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  • Prophecies and Predictions {Book} (Prophetien und Voraussagen) Source
    Prophetic statements and predictions of coming events in the world since 1976.
    Prophecies Telepathically received from the PETALE Spirit Plane by Billy.
    Probability Calculations Prophecies Predictions transmitted by Asket, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah In personal conversations with Billy.
    Including Probability Calculations Predictions From his own Calculations by Billy.
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The below text is as received by gaiaguys, and represents an English translation, of the first 218 pages of the 431 page German language book, Prophetien und Voraussagen. (Prophecies and Predictions.)

Omitted from the above book are pages 219-431, being excerpts from Contacts 155,182, 232, 235, 237, 238, 241, 242, 243, 246, 247, 248 and 251.

Be advised that this material, in one section, deals with extreme violence, sexual references and adult themes that some readers may find disturbing.

This is an unauthorized and unofficial translation due to the translators own motivation whereby using the google translation full responsibility of consideration must be taken for any translation errors.

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An Important Word Regarding the Translation of any book from "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

The rich and flexible vocabulary and structure of the German language makes it ideal for explaining and conveying any subject matter in all of its complexity, nuances and detail. No other language on Earth can match the German language in this regard. Therefore, the English language with its comparatively limited vocabulary, flexibility and structure is, as a language, a poor one and can never match the high value that is achieved with the German. Unfortunately the English language has a great many meaningless religious words for corresponding neutral German terms. There is also a lack of suitable forms of expression in English which means that the German forms must be expressed in a different wise by using synonyms in order to find an appropriate form of expression in English. As a result it is not possible to translate any book from "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier into English and convey everything that is in the original German text. The high value of this work can only be completely expressed and made comprehensible through the German language. The human beings of Earth shall strive to make the German language to the world language because it is the the most valuable of all languages that are in use on Earth.

An Important Message to the Reader of this Book

In all German language texts of Billy a code is interwoven. This code is only completely effective, if every word from beginning to the end of the text is in its correct place and is written correctly.

The code releases impulses from the spiritual realm (Akashic records), which hit the reader and begin to work within him. This is an unconscious process. The effect also occurs, if someone reads the German text, who does not master the German language. In doing so, it does not matter whether the text is read silently or aloud, or if it is read to someone.

The German language originates from the old Lyran and proves to have the exact same number of letters per word. Example: Salome = Friede = peace, Urda = Erde = Earth. It is not possible for ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier to build the code into any other than the German language, as no other language is suitable to facilitate the code.

Furthermore needs to be considered that many words of the German language do not exist in other languages, wherefore all translations into foreign languages can repeat the meaning of the German originals only insufficiently. The original German text of Billy’s books is added to every translation for the above mentioned reasons.

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To your own reasoning

Excerpt from the Goblet of the Truth book, page 587

577) Only if you follow the truth of all truth which is pre-given through the Creation and its laws and recommendations, will true love, freedom, harmony and true peace arise in you, because then everything disturbing, impeding and confusing falls away and is kept away.

578) You alone as human beings bring about everything, namely the good and the evil, the negative and positive, because you alone are responsible for all and everything, whatever you create in terms of thoughts and feelings as well as in terms of actions, deeds and all your activity.

579) You alone are the ones that bear the responsibility for the forming of your life, your life-conduct, your thinking-directions and determinations, so you yourselves have to make an effort for a right guidance and forming of your existence.

580) You alone bear the responsibility for your behaviour in every respect, so you are also responsible for your state of the righteousness and unrighteousness, of the conscientiousness and consciencelessness, of the fairness and unfairness as well as of the dignity and deference and of the dignitilessness and deferencelessness.

581) Consider thereby that in every good, progressive and evolutionary respect, you cannot force anything and nothing is given to you for free, but that instead you must willingly and consciously work hard for everything yourselves, and truly the work in acquiring all of the good and high values is rich in deprivation, because with regard to the real truth of all truth, what is recommended for the acquiring work, is hard and inexorable.

582) But truly, the creating of all the high values of the life and the following of the creational laws and recommendations is also worthwhile, because the reward is true love, freedom, harmony and peace as well as virtuousness, conscientiousness, righteousness, fairness and being-fair in true dignity and deference.

583) Therewith, all you human beings of Earth, opens up the ‹Goblet of the Truth›, the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life, and the ‹Teaching of the Prophets› as a comprehensive prophetic and true teaching book, that it may redound to the prosperousness of your consciousness-evolution and to your well-being of life, so that you do not continue to go forth in evolutionary consciousness-darkness and you no longer curse yourselves, but instead go towards the light of the truth of all truth and follow and fulfil the laws and recommendations of the Creation Universal Consciousness; and in this wise you shall do, so that true love, freedom, harmony and peace may come about in you yourselves and amongst your whole humankind and that you may free yourselves from your unrighteousness, consciencelessness, irresponsibility, unfairness, hatred, revenge and retaliation, murder, terror, war and from everything that is unfair, evil and ausgeartet which you have imposed upon yourselves as a curse since time immemorial.

Goblet of Truth

Teaching of the true Prophets

Teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life

from Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah), Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM)

Translation of Prophetien und Voraussagen


The presented book represents a combined work of probability calculations, predictions, and prophecies, which have been written down by Billy from the year 1956 to 1995. These prophecies and predictions partially originate from the mouth of extraterrestrials (Asket, from the DAL-Universe, Semjase from Erra/Plejades/Plejares, partially from transmissions from the highest-Spirit-form plane, which is called PETALE-plane and partially from Billy’s own calculations.

The source of each of the probability calculations, predictions and prophecies is indicated respectively, so it is always evident where these originate from.

Many of the presented probability calculations, prophecies and predictions as of now have already occurred with frightening precision, while others are still waiting for their fulfilment, because the time of fulfilment will come yet in the future.

Still needing to be explained, is that the presented probability calculations, prophecies and predictions only represent a part of all transmissions, and that the entire volume thereof is much larger. However, everything can not be combined in one single book, wherefore the interested readers are requested to read everything else, where these facts are stated, namely in the Contact Reports (Semjase-Blocks) of the ‘Freien Interessengemeinschaft’ (Free Interest Community)/ F.I.G.U.

Three of the oldest prophecies are about 2,000 years old, and these shall be mentioned first in this work. These are extracted from the book, TALMUD JMMANUEL (available from F.I.G.U.), and regarding their importance they are quite informative to those interested, wherefore these prophecies also should be read with great attention. Namely, in truth they provide a better understanding of the fact, why especially Billy is the receiver of the transmissions of the new prophecies and predictions of the New Age.

But regarding this are Billy’s own words of Wednesday, January 28, 1978: The contents of this book are of prophetic and predictive nature, however, it is not (with few exceptions) the work of myself and therefore not the work of my own ability. I only occupy the role of mediating prophet, making available to Man in responsible manner the conversation explanations revealed to me or the symbol-pictures transmitted to me in Spirit-telepathy form, in that I translate the symbol-pictures into words, formed according to the understanding and grasping of knowing and recognizing people of Earth, who are able to extract and interpret these values.

Needing to be explained to you regarding this, dear readers is this: The prophecies, probability calculations and predictions are given to me, on the one hand, by extraterrestrial human beings from planets and universes unknown to Earth- and SOL- systems but, on the other hand, from higher planes of Spirit. Therefore, as a rule, the prophecies and predictions are not the product of my own ability as a seer, wherefore I only pass on the transmitted facts conveyed to me. The products of my own predictive ability are based on exact calculations, of which, however, I do not make extensive use, because the transmissions of the predictions and prophecies from higher Spirit planes and extraterrestrial humans, who know the future, are much more far reaching and precise. The transmissions from high Spirit planes and from extraterrestrials, at any given time, take place at irregular intervals. In addition, these transmissions are often partial and fragmented, so that only in total context they make sense, wherefore it is my obligation to establish the connection and create a whole, however, according and ever true to the transmissions, as I would not be allowed to add or subtract any one incorrect word.

The symbol-pictures, by which the transmissions to me from high Spirit planes take place, are the language of Spirit, and this language I have to clothe into justifiable word values of the terrestrial understanding of language. The symbol-pictures of the Spirit language do not consist of traditional picture forms, as these usually are seen by true seers. The seers known to Earth Man (if it truly concerns such), do not master the symbol-language of Spirit, wherefore it is impossible for them to receive transmissions from other planes. So their seer-predictions are ever the product of their own inner powers, which make the future visible to them.

It would be useless for anyone to ask me for explanations, if any matters of the probability calculations, prophecies or predictions are not understood. Although I know the value of their interpretation, but it has been imposed upon me to be silent, if something is not understood, because this is ordered into the laws of life, which say regarding this, that prophecies and predictions are not allowed to be explained if these are not understood. This because only the one human being, who can bear and handle the truth, can also decipher the truth himself, when it is presented to him in coded form.

This therefore always has to be kept in mind, wherefore in the lack of understanding of certain prophetic passages no one should imagine, that I in a certain lack of understanding would tell him the truth quite openly, because he believes that he could very well handle this. Such an understanding of things would truly not be right, because this understanding would only be imagined, which also is rooted in the lack of knowledge and understanding of things as a whole, wherefore the strength of understanding is also missing; as also the strength to bear the truth; because as the stomach can only work on digestible food, but not on indigestible and poisonous, which may cause death, so also the mind can only take in and absorb the digestible, otherwise it would be overloaded, would fall victim to a disturbed mind or insanity, would resort to death or cause catastrophes. Therefore, all are asked for the required understanding, to not pressure me with questions for exact or approximate points in time, or the exact facts of the prophecied and predicted events of the future, because I am not permitted to further express myself in these matters. It is quite possible for me to calculate with extreme precision certain facts of the future for people etc., as also for example the death of a person. This is known to many, as also the fact, that I can delve into past lives. For this reason many people approach me, begging that I should explore this or that. If it concerns acceptable matters, I am always gladly willing to take such steps, if this is justifiable and benefits the person. Should people, therefore, be interested in such explorations of the past or future, they may in confidence contact me, however, always only in person, because I do not undertake anything of this sort in writing or by telephone. A detailed conversation is of great importance after which is also revealed, whether an exploration of the discussed facts is advisable or not. On the other hand, such investigations as a rule are also very time consuming and in addition connected to things, which to certain people, due to false thinking are unpleasant or ever shocking, wherefore as a rule it always is better to absolutely leave these matters alone. Regarding prophecies and predictions, the following still needs to be explained: Predictions concern as a form of foretelling the future, which is established as such, that extremely extensive kabbalistic calculations lead to very exact results, or that via travels into the future of different types, the future will be explored. A process which can occur technically or via travels in consciousness. Certain forms of future visions are also of this category. Through this is clearly discernible that predictions occur with absolute certainty and are inevitable, without the possibility that a change or avoidance would still be possible, because due to visioning the future, the event will be seen, which actually and inevitably will occur at a future point in time. Predictions are based on logical consequences of already firmly established facts, so that from their source and development a very exact effect has to result. However, it is different in the case of prophecies, which a rule only have a warning function and only show the result of a matter, which would result of certain facts, if no change in time would be affected. But if a change is not affected, then the prophecy becomes a prediction, which unhesitatingly has to occur.

Needing to be considered also is that prophetic expressions and announcements are changeable according to the measure of conduct of Man.

Therefore, no certainty exists that a prophetic event must actually happen in the future, if it is changed for the better in positive evolutionary form. But this evolutionary process has to take place in the thinking and actions of Man according to lawful normal issues of life, without any exact previous knowledge of the approaching occurrences, wherefore the prophetic announcement of an event represents only a possibility of the information and at the same time a warning. Every life-form has to walk its way upward, evolving based on perception, recognition, knowledge and experiences. Therefore all and everything first has to be gained by work, before it can bear fruit. This is the reason why prophecies or their time of fulfilment are never allowed to be presented in clear text, because otherwise certain evolutionary steps would simply be skipped by which gaps in evolution would be created, and on the other hand, because exact prophetic data and time indications could lead to fear and panic. Furthermore, prophecies may not be given in detailed clear form, because due to knowledge of certain facts violent destructions and catastrophes could be unleashed - out of fear, hatred, envy etc. Certain prophetic values, therefore, must necessarily always be suppressed, so that only a few understanding ones would be able to decipher these and would be able to truthfully understand and bear everything.

Many think themselves quite wise, thinking to have deciphered old prophecies, but many of these are caught in the lack of knowledge and in error teachings, so they found the wrong codes, but which they consider as correct. But rude will be their awakening, or the awakening of those, who believe in the false interpretations. Unexpectedly, however, many have come quite close to the truth, even dangerously close in their lack of understanding and in their irresponsibility. And due to their offense the world, in the future, will be trembling in fear, because they revealed to mankind of this Earth the horrors closely to a clear text, so they will be slandered due to their stupidity, will be persecuted and killed, where one may get hold of them.

Truly, the Third World War encompassing the Earth was averted between 1955 and 1989, but already it again glimmers in its beginning and therefore makes the being of the world fearful. It is not the prophecy, which will cause the blaze of the Third World War, but Man in his power- and religion mania. But Man still has time in the year of 1996 to refrain from the doings of his mania, so that the prophecy remains only such, without bing fulfilled. But will Man do this? Everything changes due to the thinking process and due to action, and as Man of this Earth leaves his path of destruction, he will survive thousands of years of peace, and nip the threatening Third World War in the bud. But if Man does not change himself into a balance, the positive-neutral, in true honesty and universal love and all-encompassing harmony, truly, then the terror of the prophecy will come in cruel and long-lasting manner. This has been well averted since the year 1989, due to mighty universal peace-powers, meaning also the total atomic destruction of the Earth globe, but averted is not the danger of the Third World War, which already glimmers again in its bud, stirred up by religious fanatics. And if this war actually does occur, then this will happen mightily and unexpectedly, when Man of this Earth still lies down peacefully to sleep in the evening, to be torn from his peaceful slumber by war cries: And it will be so if he does not presently change his mind for the good, and for the way of Spirit and in love, peace and harmony.

And I say unto you, Man of Earth, you who walk on the path of destruction and of death: If you do not change in a reasonable period of time, you will fall into damnation, which is horror, terror and bestialic death. As you continue to walk on the path of destruction, the sword of annihilation will catch up with you, which you yourself have forged, and hand which you hand over into the murderous hands of those, which will be born out of your ranks as Anti-Logos, who will destroy all knowledge and truth, and who will swing themselves aloft to the height of their insanity, to let themselves be called redeemer, after which they call themselves gods, in order to fall victim to the insanity and to maintain to be Creation Itself.

You still have a short time for reflection to turn back, Man of this Earth, but already your time is limited, because deep underground already glimmers death, which you provoke with your doings. But sufficient time is still given you to change, so you can still change everything toward the good, through which the glimmering mud of evil is stifled and crumbles into ashes.

Listen, Man of this world, quite often this has already been proclaimed to you - for thousands of years. But you have disregarded and cursed the prophecy, have slandered and laughed about it. But heed it NOW, because it is the time of the great change, when you still have a last chance. But if you do not use it, your descendants will curse you into the fourth millennium of your time count and long beyond that. If you continue to wrangle against and slander Creation, man of this world, then are announced to you terrible events for over two thousand years. Events, however, for which you carry the blame, due to your error teachings and your false doings in lack of consciousness. To me the years of terror are partially known, which you conjure up, if you do not retreat from the path of destruction, but it does not lie in my competence, to list the years in their value. Only in a few matters has this been allowed me, because the time thus requires it.

Man of this world, it is not the judgement of a creator which befalls you, as proclaimed in flowery religious cult phrases long ago, but it is the judgement of your own doings and thinking, which you conjure up with mighty power, as you have done thus far, and burdened your world with war, misery, need and infirmity and with over-population. This is the time of renewal demanding accountability from you in the kingdom of spirit and of a reality consciousness, as well as in the reason and intellect thereof, against which you live in lust, wickedness and greed, through which you create misery and need and a boundless desire for material things only. Thereby all love dies for you and the respect for all things, the sense for peace and harmony. And the greed for power and passion and viciousness rises unboundlessly, bloodthirstiness overtakes you and the respect for life withdraws and flees, so you degenerate from barbarian to beast, will breed creatures of evil, who fight against all truth, knowledge, wisdom, peace, you will kill harmony and love, and persecute and murder all those, who have not fallen prey to their materialistic insanity. You yourself, Man of this world, breed and stir up your own judgement through your insanity, through your false actions and wrong thinking. Your over-population descendants you will force into untruth, so they become beasts in human form and who are against all that is good.

The untruth increases, the lack of knowledge becomes the Anti-Logos, which embodies as human being and causes evil degenerations. Thus mighty ones appear on the scene, demoralized throughout by the Anti-Logos, marked by bloodthirstiness and power greed, greed for possessions and wickedness. The evil in embodiment of human form, the Anti-Logos, as has been prophecied since times of old: Criminal fundamentalism, over-population, anarchism, despotism, sectarianism, criminality as well as terrorism and all other imaginable evils of every form. The Anti-Logos is the unstable, able to be out-pictured by every human being, who falls for him. It is the no-good, the degenerating, the lack of the spiritual, the damning, the cursing, and the destroying and annihilating, the untruthful, the non-love, the lack of peace and the disharmonic, this all in all is called Anti-Logos; that which is unjust, and unreasonable, that which is illogical and the non-creative. But you, Man of this Earth, you do not understand this truth, because you are driven into confusion by error teachings, allowing yourself to be led astray by religious cults, to hope for the never appearing miracles; hoping for a creative god, who is only a human being, and who shall bring to you the kingdom of Spirit in all Its splendor. Oh, Man of this world, how erringly you go and walk along in your delusion; while seeing you are blind, and while hearing you are dumb, because a creative god does not bring you salvation but you alone through your own consciously correct and responsible action, if you align yourself with truth and free yourself from the Anti-Logos. The kingdom is not with a creative god, but in the Spirit and in the consciousness, in the Spirit which as part of Creation resides within you and ever walks in harmony with Creation, even if you do not become aware of it, because you do not want to recognize it. You will not find peace in a creative god, because only within yourself you are able to find it, if you align yourself according to the laws of Creation.

In religious cult delusion since times of old you speak about an Anti-Christ about the man of evil, and about the beast of evil, about the number of evil - the 666. You are well aware of this evil, namely that it exists, however, again you mislead yourself in religious cult insanity. The evil you call Anti-Christ is in total accord to your erroneous belief of your cult religion. And you do not want to understand, that Anti-Christ and Christ etc. embody the Anti-Logos, created within Man by himself, due to his false doings in not adhering to the creational laws. You do not recognize that the Anti-Logos, which in your error belief you call Anti-Christ is embodied within Man, already has become active in the mighty ones of this world, who bring death and ruin to you and allow the prophecies to become reality, that the Anti-Logos will rule the world and eradicate all Logos, whereby two thirds of mankind will be murdered, when the time of the last Anti-Logos-Powers will roll over the Earth. Yet you still have time to halt this insanity. But hurry, for time is running short, before the epoch of bloody terrors begins, if you do not abandon the path of insanity. Terrible things will be announced to you, if you remain on the path which you have trod up to now. The Anti-Logos becomes overpowering and a gigantic threat. Mighty ones will arise, ensouled by Anti-Logos, cruel, bestialic and bloodthirsty. They will be the Anti-Logos itself, the evil in embodiment, which has been told to you since times of old in prophecies as the 666, which in your error belief you call Anti-Christ.

A prophecy does not mean the foretelling of events or occurrences which must happen, but it simply indicates the forecasting of events to be expected, resulting from exactly determined previous thought- and action-processes or other previous events. Therefore this means, that a prophecy must not happen with absolute certainty, if the previous thought- and action-processes or other events, from which the prophecy is created in logical conclusion, are revised by new, logical thought- and action-processes or other events are changed in a manner so that the event to be expected will be influenced to a great extent, meaning that a change for the better will be caused and brought into effect.

Therefore, a prophecy, or prophecies in general, are only tied to an absolute occurrence of the forecast logical predictions, when nothing takes place to change the processes. Explained in other words, it means that a prophecy must NOT occur and must not fulfil itself, if opposing processes against the calculated even take place, which logically have to cause a different effect. The conclusion thereof is, that prophecies do not represent an unchangeable determination, but are equal in meaning to an effect of a certain cause. As a cause logically has to produce a certain effect, the cause is valid, if it is predicted as so-called prophecy, which again does not mean anything else, than that it refers to a prediction of an occurrence or event to be expected, which must take place as effect of a cause.

Therefore, only cause and effect are decisive in a prophecy to be given or having been given which therefore excludes the erroneous assumption, that everything has been predetermined since ages of old by a power set over Man. Therefore, it is now clearly recognizable, that EVERY prophecy presented to mankind of Earth corresponds to an effect of a cause, which by him, Earth Man himself, has been created, if the cause and effect were based on his thought- and action-processes. Predictions regarding cosmic events etc., naturally do not fall into this category, because cosmic and universal powers are totally independent of Earth Man in their sphere of action. If for example, a prophecy goes forth, that at a certain point in time an event of cosmic nature will appear, this then corresponds to a cosmic prediction, which is based on totally different powers and laws, than the effects of causes called forth by human thought- and action-processes.

