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N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 6
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: February 1996 (October 1997 - English Edition)
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Heidi Peters
  • Date of Translation: Unknown



FIGU Bulletin 6 Translation



USAF Colonel (ret.) Wendelle Stevens reported on the disinformation which, apparently, was being disseminated by Kal Korff. Korff became the pawn of Bill Moore, a selfproclaimed "asset" of Air Force Intelligence, who began using the then 17-year-old Korff to spread disinformation about Billy Meier's UFO sightings in Switzerland. Moore had Korff disseminate these lies because a loophole in the defamation and libel action laws prevented legal prosecution of young Korff as an adult.


As early as October 1995, the U.S. space probe "Wind" pinpointed a gigantic magnetic cloud, which is racing towards Earth at a speed of 3 million kilometers per hour. (3 million km/h = 50 000 km per minute or 833,3333 km/517.8234 miles per second).


According to scientists, comet "Hayakutake" will pass by Earth the end of March 1996. Of course, this "will pass by Earth" must be understood as being rather relative, because they say the comet can be observed from Earth by the naked eye, without binoculars. Experts claim this cosmic vagabond is twice the size of our Moon and weighs an estimated 10 billion tons.



With regard to questions in Bulletin #3 (June '95), and Letters to the Editor, respectively comments in Bulletin #4 (August '95, pages 7-9), we submit the following letter along with a response from Billy Meier:

Dear friends,

The published statements and response to questions printed in FIGU Bulletin #3 are completely understandable, justified and easy to follow. I would like to clarify at this time that in posing these questions I made a mistake, the consequences and repercussions of which I was then not aware.

I take full responsibility for this whole matter since I was the author of the letter. However, the shameless and reckless questions I posed, which were rightfully criticized in Bulletin #3, did not originate in my head.

I have been a FIGU member since February 1995 and have never regretted being part of the community for one second. Indeed, I am grateful for having found such a wealth of knowledge whose merit is unequalled when it comes to a person's spiritual evolution. Within FIGU and with its members I have found my true inner haven, and I am grateful for being part of a community that strives to disseminate the truth about the spiritual teachings and all related issues.

The particular questions I posed come from my wife and a so-called friend. Ultimately, both called me, among other things, a starry-eyed UFO nut case, a sucker, cult member, idiot, and they made massive verbal attacks on me. Eventually we reached the point where my wife asked so-called UFO experts from the CENAP (Centrales Erforschungs- Netz aussergewöhnlicher Phänomene = Central Research Network for Unusual Phenomena) agency to intervene and rescue me before I drifted into a UFO cult, as she perceived it. A representative of this organization declared in a letter to my wife that FIGU's fraudulent intent was simply to provide weird ideas by starry-eyed fantasists. Furthermore, he stated, Billy's photographs were long since exposed as primitive forgeries. Whether I could still be "saved" or whether I was "too far gone" she would have to judge for herself. My wife used this information to embarrass me also before her friends by stating I was a "nut" who threatened our marriage and our family's existence. In my view, all of this was done out of ignorance, intolerance and illogical, emotional considerations, which she herself could not logically grasp because they originate(d) "from the gut" (without using the head).

I realize the gentlemen from CENAP do not have a clue about the actual circumstances surrounding this matter, and in their vanity as self-proclaimed experts they created a picture that bursts at the seams with prejudice, arrogance and vicious ignorance. Indeed, they have the gall to sell their rubbish to the public as the epitome of knowledge. Unfortunately, the same ignorance applies to my wife and the "friend" who hounded and cornered me with criticism and impertinent claims until I saw no other prospect than to pass on their "questions" to you. I was hoping that once they were able to read my counter-arguments, along with the correct meanings as published in the FIGU Bulletin, the two of them would change their minds. This was, unfortunately, a naive supposition on my part, as I soon found out. Even when I dropped hints, or in conversations with others, I usually noticed that initial interest in what I was saying quickly turned to rejection. It seems that most people do not want to or are incapable of thinking beyond their rather limited horizons. For this reason they permit themselves to become controlled by prejudices instead of being impartial. Arrogance, megalomania, illogic, envy, jealousy, and a profound lack of understanding about spiritual matters appear to be the dominant forces. All of this is not intended to justify my error in judgment. I would like to clarify any misunderstandings though that have occurred on this account. I want to also avoid FIGU getting a picture of me that does not match the truth. In order to clear the air, I am requesting, if at all possible, you print my points of view, or at least some excerpts, in the upcoming bulletin. The benefits I have gained for my personal development, which Billy and FIGU have provided me with, are incalculable in their value, and I am determined to continue working toward the fulfilment of FIGU's precious and significant task. With best regards,


Dear A.W.,

The reprint of your letter could only be effected after some delay, but we try to make up for it by publishing your entire text. I am sincerely dismayed at your disagreements and serious differences of opinion with your family and your "friend" because of FIGU and me, for it appears they do not want to understand and comprehend the truth -- or else they are incapable of doing so. And CENAP's "wanna-be-greats" and "wanna-bespecialists," who never even once spoke or corresponded with me personally, contributed to this uproar with their infantile and idiotic claims, which they produced from thin air, as per usual. The entire matter merely demonstrates once again how incompetent this clique is, and how feebleminded, deceitful and defamatory its managers are. To say any more about these knuckleheads and their bungling work is a complete waste of time -- they simply are lost causes. So, don't let yourself be affected by such people.

The fact that you are making such an effort on our behalf is worthy of a personal "thank you" to you. I was informed that you also organized and oversaw a presentation at a UFO lecture, for which I thank you as well.



Re: Internet

The Internet is the consolidation of larger and smaller computer networks plus a great number of individual systems. The number of Internet users is currently estimated at 15- 35 million - - more precise data is unavailable at this time.

The computer "net" enables users to access worldwide data. Furthermore, users within the "net" can participate in international discussions. The uncensored passing on of information, an additional Internet feature, has reached the point where governments (China and USA) and other organizations are demanding censorship/control of Internet material in order to prevent any dissemination of material they deem undesirable for public consumption.

