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Billy Meier's career as the worlds most notable extraterrestrial contactee began in 1942 when he was still just a little five year old boy. Whether he knew the full parameters of what was unraveling at that age or not. Back then, his first extraterrestrial contact person and teacher was none other than Semjase's grandfather - a Plejaren by birth, named Sfath. Sfath taught Eduard many different necessary things, among those appropriate for his age, preparing him in a number of ways for the life he had ahead of him; becoming later in life the Plejaren Federation mediator. He was a venerable and wise man, who like every other mere mortal, eventually had to depart from this life. After Sfath's death, an amiable woman known as Asket, who came from the twin universe called the DAL Universe (a parallel universe to our DERN Universe, originating at same time, twin), continued the contacts without interruption.

Sfath was Eduards teacher, mentor, role model and taught Billy when he was a young boy, 5 to 16 years of age (11 years), like a confidant, adviser and clever old, great grandfather type character to him we might presume. There wasn't quite enough time for Sfath to teach Eduard everything he needed to teach him. Many of the Sfath contact report conversations that were recorded for posterity by FIGU, which range from the years 1942 to 1953, are not yet published, for various legitimate reasons e.g. containing predictions. However due to many of those events having now transpired, FIGU has been granted limited permission recently in the years 2015 to 2024 etc., to publish timely excerpts at their discretion. The FIGU Zeitzeichen and their website www.figu.org in Swiss German, have emerged, from the conversations they had all that time ago. The remaining sensitive data has occasionally been replaced with an _____ agreeable form of self-censorship. The reason predictive information is retained in this way is explained more precisely in the Prophecies and Predictions section of the website and within those associated documents, which can be researched if it's of interest.

Their conversations were given its own section on the website, The Sfath Contact Reports. Differentiating them from the Asket and Plejaren conversation, because those occured later in Eduard's interesting and colourful life; after he had adopted the name Billy.

Interesting things Sfath showed or told Eduard

  • Eduard was shown the devastated aftermath of world war 2 (world war 3 if the seven years war is counted as the first) in a Beamship.[citation needed]
  • Eduard was given a general overview and vocal account of the life he had ahead of him by Sfath when he was a child.[citation needed]

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