Unfortunately, regarding a prophecy, Man, as a rule, understands something totally false, especially based on religious matter, because prophecies usually are considered to be determinations of supernatural or godly powers. But what is to be understood under the term, prophecy in truth? Quite simply: Prophecy means nothing else but an announcement. Thus in the sense of the announced prophecy, it is simply an announcement of an event or occurrence to be expected. This also explains right away that a prophet does not embody anything else that an announcer of knowledge, a teaching, or of preliminary announcements of events or occurrences to be expected.

But what purpose do prophecies have? This question also is easily explained: The meaning of a given prophecy lies in a warning. Thus via a prophecy a warning is uttered about a happening or occurrence to be expected for the purpose that the recipient of the prophecy (as a rule Man of Earth) prepares himself for the coming events and occurrences as best as possible and try to influence the happenings and occurrences of negative nature to be expected positively, whereby the negative events having to occur change to a not having to occur, and therewith the purpose of the prophecy is achieved.

The prophecy, the warning, therefore corresponds also to a teaching and an advice, to which the recipient is obligated to comply.

Therefore, as prophecies contain a warning, a teaching and an advice, quite logically they only announce things of a negative nature, because nothing would be more paradox than a prophecy of positive a nature, which the recipient would try to influence negatively. This explains, why prophecies given, without exception, contain negative previous announcements of any causalities, because only the negative in exaggerated form needs a change to the normal-positive, in order to allow a balance to be created thereof.

Excerpts from the The Talmud of Jmmanuel

The Talmud of Jmmanuel - The existing translated chapters.

The Talmud of Jmmanuel - In Nazareth 15th Chapter (excerpt)

66. And it came to pass, when Jmmanuel had ended these parables, he went hither.

67. So he came to his home town Nazareth, and taught in the synagogue, and the people were amazed, saying: “Wherefrom does this one receive such wisdom and works?

68. Is he not the carpenter Joseph’s son, whose wife was impregnated by a watcher angel?

69. Is his mother’s name not Maria?

70. Are Judas and Joseph and Simeon and Jacobus not his brothers?

71. And his sisters, are they not all with us?

72. Wherefrom does come to him all this wisdom and the power for his works?”

73. So they took offense at him and threatened to hand him over to the judges.

74. But Jmmanuel said: “A prophet is never less esteemed than in his own country and in his own house, which will prove to be true for all the future and as long as Man is of little knowledge, and is enslaved by false teachings of the scribes and the distorters of true scripture.

75. Thus it will come true in two thousand years, when Man has become knowing and thinking, and my real teachings will be newly revealed in unfalsified manner.

76. The new prophet of that distant future will not possess as much strength and power over evil and the diseases;

77. But his knowledge will be above mine and his revelations about my true teachings will shake the framework of the entire Earth, because at his time, the world will be flooded with my teachings, falsified by the scripture distorters, and will live in death-bringing error cults.

78. That will be the time, when wars from space will begin to threaten and many new gods will seek rulership over the Earth.

79. Verily, verily, I say unto you: The new prophet will not only be persecuted by one deceitful nation, as will happen to me, because he will be persecuted by the entire world and by many error cults, which will establish many false prophets.

80. Yet before twice thousand years are full, the new prophet will reveal my teachings unfalsified in small groups, as I also teach my trusted friends and disciples in a small group the wisdom and the knowledge and the laws of Spirit and of Creation.

81. His path, however, will be very hard and full of obstacles, because he will begin his mission in a country of peace in the North, but where a strict false cult prevails of my teachings, falsified by the scripture distorters.

82. So I prophecy and so it will be.”

83. And there he did not show great signs of his power, and did not publish abroad his great knowledge, due to their rejection of the truth.

The Talmud of Jmmanuel – The Prophecy 25th Chapter (excerpt)

Historical translation please read The Talmud of Jmmanuel - Prophecy: included for reference as the translation may differ from the latest translation

1. And Jmmanuel went out of the temple, and his disciples came to him, to show him the temple’s structures.

2. But he spoke unto them: “Do you not see all this? Verily, I say unto you: Here not one stone will remain upon the other, which will not be broken;

3. The Israeli Nation blasphemes against life and against truth; and they have erected this city on human blood; therefore this nation is divided within itself into Israelites who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion, to whom I am not close and who want to kill me, and also into Jews, who are lost believers of their cult, and to whom I bring the teaching of the truth in addition to all generations of Man on Earth.

4. By robbery and murder the Israelis have stolen this land and killed their friends, with whom they had drunk wine, and therefore they have led astray and misguided the partners in belief of the Jewish cult, but who truly are not Israelites and who are only cult believers.

5. Thus the Israelites have betrayed their own friends and murdered them because of their own greed, but so it will happen to them also through the lawful owners of this land, whom they deprive of their rights and subjugate since times of old.”

6. And as he sat on Mount Olive, his disciples came to him and said: “Tell us, when will this happen and what will be the sign for it?”

7. But Jmmanuel answered and said: Two thousand years will pass and some additional time, but also during the time in between, Israel will never find rest, therefore while wars and many evils will threaten the unlawful occupiers of this land. But see to it, that no one misleads you.

8. Because many will come in my name and say: ‘I am Jmmanuel and I am the sign of the time’, and so they will mislead many.

9. Mankind will hear of wars and rumors of wars, so they shall see and not be afraid, because so it must come to pass; but the end is not yet.

10. Because many a nation will rise against its leadership, and one nation against another and one kingdom against another, and there will be death and earthquakes, severe bad weather and great waters moving to and fro.

11. All this is the beginning of the tribulations.

12. Thereupon the knowing people will be handed over into affliction and will be killed.

13. And they will be hated for the sake of the truth of the teachings and of the wisdom.

14. The manifold cults will arise one against the other, so blood will flow in great measure.

15. Then many will succumb to temptation and will betray one another, and will hate one another, because they have remained small yet in consciousness.

16. And because lack of knowledge will gain the upper hand, love will grow cold in many people.

17. And hatred will rule the world and evil will reign.

18. But whosoever remains steadfast in truth, he will overcome.

19. And this teaching will be preached in the New Age throughout the entire world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

20. When Man will see the abomination of destruction standing at the place of Jerusalem, of which was already been spoken by the prophets, henceforth the end will come.

21. Whosoever at that time is in the land robbed by the Israelites, he should flee to the mountains.

22. Whosoever is on the rooftop, he should not come down to fetch something from this house.

23. Thus whosoever is in the field, should not turn around to fetch his coat.

24. But woe unto those with child and giving suck to a child at that time, they will suffer misery and death; and of those there will be many.

25. Because henceforth will be a great affliction, which has never happened before since the beginning of the world and will never happen again.

26. And if these days would not be shortened, no man would remain alive; but for the sake of Spirit and for the sake of life, the days will be shortened.

27. But this also for the sake of the people who serve the truth and the laws.

28. But there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when this time begins; due to the absurdity of Man and due to his greed.

29. Metallic machines they will build, by air and by water and by land; and they will annihilate each other.

30. Heavy missiles they will cast out from the metallic machines over the land and on the cities.

31. Fire will burst forth from the missiles and burn down the world, so not much will be spared.

32. Foundation stones of life and deadly gasses they will place into the missiles, so that with it they will kindle the deadly fire and annihilate the land and life.

33. If at that time, the mighty ones of civilizations would not come, as the sons of the heavens of long ago, had gone in order to halt the unrestrained deadly insanity and the actions of the insane tyrants, verily, I say unto you: Not one human being would survive.

34. As the human race at that time will be far more than ten times five hundred million people, so will great portions of them be annihilated and killed.

35. Therefore, the law wills it, because Man has trespassed against it and will trespass against it into the distant future.

36. If then at that time someone will say to the people: ‘See, here is Jmmanuel, who is the sign of the times!’ They shall not accept as true.

37. Because many a false Jmmanuel and many deceivers and false prophets will arise and will do great signs and wonders so that, if it were possible, not only the seeking and believing and erring ones would be led astray but also the learned and knowing ones.

38. See I have told you so before; and so it will be fulfilled.

39. Therefore, when the deceivers and those led astray will say: ‘He is in the desert’, man shall not go out, and ‘See, he is in the chamber’, then they shall not accept is as true.

40. Because, as I will return at that time with certainty hence, I will also make myself recognizable.

41. And the destiny will it and so will it be.

42. Because the lightning goes forth and shines from sunrise until sunset, so also will be my coming in the future, when I bring the teaching anew and will proclaim of the host of the sons of heaven, when at that time I am reincarnated again and will newly be reviled of fraud and slander throughout the entire world, before the teaching of the truth bringeth recognition and change within Man.

43. Man of all times watch for this: Where the carcass is there the vultures gather; so he should beware of those.

44. But soon after the tribulation of that distant time, the sun and mon will lose their light, and the comets will fall down from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

45. The framework of the Earth’s heavens and the atmosphere will be disturbed, and the land will burn due to the black oil of the Earth, ignited by the power greed of mankind, and the sky will darken from smoke as fire, which thus will rage for one thousand days and it will cover everything over the burning land and far beyond it with black soot. And therefore the weather will collapse and severe cold and manifold deaths will come over mankind, the plants and animals and over the Earth, due to the unreasonably deployed force of mankind, who will live in greed for power and passion and vice.

46. But then signs in the sky will appear, and all generations on Earth will come to see the signs in the clouds of the sky, which will testify of great power and severe judgement against the absurdity.

47. Although god is ruler over the three lineages of Man, yet the laws and recommendations of Creation are valid for all eternity, by which Man through the creative representation and due to the absurdity will evilly judge over himself.

48. To God Man owes his begetting and God is ruler over him, so he has to obey his laws and honour him as the greatest King of Wisdom.

49. So in the future he will send his watcher angels with clear trumpets, and they will then gather his faithful from the four winds, from one end of the Earth to the other.

50. From the fig tree learn a parable: When its branch now buds and the leaves come, you know that summer is nigh.

51. So it will be with mankind of that time: When they see all this, they may know that it is close at the door.

52. Verily, verily, I say unto you: So it will be.

53. And this generation will not pass away, until all has come to pass.

54. Heaven and Earth will pass away in the future also the universe; but my words will not pass away, because they are the words of truth in the laws of Creation.

55. Of the day and hour however, when all this will happen, no one knoweth, not even the watcher angels nor God himself, and neither I, Jmmanuel, but only providence and destiny through the laws and recommendations of Creation.

56. He Creation alone standeth above all generations of Man, and to Her alone is due the honour and the praise, as She also renders honour and praise to the Absolutum above It.

57. Hence if Man respects and honours God and above him recognizes and honours, respects and acknowledges only Creation as the highest, he then acteth correctly in truth.

The Talmud of Jmmanuel – Man and Creation 36th Chapter (excerpt)

For reference. The Talmud of Jmmanuel - Creation 34th Chapter.

1. And it came to pass that Jmmanuel preached about Man and Creation, when he went with a caravan toward the East.

2. And he said and spoke: “Man may gaze upward to the stars, because there majestic silence and exaltation prevaileth.

3. How in the brazen order of old the unending and timeless changes are accomplished through days and moons and years, gliding away into hundreds of years and thousands of years and millions of years.

4. But Man may also gaze down on the Earth, because there also prevails creative ruling and a timeless becoming and passing away and bing to an ever new beginning.

5. Where nature is left it itself, there reigns greatness and majesty and beauty in harmony. 6. But there, where traces of human order are at work, there smallness and dishonour and ugliness testify to a frightening disharmony.

7. But Man, who with swelled chest calleth himself the crown of Creation, he recognizeth not Creation and setteth It alike unto Mankind.

8. But this human being will not advance far, who hath tamed the fire and ruleth the Earth.

9. He will well learn to conquer water and air, but whereby he unlearns to recognize Creation above him and Its laws.

10. But so he also forgetteth: To search for truth, for knowledge, the love, the reverence for life, for logic and for truth.

11. And he unlearns to live peacefully as Man among Man.

12. His battle cry will be the fight, where he will wrestle for power by force.

13. But as he believeth to hold power in his hands, he useth it for enslavement and shedding of blood for exploitation, inhumanity, crime and degeneration.

14. He will speak of honour and freedom and of knowledge, but in truth it will be only hypocrisy and force and erroneous teaching.

15. So Man will lose his countenance in the future and show forth an evil and false mask.

16. Many will degenerate into beasts and without knowledge spend their Earth days.

17. Man’s striving and contriving will only be focused on gain and power and lust and addiction and greed.

18. With his mind he will dismember the things of this world, to make them serviceable to himself, disregarding that through it he ofttimes destroys the law of nature and nature itself.

19. He will not trust the timeless truths any more, which are anchored in the laws of nature.

20. The human sciences he will esteem higher in his self-delusion, than all values of the laws of nature and of Creation.

21. In his error Man will believe in this self-created wretched conception of life, which is created through error teachings of cults and through determinations of human laws and changes in the frameworks of rulership in the nations.

22. Because Man has unlearned to know his creative portion of being, he will want to force his life by outward means.

23. So he will befool and betray and exploit his fellow man by the use of false means and the whole world.

24. And where a remnant of trust and truth still exists, he will change it into distrust and untruth also, but so he distances himself more and more from true life.

25. So he will also lose the principle of the oldest wisdom; that for life Man is the measure of all things, because he is a part of Creation.

26. But the time for Man will come, when he must turn back and lead himself again to the timeless values of life.

27. But only few people will know in the beginning, that Man not only liveth on the Earth, but also in the endless expanses of outer space and that Man not only liveth in the material world, but hat his Spirit reaches into another world which can not be grasped by the ordinary coarsely-mattered senses.

28. But the other finely-mattered world is the true home of Spirit, wherefore should be tried without let-up, to gain an expansion and deepening of knowledge, of love, of truth, of logic, of true freedom, of real peace and harmony, of that the Spirit perfect Itself and be lifted into Its true home and become one with Creation.

29. Verily, I say unto you: Whosoever understandeth the wisdom of these words and cometh to the recognition in wisdom to him awakeneth therefrom a responsibility, that he aligns his life to his destiny of timeless change toward Creation.

30. So if Man is honest and searcheth therefore, he will not know a prejudiced mind and therefore no judgement in advance.

31. The wise man, however, is initiated and knoweth the law of the timeless flow of timeless change, and therefore he striveth to live in accord with the great course of events and of progress, because he acknowledges the laws of Creation, that the circles of existence have to be closed through the determination of the laws.

32. Where life reveals itself everywhere, there lies the law of the unseen secrets at its base, which causes the timeless change.

33. A human being however, who disregards and does not recognize the timeless and eternal laws and truths, has to shoulder evil consequences.

34. Lying and hatred will blind such a man and even entire nations, so they will race into the pit of their own ruin.

35. They will be overcome with a blind madness for destruction, and among them those will be the heroes, who are the greatest destroyers.

36. Disunity will permeate all life of Man, and where there is separation the whole and perfection exist no more.

37. But as long as imperfection is prevalent in life, the consequences have to be shouldered by Man, and these are disease and misery and injustice and want and dispute and hatred and slavery and error cults and exploitation up to blood and unto death.

38. So heed then Man and awake: Only that which is timeless is eternal, is of permanence and truth and wisdom, because so say the laws of Creation and so it is.”

Excerpts from the Semjase Blocks Introduction (Block 1, Page 6, Paragraph 3)

Further explanations of Sfath stated that the humanity of Earth would approach a very dangerous time and that the still prevailing Second World War would be ended in the following year of 1945, because on August 6, 1945 the time would come around, when the events of Sodom and Gomorrha would be repeated in its full viciousness, whereby the end of the Second World War would be brought about in its final consequence. (Today it is clear to every human being that this dark prophecy referred to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when on August 6, 1945 the first atom bomb was dropped, while the second one followed shortly thereafter.) Besides this dark prophecy, Sfath made still many different statements, about which, however, I have to promise silence for the entire time of my life.

Contact 31 July 17, 1975 Asket’s explanations of February 3, 1956

Written down on September 1, 1964 in Mehrauli/India

Read Contact Report 031 – Included here as historical translation.
Read Asket's Acquaintanceship – Included here as historical translation.
Read Asket's Explanations - Part 1 – Included here as historical translation.

49. All earthly religions are possessed by boundless power greed, and the actual manifestation of the goal of all of them consists of gaining world dominion.

50. Religion is the greatest and most dangerous power for the obtaining of world dominion, which without exception is striven fore by all belief directions, as far as they are aligned in a religious or secret society manner.

51. Undoubtedly, all earthly governments are steered and led in religious manner or at least are subject to a certain religious influence.

52. And these government, on the other hand, also independently undertake constant efforts on a political basis to seize world dominion for themselves.

53. These vicious efforts on both sides have again and again led to war actions and to other death bringing transgressions, whereby uncountable human lives were annihilated.

54. Only for the purpose to gain world dominion, the knowledge of the New Age was worked up by Earth Man.

55. All his developments and inventions he converted into death bringing weapons. 56. The foundation stones of life he forced into dangerous missiles in order to convert these foundation stones of life themselves into a deadly weapon.

57. And within the shortest period of time, Man will race out of his atmosphere with manned rockets.

58. Soon the time will have arrived, when Earth Man will step onto the Earth satellite and will speak big deceitful words about Peace and Love.

59. However, these will only be words of deception, because the mind of those Earth-humans, who let these words be carried out into space, only pants in unconquerable greed for power and world dominion.

60. Their words will only be an evil lie and intrigue in order to betray truly peaceful lifeforms by feigning peace and to subjugate them.

61. Religions and politics of the Earth work together in these matters, and do not shy away from any intriguing means, to reach their power greedy goals.

62. In the evolutionary sense, Earth humanity has reached a high level, however only in technical and purely material intellectual regards.

63. The spiritual and consciousness-related evolution, up to now however, has been viciously neglected and been suppressed by worldly and material endeavors.

64. This resulted therein that many evil matters could grow out of hand and degenerated into fanaticism.

[missing lines]

118. We are forced to intervene in the intrigues of politics and the religions and to force leading personalities - of which they are not conscious - to level off their intrigues and their politics.

119. Unfortunately, therefore it can not be avoided that certain leading power personalities of certain nations of the Earth will be destroyed, removed or even murdered by organizations under their control.

120. The list of the male leaders will be very long who will die by murderous hands, but we are unable to change this.

121. It is not our fault that all this has to happen, because Earth Man alone is the guilty one.

122. We desire no death and no murder, but we desire peace in this and in all other universes.

123. Unfortunately this requires that we have to force leading powers of the Earth into peace, due to which they create deadly enemies for themselves and due to which many good men will die which, unfortunately, we truly can not prevent.

124. Unfortunately, we only have time until autumn of the year 1974, in order to prevent the destruction of the Earth, thus our time span to do this is very short.

[missing lines]

138. Great and world changing events will occur which are essential for the averting of the universal catastrophes.

139. Heads of state must be nominated, in order to prepare the way for certain matters for the prevention of the catastrophe.

140. But as is customary among Earth Man, they will succumb to the power greed from within, even if they will not display it outwardly.

141. As usual, they will have enemies and will be taken advantage of by them, not knowing that due to their own power greed and unreasonableness they will help to prevent the catastrophe.

142. Thus their death bringing intrigues and lust for power will be changed toward a good purpose.

143. The list of these events will be very long, so I can only give you limited data which will be very important in world events of the Earth, even if toward the outside they appear to be of only minor significance.

144. But again I need to explain to you in this regard that you have to keep absolutely silent about this up to that point in time, when I will permit you to speak about it.

145. The events of the future have to occur in logical sequence, and they must not be interfered with by any matters.

146. The events of the future have to proceed according to destiny, because only in this manner can the catastrophe be prevented.

147. But be aware of the fact, that when I will much later give you permission to speak after all important events, your life will be endangered, because you reveal very secret matters.

148. The intrigue initiators will then endeavor to take your life and to kill you because you reveal their secrets.

149. Therefore, be cautious and at all times practice greatest caution.

150. The most important events of the future, which I will now tell you about, you should later write down with my memory assistance.

151. You then shall secure the writings to the extent and keep them locked up, that except for you they are not accessible to anyone until the given point in time.

152. At a making known of the events of the future ahead of time, the already prepared catastrophe would become unavoidable, and thereby the entire universe would be destroyed with certainty.

153. For this reason, I will only assist you in later years to write down all my explanations, namely at that time when the greatest danger has already been stayed.

154. But even after that you still have to keep everything most securely locked up, until I can give you permission to speak.

155. Under all circumstances, obey my orders and never try to act against this order in any manner.

156. Now then, heed my words carefully and remember the specific important dates, so you can follow the coming events according to my statements and thereby gain verification about the truth of my prophecies.

157. This is of substantial importance to you.

158. The unavoidable events of the future will be played out with such absolute exactness, as did also the events of the past, to which I like to explain to you that the events of the future have already begun in the most recent past with the murder by poison of Joseph Stalin on March 5, 1953 in Russia according to the instruction of party elements from within.

159. The reason for the murder by poison was Stalin’s Zionist-friendly stance attitude which will, now during the following two decades change to Zionist-animosity.

160. For the reason, the next great one of Russia following, Nikita Sergejewitsch Chruschtschow, will be forcefully removed during the year 1964, in order to set the last framework for the justified Zionist-animosity.

161. During the time of Chruschtschow, a new president will be nominated in America, by the name of Fitzgerald Kennedy, however, in order to be murdered during the year 1963, according to secret orders and with warned knowledge by the American security service the CIA. 162. The day of his death will be November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

163. A second political murder will follow this first one barely five years later, when by the same people giving the order, a new presidential candidate will also be killed.

