness toward the fellow and enemies etc. Psychology and psychiatry are including your areas of expertise, which is why I want to ask you if you can explain something about paranoia and the details behind what can be considered a disease?

Of course, I do like: At the forefront of what there is to say that is the underground psychology and Psychiatry regarding paranoid disorders and their real effects and backgrounds are as yet very ignorant and difficult to follow on the whole our ability to assess their validity concludes only marginal accuracy, as their comprehensions are not particularly clear about the general relationship between paranoid disorders and pathological conditions, psychopathic factors and how they interact. In a paranoid personality disorder, there are characteristic features, the main feature of the disease is a deep distrust and bad living mentality toward other people which often manifests as secret and underhanded RACH {translate: not sure} which additionally may be examined an thus connected, there are strange psychopathic forms of personal satisfactions and as well as having strange justifications. For paranoids their pathological personality structure tends often toward the insensitivity and at an inflated self-esteem, a strong self-centeredness and selfishness, wherein even psychopathic traits are then integrated, which can quickly lead to degenerations of various kinds. In addition, paranoid people together with their reality-foreign-naivety in the way unrealism by false and fanciful explanations for all sorts of events, happenings, situations and interpretation of events in their near and even global environment, they quickly supply conspiracy theory type formulations for which their vehement about and as they mature up in the depravity become the champion of quarrels. Compared with the fellows, Paranoid people are often burdened with psychopathy, they are grandiose dreamers and are extremely unrealistic. Especially with regard to the likes of dissidents from other groups of religious communities, as well as with respect to talk of races they show negative stereotypes resp. behaviours, always in the same shape and therefore described in the same ever formulaic, clichéd and recurrent way, and its usually overloaded with prejudices, even down to hatred, to abuse and violence. Therefore, it is not rare form Paranoid groups with people who are of the same type and common rules sharing settings, that a resulting often vicious-fanatical political or religious sect stems, arises and emerges, from the slavery to violence or religious-sectarianism. Paranoid people can react with stressy psychotic behaviours, usually the psychopathic traits then turn to attacks for a few minutes to hours or even days, and at worst, Can last for weeks, with such a disorder, as ever with respect to paranoia, an anxiety disorder with panic disorder and agoraphobia or obsessive compulsive disorder or depression can develop in schizophrenia. The paranoia often occurs in combination with substance abuse or depending on where a fearful avoidance, borderline moderate, narcissistic and {ski- zotype} [Translate:not sure] fault occurs. Paranoid people tend to very strongly bind to the shape due to the fact that they continue to supply their interpreted hostility, even maliciousness toward their fellows. Even the helpfulness from their other and their kindness, good nature and well-intentioned comments, actions and mis-suspicious miss-judged stiff assault style, hence all not effective value have expected, but a pejorative meaning is allotted. Due to the strong suspicion and distrust but are paranoid usually reserved and cautious, but if they just let go, they are extremely hostile, sarcastic and argumentative, thereby other more people are provoked to derogatory reactions. But that of course reinforces the inputs pressure of the paranoid person, that it would not be accepted by the others. So can e.g also a humorous remark misunderstood then evil attack. Paranoid people believe and expected result of their delusional related personality disorder that them fellows damage the cause, they exploit, want to break their power or deceive them, and out of sheer fear and from suspicion out, even though they have no objective evidence of their delusion. Your delusions leaves no or only very rarely and when they did, then only very reluctantly and unwillingly a trust for other more people. Paranoids are so suspicious and distrustful in their delusion that they also constantly feared it would any information used against them. And the fact is also that they forge sneaky sometimes plans and perform, while their fellows offend unjustified abuse and mislead by intrigues, lies and slander lead and manipulate, as vengeful and unpredictable also perform actions and Laying adopt conduct, through the damage and confusion and so for others, etc. arise. This is often done also important to stay out of any unreal reasons of their co- people to avenge etc. In this way, strong paranoiac deal with clandestine making companies to revenge fellow humans but in this regard concerned a rule of the is not perceived and therefore not recognized. Paranoid suffering setbacks, their Home recognized union vengeful machinations or they are rejected, then they react with an exaggerated sensitive, argumentative and anger. Even if their secret action is recognized and it is not appropriate to take a stand, they insist on their supposed rights or go quickly to counter attack. Paranoid people tend to very constant resentment and very long resentful, therefore, they are not capable of them really or comparable from fellow supposedly inflicted insults, disrespect, disadvantages and injuries to forgive so on. basic additionally doubt paranoiac everything and are not able to detect the effective reality, folgedem them even with them friendly and amicable minded people - if they ever those who in honesty to themselves because they repel by their paranoid delusions fellow humans and they therefore often people are fond of, who know how to benefit from and through them - vehemently put their loyalty into question what they transferred to their family members. In addition are paranoid people extremely jealous, specifically to its partners and potential Friends, which you as a result of their pathological suspicion, their mistrust and their selfishness unjustified pugnacious accused repeatedly infidelity and unrighteousness. The sets also clear that paranoiac serious problems with intimate relationships have, making them very rarely or not a permanent good, real, carefree and valuable link in relation to a can undergo streitlos functioning, durable and cohesive partnership. It plays as others in all their reality foreign naivete an important role, through them incapable are perceiving the effective reality and the truth, let alone actually recognize and understand. That also that paranoid people into their delusions their partners constantly monitor and potential friends as well as their own family members, and in any monitor possible way and try to <evidence> to provide to their pathological to confirm and corroborate and unauthorized suspicion. So while people with a paranoid personality disorder of the pronounced desire an absolute control with respect to the Fellowmen, being but to these are extremely critical and insulting to the evil can criticize, while they deal with respect to their own person very badly with criticism can. For this reason, they usually try to always any fellows for their own wrong actions to make their inadequacies and their failures responsible to their to preserve its autonomy, they are trying to live out.
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Psychology in the OM book

