Conception, Consciousness and Personality of the Human Being

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  • Original Author: Billy
  • Translator: Willem Mondria
  • Translator's Source: Zeugung, Bewusstsein und Persönlichkeit in Stimme der Wassermannzeit Nr. 143


A human being is produced from two material elements, namely the female's egg and the male's sperm. From the union of egg and sperm in the female's womb, a tiny embryo develops; the common fruit of two human beings—man and woman, the parents. The material, parental substances merge into a combination of egg-cell and sperm through the execution of the procreative act and they continue to develop in the embryo which lives initially only as an impulse-based naturally instinctive small body with no consciousness and personality of its own. This tiny body stems from two other fully-grown bodies and is just as material as they are, because the procreative act alone is just the consummation of a material process where the consciousness-form of one or even both parents is not transferred when the sperm and egg cell combine.

If this were the case then the conceived offspring would have the same consciousness of one or even both parents which is absolutely not possible because, according to the laws of Creation, each consciousness is specifically related to only one single comprehensive consciousness block and this in turn is assigned to one single spirit-form. If it were not so, then what the laws of Creation say is impossible would occur, namely that two different consciousness-forms and also two different personalities could take possession of a human being, in fact already at the moment of conception. Truthfully, two consciousness-forms and two personalities can never simultaneously take possession of a human being, because this would be against the nature of the laws of Creation, and the Creation itself would reduce to absurdity.

What appears to be different forms of consciousness and different personalities in human beings are the products of a single consciousness whose functioning through an illness like schizophrenia is negatively affected causing delusions which manifest as other and foreign personalities. These conditions of sick forms of consciousness are well known since time immemorial under the incorrect term 'possession'. In truth it is not a question of other personalities and forms of consciousness besides the normal personality and the normal consciousness, but rather of a developed psychophysical state of excitement which is normally connected with conditions of cramps and delusions. It is not the influence from some god, angel or spirits and demons, as wrongly claimed by religions and sects who want to drive out such spirits, demons or additional personalities through exorcism.

When the egg and sperm unite through the act of procreation the consciousness and personality do not enter the fertilised egg which is contrary to what occasionally is wrongly taught. The fact is that during the three weeks after fertilisation the formless embryo grows as a tiny natural impulse-based pure instinct body. On the 21st day the embryo is then 'spiritually' animated when the spirit-form reincarnates into the embryo along with the consciousness and personality which incarnate through the comprehensive consciousness block. So the spirit-form and the comprehensive consciousness block's created part, the consciousness and personality, become the self of the conceived life-form as its inseparable part. If the reincarnation of the spirit-form as well as the incarnation of the new consciousness and personality into the embryo has taken place, then the embryo is transformed from a pulsing natural instinct-based state of life into a conscious living process. This means, that the embryo no longer exists, but from now on the foetus whose tiny heart then starts to beat and to work. So the conscious life of the consciousness begins which exists in the foetus and in this form develops into a human being. The essential material components of the growing foetus come from both parents, but the forms of the spirit and of the comprehensive consciousness block, the consciousness and personality have nothing to do with the material components since they are of a completely different nature which the human being is incapable of influencing and determining.