The Talmud of Jmmanuel - Introduction

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Dedicated to the man known to many as Jesus, known herein as Jmmanuel, in the hope that the truths that he shared may be heard clearly today. - .H.Z. and B.L.G.

In 1963 the text presented in this book was discovered by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier in the form of scrolls encased in preservative resin, after a Greek Catholic priest by the name of Isa Rashid discovered the actual burial cave of Jmmanuel (who has been erroneously called Jesus Christ). Written in the literary language of Old Aramaic, the document was buried under a flat rock in the tomb. It was Rashid's wish that his name not be publicized. He feared, and rightfully so, that he would be persecuted by the Church and the Israelis and perhaps even be assassinated, a possibility that unfortunately became true later.

The author of the scrolls was a contemporary and disciple of Jmmanuel who was known by the name of Judas Iscariot. For about 2000 years he has been wrongly denounced as the traitor of Jmmanuel, although he had nothing to do with the betrayal. This ugly deed was actually carried out by Juda Ihariot, the son of a Pharisee.

In order to save their threatened heresy, today's still-dominant orthodox and conservative clergy and their naive followers will probably attempt to deny the scrolls, destroy this book and denounce it as lies, as they have done with many other ancient writings that bore witness to the truth. (See, for example, the books Henoch and Jezihra, among others, which were removed from the Bible because they had been too close to the truth when handed down). As before, it will happen again that this writing will be attacked and probably taken out of circulation. It will probably happen that pressure from many sides will be exercised on the editor of the writing, or he may be persecuted or assassinated in order to preserve the "true religion." (Three attempts on his life were made in 1976, once even in the presence of witnesses. By the end of 1990 the number of murder attempts had increased to 13.) Certainly efforts will be made to induce police, authorities, public prosecutors, judges and courts of all kinds to prohibit this book, to ridicule it, to repudiate it or to suppress it, actions which, however, will not detract one iota from its veracity. The obscurantists in charge certainly will proceed with all circumspection, skill and intrigues to have the document dismissed, denounced as a hoax and quashed, as has been the case upon publication of other writings whose original scripts, however, were then hidden in the Vatican Library in Rome.

But there will also ensue an outcry against the text from the religious fanatics and other misled persons who will want to proceed with all means against its existence and the editor. It has always been like that, as everyone knows--there is no shying away from murder, assassination or anything similar. The editor is well acquainted with this fact and consequently has taken necessary precautions. But the "Holy Ministry:' the "Holy See in Rome" and the Pope have always taken steps to build up or to save the erroneous cult religion of Christianity. In this connection the readers need only to think of the Inquisition (ordered by the "Holy See"), through whose command millions of people in Europe alone were brutally slaughtered, tortured and murdered. The number of murders on record committed by the "Holy See" amounted to nine million during the Inquisition, while the number of undocumented murders adds at least another nine million.

This translation provides strong evidence that the cult religions' heretic doctrines have manipulated the truth and that they are the irresponsible machinations of unscrupulous men, some of whom were hired by the "Holy See.” Others were foolish, fanatical, in a deranged state of consciousness, or power-hungry human beings who, without hesitation or scruple, misled humanity for thousands of years, shedding the blood of millions through murder. Furthermore, the descendants of these murderers and unscrupulous men established over the centuries and millennia a mighty cult-religious power capable of ruling over all humanity. In the course of past millennia the cult religions ruthlessly, and through bloody and brutal murders, fought their way to become the most powerful forces of the earth, to which even brutal and dictatorial governments bowed down and still do.

Cult Religion

The most sordid pretext of maximum power in the name of false and mendacious love that literally walks over dead bodies without hesitation or scruple.

Backed by the false doctrine of the New Testament, the Christian cult religion meddles in the politics of all countries. Moreover, it is not embarrassed to interfere in the most intimate family life of human beings --even in the bed of marriage partners--in order even there to attack and destroy the last and most private secrets of human beings.