Frank Brüggemann, Germany


Source: 'Nature,' Vol. 375, No. 6530, June 1, 1995, page 350

Excerpt from an article in Nature magazine entitled "Europe Holds Back With the Planned Spy Satellite . . ."

". . . Negotiations are further complicated by the high stakes involved in developing military satellite systems. At the political level, the major space powers --- such as the United States, Russia and France -- seem determined to maintain their technological lead, and to prevent the proliferation of high-resolution (1 metre) images, just as nuclear powers are keen to prevent non-nuclear states from building nuclear weapons.

". . . This appears partly to explain the relative enthusiasm of the United States, France and the United Kingdom to cooperate on an international military telecommunications satellite programme, IMMILSAT, which would also take advantage of the fact that all three countries need to replace their existing military satellites around 2005.

". . . In particular, Klinger said that President Bill Clinton supports transatlantic cooperation on a Space-based Infrared System, already scheduled for launch in 2002 as a replacement for the US Defense Support Program's missile-detecting satellite system."

The latest on Neutrino-'Telonin' Physics:

Source: 'Nature', Vol. 375, No. 6525, May 4, 1995, page 29

". . . The only available way to study very small neutrino masses is through the possibility of oscillations that transform one type of neutrino into another. For neutrino masses greater than 10-2 eV (electron-volt) such oscillations have been looked for in experiments (not discussed here) using neutrinos produced in the Earth's atmosphere by cosmic rays, or those produced in the laboratory by reactors or accelerators. For smaller neutrino masses (Myon-neutrino or Tau-neutrino with a mass in the range 10-2 to 105 eV) the only available possibility is to use solar neutrinos, with oscillations depleting the flux of electron-neutrinos by converting some of them into Myon-neutrinos or Tauneutrinos. Of particular interest is possibility that the oscillations may be enhanced by the coherent interaction of the neutrinos with the solar material. This coherent interaction is called the MSW (Mikheyev, Smirnov and Wolfenstein) effect."

Comments by the senders of this letter regarding the last two updates:

1. The presence of neutrinos can be proven by at least two methods: one through the so-called Cerencov radiation, which is emitted through elementary particles faster than the speed of light in a liquid or a solid body that would travel themselves with the speed of light in a vacuum. The second method is to use perchlor-ethylene [C2Cl4], which changes into radioactive argon after colliding with a neutrino.

2. Neutrinos possess a mass and travel at the speed of light. Latter fact is impossible accord to the general theory of relativity, because mass is supposed to be infinite, which is impossible.

3. The MSW-effect may be reversible, perhaps, which would provide a bleak prospect due to military uses [absolute overkill weaponry]. With best regards,

Jacco Smits, Holland


Question: For centuries dark, elongated, round or disk-shaped objects have been repeatedly sighted in front of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and in front of or close to other planets. Are these objects alien spacecraft, comets or meteors? Some shine in peculiar ways as recent observations revealed.

Answer: According to my Pleiadian sources, doubtlessly they are usually meteors or asteroids. Asteroids may be as large as Adonis, which measures several kilometers in diameter. In rare instances even very small comets are noted. Furthermore, approximately two dozen large chunks of extraterrestrial spacecraft wreckages are orbiting within the SOL-system, as are three extraterrestrial probes, which monitor the SOL-system and Earth. Likewise, a number of terrestrial objects continue to orbit the SOL system and they too can be observed occasionally from Earth. These include space rocket fragments which escaped into space; e.g., jettisoned propulsion stages that glisten in the Sun's rays in the same way alien probes do.



Question: What should one think of the claim that during World War II the Germans built flying disks, respectively flying "Foo Fighters," and actually flew them? I have found the following article in the January 1980 edition of UFO magazine:

Til Meisterhans, Germany

Did German Foo Fighters ever exist?

Unidentified flying objects were sighted occasionally during World War II; they flew closely behind the fighting factions' bombers and briefly pursued them. The flying objects were named “Foo Fighters.” The Allies assumed they were dealing with a secret German weapon, while the Germans thought they were an American or Russian secret weapon.

After the war the Allies began delving into extensive documents they had confiscated, which related to German secret weaponry said to have been developed and tested by Germany during the war. The problem of the “Foo Fighters” appeared to be resolved. The “flying saucers” sighted until that time were German secret weapons. What should one believe about all this?

The German so-called “flying tops” or "Foo Fighters," allegedly were flying machines capable of taking off and landing vertically. As well, they could fly either horizontally at exceptionally high speeds, or for that matter, in at any direction or angle by virtue of a rotary disk system, which revolved around a stationary central hull. It is reasonable to assume that such a device would be of interest for military deployment. Purportedly, these “flying tops” achieved horizontal Mach 2 to 2.3 acceleration in 1944 and were capable of climbing to an altitude of 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) in approximately 2 minutes.

The newspapers generally made mention of two different models - the “Foo Fighters” and the flak-mine known as the "V7." They were built by flight captain Schriever and a doctor of engineering, Richard Miethe.

Schriever, according to reports, produced the first of these “Foo Fighters” in Prague, the capital of former Czechoslovakia. However, his creation was never flown. Under adventurous circumstances he had to flee from Prague with all his blueprints in hand. He penetrated the American lines and reached the Bayrischer Wald [Bavarian Forest], where he found refuge as a farmhand among the local farmers. Returning to the farm one day, he discovered his quarters had been completely ransacked. From the time Schriever read reports about “flying saucers” appearing over American skies several years later, he felt certain he knew into whose hands his blueprints had fallen.

Dr. Miethe, the former V-weapons engineer declared: “I venture to say that the flying disks, if they are circling in the sky, were constructed in Germany according to my directions, and then were probably copied on a large scale by the Soviets.” The “Foo Fighters” Miethe had developed were a disk-shaped advanced development of the Vweaponry. The "V7" flak-mine had an alleged range of 21000 kilometers [13,000 miles]. Hitler decided too late to mass produce these "V7" units and, therefore, they never saw action.

