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  • FIGU Bulletin Volume: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Number: 1
  • FIGU Bulletin Date: May 1995 (English edition: June 1995)
  • Author: Billy Meier
  • Translator(s): Heidi Peters
  • Date of Translation: Unknown
  • Corrections and improvements made: Stefan Zutt



FIGU Bulletin 1 Translation

Dear reader,

Before you is a new publication that will be sent to you intermittently in the future. The new FIGU Newsletter is provided by FIGU especially for Passive-Group members, but also for the enjoyment and benefit of other interested parties. It will be published as required and according to the material on hand. Each publication of this ongoing newsletter will be printed on stapled pages and identified with volume, number, month, year, and page numbers to keep them organized.

The FIGU Newsletter was founded by Eduard "Billy" Meier to reinforce the connection between FIGU and you. Its intent is twofold: To inform you of varying types of newsworthy information; and to provide you with the opportunity to express yourself using this forum. Your interesting questions will be answered and published together with newsworthy and important observations and experiences, or you may wish to search for like-minded individuals who want to start up a meditation or study group with you.

In this FIGU Newsletter we will introduce not only new developments and discoveries from various fields of knowledge, but will report on UFO sightings and UFO experiences as well, from descriptions often sent to us. Furthermore, through clarifications, corrections and many explanations, you will be kept informed about UFOs, contacts and the extraterrestrials. The information will assist you in separating the wheat from the chaff, and will provide you with clear and logical facts to assist you in potential disputes with uninformed and would-be-informed individuals, if you so desire. With this new information pamphlet, the FIGU Newsletter, we hope to provide you with hours of interesting and informative reading.

Bernadette Brand

New Kal Korff Lies, Defamations, Intrigues and Libel

Here follows a reprint of a message by Kal Korff:

Billy Meier exposed!

Recently Underground Video® began an in-depth inquiry into the most sensational UFO case in history. Our investigation first began as a supportive effort to verify the known facts of the Meier case to present the truth of alien-human contact to skeptics.

With the assistance of members from the Hollywood special effects team of the Ultra-Matrix Corporation we studied the Meier photographs and claims made by Meier's TALMUD JMMANUEL, GENESIS III PUBLISHING, LIGHT YEARS by Gary Kinder, THE PLEIADIAN CONNECTION by Randolph Winters, and the movie CONTACT. We also spent considerable time tracking the claims of "computer expert" Jim Dilettoso, as well as claims made through Michael Hessemann [sic] by Guido Mooseburger [sic] from Meier's FIGU cult in Switzerland.

After 6 months of intense inquiry, with the assistance of cinematographers, physicists, and computer analysts from Total Research, we found the claims of the representatives of the Meier case to be absolutely untrue. We discovered miniature models, and a variety of deceptive methods used to create this hoax.

Underground Video® was one of the foremost defenders of the Meier material. We are disappointed to now learn the entire case is a hoax. Representations of any authenticity with regard to this case made by alleged scientific examination has proved to be totally unreliable and misleads the general public into believing a carefully fabricated lie. The persons who authenticated the Meier case are not credible scientists nor investigators.

Any previous representations of authenticity of the Meier case in the Underground Video® product catalog should be ignored. Our findings will be presented to the Attorney General of the State of California to see if a consumer fraud case can be instituted against the Meier cult in Switzerland. Underground Video® will continue to make the Meier material available to investigators and the general public who desire to study the hoax and how it has been sold to the public for nearly 20 years. Anyone who has previously purchased any part of the Beamship Trilogy may write Underground Video® to be included in a Federal Class Action Suit:

Underground Video® Meier Class Action Suit Box 527 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0527 Comment by a furious Swiss reader:

"What a disgusting pack of slimebags!"

