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Kal K. Korff is the second most talked about individual in the whole Billy Meier UFO case after Billy himself, very strongly impressionable man. He is an individual most noted for his claims at debunking the Billy Meier UFO case in Switzerland. However, other debunking attempts made by him have also included ‘The Roswell UFO crash of 1947’, the ‘Alien Autopsy video’, along with the ‘Roger Patterson "Bigfoot" film footage’.

FIGU and 'Billy' Eduard A. Meier, distance themselves from the claims he has made against them.[1]

At age 16-17, Korff was, in fact, very interested in the Billy Meier UFO case after having heard about it for the first time from Col. Wendelle Stevens and, thus, had insisted to Stevens that he be taken back with him to Switzerland to meet Billy; however, Stevens refused to do so, due to the fact that Korff was still a minor and that federal law required all minor American citizens who are leaving the USA always to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Already, Stevens had served time in jail for being accused of having had sexual relations with a girl minor under age, so by no means was he going to risk another incident involving another minor, which only resulted from Korff as an expressed undying contempt for Billy Meier in Switzerland, which he still continues to this day.


At age 17, Korff was approached by Bill Moore (William L. Moore), who was more than interested in seeing a young teen assist him with all thought and energy in intentionally destroying the Billy Meier UFO case, along with tracking down other individuals who may be in possession of other such pieces of UFO-related evidence which mainly consisted of UFO photos, etc. Such photos, in turn, would be analysed via state of the art computers at NASA for verification of authenticity; however, most photos would usually not be returned to their rightful owners, denied or disappeared. Eventually, Korff and Moore would have a falling out with one another, for which Korff would be ever so willing to be critical of the Roswell incident, since Moore presented his mostly inked out MJ-12 documents to Canadian nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman. A disagreement resulted from the withholding of UFO photos and home movie film by Korff from Moore, which he had taken from Dorothy Izatt in Vancouver Canada. By 1989, Bill Moore had publicly confessed to having been a disinformation agent for the CIA.


By 1995, Korff made a name for himself by having published a book called: Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story, which for a certain number of years had gained him a considerable amount of status among many UFO skeptics to which eventually formed the group Underground Video. In the book, Korff describes his undercover attempt at visiting the Semjase Siver Star Center in Switzerland to expose the fraud of Billy Meier by finding models of UFOs built by him and how he later had to escape Billy's attack dogs while sneaking around the center at night; however, Meier did not have any attack dogs present at the center, which Kal had obviously lied about and it turned out to be swarth, based on a published rumor via Randolf Winters found in a booklet called "FIGU House Rules." Billy Meier did, in fact, have models of UFO beamships, but these were made and given to him and his kids by Tom Welch in a total of 4, which were also used by Lee and Brit Elders in an attempt to try photo duplication in comparison analysis of the originals, by forensic photo analyst Jim Dilettoso. Korff made every attempt to publicize Tom's duplicated photos as Billy's original photos, as being further proof of fraud, while Underground Video issued threats of a class action lawsuit towards FIGU that, in the end, never followed through.

FIGU Bulletin 1

Using the name "Underground Video ®", the American defamer Kal Korff, a.k.a. Steven Thomas, has created a video of lies about Billy's case. This was executed in such a defamatory, deceitful and slanderous manner that many people are complaining about the way it was handled. Korff manufactured this video with falsified, manipulated film and slide material he received from Hans Jacob's widow. From his hospital bed in Wetzikon, shortly before his death in 1989, Hans Jacob vehemently complained to Billy about this very material, stating that his original Meier material had been replaced with falsifications, photo montages and other trickery. To this end, Jacob accused a former FIGU member, H. Sch., of having contrivingly substituted the original material with the falsified items to incriminate Billy and brand him a liar, fraud and crook. For more than one year, H. Sch. had been entrusted with Billy's entire photo, film and slide material for safe keeping. Without Billy's knowledge, H. Sch., a photo lithographer by trade, and a passionate hobby photographer with excellent knowledge and talents for trick photography and photo montages, perpetrated outrageous manipulations, falsifications and photo montages on the Meier material during that period, and then sold the resulting products worldwide. For this reason, some of the photos, slides and film footage suddenly had lines, which made the objects appear to be suspended from strings, threads, wires, balloons or helicopters. Korff even claims that 7m large models were suspended from large fishing lines, and that Billy transported them on his little motorscooter. At the time when Korff claimed such rubbish, indeed, when he even produced a DIN A4-sized booklet with copies of the manipulated photos in it to disperse the material, he was barely 15 years old. And from this time onward he has continually attempted to defame Billy through every means possible, in order to undermine and destroy Billy's worldwide endeavors and efforts to disseminate the truth.

