Billy Meier's career as a contactee began in 1942, when he was still only a five year old little boy. Back then, his first extraterrestrial contact person and teacher was none other than Semjase's grandfather - a Plejaren by birth named Sfath. He was a venerable and wise man who, like every other mortal, eventually had to depart from this life. After Sfath's death, an amiable woman known as Asket, who came from the twin universe called the DAL Universe, continued the contacts without interruption. This is a parallel universe to our DERN Universe and originated at the same time as ours.

Sfath was Eduards teacher, mentor, role model and taught Billy when he was a young boy, 5 to 16 years of age (11 years), like a confidant, adviser and clever old, great grandfather type character for him. Many of the Sfath contact report conversations that were recorded for posterity, which range from the years 1942 to 1953, are not yet published, for various legitimate reasons. However FIGU has been granted permission more recently, in the years 2015 - 2019 (and beyond), and been publishing excerpts in the FIGU Zeitzeichen and on their website (www.figu.org) in German, from the conversations they had all that time ago, due to many events having now transpired, even if the remaining sensitive data has been replaced with _____ agreeable self-censorship and in excerpt form. The reason futurological information cannot be openly shared with the public i.e. pinged around and around the world, even though in some cases it has been, even if in a mildly concealed form; while that would be tremendously exciting, riveting really, is because it's irresponsible. It holds the propensity to cause a great stirring of fear and anxiety with certain data arrangements, or so tests and experiments from the 20th centuries audience reveal, as demonstrated back then.[1] This is explained more precisely in several ways and at different times in the Prophecies and Predictions section of the website and as accompaniments to various associated documents.

We have given their conversations their own contact report section on the website, differentiating them from the Asket and Plejaren contact reports, which occur some time later in Eduards life and after he is given the name Billy, years later.

Some interesting things Sfath showed or told Eduard

  • Eduard was shown the devastated aftermath of world war 2 (world war 3 if the seven years war is counted as the first) in a Beamship.[citation needed]
  • Eduard was given a general overview of the life he had ahead of him by Sfath.[citation needed]


  1. For one reason or another, unclear exactly why, despite the Billy Meier case, known around the world as being a fraud and Billy being hated for it, for some unknown unclear reason, the specific predictive information as presented by him regarding a wholesome arrangement of future events, just as it was given to him by the Plejaren to pass along and over to us, unedited, has not been seen as fantasy or fraud at all, in fact, it has caused in some cases, fear, great anxiety and panic etc. Just as if it was somehow the actual future being revealed i.e. as if Billy is no fraud at all and never was. Billy and Plejaren don't want to cause such fearful unnatural situations by revealing the future unfiltered, prematurely, even though as we have said before, the future is already still published one way or another and it's all been presented in published form already, it's just been made slightly harder to access. Another reason aside fear and panic etc., is that Billy must not under any circumstances allow himself to be worshiped like some kind of cult figure. This situation could quite easily come about with the quantity of belief systems in the world, were Billy to reveal certain exact future events that have been given to him or that he has been shown how to work out for himself. So the information as it is will have to suffice, be sufficient and enough until after the events have occurred.