Kal Korff

Using the name "Underground Video ®", the American defamer Kal Korff, a.k.a. Steven Thomas, has created a video of lies about Billy's case. This was executed in such a defamatory, deceitful and slanderous manner that many people are complaining about the way it was handled. Korff manufactured this video with falsified, manipulated film and slide material he received from Hans Jacob's widow. From his hospital bed in Wetzikon, shortly before his death in 1989, Hans Jacob vehemently complained to Billy about this very material, stating that his original Meier material had been replaced with falsifications, photo montages and other trickery. To this end, Jacob accused a former FIGU member, H. Sch., of having contrivingly substituted the original material with the falsified items to incriminate Billy and brand him a liar, fraud and crook. For more than one year, H. Sch. had been entrusted with Billy's entire photo, film and slide material for safe keeping. Without Billy's knowledge, H. Sch., a photo lithographer by trade, and a passionate hobby photographer with excellent knowledge and talents for trick photography and photo montages, perpetrated outrageous manipulations, falsifications and photo montages on the Meier material during that period, and then sold the resulting products worldwide. For this reason, some of the photos, slides and film footage suddenly had lines, which made the objects appear to be suspended from strings, threads, wires, balloons or helicopters. Korff even claims that 7m large models were suspended from large fishing lines, and that Billy transported them on his little motorscooter. At the time when Korff claimed such rubbish, indeed, when he even produced a DIN A4-sized booklet with copies of the manipulated photos in it to disperse the material, he was barely 15 years old. And from this time onward he has continually attempted to defame Billy through every means possible, in order to undermine and destroy Billy's worldwide endeavors and efforts to disseminate the truth.

Kal Korff is an unparalleled fanatic who never actually saw Billy in person at any time and has never exchanged one word or corresponded with him. With certainty, Korff, who actually sneaked into the Center under an assumed name to speak with group members - most of whom cannot even speak a word of English -- in order to videotape and photograph the Center and its surroundings, must be an agent of some covert organization that wants to suppress, under any conceivable circumstance, the truth of the existence of the extraterrestrials, the Pleiadians/Plejarans in particular. The American Congress passed a federal law in 1969 that makes it illegal for anyone to have contact with extraterrestrials (1211.108 "Violations" explains that contacts with extraterrestrials are punishable by law; it specifies a fine of up to $5000, up to 1 year imprisonment, or both). Considering the fact that the American military, CIA and other government agencies vehemently deny and hide from the public all elements and facts regarding UFO crashes and other related important matters and facts, it is certainly reasonable to assume that Kal Korff works on behalf of the American government, or rather its dubious and truth-fearing organizations, and is financially supported by them.

Clearly, Korff possesses falsified and manipulated Meier material he obtained from the widow of H. Jacob. One must also assume that this material has been even further manipulated and falsified, and photo montages made from it, to harm Billy, the Mission and FIGU, which Korff calls a cult. FIGU, of course, as any rational and informed person knows, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any religion or religion-related matters. Instead, its main and foremost objectives are the dissemination of spiritual teachings within a framework of the fringe and spiritual sciences, and, through Billy's initiative, the intermittent provision of food, medications, clothing, household articles and tools to many families in Siberia (Russia) and Lithuania. Additionally, FIGU intensively preoccupies itself with the following vital issues: the fight against overpopulation; the fight against abuse of children and human rights; the protection of animals; and the fight to save the Earth, lives, plants, humans and animals. FIGU has assumed a monumental and costly task for the benefit of humans, the planet and all floral and faunal life-forms, which Korff in his hatred, lack of rationale and human inadequacy, threatens to annihilate because he is directed by forces who have absolutely no interest in understanding or revealing the truth. These forces are just as fearful of the truth as Kal Korff; hence, they do not want the truth to be considered as being true, for they crave to destroy and annihilate it through any slimy, deceitful and fraudulent means possible. Certain American organizations are absolute masters in such machinations; they would not even hesitate to resort to vicious, clandestine murder. Previous incidents have shown that these American organizations were implicated in assassination attempts upon Billy's life. And they are just the sort of sinister crowd for Korff to get involved with for he, too, would not shirk any viciousness, hoax, deceitful activity or lies -- one can certainly assume that in his hatred and lack of reasoning he is prepared to even perpetrate worse damage.