Kal Korff is an unparalleled fanatic who never actually saw Billy in person at any time and has never exchanged one word or corresponded with him. With certainty, Korff, who actually sneaked into the Center under an assumed name to speak with group members - most of whom cannot even speak a word of English -- in order to videotape and photograph the Center and its surroundings, must be an agent of some covert organization that wants to suppress, under any conceivable circumstance, the truth of the existence of the extraterrestrials, the Pleiadians/Plejarans in particular. The American Congress passed a federal law in 1969 that makes it illegal for anyone to have contact with extraterrestrials (1211.108 "Violations" explains that contacts with extraterrestrials are punishable by law; it specifies a fine of up to $5000, up to 1 year imprisonment, or both). Considering the fact that the American military, CIA and other government agencies vehemently deny and hide from the public all elements and facts regarding UFO crashes and other related important matters and facts, it is certainly reasonable to assume that Kal Korff works on behalf of the American government, or rather its dubious and truth-fearing organizations, and is financially supported by them.

Clearly, Korff possesses falsified and manipulated Meier material he obtained from the widow of H. Jacob. One must also assume that this material has been even further manipulated and falsified, and photo montages made from it, to harm Billy, the Mission and FIGU, which Korff calls a cult. FIGU, of course, as any rational and informed person knows, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any religion or religion-related matters. Instead, its main and foremost objectives are the dissemination of spiritual teachings within a framework of the fringe and spiritual sciences, and, through Billy's initiative, the intermittent provision of food, medications, clothing, household articles and tools to many families in Siberia (Russia) and Lithuania. Additionally, FIGU intensively preoccupies itself with the following vital issues: the fight against overpopulation; the fight against abuse of children and human rights; the protection of animals; and the fight to save the Earth, lives, plants, humans and animals. FIGU has assumed a monumental and costly task for the benefit of humans, the planet and all floral and faunal life-forms, which Korff in his hatred, lack of rationale and human inadequacy, threatens to annihilate because he is directed by forces who have absolutely no interest in understanding or revealing the truth. These forces are just as fearful of the truth as Kal Korff; hence, they do not want the truth to be considered as being true, for they crave to destroy and annihilate it through any slimy, deceitful and fraudulent means possible. Certain American organizations are absolute masters in such machinations; they would not even hesitate to resort to vicious, clandestine murder. Previous incidents have shown that these American organizations were implicated in assassination attempts upon Billy's life. And they are just the sort of sinister crowd for Korff to get involved with for he, too, would not shirk any viciousness, hoax, deceitful activity or lies -- one can certainly assume that in his hatred and lack of reasoning he is prepared to even perpetrate worse damage.

Korff is currently no longer satisfied with merely circulating lies about Billy and his Pleiadian/Plejaran contacts only within America. Now he even disseminates his slimy accusations throughout European locations too, where many complaints are surfacing about his material. Until recently only Americans have protested against him on all negative levels, but now even the citizens of other countries are confronted with his drivel. However, his accusations must not be taken seriously, and no one should be tempted into harming this moron; something which has already been suggested, unfortunately, not only by our acquaintances and friends but by unknown individuals as well. They see in Korff his true character, namely, that he is an intrigant, deceiver, liar, fraud and a person sick with hatred, who in his entire life has never accomplished one single solid, decent act worth mentioning. On the contrary, since his 15th year, he has produced only unfruitful, hateful material and fanaticism in hopes of destroying Billy and his mission. To this end, he accuses dozens of individuals of lying, deceiving and perpetrating fraudulent actions simply because they were factual witnesses to Billy's contacts and capable of swearing to their testimonies under oath. Poor Kal Korff, how difficult and sad it must be for him not to have seen such things for himself, in person, or to have been there in place of Billy. If Kal Korff could accomplish just one per cent of all the positive things Billy and FIGU achieve and fulfill, one indeed would be grateful to him. His negative tirades, however, are proof of his rational inadequacy, and for this reason he cannot be credited with any reasoning and humaneness. He only possesses sick imperiousness and vicious egotism and, therefore, he must satiate his personal cravings with the slimy products of lies, fraud and hoaxes originating from his atrophied intelligence. Poor, demented Kal Korff -- how painful it must be to be a zero and lifelong nobody . . .


Source: FIGU Bulletin 1

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