In Kanon 49 of the OM book. Semjase speak about spiritual development.

84. Life is a spiritual teaching for the spirit.

85. The correct behavior of the family, and the administration of the countries and society, forms a part of the universal determination which has equipped the totality of the being with severe impartial laws.

86. The human lives because the Creation exists, and his life must be as balanced and perfect as the Creation itself is balanced and perfect.

87. The human lives in Creation’s BEING. It breathes and is suspended in him.

88. The lack of the spiritual, because of its value to life, or the requirement of a practical life philosophy and life psychology of the current time, is manifoldly responsible for the crisis in the life of people, and in their concerns.

89. Already for a long time the human, abused with the name “modern”, has undertaken great striving to find peace and freedom, yet, but until now, all his efforts have fruitlessly blown away and escaped.

90. Lacking real knowledge and the truth about a healthy reasonable lifestyle, which would give him inner, and real, balance and tranquility, he has devoted himself to abnormal ideologies and corrupting, dangerous and damaging religious philosophies that lead him into yet greater poverty of consciousness, and distance him from actual life.

91. The natural human understanding indeed defends itself against the pressing into the square of required truth of the cycle of unsuitable, unreal religious dogmas, that quite especially would be brought to flourishing existence through the new time of the Aquarius era, by new religious fanatics and deceivers, yet, at the present time, however, the religious delusion is still too strongly spread to be able to construct, in great measure, a useful defense.

92. The erroneous religious philosophies, with their colossal confusions and delusional claims, degrade the inner power in the human, which the spirit of the human would hold upright and which could help him, in his striving, to surpass himself, to bring to bloom, and make possible for him to obtain, inner growth and peace, which stand in the correct proportions with the external acquisitions and conditions.

93. As an answer to a long perceived need, here and there, Earth-humans, who have wrongly been labeled as leading thinkers, have undertaken personal, but dangerously unreal, strivings to take the alleged best out of the religions and bring them into a unity with modern thinking in order to work out a new philosophy of life and new psychology of life for today’s humanity.

94. Yet these alleged, and unreal, thinkers do not notice that they thereby, once again, increase the religious delusion, out of ignorance of the fact that they themselves are very badly imprisoned in unreal religions, and, subsequently, may only think corresponding to them, and behave in unreal ways: unreal, delusional, delusionally-believing, murderous and poor in consciousness.

95. Out of closely related grounds their success is repeatedly equal to nothing.

96. Yet the human of the new time, the human of the Aquarius era, now stands opposite an easily solvable problem, because if he now lays the foundation stone of the truth, then he obtains a completely new structure of philosophical and psychological values for a happy, free and peaceful spiritual life in the future.

97. A free spiritual life, which is based on everything that describes the best in the cultural and spiritual inheritance of the Earth: the spiritual truth.

98. If the Earth human now finally recognises and acknowledges this truth, makes himself fully free from all of the religions and their delusional imaginations and finally directs himself after the spiritual and creational laws, than he has been victorious.

99. Only the truth is serviceable and brings the human progress; but religion is unserviceable to the human and throws him back into the deepest darkness.

Read the entire Kanon 49 section of the OM book

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