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...evolution is an infinitely variable development of learning and cognition as well as of the acquisition of true love, knowledge and wisdom. And this process is granted to all coarse-matter life-forms, as well as to all the domains of the spirit-forms in their pure spirit-energy levels.

Billy, Contact Report 228, May 1989


If you are not familiar with the Creation-energy Teaching then you would make a good start by reading The Philosophy of Life then An Introduction To The Spirit Teaching and then "Philosophie des Lebens" before continuing onto other topics below.

It’s better to thoroughly study a few of the values, internalise, unconsciously assimilate and implement them into one’s thinking, behaviour and acting, than to just superficially read the entire website and take nothing onboard, because that’s the way to improve and progressively change your knowledge into wisdom.



The symbol for the Spiritual Teaching

Video presentations

Further Reading

  • Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 2, p.26
    20. Die volle Tatsache ist die, dass die eigentliche Geisteslehre nicht durch uns übermittelt werden soll, sondern aus einer sehr hohen Geistesebene, mit der selbst wir uns nur durch den Hohen Rat und dieser wiederum nur durch Arahat Athersata in Verbindung zu setzen vermögen.

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