164. His death will occur on June 6, 1968 in Los Angeles, and his name will be Robert Kennedy - a brother of the president, who will be murdered during the year of 1963.

165. The ‘Holy See’ in Rome will also be negatively affected by the worldwide religious and political intrigues.

166. As with Stalin, the same poison, quickly dissipating from the body will also be used, in order to murder Pope John XXIII. during the year of 1962, who will occupy his office only for a very short time.

167. But also his successor, Pope Paul VI. will be eliminated in the same manner, due to intrigues of the cardinals in cooperation with Zionist Jewish extremists, who already at the present time have forged their murders plots and are already preparing the way for the coming events.

168. Greece also has already been selected for a murder of a head of state, because the future reveals that King Paul I. will die the same death by poison on March 3, 1964, like all those already mentioned.

169. His successor will be called Konstantinos, however who already three years later will be disposed for all times, as a result of his childish inability as head of state and due to his exploitation of the people.

170. Egypt will also not be spared, because by the middle of the nineteen seventies, a dictatorial statesman, named Adb el Gamal Nasser will be robbed of his life by poison, as well as his friend, the Emir of Kuwait the year before, who will die the death by poison during the year of 1965, by the hand of his own relatives.

171. During the year 1975, the king of Saudi Arabia, King Feisal, will be shot to death by the hand of his own relatives.

172. These are the most important dates of coming events for the next twenty years.

173. Guard them carefully and, up to my permission, do not speak about these.

174. From my prophecies, you will recognize that very different religions play into one another and that the coming events are not only of political but also of religious-political nature.

175. Regarding these matters, consider that we have not come to intervene in the religious and political affairs of the Earth or to lead Earth humanity in these matters.

[missing lines]

204. The list of Earth-humans will be very long of those who, in the shortest period of time, will appear publicly to fraudulently vicious enchant their fellow men that they would stand in contact with beings of extraterrestrial origin.

205. Many among them will do this for religious reasons and are partially steered by the evil-intending lifeforms in the pyramid.

206. In order to make these fraudulent assertions more believable, they will even go as far as allowing to be spread that the extraterrestrial intelligences would be very much interested in the earthly Christian religions and would very gladly be taught by Earth Man in this regard.

207. The first weighty steps in this direction have already been undertaken to spread this new error teaching and therewith to make the evil soil of religion fertile again.

208. Everything shall appear to sound as if the extraterrestrial lifeforms, up to now, would have been misguided and lacked the knowledge in terms of religion, and that now they would find the great salvation on the Earth and would carry it out into space.

209. It will be maintained that these extraterrestrial lifeforms would even be grateful to the Earth humanity, because only through them they would recognize the son of god, Jesus Christ, as redeemer and lord of the universe.

210. This will already be so within a short period of time, because the plans for these evil intrigues are already being evaluated and converted into reality.

211. However, Earth Man be on guard about these intrigues, because they only serve the purpose of enslavement by those, who maintain their base in Gizeh.

212. If Earth Man continues to work according to their desires and demands they will, in the not too distant future like in earlier times, officially appear again in order to bring Earth humanity again under their rulership by murder, judgment and barbarism.

213. If Earth Man continues to allow himself to be led astray by their religions and brings himself that far, then it will be that the evil lifeforms can again appear as angels and gods as they have done at earlier times.

214. But if they do not succeed, the danger of them continues to exist, because they are so malicious that, if need be, they will also try to reach their goal by barbaric criminal acts and a worldwide major war.

215. Two thirds of the earthly humanity would thereby be annihilated and die a horrible death.

216. Therefore, Earth humanity should prepare itself, in order to prevent these still preventable events, because now the possibility to do so exists.

217. But if Earth Man continues to live and hangs on to religions, he only serves the desires and lusts for power of those, who for long eons of time work toward the conquering of the Earth and therewith toward world dominion.

218. Earth Man should be extremely attentive to these matters because otherwise a worldwide war of destruction threatens him, which as Third World War will bring the final defeat and enslavement over the Earth - directed and steered by the malicious extraterrestrial lifeforms.

219. These matters and facts, however, are at this time not ripe yet to be spoken about, because first the great danger of the threatening catastrophe must be banished.

220. And only when this evil is lifted, the time of enlightenment will come. 221. The last sign of the banishment of the threatening catastrophe will be the murder of the king of Saudi Arabia, the point of time of which, up to now, we have not been able to determine yet.

222. We know very well that this event will occur during the year of 1975, but exact point of time, is not recognizable yet.

223. This will be determined by many earthly reactions and occurrences, which lie in the earthly politics and in the earthly religions alone.

224. Thus far we were able to foresee the possibilities of the future, but not more because to us also limits are set in regard to calculable possibilities.

225. For this reason also we only have time up the autumn of 1974 to banish the threatening universal catastrophe and up to the middle of the year 1975 to eradicate the remnants.

226. But the battle will be great and difficult, because the evil lifeforms present to us enormous intrigues and they drive Earth humanity into religions fanaticism.

227. Therefore, many new religious sects will spring up during the course of the next years and begin to grow rampant like malicious weeds.

228. The UFOLOGY, already mentioned, which actually was supposed to serve in the spreading of truth, will be pressed into this direction as well and will gain worldwide meaning in this regard.

229. Like the religions themselves UFOLOGY will become a religious means of power for the malicious extraterrestrial intelligence.

230. And only during the year of 1975 it will happen, that to the most important organization, which concerns itself with the research regarding extraterrestrial space flying objects and with extraterrestrial lifeforms, the first pointers can be given of their incorrect direction.

231. Withing this globally important organization, which is located on the European continent you call Germany, several persons have already become known, who allegedly have contacts with extraterrestrial lifeforms.

232. Among these persons is also the already mentioned ‘hot dog’ salesman, originating from the area of California in America and who, within an extremely short time span, will be considered to be the most important man in matters of UFOLOGY.

233. His fraudulent actions have already reached enormous proportions and the organization in Germany, which presently is only in the first beginning stages, has been misled to entertain thoughts about the issuing of a monthly publication.

234. As we already know, the first issue of the newspaper like publication will be distributed to those interested in October of this year 1956, and in the course of the coming two decades will influence the entire world.

235. We would much like to prevent the issuance of this publication, but this is not in the framework of our possibility for a specific reason, because through the distribution of this publication, a very important task for a later time will be fulfilled.

236. Unfortunately, therefore we have allow that this monthly paper will be established on an extremely religious basis.

237. On the whole, the issuance of this publication is very good, but insofar injurious to the truth, because it is focused on an extremely religious basis and, on the other hand, allows itself to be led astray by charlatans and frauds.

238. Due to the distribution of the publication, unfortunately, not only good services are rendered during two decades, but also bad ones.

239. As I already explained, unfortunately, it will only be possible during the year of 1975 to inform the by then greatly spread organization and the mentioned publication about the truth.

240. After that, unfortunately, it will take another long time before the character of the publication will be changed and when the truth exactly to content will be made known.

241. The leading personalities of this announced monthly publication, unfortunately, are aligned to a special religious format mentioned, and it will be an extremely hard battle to convince and to educate them about the effective truth.

242. This will be your task once you are asked to do so.

243. But the time has not arrived yet, because first the events of this world have to take their course.

Asket’s Explanations of February 7, 1956

Written down on September 10, 1964 in Mehrauli/India

Read Asket's Acquaintanceship – Included here as historical translation.
Read Asket's Explanations - Part 2 – Included here as historical translation.

83. Therefore strive toward the end of the year of 1975 to allow yourself only to be called by your name, Eduard, given to you at birth.

84. At that time, certain matters are in preparation on the world itself which will be of great significance.

85. An American man of peace by the name of Kissinger, will do great things at that coming time, but peace will not be favourable to him.

86. Soon thereafter, a severe misfortune will strike him.

87. He will be called, the angel of peace, however, he will not be able to prevent, that toward the end of the year 1976, a severe war between Israel and the Arab nations will break out.

88 All this was to happen, because after the prevention of the great catastrophe, new steps are already undertaken to make the earthly peace questionable again.

89. In that Israel plays an extremely important role, because of all earth humans, trying to snatch up world dominion, this state is the most manic.

90. For a very long time yet, the Israelis will be cause for dissension and hatred, for discord, war and bloodshed, the same as they have always been the reason for all this for thousands of years.

91. Something important has to be explained to you herewith, namely that certain frauds in UFO-matters will broadcast themselves, and that of your own initiative you should never accuse them of fraud.

92. In the naming of frauds, always refer to us, because these statement originate from us and not from you.

93. Despite this fact, it will happen that people will want to make you responsible for the naming of frauds and it will be said about you that you would accuse all contactees etc. of lying.

94. Even if this really will be so, as will be maintained about you, you should not be disturbed about that.

95. Sooner or later, the truth will break through and those who suffer will be those, who have evaluated you as dishonest.

96. When I and others speak of frauds, we do so in responsible manner for the reason, because we know the truth and many events of the future and thus also have recognized the frauds.

97. And unfortunately, of those exist many - consciously as well as unconsciously aware.

98. But it is out of line and erroneous when, later from the year of 1975 on, people will maintain, that you or we would accuse ALL contactees as frauds.

99. This is truly not so, because on Earth many real contactees exist, even if most of them know nothing about their contacts or cloak themselves in silence.

100. Therefore, if we say that only few true contact people exist on the Earth, we only speak of those who were selected for a mission, even if their mission only is of average values.

101. But among these few frauds have already intermingled, and this will continue to happen.

Historical Contact Report translations from original book

Contact 7 of February 25, 1975

Contact Report 007


17. The message of today is this: For many decades we monitor all spheres of your world, the constant increase of their changes and the dangerous effects of the fuel gasses set free by Earth Man and other dangerous substances.

18. For several years now we notice that a steadily increasing dangerous change in the stratosphere is noticeable about which can have fatal consequences for all earthly life:

19. The ozone belt of the stratosphere is changing in increasing measure due to irresponsible influences of human achievements.

20. Diverse ozone-destroying chemicals rise up as gas substances into the stratosphere and damage the ozone belt.

21. This refers specifically to the fluoro-chloric-carbon-hydrogen, the brom-gasses, which smell most evilly, and in contrast to the term of Earth Man, in our terms of language are denoted as the poisonous gasses of the fluoro-chloric-carbon-hydrogen substances, which reach up to the ozone layer of Earth and slowly disintegrate it. (Bromos means with the Plejadians FCKW-gasses, thus fluoro-chloric-carbon-hydrogen substance)

22. Already it is damaged and destroyed by an average of 6.38 %.

23. A percentage point, which by now begins to become damaging and dangerous for all lifeforms and is able to cause mutational changes.

24. This percentage point has been reached withing only sixty years.

25. These are especially the fluoro-chloric-carbon-hydrogen substances, the brom-gas substances which, besides many other harmful substances, slowly destroy the ozone belt, as I have already mentioned.

26. Thereby increasingly more ultra-violet rays of the sun are able to penetrate into the atmosphere, which are able to harm all lifeforms.

27. Over various areas, this ozone belt has already been dangerously weakened and has become variable in its protection.

28. In three different areas, the danger already exists that the ozone belt will break up in a few decades and will be totally destroyed, if the setting free of destroying factors is not curtailed.

29. If this is not compiled with, it would mean that holes will be torn in the protective shield and the ultra-violet sun rays can penetrate unhindered which would entail a torturous dying of all lifeforms.

30. Everything that would come into the area of the rays, penetrating through the hole, would be given up to irresistible annihilation.

31. Destructive chemical substances are mainly set free by combustion engines and matter-destroying processes of different types, as for example the splitting of the atom and forms similar thereto which, since 1945, submitted the entire course of the world and al lifeforms to an evil change.

32. But destructive chemical gasses are also set free by things of daily life, because every spray can besides FCKW, also sets other chemicals free, which rise up to the stratosphere and slowly and systematically destroy it.

33. Recently, the researchers and scientists of various nations have grown more knowledgeable in their realizations and have progressed to the degree, that they have recognized the destructive effect of various chemicals, and especially FCKW, on the ozone belt and have wanted to evaluate this for war-technical purposes in their irresponsible delusion for power.

34. They have already planned fundamental ideas to build rockets, the destructive and death-bringing factors of which are to be fluoro-chloric-carbon-hydrogen, thus brom-substances (=FCKW).

35. Shot high into the stratosphere and there caused to explode, would have torn enormous holes in the ozone belt as a result and allowed all ultra-violet rays of the sun to penetrate unhindered.

36. Such a hole, however, is able to close again very slowly, while the process can take centuries, if no further destructive substances penetrate again.

37. In addition, the factor is in effect that the ozone belt is subject to certain movements and travels.

38. A hole in it would, therefore, not only destroy a certain area, but it would travel uncontrollably and also destroy other areas.

39. A fact, which is not known to your scientists yet.

40. Besides, these are all facts which, up to now, have been withheld from the broad public.

41. My message is geared toward the purpose, that the group to be formed by you and your members, devotes itself to prevent the misuse of such insanity achievements.

42. There, address governments and scientists and bring their erroneous actions to their attention.

43. It lies in the interest of the entire humanity and all life on Earth that a banning agreement is achieved between all nations of your world, in order to stop the deadly insanity.

44. Therefore, also address Mr. Michael McElroy at Harvard University in the U.S.A., because he already is an authoritative researcher in this area.


Free Interest Community for Borderline- and Spirit Hinwil, February 26, 1975 Sciences and UFOlogy Studies Wihalden Street 10 8340 Hinwil/ZH Switzerland To all responsible ones of Governments, universities, the ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier Military, sciences, the media, Radio- and TV-stations etc. of Earth in all nations. APPEAL All responsible ones of all governments, universities, the military, sciences, the media, radio- and TV-stations etc. of Earth and of all nations are called upon to heed and to acknowledge the following and to take logical measures in a form regarding this, to prevent the evil threatening all earthly life and nature and the planet: As contact person to extraterrestrial intelligences from the star cluster of the Plejades

Free Interest Community for Borderline- and Spirit Hinwil, February 26, 1975 Sciences and UFOlogy Studies Wihalden Street 10 8340 Hinwil/ZH Switzerland To all responsible ones of Governments, universities, the ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier Military, sciences, the media, Radio- and TV-stations etc. of Earth in all nations.


All responsible ones of all governments, universities, the military, sciences, the media, radio- and TV-stations etc. of Earth and of all nations are called upon to heed and to acknowledge the following and to take logical measures in a form regarding this, to prevent the evil threatening al earthly life and nature and the planet: As contact person to extraterrestrial intelligences from the star cluster of the Plejades in the constellation Taurus, it was conveyed to me that a catastrophe is threatening the Earth and all earthly life, due to a progressive destruction of the ozone-layer, blocking out the UV-rays, caused by the neglect of Earth Man himself who, due to the production and release of FCKW is rapidly damaging and destroying the ozone-layer. According to the indications of my Plejadian friends, a world-wide law prohibiting the use of FCKW is urgently necessary, and that means within the shortest period of time. No time should be lost, thus an absolute law of prohibition and enactment thereof has to occur within the next twelve months, if grave damages are to be avoided. According to the indications given to me, the ozone-layer is already damaged to the degree, that health-damaging consequences of fauna and flora and for human life will result therefrom, a fact, which will effectively grow increasingly worse, if the use of FCKW is not totally prohibited, due to human absurdity and money greed.

The southern ozone-layer over the polar regions is already severely damaged, which is also the case world-wide with the entire ozone protection shield of the Earth, even if at the moment only to a minimal degree. But this will change rapidly, if the destructive FCKWs are continued to be used and released. If this continues to occur, the consequences, according to the indications of the Plejadians, will be that by the year 1990, thus within only 15 years, the ozone-layer will be destroyed to the extent and to be impaired in its protective function to the degree, that gigantic holes in the ozone-layers over the polar regions are and will continue to be created over the entire Earth, whereby all life and its existence will be endangered. Skin cancer in human beings will considerably increase, as well as blindness and eye ailments. However, the entire fauna and flora will also be harmed in its existence, while the dying and extinction of many plants and trees will only be one of the many evils. Allergies and many diseases will increase, aside from new evils, against which no healing medication will be effective.

All responsible ones of the Earth are urged to take this warning and this appear seriously, to lend an ear to the well-intended and knowledgeable worls of the Plejadians and to undertake everything necessary, in accord with the warning and the appeal, in order to ban the danger of destruction of the world-wide ozone-layer, as long as time still exists to do so, in the interest of all life on the Earth.

All you responsible ones of the Earth, who have the possibility to refrain mankind from the use of the dangerous FCKWs through the issuance of strict laws, forbidding FCKW-use, or in the form of public warnings or to bring the threatening danger to the attention of the people, do everything possible and be active with all initiative at your disposal, in order to ban the threatening danger, and in order to save all life of Earth and the planet itself.

Signed ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

in the constellation Taurus, it was conveyed to me that a catastrophe is threatening the Earth and all earthly life, due to a progressive destruction of the ozone-layer, blocking out the UV-rays, caused by the neglect of Earth Man himself who, due to the production and release of FCKW is rapidly damaging and destroying the ozone-layer. According to the indications of my Plejadian friends, a world-wide law prohibiting the use of FCKW is urgently necessary, and that means within the shortest period of time. No time should be lost, thus an absolute law of prohibition and enactment thereof has to occur within the next twelve months, if grave damages are to be avoided. According to the indications given to me, the ozone-layer is already damaged to the degree, that health-damaging consequences of fauna and flora and for human life will result therefrom, a fact, which will effectively grow increasingly worse, if the use of FCKW is not totally prohibited, due to human absurdity and money greed.

The southern ozone-layer over the polar regions is already severely damaged, which is also the case world-wide with the entire ozone protection shield of the Earth, even if at the moment only to a minimal degree. But this will change rapidly, if the destructive FCKWs are continued to be used and released. If this continues to occur, the consequences, according to the indications of the Plejadians, will be that by the year 1990, thus within only 15 years, the ozone-layer will be destroyed to the extent and to be impaired in its protective function to the degree, that gigantic holes in the ozone-layers over the polar regions are and will continue to be created over the entire Earth, whereby all life and its existence will be endangered. Skin cancer in human beings will considerably increase, as well as blindness and eye ailments. However, the entire fauna and flora will also be harmed in its existence, while the dying and extinction of many plants and trees will only be one of the many evils. Allergies and many diseases will increase, aside from new evils, against which no healing medication will be effective.

All responsible ones of the Earth are urged to take this warning and this appear seriously, to lend an ear to the well-intended and knowledgeable words of the Plejadians and to undertake everything necessary, in accord with the warning and the appeal, in order to ban the danger of destruction of the world-wide ozone-layer, as long as time still exists to do so, in the interest of all life on the Earth.

All you responsible ones of the Earth, who have the possibility to refrain mankind from the use of the dangerous FCKWs through the issuance of strict laws, forbidding FCKW-use, or in the form of public warnings or to bring the threatening danger to the attention of the people, do everything possible and be active with all initiative at your disposal, in order to ban the threatening danger, and in order to save all life of Earth and the planet itself.

Signed ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

Contact 9 of March 21, 1975

Contact Report 009


168. Further necessary knowledge I have to mention in regard to a radical cosmic change, of which I already made mention previously.

169. This refers to the Aquarian Age, which is also called the ‘Golden Era’.

170. First I have to explain in this regard, that the religious interpretations referring to this era are absolutely unreal and intentionally interpreted the wrong way.

171. But partially also, a certain irresponsible fanaticism is responsible, if it is maintained that the Aquarian Age would indicate a religiously proclaimed end time.

172. But the new era is absolutely not an end of time, because in truth it brings the real life.

173. Only this era makes it possible to bring everything to a highest level and to develop the Spirit according to Povidence.

174. But after the beginning of the era, it will yet take many centuries before this will be achieved.

175. First of all, the religion-poor scientists will as usual extract their profit and power from the new beginning, while the average people will be prejudiced and grossly neglected by the religions.

176. Caused by the change from one era to another, a nation holding in belief onto a religion, falls for a fanatic religious delusion.

177. Especially the 185 years within the time of change are mightily denoted in that religious belief directions spring up out of the ground like mushrooms and capture people in their dangerous, destroying ban.

178. Murder, suicide and exploitation of all types as l as religious enslavement, due to their acceptance of unreal beliefs, are part of the order of the day, by which the entire world picture is religiously shaken.

179. Alleged salvation bringers and false prophets spread themselves among the broad public and search for victims and new followers.

180. This is the ushering n of the ‘Golden Age’, the transition phase of 185 years.

181. But the ful value of the era will only begin on February 3, 2029 at 11:20 A.M. Central European Time.

182. The dramatically changing power of the New Era, however, has begun on February 3, 1844, and since then, the powerful changes on the Earth race irresistibly forward.

183. The New Era already demands its tribute: religious insanity, the rapid development of all sciences, criminality getting out of hand, annihilating wars etc. etc., signs of the time, which are incalculable.

184. The first half of the half-period-value of the Aquarian Age lasted 93 years, from the year 1844 to 1937, during which the Earth retreated into the outermost radiation of the Pisces Era.

185. On February 3, 1937 at 11:20 Central European time, the actual Aquarian Age of the transition period began, thus the second half of the transition period.

186. Since this date, rapid dramatically transforming events discoveries, inventions etc. are the absolute norm of development, which are not peculiar to any other era.