Korff is currently no longer satisfied with merely circulating lies about Billy and his Pleiadian/Plejaran contacts only within America. Now he even disseminates his slimy accusations throughout European locations too, where many complaints are surfacing about his material. Until recently only Americans have protested against him on all negative levels, but now even the citizens of other countries are confronted with his drivel. However, his accusations must not be taken seriously, and no one should be tempted into harming this moron; something which has already been suggested, unfortunately, not only by our acquaintances and friends but by unknown individuals as well. They see in Korff his true character, namely, that he is an intrigant, deceiver, liar, fraud and a person sick with hatred, who in his entire life has never accomplished one single solid, decent act worth mentioning. On the contrary, since his 15th year, he has produced only unfruitful, hateful material and fanaticism in hopes of destroying Billy and his mission. To this end, he accuses dozens of individuals of lying, deceiving and perpetrating fraudulent actions simply because they were factual witnesses to Billy's contacts and capable of swearing to their testimonies under oath. Poor Kal Korff, how difficult and sad it must be for him not to have seen such things for himself, in person, or to have been there in place of Billy. If Kal Korff could accomplish just one per cent of all the positive things Billy and FIGU achieve and fulfill, one indeed would be grateful to him. His negative tirades, however, are proof of his rational inadequacy, and for this reason he cannot be credited with any reasoning and humaneness. He only possesses sick imperiousness and vicious egotism and, therefore, he must satiate his personal cravings with the slimy products of lies, fraud and hoaxes originating from his atrophied intelligence. Poor, demented Kal Korff -- how painful it must be to be a zero and lifelong nobody . . .


Withdrawal by the Pleiadians/Plejarans

During the night of February 2nd to the 3rd, 1995, the Pleiadians/ Plejarans left the Earth for good. This action was previously planned at the time when the contacts began, but could not be openly revealed by Billy for certain unofficial reasons. The Pleiadian/Plejarans' withdrawal does not signify that the contacts have now ended definitively, however -- only the official contacts have terminated, while contacts on a private level will continue intermittently.

With the Pleiadians' withdrawal, the secret can be revealed that they do not refer to themselves as Pleiadians, but as Plejarans, a name taken from their Plejares star system, which is not within our space-time configuration, but one that deviates from ours by mere fractions of a second. The Plejares are beyond the Pleiades star cluster, where a dimension opening was created that allows the Plejarans to travel between the two different space-time configurations.

The Pleiades, respectively the celestial bodies and planets of the Pleiades star cluster, are uninhabited, indeed, uninhabitable in every way, for they are far too young for the formation and establishment of any life-forms. This fact, therefore, takes the wind from the sails of every crook, fraud and liar who claims to have maintained physical or telepathic contacts with the Pleiadians from the time when Meier made his initial Pleiadian/Plejaran contact information public. Truthfully, Pleiadians simply do not exist, only Plejarans!! This information was kept secret throughout the entire contact period for the specific purpose of exposing each and every hoaxer, liar, charlatan and crook when the Plejarans had withdrawn from Earth.

With their complete withdrawal, the Plejarans allowed Billy to reveal long-term predictions for Planet Earth and its humankind. To this end, Billy produced 23 closely-spaced, typewritten pages that contain predictions far into the future. They also provide information about our Sun being a dying star, and that mankind will leave the Earth at some point. The pages also contain ancient information about Earth's humanity and its former existence in the Sirius regions; the genetic manipulations performed on our forefathers and their prehistoric origins before the Old Lyrans came to the SOL System and to Earth; the fact that this genetic manipulation can be reversed, etc. etc. Some passages from these predictions will be published in the Wassermann, if possible, and they most certainly will be published as a Semjase Contact Report. The date for their publication will depend largely on the speed at which subsequent reports can be published. Furthermore, these predictions will be incorporated into the latest edition of Prophetien, which is currently being revised and may be available for purchase in its new, bound book form in the Fall of '96.


Aid to Russia

We are often asked why FIGU chiefly helps Russians and not the people of former Yugoslavia, for instance. To clarify this question let us state the following: First of all, FIGU cannot help everywhere because our very limited financial means would not permit this, and it is not our purpose to help in those regions, of all places, where fighting murderers and madmen shoot and plunder the civilian population -- in order to profit afterwards from appropriating helpful provisions, as has proven to be the case in former Yugoslavia. Here, wildly and indiscriminately shooting madmen obtain food to feed themselves so they can then continue to murder once again. One time the murderers are the underdogs and later on they are on top --- neither group is different or better than the others when they gain the upper hand. Secondly, through my initiative, FIGU is helping the Russians because I know very well that this country and its human beings are the ones from whom real peace for many peoples will come out of. A fact which has already begun to prove to be true with Gorbachev, Glasnost and Perestroika and with the abolishment of communism. Already 'the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce' wrote the following words about this:

"Out of Russia's development greater hope will grow for the world. Then the one and the group who have closer ties with Russia will be able to achieve step by step changes and the definitive definitions of conditions in respect of the world rule."