Many discrepancies were discovered in the countless press reports about these secret German weapons. Here are but a few examples: One source reported that Schriever's “Foo Fighter” was built in 1942, while various others quote the year as 1941. Another source even provided a precise construction date: July 15, 1941.

More intriguing is the claim by chief engineer Klein that on February 14, 1945, he witnessed the maiden flight of this aircraft. According to Schriever, however, the unit never even left the ground because it was destroyed before its maiden flight. Furthermore, in the addendum of the 8th Air Fleet war log, a weather report dated February 14, 1945, states that at the time of the alleged maiden flight, extremely low clouds, rain, snow, and poor visibility enveloped the region. These poor weather conditions would not permit the takeoff of such a revolutionary flying device's first voyage. With a solid cloud cover ranging from 8/10 to 10/10 a mere 400 to 800 meters [1200 - 2400 ft.] above the ground, the flying device would have been out of sight almost immediately after takeoff.

The entire story about German “flying tops” remains highly unbelievable, therefore, because of the weather and also for technological production reasons.

To achieve the 1000 rpm turbine speed mentioned in the description of the disks, a centripetal acceleration of 26,200 G magnitude of acceleration would be required, which is normally only encountered in small-calibre projectile weapons technology. The mounting of the BMW 003 turbine weighing 560 kg or 1,234 lb would require massive and extremely strong steel bolts with a diameter of approximately 140 mm [5.5"]. This extremely heavy mounting assembly would only have been sufficient to support the turbojet engine when it was stationary! Once operational, the turbojet engine would create a bending moment of 110,000 kilopond-meters (kp-m) [1,079,000 Newton-meters or 796,000 lb-ft]. This bending moment was apparently not considered in the design of the actual functional unit and, therefore, it was not practicable to produce as designed.

For the unit's flight weight of approximately 3 tons, Shriever would have required 2 tons of extremely high quality metal, countless instruments and five jet engines --- while at the time the "procurement" of these unusual materials and engines was unattainable for him. They could only have been requisitioned through official channels with the required paperwork itemizing all specifications and justifications. The appropriate agency was informed and a file set up for it. The documentation was preserved intact by Speer’s government agency in spite of wartime confusion, and it included superbly detailed information about raw material distribution, personnel activities, project leadership, etc. It is worth noting that the complete, uninterrupted written documentation for the period between August 15, 1939 and December 31, 1944, makes no mention whatsoever about the German “Foo Fighters."

Hence, Schriever's “Foo Fighter”, never did get off the ground, and the "V7" developed by Dr. Miethe was never put into service. Assuming the Americans or Soviets did indeed seize the blueprints of these German “saucer developers,” neither power could have developed such flying apparatuses in a mere two-year period, when the first unknown flying objects appeared en masse. Furthermore, American bomber crews had previously observed unknown flying objects over Germany throughout World War II.

In conclusion, it appears that no German “Foo Fighters” or “flying disks” were built or flown. There is nothing to indicate that the unknown flying objects (UFOs), which had been observed for years, were advanced American or Russian modifications of Germany's secret weaponry.


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The following is worth mentioning: According to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, such "Foo Fighters" or disks were constructed in Germany but were never test flown, let alone put into service. Anyone claiming such flying apparatuses reached speeds of several thousand kilometers per hour, flew at altitudes of 12.000 meters [36,000 ft.], and actually reached Mars, is talking complete nonsense. The authentic story about these events is discussed in the 254th contact conversation with Ptaah on November 28, 1995:

Billy: ". . . You know, my dear friend, now and then one hears strange things regarding the German flying disks. Is it true that the Germans actually attempted to fly them, and did the disks reach altitudes of up to 12,000 meters?

Ptaah: Such claims are absurd. The "Flying Tops," as they were called, were never finalized in Germany. However, flying disks were eventually built some time later in other countries, e.g., in South America. In the former Soviet Union and in America attempts were also made to construct such flying apparatuses after pertinent blueprints fell into the hands of Germany’s occupying forces. These blueprints were incomplete in that those who held the plans needed to input a great deal of effort to construct the flying disks. These units were and are flown in terrestrial air space only to this day, excluding, of course, a particular group of people in South America of which you are well aware.

Billy: Can you also tell me whether the blueprints for this type of flying disks secured by the occupying forces were the same ones you people telepathically transmitted to the Germans via impulses? Who was actually in charge in Germany?

Ptaah: The transmissions were directed to two men, Schriever and Miethe who, on their own, had drawn up plans for the "Flying Tops." These blueprints fell into the hands of the Americans and Soviets who began studying and constructing the units. Also, through theft, the group in South America obtained copies of the same "Flying Tops."

Billy: One can say with certainty that this group consisted of high-ranking Nazis who fled from Germany after the war ended and disappeared in South America.

Ptaah: You should not mention any more about this subject.

Billy: Of course not. --- On account of World War II, disk-shaped flying objects were observed also in Germany, indeed, worldwide . . .

Ptaah: You are correct in this, yes. However, these flying objects were not of terrestrial origin. They belonged to us and to our allies from the federation.

Billy: This would mean that the flying disks which had been observed were not related to the flying disks, respectively "Flying Tops" disks, or Foo Fighters, of the Germans. Claims to the contrary, therefore, are actually foolish assertions by liars, fantasists, and know-italls. We've wanted to know about this for a long time.

Ptaah: What I have told you only refers to the Schriever and Miethe Foo Fighters.

Billy: You mean there were others?

Ptaah: Yes, others did exist. However, they were part of a private research program conducted by power hungry Nazis who drew upon Schriever's and Miethe's blueprints. Efforts to develop and test fly their Foo Fighters were underway with positive results in Germany at that time.

Billy: By the group now in South American?

Ptaah: Your conjecture is correct.

Billy: And all of this took place right under the nose of the Gestapo?