187. The beginning of the Aquarian Age guarantees the beginning of life.

188. The entire earthly sun system with all its uncountable lifeforms is captured by the New Era.

189. All and everything is and will be influenced by it, because this is a cosmic law.

190. According to this law, unto which all movements of all planets and all lifeforms withing this universe are subjected, the Earth also has entered a period during the year of 1844 in the course of the cosmic event, which in evolutionary manner eliminates all existing and valid orders up to that time, if they are not of creative-nature-aligning character.

191. The New Era entails that all created orders of Earth human origin, which up to that point in time were valid, will be newly established and evolved.

192. The origin of the epochal change rests in the radiation realm of the gigantic central sum, around which the earthly system circles once withing 25,860 years and passes through twelve different eras in the sense of the zodiac known to you.

193. The Earth has already dipped into the outermost rim of the ‘Golden Radiation’ of the central sun, which in the entire universe are the strongest changing and revolutionary rays.

194. In reference to this radiation, the Aquarian Age is also called the ‘Golden Age’: the revolutionary, the new, the greatest, the miracle Age, which brings the most powerful evolutions.

195. Yet much disaster is also connected thereto, especially in reference to the religions and in the use of new discoveries and new achievements.

196. Only during the course of many centuries, Earth Man will be victorious over his lack of understanding and his absurdity and will establish everything according to the creational-natural laws.

197. The Aquarian Age is a great and exciting time.

198. It will also have a noble and golden effect on later eras and it will in fluence all other signs of the zodiac which are traversed later.

199. However, during the course of the ‘Golden Age’, Man will find his natural spiritual direction, but which will not be accomplished without confusion.

200. Uncountable human beings will perish in the insanity of their religions and will meet an evil end.

201. But those will be fortunate, who have fled from the error teachings of the religions and indulge themselves in the truth, in knowledge and in the wisdom of Spirit.

202. Powerful renewal will take place on the Earth.

203. Intellectual matters alone will not be decisive any longer, but will be outdistanced by Spirit knowledge and spiritual achievement.

204. Everything, which has not been developed high enough spiritually, in order to be receptive to the higher spheres of the spiritual and be able to enter into harmony with it, will be eradicated and eliminated because it diminishes life disturbingly and dangerously in every form.

205. Everything that is Spirit-hindering, Spirit-enslaving, consciousness-hindering and consciousness-enslaving will be destroyed, after everything has passed beyond the zenith.

206. The foremost in this regard will be the religions which function as most malicious subjugators of the Spirit and of the consciousness and of their development.

207. The new era entails that the Earth will be cleansed of everything purely negative and the purely positive powers, by which a healthy, neutral balance can be created.

208. The way preparer of these revolutionary changes are the cosmic, the creational-natural and the causal laws.

209. But way preparers of these revolutionary changes will also be human beings, who as prophets and teachers will proclaim the truth of knowledge and of the spiritual truth.

210. However, they will suffer under abuses and revilings; they will be accused of lying and of fraud and of charlatanry, when they proclaim and reveal the truth that the religions will always only lead to the abyss, but never to Spirit development.

211. These way preparers will be revolutionaries, heretics and expelled ones, because they fight against the insane power of the religions and will proclaim the million-year-old truth.

212. Many will be among them, who are born during the double sign of the time; within the Gemini sign of the Aquarian Age.

213. As earthly Aquarian Age born ones, they also are cosmic Aquarian Age born ones: Radical changers, renewers, revolutionaries and prophets, teachers and often masters of the New Age.

214. But the actual great ones among them are those who are born in the first year of the second cosmic transition-half-period at the Aquarian Age, that is on the first day of the change-over on February 3, 1937 of the earthly time count.

215. Most decisive is also the time of the hour and of the minutes, because the closer it lies to the point of transition of 11:20 A.M., the more intensive the Aquarian Age traits are pronounced.

216. But of those exist only a very few, and they are sparsely distributed in the world.

217. Yet if they are not influenced by the religions and their environment since childhood, they are then the actual way preparers and the geniuses of the New Age.

218. These teachings and revelations given herewith, which are of great interest and also of great meaning to the human beings, you shall spread by all means; that is the desire of all of us.

Contact 17 of May 5, 1975

Contact Report 017


62. Your Earth is nearing the end of an era development segment, and a new one is approaching about which I have spoken already once before.

63. Your present earthly generation is witness of this radical change, and many people will try to take advantage of it in religious and materialistic manner.

64. Therefore, be on guard about frauds and charlatans like the one named Adamski.

65. Of this type many exist, and they use every means in order to make a profit.

66. They elevate us to beings of perfection, but which we in truth are not, because we are human beings like you and we are as fallible as you Earth-humans are.

67. Of this you should always be aware.

68. I explain this for a reason, because now I want to say several things, about which you have asked me some time ago already:

69. You asked me about the future, which I should predict.

70. I did not do this, because I first wanted to discuss this point with the others, as such pointer of the future often contain dangers, because Man is not able to handle them.

71. But now we have come to the conclusion that I should mention general matters, which refer to your homeland.

72. Since you specifically asked for predictions of the future, I would still like to give the following explanation, so that no misunderstanding occurs:

73. We know two possibilities to view the future.

74. The one possibility is this, that we travel into the future via material or via spiritual means and observe and register the events of the time concerned at their very location, as I have done this, for example, with Mr. J.

75. This type we call a direct viewing of the future.

76. The second possibility is that of a calculated combined viewing, as this is partially also practiced among you and is known by the term or the designation of clairvoyance.

77. This type of viewing the future is doubtful and beset with errors also with us and does not exclude erroneous observations and erroneous descriptions.

78. Therefore if I now make a prediction for your home nation, this factor should not be overlooked:

79. 1) Wild water- and snow masses will claim many deaths during this year (1975) in Switzerland and will cause damages in the millions in addition to devastating destruction.

80. In this regard alone, this will be a very eventful year.

81. 2) The increasing road traffic will claim many lives in the coming years to the degree and especially in the cities, that larger places and cities will issue hard prohibitions and penalties for traffic within city limit.

82. Traffic will be totally prohibited in large centers of cities and places.

83. Only public transportation companies will have the right to operate in centers of these places.

84. 3) Due to the megalomanic and autocratic absurdity of the citizens, Switzerland will fall into a severe isolation, which will cause several crises.

85. The reputation of the nation will be damaged to a great extent and the citizens of the nation will be condemned.

86. 4) Times of great unrest will roll across the nation and cause great confusion.

87. Criminality especially will get out of hand and demands its tribute.

88. Voices will be heard again to reinstate the death penalty, and several penal laws will necessarily have to be tightened, even if often they in and of themselves are illogical and primitive.

89. Theft, murder, manslaughter and criminality within the economy will play decisive roles.

90. 5) The economic situation in Switzerland will deteriorate further and will climb to an evil zenith, in which honest citizens commit confused actions and will break the law.

91. Suicides, stemming from this situation, will not be a rarity.

92. 6) From this year on, many people will be rapidly exposed to psychic burdens, which they are not able to bear.

93. Due to this fact, many of such people will resort to suicide, and the number of those will jump steadily upwards.

94. 7) The political situation within and without will create severe problems and confusion.

95. The present administration will remain in office, but it will unpleasantly begin to ferment.

96. 8) The Swiss currency will sink in value, and due to important foreign influences will be forced into a downward course, which may be able to correct itself during the year 1976, when a changed administration will correct the fault.

97. 9) As place to drug traffic for Europe, Switzerland will make history, and despite more severe laws being practiced many of these will be much too illogical and imperfect, in order to halt the actions of drug criminality.

98. 10) For some period of time, Switzerland will lose its good reputation of being the ‘Golden Land’ and of being a paradise for tourism.

99. Especially the steady climb in prices up to 1976 will carry the blame for it, and this alongside the snobbish and autocratic behavior of the citizens.

100. 11) Religious insanity of all types will reap an abundant as well as deadly harvest among uncountable Swiss citizens.

101. The insanity will not only be promoted by the religions, but also by the local administrative authorities, because they fear that the masses of the people would become rebellious and uncontrollable, a mass which begins to think and which could rise up against the enslavement.

102. These are my predictions for your homeland and for the next years.

103. And are you satisfied with it?


Yes, of course, Semjase, this is much more than I had expected.


104. But be aware, that this type of predictions may be subject to certain changes or that they could contain errors.

105. They are not the result of a direct material or spiritual viewing of the future, but only the product of a calculated combined viewing, as is also practiced by your clairvoyants.

106. A direct material or spiritual viewing of the future, however, the great mass of your humanity would not be able to receive and to bear, wherefore I am not allowed to give it.

Contact 34 of September 14, 1975

Contact Report 034 Contact Report 34


899. The Earth magnetism has actually been disturbed by the atomic bomb explosions.

900. That means, due to the explosions a very weak retro-pull effect has been caused to the Earth and has influenced the rotation in values barely measurable.

901. That means, that the Earth has been forced out of its normal rotation and slowly now seeks a new rotation course for itself.

902. However, the rotational course of the Earth around the sun has also been diminished in small values and has forced it out of its normal course.

903. The Earth scientist have committed a malicious crime on their own planet and on the entire humanity therewith because the forced changes, caused by the explosion, are of the far reaching consequences, and they can have extremely catastrophic effects.

904. The magnetic pole of North and South during the past years have already shifted considerably.

905. Thus the present day magnetic pole of the North, is located already in the Canadian Polar Sea, while the South Pole also has shifted and is moving in the direction of South America.

906. By the turn of the third millennium, thus in approximately 1000 years, the changes of the magnetic poles of the Earth will have progressed to the extent, that the South Pole will be located in South America, while the North Pole will have traveled to Saudi Arabia.

907. The calculable point, up to this time, of the North Pole in the year 3000 resulted in a designation of a location between Dschidda on the Red Sea and the Islamic pilgrim city of Mekka.

910. After the explosions of the atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the atomic radiation spread extremely fast and soon encompassed the entire Earth.

911. But the by far much greater danger is caused by very specific elemental radiations, which are still presenting great puzzles to the Earth scientists, which they have not been able to solve, because they have not grasped the types and forms of these yet.

912. Especially three major values for the continuation of life are influenced and damaged by the setting free of these elemental radiations.

913. This catastrophic process after an atomic explosion of the size of the Hiroshima bomb lasts several centuries and influences all life continuation potentials in negative manner.

914. In the purely atmospheric layers of the Earth, first of all, due to an atomic explosion and thereby the setting free of the elemental radiations the ozone-household is influenced in catastrophic manner.

915. Due to the setting free of atomic energies, electrical energies of horrendous values are generated by the already mentioned elemental radiations.

916. This occurs in a very high frequency range, which is still unknown to earthly science.

917. These energies do not refer to the normal electrical energy know to you, but to an electrical radiation-energy which is operating in the ultra-violet radiation range.

918. This radiation-energy necessarily mixes into the oxygen of the air and generates gigantic quantities of ozone of the highest value.

919. If normally, according to earthly circumstances, only 1 part of ozone is measurable in 500,000 parts of air, the ozone value after an explosion, in the shortest period of time, rises to the value of 34, which corresponds to a partial value of 28 parts.

920. These dangerous values then destroy all micro-organisms in the extended surrounding area, which are of enormous value for the continuation of all earthly life.

921. Shortly after the explosion, the ozone-values sink rapidly again and level off.

922. However, certain elementary values penetrate into all matter and settle there during hundreds of years, by which, during the course of time, all micro-organisms that come close to them are destroyed over and over again.

923. This is the one factor in connection to the ozone.

924. An additional factor is the ozone-belt which, due to rising of and by such gases, generated by such explosions, is damaged in manifold manner and is not able to absorb the ultra-violet radiation of the sun.

925. Nature works exactly according to the laws given to it.

926. The normal ozone-household on a world is created by various factors, thus also by thunderstorms with lightning appearances.

927. This ozone, created in such manner on the one hand purifies the air of pollution affecting life aversely, and on the other hand, great masses of the ozone gas rise upwards, gather at approximately 18 to 27 kilometer altitude to a belt and mantle, which extends around the planet.

928. This ozone-belt or ozone-mantle then carries out the function of a natural protection, in order to protect living lifeforms on the Earth against the very potent ultra-violet radiation of the sun.

929. The direct radiation onto lifeforms by the ultra-violet radiation of the sun and additional radiations of the same type from other areas of space, unresistingly would cause the death of all lifeforms.

930. So that this can not happen, the ozone-belt is necessary.

931. This ozone-belt absorbs the radiation to a great extent and converts it into useful values and elemental radiations.

932. Nature itself always generates as much ozone as is essential to guarantee life.

933. Whether this is caused by lightning appearances or by the influence of ultra-violet radiation itself or by other natural occurrences, it always stays the same:

934. Nature never produces more ozone than is needed.

935. Exceptions only occur when catastrophes break lose, which are mostly of cosmic or planetary origin.

‘The Zurich Highlander’, October 4, 1975, Page 12

Does the North Pole travel?

“All compasses will point towards Mekka”

dpa. Within one thousand years, according to the opinion of a Soviet scientist, all compasses will point in the direction of the Islamic holy place ‘Mekka’. The Soviet magnetologist Medwedew made this prediction, as the Muscovite Newspaper “Sovietskaya Rossiya” reported. The magnetic North Pole of the Earth, he thinks according to his theory, due to a shifting of the inner, liquid core of our planet, will gradually move from the Canadian Polar Sea, where it is presently located, down to the Arabian Ocean.

The scientist drew this conclusion from the movements of the magnetic pole during the past 125 years. In approximately 2000 years, the magnet North Pole will have shifted even past Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. The magnetic South Pole, according to the theory of Medwedek, will then be located in the Pacific, in the vicinity of South America.

Contact 45 dated February 25, 1976

Contact Report 045


A while ago, you mentioned several possible ways, by which you obtain lead. With that I noticed that you did not mention a word about mining of ore according to earthly habits. Is this type of mining of the ore not customary with you?


56. A mining of ore or of other minerals on a planet or any other star, we only do in extreme cases of emergency, because this process equates to a destruction of a planet.

57. A planet or other star is never allowed to be exploited in this manner, as this occurs on the Earth.

58. What Earth Man is doing in this regard equates to a destruction of the planet.

59. The first evil effects of this destruction on the Earth are already noticeable for several decades, while the present time already prepares the labor pains for the destruction.

60. That is to be understood in this way, that Earth Man exploits his planet and robs it of the fundamental life energy, in that he robs from it the underground oil and gas and the most diverse ores.

61. This leads to the fact that the Earth suffers shifts within, which leads to enormous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, because slowly the Earth collapses from within.

62. But the same process is also created by the erection of dams and similar structures which, due to the accumulation of masses of water, cause extremely dangerous Earth movements.

63. The most dangerous insanity, earthman commits with his underground and above the surface are bomb experiments as well as with those horrible underground explosion-tests, which he declares to be atom bomb tests, however, which in truth are much more dangerous.

64. This is an additional bomb, which is manufactured from natural ur*-products (*ancient and original) of nature, but the effect of which is many thousand times stronger than from the largest atom bomb.

65. Brought to the suitable place to explode, it unleashes an enormous chain reaction, buy which the Earth within only seven to eight minutes is subject to a total fire storm and is atomized.

66. An attempt of rescue would be hopeless, because once the chain reaction is unleashed, it can not be halted any more.

73. The Earth is still able to regenerate itself, if the exploitation is totally halted within a short period of time.

74. For the regeneration, however, the planet needs a very long time span, which has to be calculated in millions of years.

[missing lines]

118. Your politicians and scientists are absolute irresponsible creatures, from whom their power would have to be removed, in order to replace them by reasonable and responsibility conscious powers.

119. But unfortunately, this can only be achieved by force, which should be carried out by the people themselves.

120. Earth humanity would have to agree on several other points, which can be expressed in five values.

121. First: Lasting for several years, an absolute birth stop would have to be carried out, in order to diminish the mass of Earth humanity to under one billion units.

122. Second: An immediate halting of all Earth exploitations is of life essential importance, wherefore any exploitation has to be refrained from.

123. Third: The atom tests and the far greater insanity of the chain-reaction-bomb has to become immediately effective and be stopped.

124. Fourth: Constructed water dams have to be destroyed.

125. Fifth: All established atomic power plants have to be destroyed and new plants of that types have to be forbidden.


Dear girl, this are matters about which many people have thought about already themselves, but the big-wigs in the upper and uppermost range do not give a hoot about any of this.


126. I am also aware of that.

127. For Earth Man, only the use of force remains.

128. For just too long, he has allowed himself to be fooled by the responsible ones, therefore, he can achieve nothing any longer in a peaceful manner.

129. The power on the Earth is embodied by politics, the religions and the scientists.

130. And exactly this power must be broken, otherwise Earth Man suffers a very evil end, not only through war and exploitation, but also by the atomizing of the planet.

131. Due to this new bomb of insanity, however, great cosmic consequences have been banished, so that other star systems and galaxies would not be drawn in and would share the suffering.

132. However, the Earth would be annihilated in a firestorm.

133. But Earth Man still has some time to come to his senses and to tear form the great ones, as you call them, their sword of power and to live according to the natural rules of life.

134. Yet he will not be able to avoid having already to bear the consequences of his insanity, because the Earth already is damaged within and without to the degree, that from within she is heaving.

135. Powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climatic changes, storms, flooding and accidents will mark the world picture from now on.

136. Entire nations will sink into the waters and uncountable human beings will meet an evil end.

141. The number 666 marks one human being of the Earth, but at the same time also one extraterrestrial and their work.

142. But with this has to be noted also, that the earthly human being has attained to the value of the number 666 against his will to be called the Anti-Logos, the lie and untruth.

143. This untrue name, attached to him against his will, was given to him by fanatics, liars and frauds, and by religions and charlatans and power greedy ones.

144. Therefore, the value of the number 666 is not identical with the actual person and the thinking and actions of this Earth human, who has long since departed, but it identifies the illusory figure, that has been made of him and which, as religious cult figure, rules the Earth.

145. But this is absolute evil and the unreal, the annihilation and the destructive, namely the lie and untruth, the Anti-Logos.

146. The name is known in kabbalistic circles for a long time already, also the one of the extraterrestrial and his works.

147. However, the kabbalists try to falsify the number values of the letters for two thousand years, because they do not want to accept the truth.

148. The number value is identical with the values of the word god, church, Christ and Jesus in the German language.

149. Jesus is the falsified designation for Jmmanuel who, already during his lifetime, defended himself against this naming, because he knew the future and also what would be made of him.

150. Jesus is the value of the Anti-Logos which the Christian church, however, falsified into Anti-Christ, wherefore the true teachings of Jmmanuel also were falsified beyond recognition.

151. But these matters are known to the kabbalists for approximately two thousand years already, wherefore they continuously try to falsify the number values, as I already explained.

153. What generally is familiar to yo already refers to the name of the beast, which has become known.

154. This name, WUV, however, is only an abbreviation of a very certain value.

155. The beast is only to be considered symbolic, because in truth it concerns a worldwide organization with a three-fold designation.

156. This organization is embodied by the church and its followers, who individually are called Christ.

157. Like god and Jesus, the designations, Christ and church, are also marked by the number 666, which together represent the symbol beast WUV.

158. To you may be said, that the world, WUV, means;

but which you are not allowed to speak about under any circumstances. (allowed since 1982)

PETALE-Messages Telepathically received from the PETALE-Spirit plane by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

Telepathically received from the PETALE-Spirit-Plane

by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

Thursday, January 29, 1976 01:05 AM

1) It is the child of evil, the child of ruin,

2) that is deadly opponent against knowledge, wisdom and truth, and opponent against love, peace, respect and harmony.

3) It is the Anti-Logos in manifold form. 4) It is the force of evil, the 666,

5) which is against the truth of Creation,

6) against the truth of Spirit

7) and against the obedience of the laws and recommendations.

8) The IT is HE - the embodiment of the mighty,

9) in lawlessness, lust for power and bloodthirstiness, in the Anti-Logos.

10) Power of evil with lying powers, wonders and signs and diverse seduction, deception, lying and betrayal,

11) toward unrighteousness and erroneous teaching of those, who get lost in the erroneous knowledge of the Anti-Logos,

12) because they do not accept the love for truth unto salvation.

13) It is the child of destruction, the Anti-Logos, the malicious, confusing, sneaking, lurking and deadly.

14) It is the child of annihilation, murdering the truth, 666, the Anti-Logos.

15) In eighth succession is created the Anti-Logos in total, the thing as man of untruth, of disgrace, of destruction, and of death.

16) Before him are seven embodiments of mighty ones, within themselves Anti-Logos,

17) seven children of evil, working in the murder of truth, and murdering mankind bloodthirstily numbering in manifold millions.

18) It is the child of evil, the Anti-Logos, born of the womb of her, the God-honorer, begotten in falsehood and lying by the monastery-brother.

19) Born at an insignificant place, against sunrise, around the seventh hour, abandoned, brought to the East, where he was to die of gnawing bowels.

20) But it is rescued, taken in and nourished by the creepy one that is never satisfied with lying, betrayal and falsehood.

21) The child of evil in manifold form, the now and the previous, is the double of Jmmanuel in pretense, but it is not the double.

22) It is protected and enfolded by the power of evil, whose power it grasps in the eleventh year.

23) The IT - is HE - the child becomes a man, within him the Anti-Logos is total, who now gathers around him the equal-minded for a duration of eight years.

