Bioelectromagnetic fluidal oscillations

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Bioelectromagnetic fluidal oscillations - Bioelectromagnetic fluidal energy - Bioelectromagnetic power:

This deals, on one hand, with the block of mentality's oscillations, respectively, with the oscillations, energies and powers of the consciousness, thoughts and feelings, as well as of the psyche - on the other hand, however, also with the oscillations of the body and as well as of all the organs, as well as of the character and the personality.

In general, however, in regard to the aforementioned terms, one speaks only of electromagnetic oscillations, as well as of fluidal energies or fluidal powers, for which reason the named primary terms must always be understood, when the talk is of mental-oscillations, fluidal energies and fluidal powers.

Bio-electromagnetic Frequencies = Mental Fluidal Powers:

The block of mentality's mental fluidal powers are based on bio-electromagnetic oscillations and energies which display certain powers and certain frequencies depending on the personality. They are therefore called mental fluidal powers, respectively, bio-electromagnetic oscillations, because they are - as opposed to actual measurable, material, electromagnetic oscillations - of a fine-matter form and therefore cannot be measured in the manner in which normal electromagnetic waves are measured.

But just as normal electromagnetic oscillations can be stored in certain materials, such as, for instance, metal, whereby magnets result, that is also characteristic of mental fluidal powers, respectively, of the block of mentality's bio-electromagnetic oscillations.

In contrast, the storage of mental fluidal power does not function magnetically, rather purely by means of oscillations, whereby they can be perceived by sensitive humans or can be used for mental evolution, or for manifestations, as a result of the powers of the person in whom they originate, respectively, the new personality. Just as every magnet has two poles, a north and south pole, respectively, a positive and a negative, that is also characteristic of mental fluidal powers, which are both positive and also negative, whereby, for humans who are able to very sensitively perceive the mental fluidal powers, the positive effects attraction, respectively, sympathy, and the negative effects repulsion, respectively, antipathy: while, with magnets, polarising and magnetising is organised on an electro-technical basis, that which determines the negative and positive aspects of mental fluidal powers is the character and personality of the human.

The power of the mental fluidal powers, respectively, bio-electromagnetic oscillations, is based on the so-called field size, respectively, the field strength of the vector field, respectively, the carrier field, whereby the entirety, however, in contrast to the purely material realm, is of fine matter nature and - at least at the current time of the beginning of the 21st Century - is not yet able to be proven physically and by natural science, and indeed as a result of the absence of suitable technical measuring devices.[1]

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