Ptaah: Many influential members of the Gestapo and its SS-leadership were secret, active participants who attempted to prevent the rest of the world from gleaning any information about the construction, test flights, and other matters. When the war ended, they fled Germany and went to South America, taking with them all of their material and staff. This was not a difficult task, for the Foo Fighters had reached a point were they had the capability of circling the Earth non-stop and transporting all required personnel and materials to South America before the Allied Forces could seize them --- or prior to the Allied Forces finding out anything about these secrets.

Billy: So that's how this all happened. How far did the construction of Schriever's and Miethe's Foo Fighters progress?

Ptaah: The prototype for the first test flight was available on July 15, 1941. We monitored this very closely. The Foo Fighter was, however, not constructed according to the data we had transmitted, for we had intentionally made them ineffective by then, as we could foresee the grave danger they would present for terrestrial mankind. [Comments by Billy: The Pleiadians/Plejarans transmitted data for the construction of flying disks to the Germans Schriever and Miethe at the end of the 1920s and beginning of 1930s with the intent to produce an aeronautical technology that would help prevent the looming warfare conflicts. Unfortunately, they soon realized that this technology would be used for the exact opposite purposes. For this reason, the Pleiadians/Plejarans counteracted the undertaking again.] We did not attempt to interfere in the development of Schriever's and Miethe's Foo Fighter until we suddenly recognized that the units also posed an immense threat to mankind. Once we realized the flight was going to be a full success, and that mass production of the Foo Fighter would result, we intervened during the preparations to the first test flight. A successful flight would have signified that these flying machines were to assist their producers with the domination and enslavement of all mankind, which was not, and will not be in the future, their (humankind's) intended purpose. We sought the counsel of Arahat Athersata about our approach regarding this special case, and we then complied with the advice to impair the project and to completely destroy the Foo Fighter and three half-finished prototypes by transmitting malfunctions into the Foo Fighter mechanism. [Comment by Billy: These malfunctions were also manipulated into the blueprints.] The mechanisms were demolished through explosions.

Billy: Why didn't you do that with those who later fled to South America?

Ptaah: They did not present a danger to the world and mankind then nor do they today. Since that time they have dwindled into a small group which possesses no fighting power and is slowing dying out. The group consists only of men and it is unlikely any descendants will result from them. They have an aversion against women and children and live purely for their technological interests, and their desires to control the world. The latter they will have no capability of achieving, of course. Although they frequently travel the world in their flying disks, which have even been sighted occasionally, they nonetheless live as recluses. With the fear of being betrayed by newcomers, they solicit no followers from the outside world. Furthermore, they have grown old since the war, with the youngest being 78 years today. The entire group currently consists of a mere 334 men from the original of more than 2,000. The others passed away from illness or perished in accidents, e.g., when their experiments went awry or their flying disks crashed."

Here ends the excerpt from my conversation with Ptaah. This probably clarifies the fact that the Germans never did possess flying disks or Foo Fighters in which they could dash around the globe or reach Mars --- excluding, of course, the Gestapo and Nazi officials' secret constructions, whose existence remained so concealed that not a word about them ever reached the public. Although their flying disks were sighted occasionally, no one has ever discovered that these devices belonged to a super secret Gestapo-Nazi- Society, about which nothing was known even to this day.

That the hear-say accounts about the purported German flying disks/Foo Fighters spread in the first place, considering the extreme secrecy of the project, hinges on the fact that certain data was somehow "leaked" to the outside. In no time flat the news simmered in the pots of rumor kitchens, whereupon fantastic stories were concocted about flying disks/Foo Fighters which were said to have reached altitudes of 12,000 meters [7½ miles] and Mach 2 or more during their first test flight (which never did take place). Additionally, a fairy tale tells of the Germans having flown to Mars, landing and performing studies there, so that they could inhabit the planet one day. --- Complete nonsense, all of it.



The purported abductions of terrestrials by the extraterrestrial "Little Greys" are ever increasing. As if things weren't bad enough that people in America are acting crazy; now Germans, Austrians, and lately even the Swiss (particularly those living in Zürich, where this nonsense has its own peculiar brand) are being assailed by this idiotic trend. Wellknown psychologists and psychiatrists have also fallen prey to all this nonsense and are now giving the abduction phenomenon credence. This nonsense and ludicrousness goes so far as to claim the Pleiadians/Plejarans themselves are these evil, warmongering abductors, among other things. (The claimant is "medium" Acedaih Dafi, a seamstress in Kloten, who can neither be found in the Kloten telephone book under this name nor elsewhere in the region. Does this 48-year-old woman have to hide from the Little Greys?).

The new delusion of being abducted by extraterrestrials, which began in America and to which so far countless people have fallen prey, is now also spreading throughout Switzerland. The result is a collective mass delusion, a mass hysteria, which is nothing more than a collective mass psychosis that has now expanded into a collective myth. It is a collective delusion, which is being transmitted from the collective human subconsciousness to people who are susceptible to it. This, however, does not mean that these persons are psychically ill, have an impaired consciousness or are insane in any way. No, as a rule, they are simply very labile with regard to their control, recognition, and assimilation of collective influences of a sub-conscious nature. Hence, such individuals cannot define the influences as being what they really are. This culminates at a point where these influences are stored in the sub-conscious mind as reality and fact. When the next opportunity presents itself, this pre-stored information triggers a type of conscious dream, a day dream, during which the collective-sub-consciousness information, gathered and stored in the sub-consciousness, produces conscious-dream experiences in such individuals. These experiences are then accepted as real and genuine events. This process can manifest itself as sleep paralysis or an "absence of consciousness" state. During sleep paralysis, which may also be linked with an epileptic attack, the person is awake and has conscious-dream experiences. In this state the person is misled into believing that these events, visions and other things did indeed actually occur. In reality, however, they were simply products of the person's imagination and originated from information stored in the sub-conscious mind --- retained and stored through the collective-sub-consciousness of a large human mass. Generally speaking, these self-generating processes are so intense and perceptible in very real ways that they can even trigger forces within the consciousness. Purely by the power of their thoughts, individuals caught up in this phenomenon can inflict wounds, scars and the like on themselves which, in their normal, healthy state they then presume to be additional proof of the reality of their experiences not having been an illusion. Of course, this type of "abductee" does not fit into the general pattern of those claiming to have had identical "experiences" who are, however, disturbed in some psychically or consciousness-related manner (i.e., in their minds) or, alternatively, they simply lie to inflate their egos.