I pondered this prophecy thoroughly and made preliminary assessments that confirmed Edgar Cayce's statement. Subsequently, I approached Ptaah and discussed this subject matter with him, whereupon he, too, researched the future and came to the same conclusion. We agreed that a possible aid program for Russia would be very appropriate, therefore, since the people in that country will be making great strides to secure future peace. Once we agreed and concurred, Ptaah approached the High Council for suitable advice. The advice we were provided with was in accord with our own conclusions and resulted in my founding the Aid for Russia. For starters, at our own expense, Core Group member Eva Bieri and I sent care packages to friends of Eva's, a family in Kurgan, Siberia. We asked them to provide us with names and addresses of other needy people to whom we could mail food and clothing. As time passed, the two of us could no longer absorb the costs of the Russian care packages, and I brought this to the attention of the Core Group, whereupon each member offered to make a small, monthly contribution. Subsequently, we published continuous announcements in the Wassermann and, as a result, several Passive-Group members began contributing to the Aid for Russia -- without anyone knowing my true motives for initiating this Russian Aid movement. Over time there were friends of FIGU, hence non-members of any FIGU group, who offered helpful contributions and they continue to do so even to this day. All of us at FIGU, from the bottom of our hearts, thank everyone who has in some form assisted us in this matter. We also feel compelled to thank all contributors very cordially in the name of those people in Siberia and Lithuania who, because of your contributions, not only have to suffer a little less now, but who can even share many of these goods with other needy persons whom we cannot assist, unfortunately, because of our limited means - although we separately always add large sums from our own pockets.



We are gratefully accepting worthwhile articles, announcements, reports and other items for the FIGU Newsletter. Each and every reasonable and useful collaboration is welcome along with each reasonable and useful item contributed. We also hope to receive written responses from our readers as to how they are enjoying the FIGU Newsletter.


UFOs - Beamships - Flying Saucers

The FIGU Newsletter will also address so-called UFOs, that is, beamships or "flying saucers" and related facts. This means that we will treat subject matter our Wassermann publication rarely touches upon, although interest in the subject has, once again, become acute over the past few years, and will increasingly remain so in the future. We are not referring to purported contacts, though, by some terrestrials who are party to some religious-sectarian or other ideologic, profit or image snatching machinations. Only true facts and incidents will be addressed. The reason for this is, as the Pleiadians/Plejarans pointed out, that with their withdrawal the time has now come, officially, for us to openly speak about this subject. They mentioned that we are responsible for the fact that frank UFO phenomena discussions began in public over the past 20 years, and that word of mouth placed it in the newspapers, magazines, radio, public performances and on TV. The Pleiadians/Plejarans explained to me on February 3, 1995, that it was FIGU's, or rather my [Billy's] main task to generate worldwide controversy about UFOs and for us to finally confront every person openly with this important subject. Ptaah explained to me the following:

Ptaah: .... We are only allowed to elaborate to the point where our withdrawal from Earth is linked to the immediate future and related events; those in which we are not allowed to interfere in any form so as to protect and observe our own secret regarding our culture and living environment. On one hand, this is also tied in with the fact that some matters have been occurring for years, which we foresaw and which, on the other hand, were the reason for our withdrawal (that had been planned previously at the beginning of the contacts). Interrelated, unfolding events on Earth for several decades now were one of our assignments. We have fulfilled this task, along with the many others we were obligated to look after and you, Billy, have played a very important role in this scenario of making public, worldwide, the so-called UFO phenomenon, as terrestrials have labeled it. You alone made it possible to promulgate this subject matter worldwide and induce the controversy to the extent that not only religious and pseudo-esoteric sectarians, fanatics, gullible individuals, madmen, etc., preoccupy themselves with the subject. Finally, for some time now, the most diverse scientists, government agencies, military services and governments have also begun to seriously preoccupy themselves with this topic, a fact that could not have been achieved without your help and great effort on your part. Actually, through your efforts alone was this worldwide UFO controversy successfully launched, and we all express our gratitude to you --- a recognition you had to really struggle for, when I think of all the harm that came crashing down upon you. And it is immaterial whether they were health related or associated with the defamations, abusive language, assassination attempts, diatribes of hatred and other things to which, unfortunately, we had to contribute our share, as you know. Had it not been for these occurrences, the UFO controversy would never have come about, and scientists, the military and governments would also not have become seriously interested in it. In your defense I am permitted today to speak officially about these matters. I will also give you the facts on the detailed analyses and evaluations we performed on the movie and photo montages, along with the movie trick photography used by all those bogus and deceitful, purported contactees or UFO observers. We found that their falsified movie and photo material appealed to terrestrial humans, particularly to those socalled UFO experts who call themselves ufologists and the like, which includes even some wellrespected scientists. The absurdity of the falsifications, and the people who believed them, is stunning but extremely effective. For this reason, we executed maneuvers with our genuinely existing flying objects, such as jerky pendulum movements and certain skipping and floating movements, which ordinarily are never a part of our flying objects' normal movements and flight techniques. Instead, they looked like those ridiculous jerky pendulum and strange swaying movements of the manipulated movies and photos by the UFO swindlers, liars and charlatans. The fact that we chose to execute such movements is based on the reasoning that they, in particular, would result in the worldwide, fierce UFO controversy which brought you many disadvantages, of course. You were accused of fraud, deceit, charlatanery and, indeed, dishonesty. You were further charged with constructing models and then photographing and filming them. Often we felt very sorry for you, but were unable to change any of this. Only by executing certain flight maneuvers, which you then could film and photograph and disseminate throughout the globe, was the worldwide UFO controversy ensured that led to the previously mentioned outcome. In the future, they will also bring about additional and, by now urgently needed results. It may be some consolation for you now to know that everything has happened with the desired and aspired outcome, and that you are now the most important person in matters related to contacts with extraterrestrials and UFOs affairs --- you probably are the most famous personality worldwide in these matters . . . .

Here ends this excerpt from Ptaah's report, which signifies the dawning of a "new age" because of which FIGU, too, will preoccupy itself in the future with the "UFO Phenomenon" in this bulletin. Mention will be also made that government agencies, the military, secret services and air force departments possess excellent knowledge of these matters and keep facts hidden that would prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences and UFO crashes on Earth, as explained in the following report by an Englishman named George Wingfield, although the facts have not yet been authenticated:

News Flash

UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico, 1947

Recently released movie footage shows extraterrestrials of the UFO crash in Roswell.

(excerpt from Transition 3000)

During a TV Talk show in January 1995, Reg Presley mentioned that he had recently seen a video film which, it was claimed, had been filmed in Roswell, New Mexico, after the crash of a flying saucer in July 1947. This film apparently shows doctors "handling" two extraterrestrials. It was unclear, however, whether the ETs were alive or dead. Reg is a British pop musician who was best known in the late 60s and 70s as a member of the "Troggs". He remains active in this role, and the Top-Single he composed in those days, "Love is All Around", recently made a sensational comeback after being featured in the soundtrack of the hit movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral". Reg is a UFO and crop circle enthusiast.