24) He is the killer of all truth, the Anti-Logos in last succession, teaching falsely through infatuation, while destroying, establishing himself in his evil power, which is the evil of Anti-Logos.

25) The fruit of the evil, he firstly harvests in the thirtieth year, but already in the nineteenth he stretches forth his murdering claws.

26) His power is murdering, his peace is war, his love is the demanding of blood, greed and tyranny.

27) He brandishes the world in bloody rulership, twenty-seven years his hatred blazes through him.

28) The child of evil is powerful; as Anti-Logos of totality, it murders those not equal-minded and the equal-minded, or cuts them down into banishment and imprisonment - during the time of death.

29) The growth on Earth nourishes itself with the fluid of life, of human beings, who lay slain covering the Earth - as a cloth of mourning.

30) Red and tasting of blood flow the waters, bare is the Earth, the death-wind blows, burnt, fiery hail falls down from heaven.

31) He is the son of corruption, powerful in performing lying signs and wonders.

32) A child of evil of dissimilar blood, which sets itself up throning above Creation and the greatest ones of the world.

33) master is he in unrighteousness, master in untruth and misleading ruler over every disgrace.

34) His are lies and deception, war of long duration, licentiousness in flesh and possessions;

35) His is all suffering of the world in eightfold for two thousand years.

36) Murdered is the knowledge of Spirit, the power, the truth, the wisdom.

37) In veiled figure he exerts his power, in the beginning, flattering and misleading, elects himself as Jesus Christ-honorer.

38) He is ruled by wickedness and debauchery, the evil in manifold manner.

39) He calls himself the God-sent one, way-preparer, redeemer, claims to be Creation itself.

40) He lives in the delusion to be Creation, be sovereign authority, mighty and glorious in all-power.

41) He is out to exterminate, to murder all truth, to blaspheme Creation, to occupy its Being, the Anti-Logos.

42) The epoch of the child of evil, it is terror and suffering, war from South to North, from East to West.

43) It is the time of proclaimed untruth, the misery of the world, mankind brandished by the evil, the Anti-Logos.

44) Blood and fire, they drown, the nation, horrible firestorms, moaning and parching, in lack of understanding, far away from truth, tormented, torn in fear.

45) Man does not know the time, it is good because of it, the secret conceals terrible horrors.

46) It is the time of wickedness, regarded as virtues, corrupting belief in cult religions, the truth in Spirit he murders. Therefrom the wise one recognizes the time.

47) The epoch of sects, fanaticism, the evil, as belief, the introduction to the Anti-Logos.

48) Epoch of tyrants, the evil, the cult religions; forerunner of the third time, brandishing and murder, war in twenty-seven years duration, the last succession of the Anti-Logos.

49) He is the mighty one of the armies, possessing the deadliest weapons, to force the world down.

50) His ban defeats the truth, and the error-teaching of belief, the error cults, the viciousness.

51) He robs the thoughts of mankind, they are robbed of their selfhood, in the will of the false prince of peace, enslaved, captured by his anti-human religion, in the Anti-Logos of totality.

52) His false teaching is powerful, like iron is his fist of power, as redeemer he proclaims himself.

53) False are his teachings, treacherous, false his deceptive wonders and signs and powers.

54) Confusion, error belief in cult religions, fanaticism, ignorance and atheism in totality becomes great, mighty and Creation is cursed through teachings of falsehood.

55) Watchful is the wise one, he interprets the signs of the time, when the comet hits the Earth, which shakes the water and the land.

56) Watchful is the wise one, he interprets the sign of the time, when in the fifth after the comet, the wolf is driven into his den by the power of nature.

57) And watchful is the wise one of the latter time; it rises the child of evil at his time, nourished in the stable of sows, against sunrise.

58) Greatest enemy of mankind of Earth, in self-electedness, more gruesome and deadlier than all known to mankind since antiquity, in falsehood and bloodthirstiness.

59) Deadly in brandishing like sun-gold, destroying by metal-birds in death-lightning, by the middle of the year, close to the turn of the millennium.

60) He is the gruesome terror of Earth and of heaven, called redeemer in falsehood, Anti-Logos fully revealed in truth, reigning blood-drunken and in power greed.

61) Love is dead, greed and fear have become life, the daughter robs her mother of her clothes, who now brings forth in a shirt.

62) Growling the intestines starve, the father eats his son, the child devours its mother.

63) Bread meal is the rind of the tree trunk, Man eats the fodder of cattle, hunger gnaws, misery, oh need.

64) Refuge, golden cage in the heart of the fortress, shining in silver and gold, peace apparently rest there, treacherous and false.

65) City of conferences in the land of peace, ruined, destroyed,

66) blazing, brandished in rubble, the treasures lie in the lake, tearing, drifting through the river to the ocean.

67) Woe unto you, city of peace conferences, in the heart of Europe, servants of idols, mighty ones and cult-rulers heap silver and gold in you.

68) Woe unto you, Man, you who are there, massacred, the life extinguished, the power of evil is harvesting in rich measure.

69) Watchful is the wise one, before the happening he sees the signs in heaven, which he interprets, understanding them, he flees.

70) The first war is stirred up from East and North, now the Earth circles twice the mother-star.

71) For ten moon-circlings deceptive peace lurks, then metallic harbingers of death crash down from heaven, within them they conceal lightning, fire and embers.

72) The cities of the nations crash down, lie smoldering in rubble and death, destroyed in the sign of evil, the world now decays.

73) It is the beginning of the coming of the child of evil, the Anti-Logos in eight-fold, it stirs up in secret deep and under-ground.

74) For three sun-circlings it asserts itself at first, as it is matured, became the mighty one of evil, but is murdered during the third circling.

75) Nature is stirred up, moves in quakings, nature defends herself against the unrighteousness, the untruth of the Anti-Logos.

76) The blood of the mighty ones flows in creeks, murdered away in false teachings of knowledge, in error teachings of false freedom and love.

77) The land of peace in the North, the intestines tear, hunger, misery and need, freezing plagued by cold, a vexation of the world.

78) Misery in the land of peace, people long shone in gold and silver, now aimlessly astray threatened by death, the seed of evil bears fruit in riches.

79) The old, the young, women, children and men, now burdensome, outcasts, persecuted, their life is sought after.

80) Depopulated the cities of Europe, uninhabited, brandished in the fire-lightning, groaning in rubble and death.

81) Fearful the mountains tremble, secret life within them, fled from the plains, now underground, hiding under the Earth alive.

82) Long lasts the time, the death-clouds dissipate, the Anti-Logos dead, annihilated, destroyed.

83) Peace dawns, the land dead and burnt, destroyed in the death-lightning, new now dawns the day.

84) Far and wide no life any more fleeth, days travels no man sees another, having become brother and brother, now cry for joy.

85) Exterminated the life, two thirds of mankind now dead, everyone in the other now honors a seldom friend only.

86) Changed in mind, the good is victorious, estranged toward Anti-Logos, the evil, Man now looks up to Creation.

87) Now he follows Its laws, the Spirit is valuable, the kingdom of eternity triumphed within Man.

Friday, January 30, 1976, 21:05 PM

Only short still is the duration of Scorpio, reigning in unrighteousness and malicious madness, soon he will be caught up by his just recompense, feels penetrating into him the evil death-tooth, when over the ocean the clouds bale together, slowly creating the great monsoon,

while across the land his death-cry sounds, and the Scorpio ends his poisonous doings. The elephant stomps and trumpets aloud, because now the death-sting of Scorpio breaks, the reaper of life cuts up the stinging beast, which uselessly defending himself fights the last time. Burnt red is the land - in sun-embers, dried up, fruitless - for almost a year; now being drenched by a flood of tears, but now of government it is bare. So fate fulfilleth itself in a short time, when the peacock struts its feathers before the rain, who in the South at the ocean bay already lies waiting, to be coming then gives fulfilment to the word.

Saturday, January 31, 1976, 01:05 AM

A meteor from space - comet-like, races close and crashes in the big pond, the air it burns up as a glowing ball, in the year of the three-value, with terrible sound, with terrible howling, gigantic power, as death-missile it crashes on the Earth. As concentrated power racing through space, it brings a deadly destroying seed. Mountains, they crash and life, it dies; a death-monster, which now spoils much, loud cry the people in a sizeable choir, their misery upward to Creation in heaven. They scream and cry and plead with her, for much blessing and love and help from now on but they never thought about the great law, about the love-commandment, which they broke. They lived along, passing Creation by, because all-the-while love was immaterial to them. Only the punishing power of the highest one, allows a few to find their way back to the greatest One.

Saturday, January 31, 1976, 02:10 AM

During the next few years, Man of Earth, the reins of the horse slip away from you; now death will be extremely familiar with you; you will neither find rest nor peace. Death destroys mankind, air and Earth, Due to scientific mountains of lies, by your politics and religion, which demand from you spiritless wages. Also powers of nature and of the cosmos, arm themselves to fight again the Anti-Logos. Searing suns’ fires burn the nations; people ahungering run into death. Wild waters will heave many-a-place, you do not have any place of good refuge. Dams are breaking, the stormwind howls, the works of technic are being spoiled. The white death hits hard and gruesome; vengeance of nature, as penalty equal. Typhoons and hurricanes are tearing, your works they throw down to Earth. The elements now hard press on you, to destroyingly push aside your megalomania. Lightning will whiz down from heaven, destroying in evil stormy rage. From place to place race red firestorms, heavenward blazing, mighty flaming storms; houses destroyed in smoke and flames, entire forests, oaks, beech-trees and pines. Ships, sea giants sink into the ocean; destroyed will be a big army of soldiers. Iron-birds, as they fly through the air, shattered will lie on the Earth, crashed in the sign of insanity, the evil death profit of scientists; in great number they now fall down from heaven; unheard cries for help of those fade away, who die now in the bursting iron, and they from life to death now travel.

Thousands of them they will be in the future, because death triumphs over insanity. The absurdity of Man now wins, because evil madness lies within him, by which he even believes to be unconquerable and now thinks in his outgrowth of madness to be Creation power in Its own form, estranged from Creation, to Her not conform. The coming years, Man of Earth, gigantic mountains will crash on you, full of misery and need and death cries, by gruesome deed and power tyranny, by misfortune and terror, the evil power. Ancient fire, which breaks forth from the earth, snow from heaven, a cold death shroud, the elements rage like an ancient curse. Anarchism hits you very soon, in the forest of cement, in the forest of cities. Fanaticism stretches forth its fangs, in city and country, as in the house of God. Idol servants peddle faith and gold and with it disclaim hell for you - bold. The religions to fear they drive you, so you worry about your life and soul; they preach poverty for the Spirit, and with it rob you of your riches of Spirit; knowingly they keep you enslaved; totally exploited are you and unfree. Change your mind, Man of Earth, so you receive peace, light and love; watch the times, the signs of heaven; free yourself from your madness craze; now you still may change much for the good, within yourself and all nations of Earth; nevertheless in the future you must pay the toll, for your doings and actions in absurdity, your tribute, you Man of illogic, with war, hatred, misfortune in the Gogic. Conjured up yourself the misery and need, for which you will be in want of milk and bread.

All these terrors will catch up with you, in city, country, on waters and mountains. Nowhere fate will spare you, so that life rewards you for the evil. The future for you in destiny rests and shortly your own doing catches up with you; this is determined for the next few years, from 1976, when already you lose your hair. And fulfilleth will be the coming time, exactly, as here it is prophecied. Soon the first blow will catch up with you, therefore you shall not rest in unknowing.

Wednesday, February 4, 1976, 06:10 AM

Under smoking, gray-black cone mountains many hell-fires will deadly be blazing; they liquify sand and earth and stone, deep within the earth, and without sunshine. Deep within the bowels of Earth boil hot magma masses, which greedily reach upward, grasp hold of the earth. Exploding they shoot upward their fire, through the throat of the mountain, the fire door. Crashing they spew forth their glowing masses, destroying man, animal, plants, or horror. And the oceans are churned up deep down below, this the Earth now has felt long time ago. Evil volcanic fires tear the picture of the world and all over great horror cries shriek. But not enough, when it burns, before and thereafter the earthquake runs; destroying, screaming they demolish all, and no one can appease the disaster. Racing are volcanic fires and the earthquakes, round about unerring destroying life upon life. They let in the oceans new islands be formed, while people on sinking land are pleading. The time of the first destruction already is here,

in the southland of the ancient people of America. In coming times this land is hit evilly hard, But also the land where black people are hoping. Europe will also not be spared of the evil, As hell lives there also under the land. Of the boot-land people will be spoken so sadly, and also of the nations with the gold-blessings of Earth. The land of the cherry blossom will also be shaken and the city on the trench will be totally buried. Also the people and land of the sword-lion suffer, and the star in the half-moon will not be spared, The land of the gods will also be evilly hit, the nations of the dragon and of the hope for peace, when the fires of volcanoes hellishly blaze, and earthquakes in many lands tear all asunder. So this already happens in the coming days; beginning with many thousands of death lamentations; by which the dying announce the times of terror, in the South of Latin America’s is below-ground lands, where the earthquakes first will claim many lives, and then volcanic fires unexpectedly are blazing. The coming times, they bring great suffering, and over the Earth then a death-cloth is laid down. As herewith I am writing down my poems, It will be coming, Earthman - now judge.

Saturday, February 7, 1976, 03:50 AM

Ashaking is the island kingdom up in the North, in the Atlantic Pond, During the year of the evil, black time, when death lies ready by the masses, to extinguish large and small, making the Earth to be a death shrine. The crown shaketh as evil reward, for works and doings of the cult religion, but also politics play a role, which destroy the good island home.

The crown falls and breaks, it is all over, the House of the Windsors has broken apart. Shaking is the island kingdom; bones are brittle now and pale; the kingdom - it has fallen; only legends of it will be told.

The land with the robbed peacock throne is now ashaking, hard in evil reward, in the year of the round thousand star times, in which now avenging many deaths are marching. Breaking the Shah-in-Shah’s divinity, his glory disappears into oblivion; it is the reward for an evil deed, for murder thousands of years old and wars ruin. The kingdom breaks down in death and assassination, through revolution and large war hordes, the sword-lion thus findeth his master, evilly beaten by death-consecrated spirits. Thus the judgement strikes down the Unfailing one the people of robbers - the Mago-barbarians.

Man danger threatens you from the North, where the wolf arms for murder; he plans a weighty violent crime, to break into the nations westwards. Be aware, be watchful and on guard; break the Sibir-cold with your embers, which slinketh upon you, deep-dangerously, bloodthirsty, greedy, quite murder-mad. Upon you he slinks, death from the giant nation, world-ruling, as red death band. Power greed defieth in quite raw brains, panting, searching for betrayal whores, who pas the fodder to the evil wolf; from republics on up to the kingdoms.

Mighty swells the chest of the wolf; danger; watch for the red sickel-dagger. The red hammer already begins to fall,

in equal measure to the yellow dragon claws, which from the east hurry to tear up the world, and to tear mankind into a bloodbath. Open is the yellow dragon throat through a very fanatic power bond, to tear them all in murderous crushing, while in the heavens hell-fires blaze. Danger threatens you, oh Man of Earth, strive therefore, that peace may be, or else death will strike you shortly, as your truly last insanity spice. So arm yourself for peace at this time, or else you shortly have war-fighting. From North and East now lurks the murder; sickel and dragon prepare death for your; by steel messengers, by sun-embers, in these your life is extinguished, your courage. The time of reason is limited for you, before you run into your deadly destruction, if you do not change your thinking soon, and you at last honestly deal in peace; if you, Man, do not follow this advice, the beginning of the devils-fire you catch; which extends itself to the world-wide fire; works of your thinking, bloody death-hand, You still have time now measured in months, to change your thinking and your actions or else the evil will begin to fulfill itself, when your blood trickling runs into the earth.

Monday, February 9, 1976, 01:30 AM

The sky is colored from East and North with vibrations of blood-shedding and murder. The wold of the cold, who leads the red sickel, very evil plans of power and tyranny kindles, to break into the world of cult-beliefs, to rob the treasures of these cults and life.

So also the great, yellow dragon lurks in the East, who mortared his giant wall through the lands. He striveth for the life of the cultish world, and throughout this soon a terror cry shrills, when murdering he breaks the world of the West, to destroy everything which was erected best. The red sickel and the yellow dragon both secretly armed already themselves for the blow, to break in burning and destroying everywhere, by foot, on water, on horse and with jet-sound. In death-danger is especially the Christian world, with the cult of madness in your error behavior. The Christ-religion, established on erroneous teachings, which truly lack the wisdom of Creation in truth, are they those, who conjure up the war-murder, and who befool mankind with madness teachings, standing estranged face-to-face with all Creation power, by which truth and love are blown to the wind, raised up in the insanity of God-representatives, of humility preachers, priests and God-worshipers; steered and directed by the Pope in the ‘Holy See’, who deeply conscious damns mankind into disaster through the teachings of insanity, of untruth, which blaspheming up to Creation in eternity screams, and who lead mankind wickedly into confusion and to stir him up to stupidity and false humility. But now approaches the time of bitter death, the time of misery, need and fear, of murder. Two thirds of mankind, they in death disappear; and the religions will see their own destruction, which in their insanity they conjured up, because they elected satans-blood as Creation. Oh cult religion, you evil bloodthirsty harbinger of death, you die and will lie there in your own dung. But for which prize will you find the end, when billions of dead ones will crust the Earth surface. Death glimmers already in bubbling wells, to soon shriek terror-bringing over the world. Not remains spared the Pope and his office, because as core of the insanity they are well known.

Among them death will reap a rich harvest, when the powers of destruction are evilly reigning. Massacres the faithful, their priesthoods, the bishops, cardinals and their cohorts. Their blood flows on the plaza of Peter’s dome; for error-teaching, cult and madness, a very hard reward. For the Pope himself a most terrible end is nearing, by the executioner of the anti-Logos, with the red beard. Only through help the Pope flees from death, so he sees France, Switzerland and Germany. The cult religion will be destroyed and erased, which so long has panted after Man’s possessions. Triumphant will be the truth and harmony and love; according to the law of the ancient-eternal Creation instincts. Away dwindles the ancient power of falsehood, religion’s power, greed, possessions and lewdness. Freedom triumphs in obedience of Creation’s love, destroying the evil with the sword’s blow. Breaking through and blossoming will be the Spirit teaching, in fulfilment of the laws, in honoring of Creation. Respect will then be among mankind, peace, harmony, truth, and all will love each other, when the cultish religions are destroyed, forbidden by the New Age truth wind, which golden-rayed penetrates in from the universe, bringing the truth of Aquarius to Earth. Cultus, never can you destroy eternal truth, with lies and murder befool Man into belief; your time now is finally coming to an end, and you will be slain by your own death dagger, by which you have murdered so uncountable lives and hast spread misery, terror and quakes. Soon your own death weapon will slay you, during the coming Spirit- and truth-days. Also your time, Pope at Rome, is so very short, that already you have tied your last kilt; also the cult-rosary is now breaking for you; the sign of your time, your wages of crime. The crucifix on your breast drips of blood; has become rusty, is brittle, at the hell-fire;

falling apart it now destroys your empire of lies, the power of untruth, your religion-structure, which sent to mankind murder, death and fire; which; you in your preachings call God’s pawn; in truth, however, it was greed, addiction and envy, a very vile evil, which you never regretted. Exploited you have mankind, stolen from them, enslaved, tortured, disgraced and defrauded them, million-fold you brought death upon them, made their life on Earth to hells of blood; but now the judgement of the Righteous one overtakes you, and with which you will never dispute about souls. Your fate is sealed, it will overtake you, when two nations are divided in their opinion, then this prophecy sprouts into life.

Monday, February 9, 1976, 13:30 PM

In caution guar himself the shepherd boy against a very bloody criminal club. The evil comes fast in lamb’s clothing and brings very heavy death suffering. The inner peace of the nation evilly crashes, and then death and corruption laugh. The nation shaking by anarchism, of hatred and very religious fanaticism. Unexpectedly comes a time of great robbing, years of crime, murder and dispute. Many-a-place destruction-fires alight, and soon life becomes quite atrocious. Also the ancient powers of nature destroy entire forests, beech-trees, ash-trees and pines. Waters flow in rivers often and often, and everyone hopes for help in vain. The Earth quakes and many lightnings race, and there prevails very vicious storm raging. Three great ones fall in a forceful death, and many an evil murder happens.

Politics arm for an insanity-deed; a boulder breaks crashing from its crag. Two very great fires blaze up in the forest, burning down trees, and this soon already. Then deadly an evil disease is raging one person a severe calamity stays. Oh Alp-land, beautiful Switzerland, shepherd-land, this happens to you soon already, soon already. And an accident also hits the SBB, also a calamity occurs on a lake. The snow also in ancient-white velvet gown, demands from you much unspeakable distress and suffering. So for many their life becomes a hell-torment, in a very beautiful, beautiful mountain valley. One city is threatened by evil-gray terrorism, another city by quite stupid euphorism. Struck also will be the travelling-by-air, but also street traffic and whoredom; death will be visiting with them; fleeing from one town will be the bees. Secret hunger shaketh the nation, set in motion by an economic fire. Signs in the heavens will appear, and many people will miserably cry. This, people of the beautiful Switzerland, life brings to you soon, very soon.