It is well known that these pseudo-experiences originating in the sub-consciousness, where information, visions, and "experiences" from the involved individuals' collective sub-consciousness are stored, actually trigger consciousness-related (in the mind) forces. As a result, these "abductees" injure themselves or inflict some form of markings on their bodies. And it is not surprising when, for instance, a woman in Zürich who suffers from such "experiences" states: "After the experience I always woke up perspiring profusely. All over my body I had red traces where the probes had been attached to me. The aftereffects lasted several days. During that period I was almost electrically charged, feverish, and severely shaken psychically. This was not a dream, for a dream would not have left me with such markings. It must be true, therefore."

The woman believes that some of her ovarian cells were removed and that the extraterrestrials operate a research and breeding station on their home planet, where they breed artificially inseminated and genetically manipulated offspring. According to her statements, the ETs are robotlike beings who are threatened with extinction. Being like robots, they are without emotion and, supposedly, they will not continue to survive. For this reason they are also interested in terrestrials, with whom they are attempting to breed a new, hardy race with emotions. The breeding for these descendants occurs in large glass containers, lined up in several rows on shelves in special rooms, etc. Even as she says these things she contradicts herself, but the psychologists and psychiatrists fail to take notice of this. Without hesitation she states in her initial version that the ETs' interest in our planet is not just a fluke: "Since we detonated the atomic bomb we also became a threat to the other planets." The question now arises: Did the Little Greys, the nasty extraterrestrials, abduct terrestrials to manipulate their genes, breed new human strains, or revenge themselves on earthlings simply because they have detonated these insane atomic bombs that contaminate everything and trigger worldwide earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? Which version is correct when the woman further testifies that she was cruelly treated, like a hostage, and dealt with by the abductors without compassion? How does this substantiate the claim that these ETs are only interested in obtaining genetic material from terrestrial humans to breed a new, hardy race? Likewise, how does it concur when she claims: "The cruel beings have no compassion for us terrestrials because we, in turn, treat other beings the same way, for instance during animal experiments." And what can be thought of the fact that the same woman suddenly states --- after not having been abducted for a long time by the insect-like beings with the large, bald head in form of a light bulb [which reminds one of Daniel Düsentrieb's magical light bulb being] who have long hands with each four long fingers: "It is strange, but suddenly I had a longing for these beings, and I wondered why they did not return anymore?" Then she provides her own explanation with these words: "During a hysterectomy ten years ago my uterus was removed, and for this reason I probably could no longer qualify as a breeding object. Now they seem to intend using me only for caregiving tasks." One newspaper stated about this woman: “She searches for this feeling of being needed in heaven and on Earth. This is the reason why she now wants to assist other abduction victims.” That is a joke in itself, because she first complains of having been forcibly abducted and maltreated without any compassion, and then she turns around and says she misses the “abductions,” mistreatments and other related things. It strongly looks like she is experiencing chagrin for not serving the ETs as a breeding object for a new hybrid race. The 48-year-old marketing manager also knew a lot more about other things. She recalls, for instance, how horrible a small hybrid baby looked with its vacuous, expressionless face as it was allegedly placed into her arms. The baby’s skull was covered by skin and its body was tiny. She quickly felt compassion for this revolting, helpless hybrid being with its shrivelled body, and as a result began to lovingly stroke it.

The proof that these so-called “abductions” are a collective mass psychosis can be substantiated by the uniformity of the individuals involved. This demonstrates that we are dealing with a special group of people who have fallen prey to this delusion. Regardless of their diverse ages, professions, appearances, genders, and social statuses, nearly all have in common a concern for the environment, Planet Earth’s future, and humankind’s ethics and responsibility. The "abductees" also display a preoccupation with the stars, astronomy and the like, and age plays no part whatsoever in this scenario where even children are drawn into this mass psychosis.

Of course, in addition to those people who have fallen prey to this delusion, which was triggered by sleep paralysis and epileptic attacks while awake and causing sleeplike paralysis in the physical motor reflexes, there also exist those individuals who are delusional and suffer from a genuinely impaired consciousness, which produces their delusional experiences and that are also judged real. Their various stages range from simple megalomania to complete insanity. Others include frauds, liars, and cheats who invent “abduction experiences” to upgrade their image, and to profit financially from them, or else, they are charlatans and the like. Unfortunately, no remedy has yet been discovered for all these types of delusional experiences or against the disgusting, frequently criminal schemes --- a remedy that would expose these strange events for what they truly are: delusional experiences of one type or the other, or frauds, lies, and deceptions. Even hypnosis cannot expose the truth because frauds, liars, and cheats are capable of lying right to the very end. Of course, individuals who suffer from delusions generated by sleep paralyses or the delusions of an impaired consciousness, only report and claim what they have experienced as realistic events from within their subconscious although, in reality, they were only visionlike, delusional episodes. Hence, the truth cannot really be gleaned through hypnosis, for the delusional person will continue to consider the experiences as true and real.