Now finally has come the time when a stop can be put to all these unscrupulous activities, if man becomes sensible enough, revises his thinking and devotes himself to the real teachings of Jmmanuel. In all likelihood, all those who have bashed their heads against the brick wall of the cult religions deceitful madness and are therefore no longer capable of normal and sensible thinking, will fight and oppose it with all means; and yet, their desperate fight will be in vain because truth will be stronger than any cult-religious mania or dirty lie, even though the lie has been in existence for thousands of years. The scandalous falsehoods of cult religions will now be shattered and destroyed for good, no matter how much the cult religions and all their followers and advocates rebel against it. Finally truth will be victorious, even though it must be secured through great struggles, as it has been written in the Scriptures, which say that the truth will provoke a worldwide catastrophe. However, truth is required and must no longer be silenced. A catastrophe will be understandable if one considers that the cult religions have attained immense power, which so far has enabled them to suppress, with murderous and sordid means, all truths directed against them. They will again attempt to do this, even if it means indulging in murder as has often been the case in the past. For this reason, the editor of this work will run the risk of being persecuted by order of the cult religions, private fanatics and sect members, to be murdered or be handed over to the courts.

From all this may the earthling at last realize what the cult religions are and with what type of bloody means they fight the truth, as it is only in this way that they are capable of maintaining their full power and control over the enslaved human beings.

Here it must be pointed out emphatically that followers and supporters of the true teachings of Jmmanuel are just as much at risk as is the editor of this document himself. However, the editor is even more endangered because he is the contact man for extraterrestrial intelligences and very highly developed spiritual entities on exalted planes who transmit to him true spiritual teachings that he disseminates without modification, thereby exposing the lies of the cult religions, which will lead to their slow but certain eradication.

Isa Rashid, the discoverer of the burial cave and translator of the original scrolls, was equally endangered, so that years earlier he took the precaution of withdrawing from the Church to live incognito somewhere with the family he had started in the interim. Conscious of the immense power of the cult religions, he wanted to conceal both his name and the original scripts from the public. He rightfully feared for his life and for those of his beloved family, all of whom since that time have become victims of the cult religions' persecutors, by whom they were assassinated. Long before this point in time, Rashid, under the seal of secrecy that his name not be mentioned, gave the translation of the scrolls to his good friend, the editor, Eduard Meier. But it was not until 1974 that Meier, in turn, received permission from the plane of Arahat Athersata to make the translation of the scrolls accessible to other interested circles.

In 1963, Rashid on various occasions took his friend, Eduard Meier, to the actual burial cave of Jmmanuel, which was practically filled with a great deal of sand and dirt. In the course of excavations Meier subsequently found various items that confirmed the contents of the scripts.

Unfortunately it must be mentioned that the document is no longer complete, since various pieces of the scrolls were completely illegible and decayed. Furthermore, some were obviously missing. What was preserved nevertheless bears shocking witness that in the course of two millennia an infamous false doctrine, a web of unequalled lies, was manufactured around the person of Jmmanuel in order to erect a cult-religious power and unscrupulously enslave earthlings--all this truly at the cost of misled, trusting and unaware human beings and their belongings, and above all at the cost of innocently spilled blood through the dirty intrigues of the "Holy See:' which deceitfully preaches love for the purpose of exploitation, enslavement and assault of people on Earth.

It is very rare that one individual succeeds in publicizing themes and truths that clarify causal connections or at the least shed some light on them when they pertain to cult religions or political matters. The existing practice proves that, as a rule, such human beings were unscrupulously persecuted, tortured and murdered. Forces called to the fore appear promptly, knowing how to place the truthful contents of a statement into a dim light. To them any means is justifiable to make truth itself into a travesty. But that is not all, because as soon as anything is published and disseminated that clarifies causal relationships and truths concerning cult religions or political matters, then, the publications are taken out of circulation with the help of clergy, police, government agencies, courts, the powerful of the cult religions and their fanatical followers. The publications are "safeguarded" or destroyed, to continue depriving the earthling of the real truth, letting him starve and perish woefully in his misery of false thinking and false teachings, because only in so doing can he be further exploited to his last drop of blood, particularly by governments and cult religions.

The German version of the Talmud Jmmanuel does not correspond to the original translation from ancient Aramaic because Isa Rashid neither mastered the German language sufficiently nor was he familiar with the code of the Mission to the point that he could have drawn up the German version. The German version does represent a copy of the translation from ancient Aramaic, but in a form that has been corrected by Eduard A."Billy" Meier and supplied with the code required by the Mission.

Thus, the German version represents a product 80% of whose style and sentence structure was achieved by Eduard A. Meier, while the remaining 20% must be considered Isa Rashid's translation effort.

Getting the German version spelled correctly, according to the ancient linguistic form, as well as the Mission's required coder, comprised slightly more than four times the work input and energy required for the translation from ancient Aramaic.

The editor, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

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