Eduard Albert Meier

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Who is Billy Meier?

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Eduard Albert Meier (Billy) was born in Bülach, Switzerland on the 3rd of February, 1937. For over 80 years he has been communicating face to face and telepathically with extraterrestrial human beings regularly. Over such a brilliant time they've managed to explain fully an extraordinary quantity of interesting things we didn't know before. Which has been inciting enough for many around the world to initiate them reading everything.

The wider Plejaren Federations homes are located on many different worlds and the Plejaren themselves have three home-worlds in a time-shifted dimension Plejares (seven sisters) star system. Initially they called themselves Pleiadians and later Plejaren in order to ensnare the early fantasist fiction-rich writers who caught their explanations prematurely, far before the ripe time to properly unfold what had been given, to root it in reality and determine exactly what it was they were trying to explain. The arrangement created natural stratific order, that we might as readers independently establish clarity for what would become as a story confusing enough to follow.

Billy acting as teacher, mediator and spokesperson, unravels the fascinating often previously mysterious things they've explained for us; in order to assist us all in the wider good of our monumental task moving forward of guiding ourselves and Earth mankind slowly toward actual civilization.

Billy's communication with extraterrestrials has as one might expect been controversial, but the more we read about it the more we begin to appreciate why it's needed to be. It began for Eduard at age five where he was prepared for a life's work by Sfath, an elderly extraterrestrial man from Erra. Asket, his second teacher, continued the education for a further eleven years. When Billy later travelled the world, Asket guided him through the worlds many lands, in such a way that he could learn first hand about all different beliefs and cultures, that later he could reach them as a writer.

On 28th January, 1975, he began the series known as the Contact Reports with Semjase, a Pleiadian/Plejaran woman. It was at this time that the opportunity was presented to Billy to photograph several of their Beamships/anti-gravity spaceship manoeuvres as a means of giving weight and fortifying the position, story and claims. He took plenty of photos, over 1,000, some of these are presented in the Gallery. The contact conversations were stored by the Plejaren on a device and resent to him telepathically so that he could type them out later. They contain many interesting things about history, humanities, sciences and spiritual topics. Since 1989 Billy has been having approximately four meetings a year with Ptaah, the father of Semjase, and there is now well over 600 contacts to read. The Plejarens life expectancy is roughly ten times ours, so a certain maturity is quite often presented in these documents.


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Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • Billy must take the precaution to not allow the knowledge of how and at what point in time he will depart from all others unexpectedly and unassumingly from the worldly living area, so that an idol would not be made of him, if the dates would come to be known. Its only allowed to be known that he will again, in around 800 years, be the centre point of this innermost group, as this already existed in earlier times on various occasions and also exists today.[1]
  • He does keep in touch with his biological brothers and sisters, with two (Hedi and Berti) of his three sisters who are still alive. His two brothers and one sister (Vreni) are dead.[2]
  • Billy is neither the author nor responsible for a significant part of the information, much of it is Plejaren Federation.