Thursday, March 4, 1976, 01:47 AM

Oh you shepherd boy in the most beautiful Switzerland, your dim-blind eyes are filled with sand. In your own megalomania of knowing better you pacify your so gruesome evil concience; you claim to be refined, clever and so wise, when god-father death creeps up on you stealthily. Daringly you maintain now to know very well the prophecies, which all I have to tell. You want to be so wise and so very smart,

although within you only quite stupid ignorance cries. And you believe in your great exuberance, that the prophecies to you world not apply. And you even maintain that you know it all; and still, what do you know - if you would know? Just be honest to yourself - all is only illusion; an evil product of your megalomania-shrine. Easy it is for you to claim after the event, that of your own you had foreseen it yourself but where is your wisdom - to do this, when all your knowing and thinking rests? Do not take on too much in your bragging, as with it you only create for yourself great feuds; because as you always claim to be smarter than others, why then are these prophecies not your own? Consider, if you know and can do everything better, why then has everywhere death and misery broken out? In your assertions rests no truth, which only proves your erroneous dumb mind. You are unable to interpret even one event, to explain it before its occurrence to the people, nevertheless, Swiss man, you very much dare, to maintain: I knew it - and much more! But what did you know? Not the least; therefore on you the death-ruin already grins; through the events running ahead, as prophecied, they were announced to you already as preamble. The mountain already broke down from its crag, and already you have smelled the first forest fire. A like also has already claimed its victims, and many-a place evil fires have blazed. The snow also already tore away its victims, so also the metal of the SBB broke many times. But you, oh man, doest not heed these signs, dost not see the damage, the misery and corpses. Oh no, you dare and even maintain, that you believed to have known it all in advance. But you will see that your speeches are trash, and your prophecies only your very own bad craft, because now, as the precursors already have happened,

you now will see many more worse matters. With the SBB, it will soon crash mightily, and in a series make it to be the train-calamity. People will terribly cry in their wreckage; dead, they will line up as a chain in groups. Further, the mountains will rise up against you; as a Swiss man, therefore, you will experience hell. Unterbach/Meiringen was only the first start, because in this matter much more is contained; but the prophecy already has explained this to you, because in Switzerland a coming hell ferments. Many more mountains will break from their crags, and destroy life, homes and gigantic surface lands. The Wirgenspitz was on the very beginning, because other mountains follow this severe crash pattern. The Swiss lakes also, oh, terror and malicious trouble, claim accidents still and kill many people. Fire-horns will blow from now on quite horribly, due to the firestorms racing through Switzerland. Houses, factories, cult-places and forests will burn, and many people will into the fire-death run. The Earth itself will be quaking quite dangerously, to the Swiss people then hell and fear-days will feel. Other events also make the land deeply tremble and many of Man’s works will become evil rubble. Raw murder will happen in uncountable masses, and criminality will tower above police power. Water, storms, droughts and snow will hold sway, and the hearts of the Swiss people grow colder still. All the Cantons in the, of so beautiful Switzerland from now on live with the cruel cold death-hand, because the coming events are evil and severe, and Switzerland will become a manifold coffin; then can you, Swiss man, again say, that everything you have carried within, were knowing, that you have known the coming events, because everything prophetically you have seen. Oh, you want to be smart and so very clever, claim wisdom has snowed down on your head. But where is your wisdom - where all your knowing,

because it is invisible always and still missing. Therefore, do not brag about alleged understanding, about ancient pretended knowledge and in claims of dumb praise, because with it you prove your own stupidity and your lack of knowledge of error teaching and fallibility. The coming events will prove it to you, that your fantasies always and ever derail. So prove your pretended prophetic knowing, but do this before the happening of these events, before you have seen the truth of these prophecies, because nothing is easier for you to maintain, afterward only, that you believed to have known.

Thursday, March 4, 1976, 03:16 AM

Now arrived it has over the world, the gray-evil time, when death and destruction hurriedly race across the Earth. From the Far West approaching - and also from the Far East it weeps up as very last, deadly warning lesson. Shaken she will be, the old Mother Earth, bad and evilly; a work of insanity of Man of Earth - his madness’ reward. Earthquakes now will badly tear asunder the inside of Earth, will evilly destroy Man’s life, buildings, hearths, when from the depths of Peru’s jungle, the giant warriors arrive, murdering and robbing women and roll across villages and settlements. This is the last sign before the coming evil time, when the old Inka enemy again murdering and robbing cries, breaking forth from his hundreds-of-years-old hiding place in the jungle, where he vegetates in leaf huts and in a deep Earth tunnel. Also in Peru, after Udine, the first big quake will roll, when deep inside the Earth fire and explosions evilly growl. Tearing asunder the landscape, rears up, moans and screams, and volcanic fires now will race blazing world wide. The heart of Earth atrembles under the destruction blow, rearing up high at night time, but so also during the day. South America quakes and blazes at the blow and in smoke, enfolded in dull screaming and gray death smoke. But also America and all its islands are to be named,

then Japan, Arabia, China, India, nations that burn. They also will be shaking by drought and earthquakes, when destroyed will be buildings, animals and Man’s life. But also come rolling the quakes in the land of Turkistan, Russia, Persia, the Balkan States, Europe and Afghanistan. Not one nation will be spared around the Earth, this prophecy clearly and distinctly makes known. Many-thousand-fold death cries now begin to shrill, and no more glimmer of hope will brighten the Earth world. Disease, epidemic, storm elements round-about will evilly rage, and no prayer will help, no church hymn, no God praise. Drought and fire, catastrophes will fill the Earth, and much life in death, misery, ruin and trouble be cloaked. Hunger will break out over the entire Earth world, and out from space a mighty danger shrilly approaches. Fires will race through the lands and destroy everything, also kill whose, who pleadingly perform faithful prayers. Wild waters will foamingly heave and drown much, and snow masses death bringing will wind themselves down. Nations will sink into the deep floods of the oceans, uncountable lives will drown so in the raging floods. Navigation and air travel will become a death maker, and ocean bottom and landscape are turned into mountains of rubble, uncountably crime, war and disaster will rise, and hurl mankind into terror and sufferings. These are the final signs of the coming time, which renewed for the good, but death-bringing now rushes in. All this is the very own fault of mankind of Earth, who produces for the Earth world distress, misery and destruction pain, because he robbed her of all her treasures of oil and gas, has destroyed her ores, her forests, the life and grass. It is also the fault of many primitive atom-explosions, which within and without the Earth dethrone the law of her order. From now on the Earth world will not come to any great rest, because Man of Earth has taken too much of her treasures, exploited, badly burnt and evilly robbed her, in madness with river dams, barriers and reservoirs he covered her, which have destroyed much of the balance within her, for which now the volcanic fires and growling earthquakes roar. Earthman, these events only arose from your doings,

from your insanity, your power greed, and your error ruin. You yourself carry the blame for all the coming destruction, which you conjured up through you insanity cooing. The world slowly wanted to become paradise at last, to create happiness and beauty and love on Earth; but you, Earth Man, have her natural course much disturbed, never have listened to her voices, left her warnings unheard. You have badly abused her, the so well-meaning Earth nature, have created pain for her, misery and evil hell torture. For this Earthman, you will terribly atone in the future, when death, destruction, want and misery greet you; as answer to Earth, which you so evilly have abused, which you pawn off in power greed and madness to evil. In Guatemala was given you a quite evil sign, which was over-flooded with rubble heaps and corpses of Man; but you dumb-boldly at this Earth-world-sign only laughed, and in robbing the Earth merrily and grinning continued. Then cam eto you an evil sign in Udine - the boot-land, where you saw destruction astrutting in black death robe. Many thousands of Earthmen were taken from life to death, had made life and existence for you to evil misery; but through it you have not become much wiser; never stop to murder nature and the whole world of Earth. You believe in insanity with a God to find solace, and try much harder to bind yourself to religion’s lies; you honor God and the Pope and other religion’s puppets, and therefore despise nature and Creation in total. Man of the Earth world, you carry the blame for the Earth events; had you not regarded religion, you would have seen. And would you not have been so greedy for money and power, then once you may have read the ancient prophecies, which long ago announced to you all signs of the time, offered by wise ones, who have so often proclaimed. But you, Earthman, have pandered to power and religion, hast dealt Creation badly in misery, hatred, lying and scorn; You also believed politics and the sectarians their lies, which all throughout life exhort and badly betray you. But now you will suffer for it in extremely large measure, because now for you the door of destruction has opened. The Earth avenges herself mightily, up-rearing and overly loud,

because you have believed in religion, Pope, God, and politics, through which you have slid into power and insanity, by which you have ridden yourself into want, misery and destruction. Now has arrived the era of the many signs of the time, when death and destruction horribly race across Earth. Now is truly the start of destruction of life on Earth, as all foundations of the tortured blue planet quake, called forth by the madness of Man of this world, whose death cry from now on everywhere painfully yells. Man of the Earth world, you yourself willed everything just so, that the whole evil-gray power destruction rolls over you, because you would not turn yourself to the truth, but always have rushed only to the lie, religion and politics, allowed yourself to be driven by them to greed- and power craze, to get yourself caught in hatred, untruth, addiction and murder lust. Through religion and politics you have been badly exploited, are spiritually enslaved, promoted to become dumb spiritless hordes. Earthman, on to a God you roll off your responsibility, true to the error teachings of any mad religion refuge. But so from now on consider, Man of Earth, Man of this world, when death and destruction all-over-all the planet ayells, the responsibility for all this only you have to carry, because regarding this you can never consult a ‘dear God’. Only you alone are authorized and responsible for the events, because never will a God or Pope by your side stand; they are here only to betray and to evilly defraud you; to ring into you Spirit enslavement and madness to destruction. You yourself, Earthman of the blue planet Earth in the sun system, are your own neighbor in knowledge and right-doing, in law-approval; therefore, align yourself only according to truth, and this only, otherwise would befall you only much more misery, want and pain; still you may be able to keep at a distance some coming bad matters, if you now strive to conduct yourself truthfully and aright, but then you must withdraw from religion and politics, otherwise your bones in the blazing sun embers will be bleaching. (Partially has taken place; rest of events will still follow with certainty)

Soon it blazes up in Switzerland a very evil, great death-fire. A quake rolleth quite horribly, and people die so wretchedly. The magma, it growls in the Earth bowels, and the people, turning white like chalk, flee toward the old lying-God. When wild-raging, the volcano up-blazes, high in the old mountain of Adlerhorst, much land lies in rubble and ashes and the Rhine-river bends in its course. Ah, the Swiss people, they cry, to the lying God far and wide, but this evil black betrayer will not show any help or mercy. Therefore, oh Man from Switzerland, leave your God be the betrayer, and finally make truth your own; or else hell over you breaks loose and devouring tears you in to it; which destroys you and kills you - with torment-pain quite terribly.

Historical Contact Report translations from original book

Contact 52 dated May 17, 1976

Contact Report 052

Semjase: 51. When the pyramids were built, the astronomer of that time already calculated the further fate of the Earth.

52. From the results of this data, the measure values of the pyramid were established.

53. The calculations revealed that during many thousands of years, in the future, the Earth would be threatened by a catastrophe from space, as was the case during the time of the erecting of the pyramids.

54. In order to point this threatening catastrophe out to the later Earth inhabitants of the later thousands of years, therefore, the established measuring data of astronomical values for the future was worked into the pyramids.

55. This means that they were erected exactly according to the dates and measured values, which will be identical with the astronomical data, when the catastrophe from space will newly begin to threaten.

56. The astronomy of that early time was well able and, therefore, calculated the dates extremely correct.

57. In their calculations, they even took several world crashes into consideration and thus were able to calculate the data with extremely exact precision.

58. As pre-calculated, the Earth then turned over and confirmed that the science of that ancient and long time past was correct.

59. And now the time is slowly fulfilling, when the astronomical measuring dates which, as explained served and were decisive for the building of the pyramids, is slowly becoming identical with the astronomical values of the present time and announce the event, which has in this manner been prophecied more than 70,000 years ago.

60. And this event will occur exactly at that point in time, when the sunlight of a far distant star of a central sun (central sun of the Milky Way as well as of our Sol) will brighten a very certain point through the tube-like opening of revelation, which from the outside of the pyramid reaches into its center, in a straight unbroken line.

Contact 55 dated June 14, 1976

Contact Report 055


But now an additional question: Asket once spoke about that Pope Paul VI. would be poisoned shortly after his taking on of office. Contrary to other statements, which were always confirmed, this statement of hers has not occurred. Can you tell me, why not?


70. It did occur, and that means two years after his election to become the top shepherd.


You speak in riddles. How shall I understand that? Pope Paul VI. is still alive, and yet he shall have been poisoned and thereby also be dead? This really is beyond my spiritual horizon.


74. Good; two years after his election by a Vatican-Council decision of the Catholic bishops and cardinals, in secret actions Pope Paul VI. was recognized to be unsuitable for their purpose, which means, that he was unsuitable for their dirty power-greedy purposes, wherefore in a secret voting was decided, that the top shepherd should be brought to death by the hands of assassins and should be replaced by a double who was faithfully yielding to the demands of the bishops and cardinals.

75. Therefore, Pope Paul was murdered by poison and replaced by a cardinal of striking resemblance.

PETALE-Messages Telepathically received from the PETALE-Spirit plane by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

Telepathically received from the PETALE-Spirit-Plane

by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

Friday, September 10, 1976, 19:13 PM

Ah, atrembling is the dictator’s hand,

in the old, so hard Solvania-land.

The old life of the dictator vanishes,

and his skeleton inside the Earth bleaches.

Soon he will depart from this world,

then barking behind him will be a dog.

Old he is, Tito, and now he goes;

on his lips a prayer he carries.

He rethinks the actions of his life,

hopeth for help, but now in vain,

because now, death catches up with him,

and nothing helps, not money nor iodine.

The disease, which now in him resides,

now quite hard for his life him repays.

Down in pain he now breaks,

and his heard is breaking now.

As dictator-man of his own graces,

he will soon be carried to his grave.

He fades away from this world,

when Saturn sheds light on this world,

when in the Earth bowels the magma growls,

and a quake through the oceans rolls.

(Fulfilled: February 24, 1980/May 4, 1980)

Wednesday, September 15, 1976, 18:04 PM

The Earth quite evilly up-raising and growling quakes,

and round about in the nations death arises.

The land of the boot, severely it will be death-hit,

because people there faithfully hope from the Pope.

Their error-belief will now become their destruction;

their very own fault, that Italy lies so in shatters,

that the land tears apart and in the ocean it sinks,

and the decaying life to heaven stinks.

Italy, the nation of those who deem themselves Creation,

will now, finally, run into miserable destruction,

because shaft and boot sink into the ocean,

and the ocean will be bare of land and of people.

The coasts of the ocean rise up high to the mountain,

and the dying ones have no need for coffins

because the floods themselves now are grave and coffin,

the ocean creatures, they find food in plentiful order.

The mountains of the North will be the border,

when in the South the people dying, loudly scream.

Bethink, oh Man, for this only you carry the blame

and nature has had patience with you for too long,

ah, but now she destroys you and beats hard you down,

with gruesome death and with quite terrible pain.

The beginning of evil, search, it lies in Rome,

under the roofs of the dead-murdering Vatican-Dome;

there lies the greatest guilt of all destruction;

Consider mankind, therefore, this very wise teaching.

Historical Contact Report translations from original book

Excerpts form the Semjase-Blocks

Contact 70 dated January 6, 1977

Contact Report 070


197. That is correct.

198. Our clarifications have revealed that, due to the earthquakes in China, 893,000 people have been killed.

199. 208,000 people will have remaining severe damages from the injuries for the rest of their life, while 811,000 people have been injured to a lesser or more severe extent.

200. The number of the missing and up-to-date not found ones, who for the most part lie deeply buried under the fields of rubble, comes to approximately 70,000.

201. But now I would like to answer your other questions:

202. The Earth will not come to rest, because earthquakes of much greater magnitude will shake her, than this was the case during the last year.

203. Only that these quakes are not all to be expected during this year.

204. However, they will be of a terrible magnitude to the degree that nations and islands will sink.

205. Unusually severe droughts will move across the world, in order to then be succeeded by flooding of severe proportions.

206. Air travel will suffer heavy, very heavy losses due to diverse occurrences, but so will also the navigation on water.

207. Violence and criminality will rise to extremely high levels everywhere, and criminal causes or death will get out of hand with people of all races.

208. This will all be much more severe than it has ever been before.

Contact 71 dated January 10, 1977

Contact Report 071 Thought-Transfer-Contact


1. During the course of our conversation on January 6, during our last contact, you asked me about various future matters, which I only have answered poorly.

2. This therefore, because I was not, or not yet, informed about what or how much of the coming events of the Earth year 1977 can publicly be revealed to the Earth population.

3. Referring to this, I consulted with Quetzal, who gave me the exact values, so I am allowed to tell you now approximate details in this manner.

4. With this is to be understood, that my estimates partially are recorded on a prophetic basis and partially on the program of our probability calculations.

5. Now listen to the values, which are regrettably hard, worse than all previous years, and which you should quote according to numbers:

 6  1)   Most severe earthquakes, proportionately worse than all since 900 years 
previously, will shake the Earth and change the Earth surface of the planet.

7. The number of the dead will be much higher than in the year 1976.

8. Due to submarine volcanos new islands will be formed, whereby our analyses reveal that the first island of this type will appear near Japan.

9. Existing islands and small parts of the continent will sink into the floods of the oceans, while on the continent smaller and greater land displacements will occur.

10. Especially threatened by earthquakes in the year 1977 are all those nations, which already in the year 1976 have been shaken by quakes.

11. Becoming noticeable this year is also the great fault from San Francisco to Alaska, as well as areas in Austria, in Switzerland and Germany, which will be affected by various quakes.

12. This year then also the African continent and island nations in Oceania will be shaken by quakes, as also Russia etc.

13. 2) Several volcanos around the globe will in sudden and unexpected eruptions spew out red hot earth and destroy many thousands of human lives.

14. The beginning for these coming events will already take place within the next few days, where several thousand people on the African continent, due to a severe volcano eruption in the nation of Zaire, will be destroyed.

15. 3) At the beginning of the year 1977, snowfalls will rise to exceptionally high levels and claim many victims.

16. Even large areas, which otherwise have no snowfall, will be covered by great snow masses and fall into difficulty, by which enormous temperature drops will lead to very many deaths from exposure in many nations, not only in nations used to snow, but also in areas not used to snow and cold.

17. Due to the unusual heavy snowfalls, beginning already tomorrow, many nations round about the Earth will be affected and claim uncountable victims.

18. Smaller and larger villages will be cut off form the outside world, and even air travel routes of entire nations will need to be temporarily discontinued.

19. The end of the snowfalls brings smaller and greater catastrophes, because in the entire world, avalanches will follow, which will bring much suffering and distress to Earthman.

20. Aside from many human and animal victims, large areas of landscape will be also affected, when these will be destroyed by crashing avalanches, besides roads and railroad lines and buildings of Man.

21. 4) The enormous snowfalls throughout the world will result in very bad summers for many nations, because great droughts will occur and destroy seed and harvest.

22. 5) Due to the coming drought periods, unusually large land- and forest areas throughout the world will be destroyed by fire.

23. 6) When in other places, due to drought, want and misery reigns, many nations of Earth will be flooded by mighty waters, claiming victims of Man and animal, and destroying much of the land and things built by Man.

24. Also storms and high tides will roll across the oceans, breaking into islands and continents and claim their deadly tribute.

25. 7) The maritime world will be cruelly beaten, and claim very many victims.

26. Entire series of maritime catastrophes will appear and the cost to mankind will amount in the billions.

27. Especially the oil transport industry is endangered in the year 1977 to an enormous extent, due to the powers of nature, which rebel against Man’s practiced exploitation of Earth petroleum, the relationships of which Man of Earth, however, is not able to understand to grasp, not even knows nor accepts these.

28. But the Earth is ablaze in rage and defends herself, by which she again tears from mankind what he robbed her of, and in so doing, pollutes and destroys those areas, which are the most important for Man’s continued existence, namely the oceans.

29. The powers of nature, defending themselves, have declared war against Man and hit him hardest, where his life pulse beats.

30. Namely, when this is destroyed, then no living creature on Earth will be able to exist any more.

31. Due to tanker catastrophes, large quantities of oil are to be set free, which swim as mighty and all-destroying carpets on the water pollute the water, kill life-forms, and finally sink as death bringing and long term slick onto the ocean bottom and cover the shores underneath with a tough deadly mass and destroy them.

32. So the powers of nature defend themselves against the insanity of Earthman, to destroy him, because if Man disappears from the Earth surface, only then will be Earth be able to regenerate herself, which however, can take billions of years, and put her back to her original condition.

33. But as this does not need to happen, Man still has a small chance, if he rapidly discontinues all exploitation and therefore, not rob the Earth further.

34. But his means, that an immediate stop of all exploitation must be worked out and implemented, and that at the same time, a world-wide strict birth control and a minimal seven-year birth stop is accomplished.

35. Now is still time for Earthman to save himself, but to do this his time has grown short, because no more than four to five years remain, to save himself and in order to align himself with the laws and recommendations of nature.

36. 8) The year 1977 will bring much suffering due to war actions for Earthman.

37. The abuse of terrorists will rise greatly and change over to new murder tactics, by which many people will die evil death.

