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Psychopyrokinesis is the state whereby the human Psyche and the mental powers unconsciously effect the world of material objects, without another cause coming into play, whereby fire is caused by means of unconscious thoughts or wishes.[1]

If the event is brought about consciously, then the term Pyrokinesis is used instead.

Pyro as a prefix, comes from the Greek word πῦρ ('pyr') which means fire.

Pyromania is (unrelated) an impulse control disorder, in which individuals repeatedly fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires, in order to relieve tension or for instant gratification. While the term refers to purposeful fire setting, the Pyromaniac uses a box of matches or other fire lighting utensils, not his/her brain to start the fire, consciously or unconsciously, so its a different phenonmenon than Pyrokinesis or Psychopyrokinesis.

Pyrotechnician is (unrelated) a person who is responsible for the safe storage, handling, and functioning of pyrotechnics and pyrotechnic devices (Eg fire works). Although the term is generally used in reference to individuals who operate pyrotechnics in the entertainment industry, it can include all individuals who regularly handle explosives (Eg building demolitions)

Contact Report 236 - Spontaneous human combustion

Billy explains what he knows, Ptaah would have been able to explain more but is not permitted to undermine the evolution beyond what we know.

...spontaneous combustion of the body concerns life processes, respectively physiological and functional operations of the whole body, where the basic factors are the consciousness and the subconsciousness, the thoughts and feelings, the emotions, the nerves, the sensibility and sensitivity, and naturally also the psyche. Thus, it is an aggregate physiological condition, through which a spontaneous combustion of the body is triggered, by what means the vibrations, energies, and forces of the aforementioned factors are developed, which also attract certain cosmic energies, together with the fact that chemical reactions are caused in the body, through which gases develop, which spread throughout the whole body and into the individual cells. Depressions, nerves, pain, suffering, delusions, sorrow, deep depression, and schizophrenic factors, along with many other factors, can fundamentally contribute to the process, by giving rise to the aforementioned vibrations, forces, and energies, which will then lead to the spontaneous combustion of the body, in that the produced gases ignite themselves. As a rule, combustion occurs from the inside out, more rarely from the outside, whereby a heat of up to 1500 degrees or more is created. Thus, the spontaneous combustion energies, etc. are generated by the person himself, together with the fact that during this process, he also attracts cosmic energies to himself, by what means a spontaneous combustion becomes final. But this doesn’t mean that in every case, a fatal self-combustion must take place because depending on the psychological and consciousness-related condition of the person, also just external burns on the body and on the limbs can become visible or even mild or severe blistering. In such cases, the self-combustion processes can be stopped if the thoughts and feelings are arranged correctly, but usually, professional and good psychological or psychiatric help is required for this. Concerning a released self-combustion of the aforesaid kind, it is the case, with certain exceptions, that the combustion heat only appears centrally, and thus, the burning in the body only appears and lasts for a very short time, as the body disintegrates into ashes. This means that in general, the nearer and further surroundings aren’t affected by the combustion, respectively by the heat, or are only affected very little...[2]

Psycho prefix

Psycho: as used in words such as Psychoteleportation, Psychotelekinesis, Psychoteleplasty and so forth. Means the pertinent phenomenon is triggered in a completely unconscious manner/state.

It emerges solely as a result of a psyche's damaged state. Consequently the human therefore has no knowledge that he suffers from such psychic problems. The phenomenon is triggered via his/her Psyche and his/her block of mentality, respectively, as a result of its mental fluidal powers.

In contrast to this, is the completely conscious form, such as, for example, Telepathy, Teleportation and Telekinesis, and so forth, in which the term "psycho-" is not a prefix.

This means that the aforementioned forms are completely consciously and volitionally engendered as a result of the mental fluidal powers, respectively, as a result of the block of mentality and its electromagnetic oscillations and its powers, consequently the phenomena are therefore consciously engendered, regulated and controlled by the brain.

These differences are, in their actuality, obviously still not known to para-psychological research, because these kinds of explanations are nowhere to be found within specialist, para-psychological texts.

That is also the case with other para-scientific things and facts, whereby even the most various terminologies are included in regard to the most various para-psychological phenomena.

And what there is yet to say

The aforementioned designations do not stem from purely terrestrial assessments of values of terms, because only some were created by Earth-humans who occupied themselves with Parapsychology.

Diverse other terms and designations stem from Nokodemions and Henoks spiritual teaching and were reshaped in an understandable way for the Earth-humans by "Billy" Eduard A. Meier with the help of the Plejaren Ptaah.

Specifically, these terms concern Psychoteleportation, Psychoteleplasty, Materialkinesis as well as Psychomaterialkinesis, Pyrokinesis, Psychopyrokinesis, Psychotelekinesis, Psychoprojection, Psychoautopyrokinesis and Psychoautokinesis.[3]

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