The Talmud of Jmmanuel - The Human Being and Creation

From Future Of Mankind

Chapter 36

The Human Being and Creation

  1. It came to pass that Jmmanuel preached of the human being and of Creation as he went eastward with a caravan.
  2. He said, "Human beings should look upward to the stars, for majestic peace and grandeur rule there.
  3. As though by immutable law and order, the infinite and everlasting changes take place there over days, months, years and beyond for centuries, millennia and millions of years.
  4. Human beings, however, should also look downward upon the Earth for there, as well, is Creational activity and endless becoming and passing away of life and existence, toward ever newly developing forms.
  5. Greatness, excellence and beauty rule harmoniously where nature is left to itself.
  6. But where traces of human order are at work, there pettiness, disgrace and ugliness testify to alarming disharmony.
  7. With inflated chest, the human being calls himself the crown of creation, and yet he in not cognizant of Creation and sets persons on a level with it.
  8. But this human being, who has tamed fire and rules the Earth, will not go far.
  9. Without a doubt, human beings will learn to harness water and air, but in the process they will forget to recognize Creation above them and its laws.
  10. Thus they will also forget to seek truth, knowledge, love, respect, life, logic, true freedom and wisdom,
  11. And they will forget to live peacefully with each other.
  12. Their battle cry will be warfare, for they want to attain power through violence.
  13. But when they believe they have power in their hands, they will use it for enslavement and bloodshed, exploitation, brutality, crime and degeneration.
  14. They will speak of honour, freedom and knowledge, but in truth these will be only hypocrisy, coercion and erroneous teachings.
  15. Thus, in the future, the human being will lose his face and display an evil and false mask.
  16. Many will degenerate into beasts and spend their earthly days without knowledge or conscience.
  17. Human ambitions and desires will be directed only toward acquisition, power, lust, addiction and greed.
  18. With their intellect, human beings will arrange things of this world to make them subservient, regardless of the fact that in so doing they break the laws of nature and destroy nature itself in many ways.
  19. They will no longer trust in the eternal truths, which are anchored in the laws of nature.
  20. Through self-deception, they will find more meaning in the human sciences than in all the values of the laws of nature and Creation.
  21. In their confusion, human beings will believe in this erroneous self-created, pathetic philosophy of life, which will be produced through the cults' erroneous teachings and through arrangements of human laws and vagaries of the principles that govern nations.
  22. Human beings will want to control their lives by external means, because they will have forgotten to be aware of their own essence from the Creational point of view.
  23. Through deceitful means they will delude, cheat and exploit their fellow human beings and the entire world.
  24. And wherever trust and truth still exist, they will change it into distrust and untruth, and in so doing they will get farther and farther away from the true life.
  25. Thus, they will also loose sight of the principle of the oldest wisdom, which states that human beings are the measure of all things in life because they are, after all, part of Creation.
  26. But the time will come when the human being must turn around and become reacquainted with the eternal values of life.
  27. Initially only a few will know that human beings live not only on Earth but also in the endless expanse of the universe, and that they live not only in the material world but their spirits reach into another world that cannot be grasped by the ordinary physical senses.
  28. This other one, the ethereal world, is the true home of the spirit. Therefore Human Beings should try without ceasing to broaden and deepen their knowledge, love, truth, logic, true freedom, genuine peace, harmony and wisdom, so that the spirit may be perfected and lifted up into its true home, becoming one with Creation.
  29. Truly, I say to you, those who understand the truth of this message and attain cognition through wisdom, will awaken to the obligation of aligning their lives with their destiny of eternal change toward Creation.
  30. When people are honest and seek, they will not hold any preconceived opinions of prejudices.
  31. But the wise do know and are aware of the law of everlasting flow of eternal change. Therefore, they endeavor to adjust to the grand scheme of events and of progress, because they appreciate the laws of Creation, namely, that the cycles of existence must be completed as prescribed by these laws.
  32. Wherever life reveals itself, it is based upon the law of the invisible mystery that brings about the eternal change.
  33. But persons who disregard and fail to recognize the timeless and everlasting laws and truths must take upon themselves the dire consequences.
  34. Lies and hatred will blind such persons and even entire peoples; and they will rush into the abyss of their own destruction.
  35. A blind, destructive mania will overcome them, and the heroes among them will be those who are the greatest destroyers.
  36. Conflict will permeate people's entire lives, and where there is discord there is no longer wholeness and perfection.
  37. But as long as imperfection exists in life, human beings must bear the consequences: sickness and misery and injustice and privation and fighting and strife and slavery and erroneous cults and exploitation leading to bloodshed and death.
  38. So the human being shall be aware and awaken, for the laws of Creation state: Only that which is timeless and everlasting is of permanence, of truth and of wisdom, and so it is."

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