38. The guilt in the matter principally rest on the nation Israel and those nations friendly minded toward them.

39. Guilty in regard to the coming and senseless shedding of blood are all those, who are Israel-cooperative.

40. Already in the Northeast and East, the idea of a world-wide war threatens, stirred up by the plottings of Israel.

41. Not very far away is the day, when this idea breaks through and a world-wide destroying war breaks out, which already glimmers in its fundamental thought.

42. This evil threatening event can only be prevented if the nations of the Earth unite, and in unity dissolve the state of Israel entirely, thereafter all borders of all nations will open, and a world government shall be formed and set in operation.

43. This alone guarantees that the long sought peace is achieved and then also kept, however, to which needs to be principally explained, that a world government in non-political, but in spirit-guiding format must be created and practiced.

44. 9) The year 1977 will basically be a year of murder, to a greater as also to a smaller extent.

45. No nation of Earth will be spared, because many-a-place quite evil massacres will break out and hunt for countless people as victims.

46. Switzerland will also not be spared of it, even if in different forms and to a lesser degree.

47. Murder and other killings in hate, despair and vengeance etc. will rise rapidly in number, as also murders of purely criminal form.

48. Entire families will fall victim to the bloodthirstiness of the most various elements, especially in the first half of the year.

49. Triflings will appear as reason for the blood deeds, and the murdering elements will even feel they are right.

50. The judging bailiffs will be overburdened with these coming events, and in their senseless naivety they will grant these murderous elements all kinds of extenuating circumstances and, in so doing, promote the murder series.

51.10) The year 1977 brings to scientists of all branches very many new discoveries, which well applied, could bring Earthman much positive progress which, however, after the old pattern, will be converted into negative values, which bring Man death and destruction.

52. In medical science unexpected discoveries will be made and great success will be registered, but also in astronomy, chemistry, physics and technic.

53.11) During the year 1977, the scientists of one nation are developing an extremely dangerous and deadly weapon, by which the respective nation will win the greatest power.

54.12) From space several dangers threaten which, however, I was not allowed to describe further. 55.13) Several new diseases unknown to Man will appear.

56.14) Air travel will suffer unusually much damage and claim many victims.

57. These are the most important predictions for the year 1977, partially based on probability calculations and to a small extent on prophetic statements.

58. To explain more about it officially, I am not permitted, so I have to leave it with this.

59. Use the statements in the best way, and if necessary make them known to the governments of Earth.

Contact 88 dated October 17, 1977

Contact Report 088


90. The German government has not remained inactive during all this last time, as this has been generally assumed throughout the world.

91. Weighty plans have been worked up in secret which, however, can only become reality, if absolute silence in the strictest form is maintained, wherefore a strict news blockade was ordered, which will last until the early morning hours of the following night.

92. The fact is, that the government of Germany has worked up planes for the freeing of the high-jacked Lufthansa plane and will carry these out during the following night at midnight.

93. The German government, namely, has over a longer period of time trained a special unit, soldiers of the border guard, which shall interfere in terrorist activities and shall break the terror.

94. The greater part of this special unit is already at the location of the coming event, namely in Mogadishu in Somalia, where they will carry out a surprise attack on the high-jacked plane at midnight of their local time, and will take possession of the plane.

95. With a new type of weapons, this special unit of soldiers will put the criminals, occupying the airplane, out of action for a few seconds in order to be able to open the airplane doors in a ‘Blitz’-action and to enter the plane.

96. This will result in a brief battle, during which the criminal highjackers will be killed.

97. According to my knowledge, a chance for survival exists only for one criminal person.

98. Naturally, injuries of flight passengers and members of the special unit can not be avoided thereby, but probably no deaths have to be mourned among them.

99. These are the events, which will be carried out this night in Mogadishu, Somalia, and that will be the end of this high-jacking.


That is very good news, but how does this matter continue with these murderous vagabonds in Germany, where they sit in prisons, but should be forced to be free?


100. This night the decision will be made.

101. Several of them will not be alive tomorrow, because the main ringleaders will be victim of a liquidation, which will be directed from outside the prison.

102. Internal powers of the prison will carry out the liquidation and present everything so that it looks like suicide, while in truth only two of these criminal elements carry out such an attempt, about the result of which we do not have exact analyses yet.

103. However, three main ringleaders will be killed for sure.


And who are these?


104 A woman named Gudrun Ensslin, then a man, named, Andreas Baader, and another one named, Raps.

105. These are the three, who will be liquidated.


Interesting, even if these are unfortunate events.


106. Sure, and these matters will take on much worse proportions in the future.

Predictions for the year 1978

Established according to Semjase’s Order and worked up by Billy (December 9, 1977)

1) Already the turning of the year from 1977 to 1978 will be marked for mankind of planet Terra. Evil events of human degeneration will appear, thus bloodshed, accidents in enormous numbers, criminal actions of a special type and beginnings of evil anarchistic terror acts. But also nature will claim her victims, because enormous cold spells and hurricane-like storms from North and South will take many human lives. Many human structures will be demolished and destroyed, whereby also much animal and plant life perishes.

2) The transition period to spring will not be as has been and as usual year after year, because during the year 1978, it will be combined with many uncontrollable events of nature of immense proportions. As winter will be hard and cold, the cold death will reach for Man of Earth and sink him into hard frozen ground.

3) Hot storms will often blow from the South during the year of 1978, announcing and bringing with it disaster and death, as it has never happened any time previously. But also from the North a severe storm approaches, bringing cracking cold and often also destruction. This is given for the course of several months of the year 1978.

4) Predictions are also given about destruction of seed and harvests in several nations of Earth for the year 1978, whereby also a few nations will get into financial difficulty regarding purchases of food from foreign countries.

5) The quakes of Earth continue, which ragingly will roll across the Earth. Well known quake regions will tremble anew in the year 1978, partially much more severe than before. Also the ‘Fault’ of San Francisco will shake vehemently, as also large regions in China, Japan, the Near East. But also Europe, Asia, America, Australia, New Zealand and the entire region of Oceania will not be spared, where also severest storms and floods will damage much and claim many human lives.

6) Predictable are several severe and average volcanic eruptions, by which also a respectable creation of a new volcano is included.

7) Severe oil catastrophes will be spoken about in the year of 1978, as also the fact, that again several oil tankers will shed their destructive contents on to the waters of the oceans. Furthermore is given, that a large oil storage facility will catch fire and cause much harm.

8) In the world of politics, fear and terror will begin to reign, due to terrorism and anarchism, which the nation is guilty of committing itself to a great extent, as among the politicians death victims will be sought and found. Not only will several assassination attempts on politicians be successful, but also due to overthrows two national leaders will be killed, but also some of religious stature, whose hour for a violent end is already determined.

9) Israel together with Arabia climb the barricades, to be independent of each other, but in common objective to create an even greater unsolvable problem between themselves, while Israel’s leadership half-officially allies itself with the leadership of the Vatican, by which it prepares the beginning of the terror without recognizable end, although the life of the Israeli president already hovers on the shovel of death.

10) If America has announced the creation of a new terror weapon in the year 1977, yet Russia already creates something much more horrible, which will come to its completion during the year 1978. A weapon, which will be much more destructive than that of the Americans, who only were able to present a neutron bomb.

11) As in the year 1977, so also in the year 1978, world air travel will be very severely hit, more than ever before, partially due to failure of technical installations and apparatus, partially due to human failure and nature’s influences, and partially due to anarchistic terror acts, whereby especially large air carriers will be destroyed and will claim very many human lives.

12) Against Germany a severe underground-political blow is being prepared, which the German government barely will be able to master, but which will be the fault of the government itself, when the evil event will take place.

13) The Swiss Army and Air Force will be marked in the year of 1978 by many accidents and losses, but also by several death cases, which all are to be booked to the accounts of presiding military leaders, whereby the fault, however, as a rule, will be pushed on to the subordinates.

14) The same will also be in several spy cases, which will be revealed in the year 1978 in Switzerland, about which the Swiss government will partially undertake concealment attempts, as well as regarding a scandal in the government administration, where also several position changes of leading heads will take place.

15) For the police throughout the world, as also in Switzerland, the time of total severity will begin, and more than ever they numbly will be confronted by criminality. Bestialic murders, as have never occurred in police history, will teach police officials to shudder. Their insufficiency, steered by the nation, will often condemn them to inability in the fight against crime.

16) Not only evil happens in the year 1978, because it stays approximately in balance with the good, as this is the case on every planet in the course of evolution. For example, the science of technic, electronics, medicine and surgery produce very many new remedies and possibilities for the improved health of Man, but also for the relief of organic and bodily ailments. A well known scientist discovers, at last, very important base elements to combat the hostage cancer, but also its prevention. Basically, it will become known world wide, that different remedies used heretofore for cancer identification, promoted or even caused it, wherefore these current and very dangerous means will be discontinued in the future.

17) In the year 1978, a new comet will appear, which heads toward the SOL-system from the far reaches of space, which, however, will not be dangerous for Earth.

18) During the year 1978, the science of astronomy will make a totally new discovery, which conveys new perspectives and ways about knowledge and about the construction of the universe and all its stars. But also in chemistry, physics and technic, as well as electronics unsuspected new knowledge through discoveries will appear, which from then on, slowly but surely, will change the entire world picture.

19) Aside from many national-political crises, the financial economy and industrial economy will suffer heavy losses, whereby new ways of the handling of government, the financial economy and industrial economy will have to be chosen. Herewith Rome ranks first and in the year 1978, and is heading into the final stages of bankruptcy.

20) On a steep rise will be religious-sectarian doings, whereby also murder- and blood-deeds, based on religious-sectarian fanaticism will appear. Also in preparation is that, due to religious-sectarian fanaticism, force of arms will be resorted to.

21) Evil war-like and revolutionary transgressions in different nations will lead to political crises during the year 1978.

22) As in the years of 1976 and 1977, also during the year 1978, Africa will be heard of, because there atrocities will be even more on the increase and shake the world.

23) The number of suicides rises rapidly in the year 1978, but also the psychic diseases, while different plagues reach for the life of mankind.

These are the most important general predictions of the year 1978, calculated in combined probability calculations, which have nothing to do with so-called clairvoyance and future-vision. As in the case of prophecy, here also is mentioned, that future events are subject to change, if mankind changes for the better and in so doing changes the foreseen events. But as a rule, Man of Earth does not make an effort to change for the better in the majority of its people, wherefore the rule proves that the predictions in form of combined probability calculations have to come true. Furthermore, other matters are given according to evolution, as also conditioned due to the course of the universe, whereupon these can not be changed, however, can be circumvented due to any earthly or cosmic influences.

Man should always consider this, when he thinks about the predictions made, which are only a part of what the year 1978 will bring. Many more vents are still marked, but to speak about them would only be a waste of time, because Man of Earth will not pay attention to it to a reasonable degree. As it will also leave him cold, that public transportation, like railroad and bus services etc., besides navigation and air travel, are much endangered and will claim many victims of human life, whereby even the vicious will of criminals will decisively take part in it. And it will leave many people absolutely cold, that during the year 1978, a true wave of hijackings around the world will break out, which also will claim many victims. The very smart ones will maintain, that this could have been foreseen. Surely, it was and is foreseen, but only then, when one applies himself to these matters.

But with this the smart know-alls sink again into the ocean of anonymity, because their assertions are not based on having truly known these coming events in advance, but only because they have read some such predictions, or have been orientated by the very happenings of events. This type of people namely speak only about predictions, when as a rule, they are already given in writing or have already happened in reality. Only then do they open their big mouth and claim, that all this they have already known in advance. In truth, however, they know nothing and wait until certain proof lies at their feet, before they speak about it, because they are too cowardly, to be decried as phantacizers, and they always fear about their good reputation. On the other hand, it also is much easier to maintain after the happened event, that one has known this in advance, than to announce the coming events already long before their occurrence.

Many super-smart ones rely on the stars and maintain, that these would bring this or that during the present or coming year for Man of Earth. But how shall Man decipher these coming events from the stars, if the required knowledge thereto has long since been lost? Knowing about the fears and terror of Earthman, I can not give myself permission to mention more details in the predictions, or even give names, nations and places.

Interim information of the predictions for the year 1978

Given in June 1978

During the month of December 1977, Billy established the predictions for the year 1978. Since then, many of the predictions have come to pass with frightening precision and have confirmed that they were correct.

This quite contrary to the assertions of so-called clairvoyants, who up to now only on rarest occasions have been able to give correct predictions.

The question resulting therefrom, who in regard to the future knows more about the truth and knows it to a great extent, whether it is Billy or the so-called clairvoyants, is hardly necessary. But perhaps due to this fact, one or the other seeking person will notice that Billy is not the fraud and charlatan, as some so gladly accuse him of and discredit him on radio- and television programs, in newspapers and magazines, in sect-circles and groups of know-it-alls, who believe they can coin themselves as great and knowing ones, when they recite sayings of Goethe and other deceased literary or philosophical great ones.

How poor are these people in truth, that of themselves they are not able to create wise sayings.

Points of the Predictions

1) Already the turn of the year brought very much trouble to Man and the Earth, even unusually much. During only one third of the turning of the year period, no less than 34 catastrophes were registered in terms of earthquakes, violent storms, water torrents etc. etc., which has been statistically proven worldwide, and was recorded and registered.

2) The transition period to spring was not as Man has been used to year after year, because it was marked by diverse and vile events of nature of partially immense proportions. Many people died in snow and ice and found a grave in hard frozen ground.

3) Hot South winds and ice storms swept in form South and North, bringing manifold losses, destruction, disaster and death.

4) Terrible seed- and harvest destructions have already taken place (in this regard one only has to remember the billion-fold losses in Germany, which were caused by masses of water but presently also in Ethiopia, where due to a severe drought, about one million people are endangered of dying from starvation).

5) Earthquake announcements are heard in great number, since the beginning of the year, and almost in uninterrupted sequence. The same pertains to storm- and flood-announcements (note the last case in Europe - especially in Germany and Switzerland).

6) Several volcanic eruptions have already occurred and been recorded, whereby a new volcano also has been created in Oceania.

7) Many oil catastrophes have happened since the turn of the year, whereby the greatest oil catastrophe ever, along the French coast, may still be fresh in Man’s memory.

8) In the world of politics, fear and terror have begun to reign and several politicians have already been murdered (remember the cases of Schleyer and Aldo Moro, which during this year will not be the only ones, whose lives already are forfeited).

9) The first steps between Israel and the Vatican toward the predicted pact have already been taken, yet the Israelis and Arabs also created the beginning of the still more unsolvable problem.

10) Still not officially confirmed.

11) During the first six months of the year 1978 alone, world air travel has been heavily defeated and also suffered a considerable set back due to terror acts.

12) The first steps toward the severe underground political blow against Germany have just been prepared in their beginnings, of which unofficial announcements are already being aired.

13) Official confirmations also prove this prediction to be correct.

These 13 of 23 predictions given represent roughly half of all predictions given by Billy. And of these 13 up to now, only one (Nr. 10) has not been officially confirmed yet, which however, is understandable, because from Russia information only flows sparingly to foreign nation. 12 additional predictions have been mentioned but while nothing about these is mentioned at this point in time that does not mean, they would not be correct. For example, if only point 22 is considered. How horribly this prediction has been confirmed, and again point 23, point 20, point 19. All these predictions have come to pass with terrifying precision, and all still continue throughout the course of this year still spread their rippling effects. Yet also the comet, mentioned in point 17, has been discovered by a North-German man. Also point 15 has been found to be valid. But never mind; to discuss this matter further is not necessary.

Now, again several super-intellectuals will appear and maintain that everything would have been predictable and everything fits exactly into the world picture. Certainly that is exactly the case. But before it is predictable, it has to be calculated. And if especially these big-mouths would be able to do this, any discussion in this regard would probably be in vain. Namely, if all would depend on a test in matters of predictions, which these big-mouths would have to submit to, they would spew in their misery and try to shirk away from it with all kinds of threadbare excuses. But just so, every one can be a big mouth - even if nothing comes of it.

Historical Contact Report translations from original book

Excerpts from the Semjase-Blocks

Contact 113, dated August 6, 1978

Contact Report 113


101. The new Pope will be appointed by only 111 cardinals in a very short election period, who via the conclave will chose a Cardinal named, Lucian, as new Pope on Saturday, August 26.

102. His new name will be: Pope John Paul I.

103. As brief as the time will be for his appointing, the time of his office will also be that brief.

104. After the mentioning of his name in the conclave, it will take exactly 33 minutes, before he will be appointed as new Pope by the conclave.

105. These 33 minutes of consultation time will be the exact number of days, during which he will conduct his office as Pope, in order to end his life on September 28, 1978, at exactly 23:07 P.M. without anyone being with him, so that he will leave this world all alone.

106. Yet his death will not be a natural one, but a criminal one, which again is being caused by a poison by which the heart activity fails, which then gives the impression of a heart attack.

107. The new Pope will be murdered, because he will shock the refined ranks of the Vatican and even cause them to shudder by his behaviour and his manner of life. 108. In the same manner, he will create deadly enemies among the cardinals and many others for himself, because he will break the tradition of the Pope’s crowning ceremony by a crown of a Pope and will only agree to a somewhat simple ceremony.

109. But in the eyes and thoughts of many authoritative high ranking Vatican officials, he will be much too friendly to the people, which is not good for the Vatican, because thereby it would lose in power.

110. Thus, a few hours after the election, a plot will already be forged with the goal to very quickly remove this Pope John Paul I. from office again, meaning by murdering him.


117. I only want to be sure.

118. This refers to the successor of the coming Pope John Paul I.

119. After many long centuries, his successor will not be Italian, so that he introduces the time and the circumstances for the one fateful pope election, which will be responsible for the fulfilment of the old prophecies.

120. This pope coming in October as the third before the last one, true to the evil destiny, will also stand in the same star-sign like his predecessor, who will still take on his office during this month, Pope John Paul I, the moonface. 121. The Pope, coming during this month of October, will be Polish by birth, John Paul II., the sun face, however, whose face will resemble an evil crater landscape more than the sun. 122. This John Paul II., whose true name Iskarol Wojtyla, as third from last will function as 264th Pope and Vatican ruler before the great turning point of the Earth world, while behind his back malicious intrigues are established and he will reap the blame that Israel can enter into a pact with the Vatican. 123. After his demise, which will already be in the near future, however, of which I am not allowed to officially release the date of death and the circumstances etc., but may only give them to you alone namely on . . . an additional Pope will come on the scene, about whom the people of the Earth will be amazed, as this has already been the case with his two predecessors, only that with him this will occur to a much greater degree. 124. But once this one will also be summoned from this world due to death on . . ., then the Pope with the number 5 in his Pope-election-value of the world end-time will come so that he, as 266th Vatican ruler will introduce the great world-end-event in finality, however, due to which he loses his seat in the Vatican, which will be totally destroyed. 125. But more about all these matters and in regard to other events, I will explain to you at our next contact, yet which you also have to guard carefully like the dates I have given you now, which you are allowed to make accessible to the public at the earliest, when Pope John Paul I. has been murdered and when Pope John Paul II. has been officially announced as such.

Billy: Understood, clear case. I will keep to your orders as you well know.


126. I know so, that is correct, but I had to reassure myself again, because too much depends on the fact that everything occurs as it has been determined in advance. 127. If these matters, namely, would be known ahead of time, due to a mentioning of the facts, then destiny would not be fulfilled as this must occur, otherwise the Earth would be totally destroyed due to criminal and premature changes of human beings.

Billy: Aha, I understand. So let us not talk about it any longer. Perhaps you still have something else to tell me.


128. Now I still have a question, namely, after your interim remark about. . .

Billy: Oh yes, the time was exactly 20:00 P.M. and 40 minutes and 13 seconds, when I interrupted you. With that I mean, that just now the Pope in Rome, this alleged Paul VI. at exactly that time has left the Earth plane.


129. That is correct, I did not think about it. 129. But now, my friend, I will set you down somewhat remote in the forest, so you have to walk a little bit. 130. According to your looks, you did not follow my advice and did not take extensive walks. 131. But now you are forced to walk a little, because your radio set will not be sufficient to cover the distance, so that you can call your friends. 132. Like it or not, you will have to walk down to the village and will have to use a telephone. 133. Please, extend my sincere greetings to your ‘Canibal’ (wife) and to all group members, and extend my best wishes as it is customary with you.

Billy: Gladly, my son, extend greetings to all of your friends from me. Oh yes, I also should extend best wishes to both of you from all group members.

Contact 115, dated October 19, 1978

Contact Report 115


36. As first sign of the progressed fulfilment of the end-time-destiny, a sectarian massacre will take place, for which many political personalities will be severely indebted. 37. Due to murder and forced mass suicide, about 200 children and approximately 1,023 adults will find their death, while of all these, however, only a number of approximately 1,000 will still be found. 38. This drama will take place in Jonestown, a settlement in Guyana, named after the megalomania- and consciousness-damaged sectarian leader, Jim Jones, who emigrated to Guyana with a large portion of his fanatic and by hypnosis influenced followers, and established a settlement there, where he keeps his believers like slaves. 39. Through a written recommendation of many political personalities in America, he succeeded in the immigration with his followers to Guayana, where he leads a barbarian regime. 40. At the time after the middle of November, it will happen that due to force and hypnosis, he will evoke fanaticism, to which over one thousand people will fall victim. 41. Many will voluntarily ingest a offered poison and also kill their children with it, while others will be forces to do so and a rest will fall due to bullets from murder-hands. 42. The extremely degenerate sect, called ‘People’s Temple’, or ‘Union of the People’s Church’, is politically very engaged and recommended by American politicians, who carry much of the blame, that it will come to this horrible massacre, because they were the ones, who smoothed and freed all the roads for the insane Jim Jones . . .