As previously mentioned, the abduction-experience delusion is now also making the rounds in Switzerland, particularly in Zürich and its surroundings, where the phenomenon is sprouting some pretty weird “blossoms.” Greedy or bizarre people of various types have figured out how to thoroughly exploit the hysteria and psychosis in their own peculiar style. One such person is the purported medium Acedaih Dafi in Zürich’s Kloten district. She is always seen in public wearing strange goldcolored shoes and repulsively thick lipstick smeared on her mouth as she disseminates her unbelievable inanities. She claims that proof is now available that Adolf Hitler’s technical staff and his engineers had produced UFOs, which were not only test flown but actually travelled to Mars. Indeed, Dafi claims that she has the ability to travel into the past or future as she pleases. Others claim a subterranean UFO station in the middle of Zürich exists and that another one is located in Scuol (Canton Graubünden). This clairvoyantmedium- lady A. Dafi even reports: “It must be these Pleiadians who are the extraterrestrial abductors because a power struggle in the cosmos took place between the tough-as-nails Martians and the Jovians. The latter resorted to new types of energy weaponry, and they were victorious. This turned Planet Mars into a barren world from where a contingent of conquered Martians managed to save itself by fleeing to the Pleiades. These Pleiadians are calculating and power hungry beings who are intent on turning their own race into better fighters. For this reason, they are breeding a new race of beings through genetic manipulation, where technology and intellect are the top priority, while emotions appear to be superfluous. The souls of these Pleiadian beings were simply rationalized away, and for this reason the robotlike insect beings with the head of an ant, the Little Greys, are now threatened with extinction. And because love and hatred are abundant on Earth, these beings now are attempting to retrieve some emotions from us into the hybrid beings. As a consequence, terrestrial men and women are abducted by the ETs and abused for procreational purposes." Thus, although perhaps not expressed in these identical words but with the same message, the "wanna-be" medium Dafi, in her confusion and delusion, derogatorily claims that the Pleiadians are to blame for this purported abduction mess; indeed, she states it is they who are the Little Greys.

The absurdity of these abduction stories, however, extends all the way to renowned psychiatrists, psychologists, and physicians who are associated with the abduction phenomena simply for financial gain. For instance, a physician in Basel/Bâle is removing abductees' "implants" from the various body parts of her patients. These "implants" can be in the nose, backside, back, chest, arms, hands or legs. The metal fragment implants, "identified" as being probes or micro chips to control or brainwash the victim, can be "dissolved" merely through the good doctor's mental powers. Another physician in Zürich surgically removes such implants.

It goes without saying that there are rational physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists as well, who look very soberly upon this entire abduction hysteria. They propose that this phenomenon may be sleep paralysis or a form of recently discovered epilepsy or that it is a form of self-hypnosis. Scarcely researched until now, sleep paralysis affects up to 35% of all humans. Reports state that: "The person is awake in bed or elsewhere, but cannot move and has the panicky feeling that someone else is in the room or nearby." The rational specialists also state they have found in many abduction claims that the patients are suffering from a profoundly impaired consciousness, which manifests itself as delusions or delusional incidents which are accepted as true and factual by the individuals involved. Other experts explain: "Beyond doubt, in most cases we are dealing with the schizophrenic delusions of psychopaths who crave attention and admiration." It is clear, however, that persons suffering from sleep paralyses, which frequently accompany one form of epilepsy, must not be placed into the same category as those who suffer from the above-mentioned delusions. Patients with sleep paralysis are completely normal (or this may at least be assumed) but suffer, as previously explained, from an erratic capability to control their own defense against the collective sub-consciousness influences emanating from a large human mass (approximately 35% according to the Pleiadians/Plejarans), thus triggering the abduction-incident mass psychosis.



(BLICK, Jan. 30, 1996)


Zürich -- Will ET call some day? Some shrewd fellow from the Basel/Bâle region had an expensive 156 number telephone service installed [equivalent to the American "900" numbers] for extraterrestrial abduction victims! When the phone rings for 28-year-old social worker Markus Eschbach, his apartment turns into a commando bridge from "Star Trek." "What did these biorobotic hybrids look like?" he inquires. Eschbach's "Extended Hand" (Tel. 156 ..., costs approx. $2.30 per minute) is a Hotline of the Third Kind -- a telephone aid for those harmed by the aliens. Some callers have dreams about probes and needles, others tell of implantations or of sex with aliens. Eschbach, who evaluates, files and inputs all information into a data base, has become skeptical: "90 per cent of the cases are charlatanry!" he reports. Eschbach will discuss his experiences at the Zürich UFO World Convention, February 22-25, 1996. Ufologists from every corner of the globe are expected to attend. The entire matter -- including Eschbach's special 156 telephone number -- does not come cheap. Entrance fees to the UFO Convention costs SFr. 450 or approxi mately $450.



In September/October 1995, British astrophysicists discovered a seventh Black Hole. It is part of the northern constellation Vulpecula in our Milky Way.


American astronomers recently discovered a galaxy 14 billion light-years away where, according to their claims, no galaxy should rightfully exist. Although the Pleiadians/Plejarans and I have always declared that the universe is infinitely larger than terrestrial scientists are capable of imagining, scientists have always declared that the 14 billion light year mark represents the outer bounds of our universe. And yet, the space beyond the universe visible from Earth, even with the finest devices, is by no means the outer limit of the universe. Far beyond in the vastness of outer space exist immense accumulations of galaxies and the remote, nearly infinite expanse of the universe. The universe is subdivided into seven gigantic belts (see Bulletin #5, Dec.'95). Entire clusters of galaxies have been discovered with the aid of the Hubble Space Telescope. Robert Williams, Director of the Space Telescope Institute, states: "We can clearly see several galaxies that came into existence more than ten billion years ago." This statement pertains to the fact that the Hubble Space Telescope photographed 1500 galaxies in the depths of the universe, some of which glow so weakly that they were never before detected from Earth.

The discovery represents immense progress in the field of astronomy. And yet, even now scientific know-it-alls are already claiming: "These spectacular pictures not only represent a glimpse into the depths of outer space, but they convey to us a glimpse into the most remote past, to a point immediately after the Big Bang. Since the light from these clusters of galaxies required more than ten billion years to reach Earth and be captured by the Space Telescope, it conveys to us the universe's condition billions of years ago." They use this logic to support the concept that the universe began just a shade more than ten billion years ago, although only recently another galaxy was discovered at a distance of fourteen billion light-years. What has happened to the intelligence of these astronomers who keep switching the universe's Big Bang onto any age they happen to pick from a hat -- which, in addition, is completely contrary to the truth. Doesn't it seem reasonable to assume, therefore, that the real Big Bang simply occurred in the brains of these scientists, where the event created incredible bewilderment and confusion?

