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Foo Fighters or Flying Tops.

Unidentified flying objects were sighted occasionally during World War II; they flew closely behind the fighting factions' bombers and briefly pursued them. The flying objects were named “Foo Fighters.” The Allies assumed they were dealing with a secret German weapon, while the Germans thought they were an American or Russian secret weapon.

After the war the Allies began delving into extensive documents they had confiscated, which related to German secret weaponry said to have been developed and tested by Germany during the war. The problem of the “Foo Fighters” appeared to be resolved. The “flying saucers” sighted until that time were German secret weapons. What should one believe about all this?

The German so-called “flying tops” or "Foo Fighters," allegedly were flying machines capable of taking off and landing vertically. As well, they could fly either horizontally at exceptionally high speeds, or for that matter, in at any direction or angle by virtue of a rotary disk system, which revolved around a stationary central hull. It is reasonable to assume that such a device would be of interest for military deployment. Purportedly, these “flying tops” achieved horizontal Mach 2 to 2.3 acceleration in 1944 and were capable of climbing to an altitude of 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) in approximately 2 minutes.

The newspapers generally made mention of two different models - the “Foo Fighters” and the flak-mine known as the "V7." They were built by flight captain Schriever and a doctor of engineering, Richard Miethe.


Schriever, according to reports, produced the first of these “Foo Fighters” in Prague, the capital of former Czechoslovakia. However, his creation was never flown. Under adventurous circumstances he had to flee from Prague with all his blueprints in hand. He penetrated the American lines and reached the Bayrischer Wald [Bavarian Forest], where he found refuge as a farmhand among the local farmers. Returning to the farm one day, he discovered his quarters had been completely ransacked. From the time Schriever read reports about “flying saucers” appearing over American skies several years later, he felt certain he knew into whose hands his blueprints had fallen.

Dr. Miethe, the former V-weapons engineer declared: “I venture to say that the flying disks, if they are circling in the sky, were constructed in Germany according to my directions, and then were probably copied on a large scale by the Soviets.” The “Foo Fighters” Miethe had developed were a disk-shaped advanced development of the Vweaponry. The "V7" flak-mine had an alleged range of 21000 kilometers [13,000 miles]. Hitler decided too late to mass produce these "V7" units and, therefore, they never saw action.

Many discrepancies were discovered in the countless press reports about these secret German weapons. Here are but a few examples: One source reported that Schriever's “Foo Fighter” was built in 1942, while various others quote the year as 1941. Another source even provided a precise construction date: July 15, 1941.

More intriguing is the claim by chief engineer Klein that on February 14, 1945, he witnessed the maiden flight of this aircraft. According to Schriever, however, the unit never even left the ground because it was destroyed before its maiden flight. Furthermore, in the addendum of the 8th Air Fleet war log, a weather report dated February 14, 1945, states that at the time of the alleged maiden flight, extremely low clouds, rain, snow, and poor visibility enveloped the region. These poor weather conditions would not permit the takeoff of such a revolutionary flying device's first voyage. With a solid cloud cover ranging from 8/10 to 10/10 a mere 400 to 800 meters [1200 - 2400 ft.] above the ground, the flying device would have been out of sight almost immediately after takeoff.


The entire story about German “flying tops” remains highly unbelievable, therefore, because of the weather and also for technological production reasons.

To achieve the 1000 rpm turbine speed mentioned in the description of the disks, a centripetal acceleration of 26,200 G magnitude of acceleration would be required, which is normally only encountered in small-calibre projectile weapons technology. The mounting of the BMW 003 turbine weighing 560 kg or 1,234 lb would require massive and extremely strong steel bolts with a diameter of approximately 140 mm [5.5"]. This extremely heavy mounting assembly would only have been sufficient to support the turbojet engine when it was stationary! Once operational, the turbojet engine would create a bending moment of 110,000 kilopond-meters (kp-m) [1,079,000 Newton-meters or 796,000 lb-ft]. This bending moment was apparently not considered in the design of the actual functional unit and, therefore, it was not practicable to produce as designed.

For the unit's flight weight of approximately 3 tons, Shriever would have required 2 tons of extremely high quality metal, countless instruments and five jet engines --- while at the time the "procurement" of these unusual materials and engines was unattainable for him. They could only have been requisitioned through official channels with the required paperwork itemizing all specifications and justifications. The appropriate agency was informed and a file set up for it. The documentation was preserved intact by Speer’s government agency in spite of wartime confusion, and it included superbly detailed information about raw material distribution, personnel activities, project leadership, etc. It is worth noting that the complete, uninterrupted written documentation for the period between August 15, 1939 and December 31, 1944, makes no mention whatsoever about the German “Foo Fighters."


