The Talmud of Jmmanuel - 12 Commandments

From Future Of Mankind

Chapter 23 (continued)

The Greatest Commandment

31. But when the Pharisees heard that Jmmanuel had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered and deliberated.

32. And one among them, a scribe, tested him by asking, Jmmanuel, which is the foremost commandment in the law?"

33. Jmmanuel asked in return, "Whose law are you thinking of, the law of the emperor, or are you thinking of the law of god, or are you thinking of the law of Creation?"

34. The scribe said, "l am thinking of the laws of all three."

35. But Jmmanuel said, "The highest directive in the law of Creation is this: Achieve the wisdom of knowledge, so that you may wisely follow the laws of Creation.

36. "But the highest commandment of the law of god is this: You shall honor god as the ruler of the three human lineages and obey his laws, for he is their king of wisdom and a good and just counselor.

37. "And the highest command of the laws of the emperor is this: You shall be obedient to the emperor, follow his laws and give to him the tithe, because he is the ruler over the people and their guardian and protector

38. "These are the foremost and greatest commandments in the laws of the three, as applied to their categories.

39. "But the other directive, equal to the first, is this: You shall consider only Creation as omnipotent, for it alone is constant in all things and therein is timeless.

40. "The emperor and god are transitory, but Creation is eternal.

41. "Upon these two directives depend the entire law and the prophets.

42. "The laws of god and those of the emperor are human laws and are intended to maintain law and order among the people.

43. "But the laws of Creation are the laws of life and the spirit and, therefore, they are eternal and constant.

44. "Likewise eternal is a person's spirit, which is a tiny fragment of Creation spirit, for how could Creation itself ever cease to be?

45. "Hence, when a person dies, their spirit lives on and leaves this side of existence for the other side, where it continues to gather the wisdom of knowledge.

46. "The greater the spiritual wisdom gained through the learning of the consciousness, the more the spirit itself determines its future, its return, and its subsequent activities.

47. "Since I am also a prophet and know the future, I tell you that I shall return as representative of god for the purpose of instructively rendering judgment over all those who live according to false teachings and who degrade the wisdom of the spirit.

48. "Therefore the words of truth will be harsh and without mercy, and many a person will seethe in rage because of them.

49. "The harsh words of truth themselves will be the instructive judgment and penalty for all those who live according to false teachings and degrade the wisdom of the spirit."

50. Since the Pharisees were together, Jmmanuel asked them, "What do you think about me, whose son am I?"

51. They said, "The son of David."

52. But he spoke to them, "How can I be the son of David, when he has been dead for a long time and I was begotten by Gabriel, the guardian angel?

53. "And haven't you read that David called me lord when he said,

54. "'The LORD said to my lord, sit down at my right side, until I can place your enemies beneath your feet, because you are my foster son and my successor.'

55. "Since David calls me lord, how can I be his son?"

56. And no one could give him an answer, but secretly they said, "He blasphemes God and the prophets. Let's try to catch and kill him, because he endangers our position in that we will no longer be respected by the people."

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