The region of the universe photographed by the Hubble telescope is ridiculously small when compared to the entire night sky, and it covers a mere 1/30th the area of the full moon. The fact that at least 1500 galaxies could be photographically captured, in spite of the limited region depicted on the picture, was totally due to the immensity of the depths of space. Hence, further advanced galaxies are seen on the telescope's image "next" to much younger ones. In other words, the Hubble photograph is a selective snapshot across space and time that incorporates 342 individual photographs taken in the blue, infrared, red and ultraviolet range of wave lengths. Each photo of the identical region in the sky required an exposure of 15 to 40 minutes. Finally the many individual photos were assembled into a single one. This technique enables astronomers to guess the galaxies' age, distance, and components -- at least statistically. This bevy of material does not entirely explain every facet of the universe, however, and many questions remain unanswered. On this photographic montage appear galaxies with the spiral shape of our Milky Way; others resemble balls or eggs. Terrestrial astronomers are puzzled at this point about the origin of the elliptical, ballshaped galaxies, and hold heated and frank discussions about this subject. They ponder whether these galaxies are the product of a different type of collision with galaxies, or if they are collapsed gas masses from a very early period of the universe, which perhaps, may be a galactic archetype. These are but two of the countless questions astronomers are expected to resolve.

This type of research represents but one aspect of the "Hubble Depth Field Project," although it is a key project to be performed with the aid of the space telescope. The ambitious program agenda also includes determining the universe's age and size and the testing of Big Bang theories, in order to better understand the spatial structure of the universe. This is truly an admirable task --- now if only the astronomers were not so obstinate and megalomanic in their beliefs that they are discovering the ultimate word of wisdom, along with the outer limits of the universe. In Existing Life in the Universe, a book I wrote in 1978, I already predicted the construction and launch of the Hubble Space Telescope into an Earth orbit. At that time I explained that magnificent discoveries were going to be made with this remarkable piece of apparatus which would necessitate the revision of many outdated claims and assumptions adhered to by terrestrial astronomers. And this is precisely what is taking place now that the telescope is functioning at a satisfactory level. Nonetheless, scientists refuse to relinquish their old, limited paradigms and will continue, therefore, to megalomanicly assume and claim they are capable of advancing to the limits of the universe. Unfortunately, the longer they maintain their attitude, the more setbacks they will encounter for they must realize they will repeatedly make mistakes. This arrogant trend will continue until they tumble from their high horses and accept the universe's actual size and birth from the same standpoint presented in the Spiritual Teachings.

New discoveries of galaxies in regions of space previously assumed empty are not only being revealed by the footage/photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope. Late 1994 and early 1995, U.S. astronomers discovered 50 galaxies in an area of the universe previously assumed barren. The area called "Bootes Void" is 500 times larger than our Milky Way.

The Hubble Telescope is presenting astronomers with many new discoveries and revelations they would never have dared to dream of before. The experts are as thrilled about their discoveries as the laymen who delight in these beautiful photographs from the depths of space. The Hubble Telescope project, regrettably, was not exactly blessed with good fortune at its inception. When, after decades in the planning and construction, the large telescope was finally launched by a space shuttle into an orbit around Earth in 1990, frustrated scientists discovered the precious instrument had a cutting flaw in its main mirror, which resulted in out-of-focus-photographs. The damage was rectified in 1993 under the direction of Claude Nicollier, a Swiss astronaut. (He is referred to as an "astronaut" with a bit of hyperbole, although he never flew into outer space but made a mere hop-skip-and-a-jump above Earth, just like every other "astronaut" and "cosmonaut," some of whom made two hops-skips-and-jumps to the Moon.) The telescope was fitted with "corrective glasses" in the form of an added lens. Since that time, the instrument has fulfilled all highflying scientific expectations.

The space telescope was named after American astronomer Edwin Hubble who discovered in the late 1920s that our universe is constantly expanding and that our galaxy, the Milky Way, is but one among millions, indeed billions, of others. (The Spiritual Teachings have stated this fact all along.)



And the "Flying Saucer" of Russia does exist --- a device constructed here on Earth. It is interesting to note that this flying device is very similar to the objects the Nazis designed, though they never completed or flew the units, never operated them in wartime, and whose unfinished blueprints disappeared at the end of WW II. According to British journalists the "flying saucer" was tested in early 1994 with outstanding results; it was a 15 meter [45 ft.] wide "smaller" version of the so-called "Ekip", as the Russians named this flying device. It was stated that the unit could start and land anywhere, even on water. Rumor has it that at this very moment a larger "Ekip" is under construction and that the Russians are supposedly harboring plans to build still larger objects of this type, a "UFO" with the dimensions of a jumbo jet, capable of transporting 400 passengers or cargo of 40 tons through the air.



Chinese astronomers have discovered that in the next century two small planets will approach Earth to within one million kilometers. This is a mere hop-skip-and-a-jump in galactic terms, but regardless of the close encounter, it appears that the Earth will be in no real danger.



With a telescope in his garden shed, a British amateur astronomer discovered a previously unknown tiny planet travelling between Mars and Jupiter at a distance of 645 million kilometers [400 million miles] from Earth. The small planet will be named George Sallit 1, after its discoverer. The discovery was verified by U.S. astronomers. Sallit says he has been a hobby astronomer from the time he was 12 years old.



Reports about children being born with a variety of afflictions and defects are on the rise. Over the past few years, the treatment of these children, many of whom do not survive, has placed a tremendous burden on the taxpayer.

Question: What causes these diseases? Nuclear contamination, poisonous chemicals or both?


Nuclear contamination and poisonous chemicals do indeed play a significant role, but medications and an unhealthy lifestyle are also culprits. For instance, people are harmed when they ingest fruits and vegetables, berries and mushrooms as well as other things, which are already contaminated with harmful radiation in the fields by nuclear power plants such as Chernobyl and others, although many people do become sick from poisons within the produce itself. When a pregnant woman ingests such contaminated food items her unborn child absorbs radiation and poisonous materials which, in turn, may lead to physical, psychical, and consciousness-related (spiritual) damage.