Hence, Schriever's “Foo Fighter”, never did get off the ground, and the "V7" developed by Dr. Miethe was never put into service. Assuming the Americans or Soviets did indeed seize the blueprints of these German “saucer developers,” neither power could have developed such flying devices in a mere two-year period, when the first unknown flying objects appeared en masse. Furthermore, American bomber crews had previously observed unknown flying objects over Germany throughout World War II.

In conclusion, it appears that no German “Foo Fighters” or “flying disks” were built or flown. There is nothing to indicate that the unknown flying objects (UFOs), which had been observed for years, were advanced American or Russian modifications of Germany's secret weaponry.

Source: FIGU Bulletin 006,


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Contact Report 254 (Excerpt)

Source: Contact Report 254

The following is worth mentioning: According to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, such "Foo Fighters" or disks were constructed in Germany but were never test flown, let alone put into service. Anyone claiming such flying devices reached speeds of several thousand kilometers per hour, flew at altitudes of 12.000 meters [36,000 ft.], and actually reached Mars, is talking complete nonsense. The authentic story about these events is discussed in the 254th contact conversation with Ptaah on 28th November, 1995:

Contact Report 254


Billy: ". . . You know, my dear friend, now and then one hears strange things regarding the German flying disks. Is it true that the Germans actually attempted to fly them, and did the disks reach altitudes of up to 12,000 meters?

Ptaah: Such claims are absurd. The "Flying Tops," as they were called, were never finalized in Germany. However, flying disks were eventually built some time later in other countries, e.g., in South America. In the former Soviet Union and in America attempts were also made to construct such flying devices after pertinent blueprints fell into the hands of Germany’s occupying forces. These blueprints were incomplete in that those who held the plans needed to input a great deal of effort to construct the flying disks. These units were and are flown in terrestrial air space only to this day, excluding, of course, a particular group of people in South America of which you are well aware.

Billy: Can you also tell me whether the blueprints for this type of flying disks secured by the occupying forces were the same ones you people telepathically transmitted to the Germans via impulses? Who was actually in charge in Germany?

Ptaah: The transmissions were directed to two men, Schriever and Miethe who, on their own, had drawn up plans for the "Flying Tops." These blueprints fell into the hands of the Americans and Soviets who began studying and constructing the units. Also, through theft, the group in South America obtained copies of the same "Flying Tops."

Billy: One can say with certainty that this group consisted of high-ranking Nazis who fled from Germany after the war ended and disappeared in South America.

Ptaah: You should not mention any more about this subject.

Billy: Of course not. --- On account of World War II, disk-shaped flying objects were observed also in Germany, indeed, worldwide . . .

Ptaah: You are correct in this, yes. However, these flying objects were not of terrestrial origin. They belonged to us and to our allies from the federation.

Billy: This would mean that the flying disks which had been observed were not related to the flying disks, respectively "Flying Tops" disks, or Foo Fighters, of the Germans. Claims to the contrary, therefore, are actually foolish assertions by liars, fantasists, and know-italls. We've wanted to know about this for a long time.

Ptaah: What I have told you only refers to the Schriever and Miethe Foo Fighters.

Billy: You mean there were others?

Ptaah: Yes, others did exist. However, they were part of a private research program conducted by power hungry Nazis who drew upon Schriever's and Miethe's blueprints. Efforts to develop and test fly their Foo Fighters were underway with positive results in Germany at that time.

Billy: By the group now in South American?

Ptaah: Your conjecture is correct.

Billy: And all of this took place right under the nose of the Gestapo?

Ptaah: Many influential members of the Gestapo and its SS-leadership were secret, active participants who attempted to prevent the rest of the world from gleaning any information about the construction, test flights, and other matters. When the war ended, they fled Germany and went to South America, taking with them all of their material and staff. This was not a difficult task, for the Foo Fighters had reached a point were they had the capability of circling the Earth non-stop and transporting all required personnel and materials to South America before the Allied Forces could seize them --- or prior to the Allied Forces finding out anything about these secrets.

Billy: So that's how this all happened. How far did the construction of Schriever's and Miethe's Foo Fighters progress?

Ptaah: The prototype for the first test flight was available on 15 July, 1941. We monitored this very closely. The Foo Fighter was, however, not constructed according to the data we had transmitted, for we had intentionally made them ineffective by then, as we could foresee the grave danger they would present for terrestrial mankind.