The background to this Roswell movie story is as follows: Two fellows from the world of pop music went to the United States to see some old, never-before published movie footage about Elvis Presley (no relation to Reg Presley) in the possession of a nearly 80-year old man in California. Since they immediately demonstrated a keen willingness to purchase this excellent Elvis movie, the old man was sufficiently encouraged to exclaim: "If you think this is fantastic, you ought to see this!" He then proceeded to show them approximately 15 movie cartridges, each containing nearly 10 minutes of film. He selected a few of these cartridges, demonstrated these films for them and informed them that the films had been made in Roswell in early July 1947. He mentioned that, at the time, he had been sent by the U.S. Army to make a film (no photographs) of fragments which appeared to have originated from a crashed flying saucer. He filmed these pieces along with a large crane used at the crash site. Later he was taken to some temporary shed where two dead or dying extraterrestrials were being "worked on". One of the aliens had been alive but later died. It is unclear whether the two physicians were attempting to save the life of this alien or whether they were performing an autopsy on the two corpses. A third man, wearing a coat, stood nearby and may have been from the Military (military intelligence). The photographer complained at the time that the movie camera he used had been intended for outdoor use and not the dim lighting conditions where the bodies lay. The extraterrestrials seemed tall, approximately 6'6" (1.95m). They were very thin and had large black eyes. This hardly coincides with the descriptions of those extraterrestrials' bodies who were said to have been seen in Roswell at the time and who were described as looking 'oriental'; it also certainly does not coincide with the story of child-size coffins that had been ordered for the bodies -- unless the bodies had been cut into pieces. One segment of film apparently showed parts of the extraterrestrial bodies that had been removed and labeled.

Other film segments supposedly showed a military delegation at the crash site, and visible among them was Harry S. Truman, U.S. president at the time. This was never implied before, but could be investigated. The quality of the films, photographed from the foot end of the bed, was "not great". The original movie was on an identical type of film utilized at the time. The film was said to have recently been examined by Kodak technologists, who confirmed that this was a film from the 1940s. Reg saw only 15 minutes of it, or less than half of the entire footage. What he saw had been copied onto a modern video tape. He seems convinced that this film is indeed authentic. Although he cannot reveal it, Reg knows the man's name from California who claims to have made the movie. This Army photographer, who apparently kept unauthorized copies of the film he had shot, is NOT Nicholas van Poppen, the man sometimes mentioned in connection with films of the Roswell crash, who died several years ago.

The movie footage is now in the possession of Ray Santilli, who resides in London, England, and plans to produce a documentary from it. Santilli clearly looks at this entire situation as a commercial venture. Supposedly he bought the original film for $100,000 or perhaps $150,000. He has had the film for roughly 2 years, and has copied all of it onto modern video tapes, as a direct copy and as a version that underwent an enlargement process. Rumor has it that he now hopes to sell it to Fox Television Network for $200,000, and they want to make a TV program about it. Another rumor claims that Robert Murdoch has taken a personal interest in the movie and has secretly shown it to certain important individuals.

Not all of this can be confirmed, however. Santilly, a book publisher, does have connections with the movie industry. He is not a UFO enthusiast and refuses to show himself open to solicitation by other UFO researchers. His main interest is clearly directed toward the commercial value of the movie material, although he has promised Reg Presley a copy of the film for his own personal use, with the mandate that he not copy it. Some of us hope we will soon be able to cast a glance at its contents. Although there exists a great leeway for a clever hoax here, heated by the publicity of a suppressed secret, it would be wise to wait before passing judgment until we actually have seen this Roswell movie which, it appears, may not be too far off. Any verdict regarding its authenticity depends largely on an independent examination of the original film, since modern computer technology can now make falsifications to the degree where anything is possible. Such has been proven by the movie "Forrest Gump" (if you fail to believe this go see it for yourself!). I prefer to present my opinion on its credibility only after I have seen the Roswell film and have had an opportunity to see for myself the original movie footage.


Our presentations on Ufology and Spiritual Teachings with various FIGU speakers will take place on the following dates in 1995:

May 27, '95 Silvano Lehmann -- Little Grays and Contact Liars

Simone Holler -- Connectedness

August 19, '95 Guido Moosbrugger -- The Lifestyle of the Pleiadians from Planet ERRA

Elisabeth Moosbrugger -- Overpopulation

October 28, '95 Christina Gasser -- On Love . . .

Hans G. Lanzendorfer -- Religion vs. Aspirations, or rather, Evolution

Where: Restaurant Freihof, Schmidrüti

Presentations begin at precisely 2:00 p.m.

Entrance fee SFr. 7.00 (FIGU members pay a reduced entrance fee when presenting a valid FIGU pass)

We remind everyone that the Freihof mandates food consumption in its restaurant.

A study group will meet in the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center at 8:00 p.m. on Saturdays with presentations; all interested Passive-Group members are cordially invited.