Other reasons for the many births of children who die before birth, or those who are too frail to survive after birth, may include the consumption of alcohol by one or both parents. The same situation holds true for drug abuse of all types, including nicotine (from smoking) which is extremely harmful to offspring if one or both parents are addicted to this vice.

The fact cannot be ignored that humans are becoming ever frailer and are losing much of their former resistance to disease. This is brought about by the sheer mass and breeding of human overpopulation. A false type of humanitarianism results, whereby even the severest crime against body and life is viewed and prosecuted as a triviality -- or not prosecuted at all. This increasing human frailty, a weakening of the body in every way, affects every organ and consciousness. It attacks the fetus in the mother’s womb and may lead to physical, psychical, and consciousness-related diseases and mutilations. Until now our highly esteemed intelligent psychologists, psychiatrists and medical doctors have failed to recognize this fact --- or they deny it and assert that such a claim is preposterous. In their stubbornness they simply are too “small of mind” and weak in consciousness to recognize and comprehend the truth.


from Der Landbote, Nov. 29, 1995

Hoping to Find Information About Solar System’s Origin

NASA to Research a Comet

Pasadena (ap) The U.S. space agency NASA plans to launch an unmanned spacecraft that will come within 100 km [approx. 60 miles] of a comet, gather up dust particles, and then take them back to Earth. “This will be the first time since the “Apollo” program in the 70s that samples of a celestial body will be brought to Earth for examination,” said Ken Atkins, director of the NASA project in Pasadena, California. According to previous plans, the spacecraft “Stardust” will be launched on Feb. 15, 1999. Five years later, in January 2004, it will rendezvous with the “Wild-2" comet, which “Stardust” will also approach to a distance of 100 kilometers [approx. 60 miles]. The captured dust particles will be decelerated through a special system. Says Atkins: “This will enable us to capture uncommonly small particles.” In 2006 the space capsule toting the “Wild-2" samples will ultimately parachute onto a salt lake in Utah. “Wild-2" is of particular interest to the scientists. “We would like to find out more about the initial phase of our solar system’s origin,” explained Donald Brownlee, professor of astronomy and scientific director of the nearly $200 million project. The researchers hope to find particles 4.6 billion years old -- the solar system’s approximate age. Atkins stated that in contrast with other unmanned, but technologically much more expensive space flights, the “Stardust” mission will benefit hundreds of scientists.


Kal Korff is a liar, defamer and intrigant by the grace of MUFON and other organizations. In their services, he has been scheming since he was 17 years old under direction of MUFON member Bill Moore, and has made defamations against me, Billy, and my contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans. Korff produced the book Spaceships of the Pleiades (New York 1995), which will probably soon appear in German speaking regions. In his book, Korff slanders anything pertaining to "Billy" Meier with detailed but outrageous lies and defamations. Korff claims he “worked and researched” his material “like a meticulous journalist-detective” before coming to his conclusions in an “honest,” “correct” manner without having to resort to vague conjectures. In reality, this 400-page book is packed with pointless, pathologically revengeful and brainless lies, defamations, and intrigues which were either concocted by Korff himself or by some of Billy's adversaries.

Münchhausen, the Master of Lies, is a veritable amateur when compared to Korff's book of lies. The book claims that on February 14, 1996, Luc Bürgin from Basel/Bâle in Switzerland, who perceives himself as competent ufologist, had requested my opinion regarding an article he had written for publication in a large German magazine. I considered my time far too valuable to read his hair-raising, deceitful article, but some group members read it for me instead and then recommended my not reading his drivel. They quoted the following passage, which I do not wish to withhold from you since it clearly exposes the author’s mentality --- although Bürgin purports that I was the author of the following lines:

Quote: “In his hunger for success, Meier does not refrain from using any method, as is revealed by a 4-page, anonymous letter Billy had sent to the above-mentioned exmembers [The two Schutzbach brothers. Billy] as a counterattack in 1981. On the letterhead, in large letters, is the notation “BM - Galact CORPORATION.” [Would I be so stupid to write an anonymous letter with my initials BM on it? That's idiotic.] The letter mainly presents an extremely confused, long-winded threat against the two Swiss men and their continued involvement with the Anti-Meier-initiative. The threat was intertwined with an excessively enthusiastic praise for Meier himself. O.Ton: “Above all else, this Billy Meier must be prevented from disseminating his material and message, for he is the most dangerous man in this field since he can prove to any rational-thinking person that his contacts are based on facts. This you know very well yourself. Our procedures are directed at pressuring every available UFO observer [. . .] to remain silent [. . .] Should this method fail, we must use alternative measures that would transport such individuals to kingdom come. However, not one of these means could accomplish anything against this Billy Meier. His spiritual powers are simply too great. Furthermore, he is so knowledgeable that he can even influence our own people. Some of them have already died and this guy didn't even have to lift as much as a finger because his spiritual strength is sufficient to kill another person,” etc., etc.

This is more or less the style of Luc Bürgin’s article, according to statements I have received from some FIGU members. It contains additional implausible "revelations," claims, lies, and defamations which he plainly received from cohorts of the Schutzbach followers. Korff is just one more of them. Regardless of the fact that these quotes are not from Luc Bürgin, for one must assume that he is himself merely quoting someone else, it indicates that this man is completely filled with prejudices based on lies and defamations or hearsay. Actually, it is a genuine shame. Had this man remained unprejudiced, he could have made a concerted effort of directing his talents toward the cause of the real truth. He could have provided a great service to humanity, but he chose instead to give credence to the words of liars, defamers, deceivers, frauds, charlatans and intrigants --- and thereby developed false judgments and false opinions. [The Luc Bürgin’s article and my response to him, which he promised to incorporate into his drivel manuscript's publication, total 12 pages.]