[Comments by Billy: The Pleiadians/Plejarans transmitted data for the construction of flying disks to the Germans Schriever and Miethe at the end of the 1920s and beginning of 1930s with the intent to produce an aeronautical technology that would help prevent the looming warfare conflicts. Unfortunately, they soon realized that this technology would be used for the exact opposite purposes. For this reason, the Pleiadians/Plejarans counteracted the undertaking again.] We did not attempt to interfere in the development of Schriever's and Miethe's Foo Fighter until we suddenly recognized that the units also posed an immense threat to mankind. Once we realized the flight was going to be a full success, and that mass production of the Foo Fighter would result, we intervened during the preparations to the first test flight. A successful flight would have signified that these flying machines were to assist their producers with the domination and enslavement of all mankind, which was not, and will not be in the future, their (humankind's) intended purpose. We sought the counsel of Arahat Athersata about our approach regarding this special case, and we then complied with the advice to impair the project and to completely destroy the Foo Fighter and three half-finished prototypes by transmitting malfunctions into the Foo Fighter mechanism.

[Comment by Billy: These malfunctions were also manipulated into the blueprints.] The mechanisms were demolished through explosions.

Billy: Why didn't you do that with those who later fled to South America?

Ptaah: They did not present a danger to the world and mankind then nor do they today. Since that time they have dwindled into a small group which possesses no fighting power and is slowing dying out. The group consists only of men and it is unlikely any descendants will result from them. They have an aversion against women and children and live purely for their technological interests, and their desires to control the world. The latter they will have no capability of achieving, of course. Although they frequently travel the world in their flying disks, which have even been sighted occasionally, they nonetheless live as recluses. With the fear of being betrayed by newcomers, they solicit no followers from the outside world. Furthermore, they have grown old since the war, with the youngest being 78 years today. The entire group currently consists of a mere 334 men from the original of more than 2,000. The others passed away from illness or perished in accidents, e.g., when their experiments went awry or their flying disks crashed."

Here ends the excerpt from my conversation with Ptaah. This probably clarifies the fact that the Germans never did possess flying disks or Foo Fighters in which they could dash around the globe or reach Mars --- excluding, of course, the Gestapo and Nazi officials' secret constructions, whose existence remained so concealed that not a word about them ever reached the public. Although their flying disks were sighted occasionally, no one has ever discovered that these devices belonged to a super secret Gestapo-Nazi- Society, about which nothing was known even to this day.

That the hear-say accounts about the purported German flying disks/Foo Fighters spread in the first place, considering the extreme secrecy of the project, hinges on the fact that certain data was somehow "leaked" to the outside. In no time flat the news simmered in the pots of rumor kitchens, whereupon fantastic stories were concocted about flying disks/Foo Fighters which were said to have reached altitudes of 12,000 meters [7½ miles] and Mach 2 or more during their first test flight (which never did take place). Additionally, a fairy tale tells of the Germans having flown to Mars, landing and performing studies there, so that they could inhabit the planet one day. --- Complete nonsense, all of it.

Further Reading

German engineer Rudolf Schriever gave an interview to German news magazine Der Spiegel in which he claimed that he had designed a craft powered by a circular plane of rotating turbine blades 49 ft (15 m) in diameter. He said that the project had been developed by him and his team at BMW's Prague works until April 1945, when he fled Czechoslovakia. His designs for the disk and a model were stolen from his workshop in Bremerhaven-Lehe in 1948 and he was convinced that Czech agents had built his craft for "a foreign power". In a separate interview with Der Spiegel in October 1952 he said that the plans were stolen from a farm he was hiding in near Regen on 14 May 1945. There are other discrepancies between the two interviews that add to the confusion. However, many skeptics have doubted that such a Bell UFO was actually designed or ever built.

A non-rotating disk developed at Breslau by V-2 rocket engineer Richard Miethe, which was captured by the Soviets, while Miethe fled to the US via France, and ended up working for Avro.

Drugs during ww2: There was an extensive programme of stimulant addictive drugs during ww2 on both sides but worse on German side apparently. It is said that these UFO’s ultimately fell into the hands of high ranking Nazi’s. Nothing was given officially by FIGU about drug use by them, but we could speculate and say ‘probably’ ‘some’ of these individuals were loaded with many types of drugs that later in history became notorious, because of their position, rank and experimental use at that time, some were likely even addicts. See

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