Billy: On the other hand, I wonder if the Voyager I, sent on its journey by the U.S.A., will bring in good results.


53. According to our calculations and the flight path of the probe, it has to pass very closely by Jupiter and several of its moons, which means that good results would have to be achieved, if the apparati of the exploration unit work flawlessly.

Billy: Does this mean that the time will come, when the scientists in truth will discover that the so-called red spot of Jupiter is a rotating and crater shaped hole on the wildly heaving surface of this incomplete sun, and that this funnel-hole is the center of a gigantic and many millenia-old storm? And does this also mean that now well be discovered, that not only Saturn and Uranus possess a ring, but Jupiter as well, only that this one is much thinner and smaller than the other two around Saturn and Uranus?


54. Sure, even that has to be noticed, because the probe will be steered so closely to the heavenly body, that it has to record these matters.

Billy: Aha, and will then perhaps also be discovered, that the ring around Jupiter, for the most part, consists of particles catapulted outward by large volcanos of the moon, Io, which partially are captured by Jupiter while, however, the largest portion of all the outward catapulted material again falls back on Io, and practically closes all volcano openings again, but also the gigantic plateaus and mountains, which this moon, in contrast to the other moons of Jupiter, proves to have no carter landscape, but a phantastic evenness, despite the many craters?


55. You have listened very closely to my explanations on your journeys with me and admirably retained them in memory.

56. Are you able to remember still other things? 57. Besides, these facts will with certainty be discovered by this exploration device.

Billy: Fine, naturally, I still know a few more things, because I did not forget everything that you and Ptaah explained to me. I am able to remember rather well, that the various large Jupiter moons were of various colors, as for instance red, yellow, brown and white as also orange. I also still know, that you said to me, Jupiter actually should have become a sun, but its measurements were too small, so that this star really could have developed into a sun. Nevertheless the entire structure principally consists of liquid helium and hydrogen. Also I know still that you or Ptaah explained to me that chiefly potassium salts and sulphur combinations would constitute the surface and deep into it, and that everything has settled as a very thick crust, after the masses of water on this satellite had receded. Particularly, I think to remember, you said that especially the moon, Io, once was totally covered with water. If I remember correctly, you said to me, I do not know anymore whether you or Ptaah, that the moon Europa is exactly the stark opposite of Io, that there the masses of water not evaporated and changed, but that they are frozen to a gigantic armour of ice. In addition, you told me many other things and gave me explanations, of which I still remember a lot. Thus you also told me, that a particular moon would only measure approximately 200 km in length, which I defined as a gigantic hen’s egg. I believe it was the moon closest to Jupiter, the name of which I do not remember any more.


58. In all things you have an admirable memory. 59. The moon, which you have just mentioned, is call by you, Amalthea. 60. The moon, Io itself, of which you said several things, moreover is the most volcano-active planetary body in the SOL-system. 61. That was explained to you at that time, if you are still able to remember?

Billy: Naturally, such things I do not forget so fast. You said at that time, that this moon was much more active volcanically than the Earth. Besides, I still remember exactly, you explained that the mile-size cloud formations in the storm funnel of Jupiter would move at extremely high velocity and in a counter-clockwise direction.


62. Sure, that I explained to you.

Billy: Now I am still wondering, if regarding the volcanic action on the moon Io, I remember correctly. If I am right, then you explained that he volcanic eruptions there would occur with primordial power and resemble monstrous explosions, which would thrust up their ejected material like atomic mushrooms, whereby sometimes heights would be reached up to 180 kilometer. Principally, it involves dust particles, gasses, ashes and some magma, but which would reach ejection velocities up to 2,300 kilometer per hour and beyond, as due to the lack of atmosphere of the moon, only minute resistance power is present. But you also said that the largest portion of all ejected material again falls back on the moon, as I already mentioned before. The rest, you explained, would be pushed out into space, while a part of it is drawn by Jupiter and very slowly densifies in its ring to a heavy sulphur-ion-combination. Is that correct?


63. Your memories are quite correct.

Billy: Okay, that shall be it. What also interests me and what I do not exactly remember: In Iran a civil war of short duration is supposed to break out shortly before the Shah’s ousting. Do you still know, when this shall be?


64. Sure; on February 9, 10, and 11, 1979.

Billy: The entire absurdity will cost many human lives, if I guess right. Also up to about one thousand death sentences shall thereafter

be carried out under the protectorate of the murderer Khomeini. In truth the entire matter on account of Khomeini and the Shah is not purely political, but it will refer to this, because Khomeini wants to avenge himself on the Shah, because the father of the Shah, long time ago, had Khomeini’s father murdered. Is that true?


65. Sure, that is correct.

Billy: Good, I only wanted to know that.


66. Then I can impart to you other and more important things.

Billy: If you permit, I would have one further question.


67. Go ahead, ask, because you would not let it rest anyway.

Billy: You are quite right on that.


68. Then ask now.

Billy: This refers to Vietnam and China. Is China really going to attack Vietnam by or around the end of February? An shall this really only be a fake attack, which constitutes the very first precursor which, repeated at a later time, shall then create the actual starting point of the Third World War, at least the part which will be started by China?


69. You are quite accurately informed about these things, also that everything will be unavoidable, and that it actually will occur.

Billy: Good, my question is this: Your official data about the number of Jupiter moons is not correct, because it corresponds only to a portion of the truth. According to my knowledge, this giant planet has 17 moons, as I learned from Ptaah during my great journey.


74. That is correct, but this is not allowed to be made known on the Earth before the month of September 1979, for special reasons; thereafter, this fact does not matter any more. 75. Besides, during the course of their photo evaluations of Jupiter, the American scientists will discover two additional moons of the planet. . .


95. Think about the prophecies of the threatening Third World War.

Billy: - - - Ah, now I got it. You speak of the prophecies, which talk about the overthrow of the murder-Cesar, Shah-in-shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, of which you have spoken already, and of the death of the Yugoslavian dictator, Tito, whose life shall end during the coming three years, when the light of Saturn beams down on the Earth, and about the Soviet-Russian Army marching into Afghanistan by the end of the year 1979, as well as the re-election of Indira Ghandi as president of India and then her following death, which will shake the entire Indian nation, as well as the pact of the Americans with different Near Eastern and Far Eastern nations, to which is added the Pakistani pact with the Chinese, besides many other expected events.


96. Sure, I speak about that, however, in such minuteness of detail no such prophecies were transmitted to you, because such details were not mentioned, namely these originate from your own calculations. 97. In any event, you did not receive these from us.

Billy: I am sorry, in fact I have calculated a little about the events to be expected.


98. My words are not meant to reprimand you.

Billy: Then I misunderstood you.


99. Hopefully, you have not spoken to anyone about it?

Billy: No.


100. Then all is alright. 101. Have you calculated any other details?

Billy: I have, namely, several political plottings, which must lead to the fact, that the ways for the fulfilment of the prophecies actually will be paved.


102. Which possibilities have you calculated?

Billy: For example, as I said already, I stumbled upon that the Pakistanis, and in fact the West Pakistanis, will form a military and econo-political pact with the Chinese, so that these could find unhindered entrance into Pakistan. This, according to logic, must lead to the fact that the Chinese will firmly establish themselves in Pakistan, and pave the way and take possession of the western part of the Indian Ocean, by which for them the out- and inroads to Arabia are opened, if in the future, they want to advance into the Middle East, in order to fulfill the prophecies there. My calculations also revealed that the Americans could get involved with the Pakistanis and Chinese, because they must fear an advance of the Russians from Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean, by which all circumstances will be even more confused, and by which the Russians will be forced to take further steps, which could produce very evil results, and which will be the beginning for the bear to break loose, as this is written in the prophecy. My calculations also revealed that the Scorpio, Indira Ghandi, in her manner of inconsistency and of power intrigues, could take a sudden catastrophic political step in the direction of Russia, which means another new danger for the entire world peace, because then the Russians will also establish a foothold there, namely in India, and again have free access to the Indian Ocean, the same as if they would

break through Persia or Pakistan, whose leaders are so childish and insufficiently educated and foolish, that the possibility must be attributed to them, that they could pave and open the way for the Russian Army. All the calculations show, that the situation will become so confused, that hardly any correct resulting action is recognizable. To this are added the confusions of various independent and other nations in Europe, as well as the inconsistency and wrong direction of the leading powers of these nations, who are worse than half-grown children in their power of decision-making and logic, so that there also lurk additional malicious political dangers, intrigues and unconscious moments of destruction, which contribute their part to the beginning of the downfall, even if at the point in time of the first world-affecting crisis, after the soviet Army marching into Afghanistan, several super-smart politicians etc. will maintain that a Third World War could not threaten any more. These super-smart ones and the know-it-alls do not consider, that the Third World-fire will not suddenly break out as such, but that, as the beginning already proves, and will soon prove again after the marching in of the Russian Army into Afghanistan, that at first different nations will get into each others’ hair and in doing so, allow war-like actions to break out, before the greater alliances of different nations take place, which then lead to the world-fire. UNO and NATO then have nothing to say in that regard, and already from the time on, when the Russians will march into Afghanistan, besides which they must do by the end of 1979, because they are obligated by treaty to do so, therefore they march in there on a regular basis, which does not make it a war-like aggression. But UNO and NATO after this occurrence will become puppet organization already, because they have never been constructed in their operational capacity as this should have been the case. Those responsible for these two organizations and those who are part thereof in other forms, were truly never able to establish these organizations into what they should fundamentally have become. So at the given point in time, they can not claim sufficient power and respect for themselves, in order to change the world-political situation, or even to decisively influence it, to gain a change for the positive. But these leading powers

are not able to do this, therefore, with their two organizations, they also can not change anything about the threatening fulfilment of the prophecy, when within the year the beginning of the end begins to approach.


103. You have intensely engaged yourself in these matters, not just a little. 104. Yes, your statements sadly correspond with the bitter truth, but in all this various matters something could still be changed for the better, if you would publish a clarifying text and submit this to the governments, and if a positive reaction would occur to your statements, which unfortunately, is not perceivable. 105. Despite this you should, at the given time and indeed during the month of February 1980, publish these statements and explanations and submit these to the governments of the nations of Earth.

Billy: If this is your desire, then of course I will do it, but to say honestly: I do not promise myself anything therefrom, because no one will listen to a single human being, especially not when he is decried as a crazy one and phantacizer, as it is the case with me.


106. Nevertheless, you should do it.

Billy: Okay, your desire shall also be mine. Shall I list details and specific dates in it, as for example, the date of Tito’s death and of Indira, as well as the sad and murderous misery, that will break out in Persia after the taking over of power by the insane Ayatollah Khomeini? And shall I also name his inglorious end, and that of the murder-Shah, which both are facing?


107. No, about that you are not allowed to make any announcements, because this would lead to confusion and catastrophes, which you could never responsibly stand up for.

Billy: Then the events are also tabu, which will be played out in Germany, Switzerland and America and which also reach outside of politics?


108. About this also you have to keep silent, as well as about what will happen in the South American nations, in Africa and in various European nations regarding bloody occurrences of political and criminal nature. 109. You should also not make any more predictions, as I already have suggested to you.

Billy: Do you mean with that only the political criminality which, in the future, will exhibit unusual deterioration, or the criminal criminality which will take on a similar malicious course?


110. It pertains to everything.

Billy: And what about the fanatic murders, suicides and massacres of the religious sectarians, who will start real butcherings? And, for example, what about the Queen of Holland, who according to my calculations would abdicate in the spring of 1980? Do I have to deep silent about that also?


111. If it refers to such harmless matters like the abdication of this Queen, then the revealing of your knowledge does not play a big role, because this Queen does not occupy a world-political role, which could conjure up decisive changes, due to an untimely revelation of the fact that she will resign her office. 112. Besides, I did not know anything about it until now, that this Queen will abdicate her office. 113. Do your calculations regarding this check out?

Billy: I think so. Have you not concerned yourself with these matters?


114. No, because up to now there was no cause to do so, as the nation of this Queen is presently of no important meaning, because the foreign politics of this nation prove to be relatively flat.

121. But now, I like to explain other matters to you and also ask you, if you also have established calculations regarding the Olympic Games of the year 1980, of which a part shall be carried out in Russia?

Billy: No, why, should I have done that?


122. No, it only would have been interesting for you, and besides I could have saved myself some explanations.

Billy: No, I have not concerned myself with that. I did not know why I should have done so. These games are not of such importance, that they would have a decisive influence on the coming world situation, or? The Olympic Games are really a non-political matter and were brought into existence in this form: According to my knowledge, if I am right, the founder of the Olympic Games was Pelepon; a distant descendant of a Minoan philosopher, who in the year 468 B.C. called these games into being, whereby he set the rule, that every four years competitive games would take place in a manner of sports with fist fights, riding and riding games, with long distance running, armed sports fights, with speakers, poets, philosophers and artists of all kinds. He also called into existence a kind of five-fight. His condition at the inception of the Olympic Games was, that those participating in these competitive games were all members of Hellenic tribes and Minoan descendants, who would come together in united and peaceful manner, as also the inhabitants of other nations, whereby a peaceful coexistence and true peace should be established. His conditions were further, that even political differences or even acts of war between various participating nations, should never be a reason for these nations and their athletes not to participate in these peaceful games and competitions. His conditions particularly were intended, that the Olympic Games should never be used as political pressure nor as peace infringing means.


123. Your statements regarding these matters are remarkably accurate, but in one point you are quite in error. 124. The Olympic Games, unfortunately, since many decades, are already caught in the machinations of politics of earthly governments, and for the first time, this will be expressed worldwide in the year 1980.

Billy: This surely could not be true. Perhaps due to the fact of the marching in of the Russian Army by the end of 1979?


125. You are very clever and think fast. 126. Sure, this will be the reason.

Billy: Then I can figure out what will happen. The first ones to scream will be the Americans and try to undermine and boycott the Olympic Games in Russia. Joining in with the wolf’s howling soon will be the various nations, and thus force a worldwide Olympics-boycott, whereby certainty also at least about 50% of the Swiss people will join in this ignoble dance, because most Swiss citizens in truth never remain neutral and conduct the dirtiest politics of which, however, they have not the slightest inkling. But perhaps this is good, because by this action the world at large will learn clearly and distinctly, of which spirit the majority of the Swiss people truly are, and especially, where the much-praised neutrality lies and how far it reaches. Ah, this truly is a dirty pigs’ business, I say, meaning both, namely, first this deceptive neutrality of many Swiss people, and on the other hand, that such a dirty intrigue of an Olympics-boycott could even take place at all, that politics get mixed up in these competitive games. That contradicts in every form the original ideas, desires and conditions of the founder of the games, as well as of those people, who for nearly three thousand years past have participated in these games in peaceful and condition-aligned manner. This truly is a dirty mess, and those who concocted this mess

are as well hopeless pigs like those who support them. This I wanted to say in absolute neutral opinion and in regard of the fact, that the conditions in reference to peace, the creation of peace and everything in connection thereto established by the founder of the Olympic competitions, I value and honor as probably the most admirable achievement of an Earth human. But what does it matte, if some pig heads, who call themselves human, scrupulously stamp into the ground this most noble idea and achievement of a peace-loving man, thinking far ahead, only in order to prove their power and to hide their dirty fear, as well as their absolute inability to govern and to reach correct conclusions, which would finally create a world-wide peace. But these guys neither have any notion about the leadership of a civilization, nor a notion about leadership of one nation, not to mention that they should feel bound to a promise, which their most ancient ancestors made and swore to, in order to finally create peace on Earth. Oh damn it, how damn dirty must these pigs be. Damn, damn . . .


127. You are extremely excited.

Billy: How should I not be, damn it again. What do the Olympic Games have to do with the entire mess of politics? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Quite to the contrary, they should be a work, designed to create peace and to uphold peace among the people of Earth, without only one world of dirty politics getting involved therein.


128. Sure, your words represent the deepest truth, and all your statements about the entire matter are no less truthful. 129. Yet, you should not excite yourself because of it, but act at the given point in time.

Billy: That I will do, and up to then, I will not let anything be perceived. When shall I start?


130. In the first or second week of February 1980.

Billy: That I will do. Damn it again, I am truly neutral, but with this mess one really has to plow in.


131. Certainly, and with this you saved me many words, if I would have needed to explain all this to you. 132. Your neutrality you will maintain, nevertheless, even if you will declare these matters at a given point in time. 133. You once and only represent the facts, without getting politically involved. 134. Therefore, no logical thinking person can accuse you then of breach of neutrality. 135. Only, when you do your work, you have to state facts and only facts.

Billy: That I certainly will do, and I will not get involved in political concerns, that is not for me anyway. To me Russia is Russia, and America America, or China China, and Switzerland is Switzerland. And every single human being in either this or any other nation of Earth is simply a human being. To me nobody is a Swiss person, a Russian person, an American, Chinese, a German person or whatever could refer to their nationality, because everyone to me is only a human being. . . Semjase:

252. During our conversation you explained that you have calculated several dates of the future.

Billy: Right.


253. We also spoke about the Yugoslavian head of state, of his demise. 254. Regarding this, did you calculate an exact time of death and the date of his departure from this sphere?

Billy: I have: Here, on this slip of paper I have written everything down. But in regard to this, it is strange that I calculated two different dates. The first is February 24, 1980, and the time thereof 22:10 PM. The second date is May 4, 1980, and the time thereof 15:05 PM and 47 seconds. That I came up with two dates I do not understand.


255. Your calculations are quite accurate, the one as well as the other date is correct. 256. Tito, the Yugoslavian dictator, will end his physical life unofficially on the date of February 24, 1980, he should respectively at this point in time. 257. Truthfully, however, it will be as previously with Generalissimo Francesco Franco in Spain, that he will die a tormenting death, because the physicians with their skills and machines will keep him alive until death officially takes place on May 4, 1980. 258. From February 24, 1980 on, however, it will be like this for Tito, that as a national power he will be put out of office, without the possibility that he can even execute the minutest of his government matters. 259. Unofficially, he will be dead already as of this date.

Billy: Ah, now I understand.


260. Have you conducted any other calculations regarding Persia, the Iran respectively, which lead ahead?

Billy: No.


261. Then I still will explain a few events, which could be of importance to you: 262. Around the turn of the year 1980, fanatic and Khomeini-supporting students, will attack the American Embassy in Tehran and take the entire embassy personnel hostage. 263. This will lead to extreme difficulties in America’s interal and foreign politics, as well as quite inconsiderate and childish

actions of the American president, who among other things, will order a freeing attempt of the hostages to be carried out which, from the beginning, is condemned to failure. 264. The suffering ones will be the prisoners only at the American Embassy, as well as about a dozen American families in the USA, because due to this insane freeing commando of Carter for the hostages, about 12 American soldiers will lose their life due to an accident. 265. Due to the absurdity, inability and the confusion of the American president, the action will be started with flying machines unsuitable for this purpose. 266. The largest number of these planes will be destroyed due to their uselessness, together with about 12 human lives of the commando of volunteers. 267. This event furthermore will stir up the already months-long crises between the Americans and Iran, and will not come to an end soon even after this time. 268. This happens especially due to the fact, that different power groups within the nation of Persia contribute worries, problems and war actions to the revolutionary nation, and because the Islamic leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, having gone insane, will have driven the majority of the Iranian people to serving him in insane fanaticism. 269. In the end this will finally lead thereto that at first, external terror acts will find their beginning outside of the nation, namely the first one in England, where the Iranian Embassy will also be occupied and another time hostages will be taken. 270. But these doings also will have bad repercussions.

Billy: With your words you mean just now, that this Khomeini already has gone insane?


271. Yes, that is the meaning of my words. 272. As of now he has not arrived at a state of total insanity, but this very soon will be the case.

Billy: Then one could not even talk reasonably with this guy?


273. No.

Billy: What I still wanted to ask: Where will the Shah-in-Shah and his Shahbana disappear to?


274. President Carter of America will make the unpardonable mistake that he will grant the fleeing couple temporary asylum, which will lead to consequences at the embassy in Tehran.

Billy: You speak of a temporary asylum. Where does this guy go thereafter, this murder-boy?


275. If I wanted to tell you everything, it would lead too far. 276. But I will explain this much, that Pahlevi is sick for some time with cancer and, therefore, will be treated in America. 277. After that, his next place of refuge will be Panama, and thereafter Egypt, where he will undergo further medical treatment.

Billy: His end in any case will be inglorious.


278. His end is quite tormenting, but let it suffice with these explanations.

Billy: As you wish; do you still have other news?


279. Sure, also for your nation.

Billy: You mean Switzerland? What is so important there? I only calculated that in Switzerland also much will happen. In Bern will be murder and manslaughter, because an embassy will be taken by force. Also Geneva and Zurich will not be spared from terrorist- and anarchistic attempts.

Besides, terrible criminality gains the upper hand, and in Zurich, one morning after the New Year 1980, a severe bank robbery attempt will take place, during which two gangsters and a policeman will be shot. In addition, from 1980 on, all of Switzerland will be snowed with murders getting out of hand, and political difficulties will appear, which are severe and have previously been unknown in Switzerland. Atomic power plants will be attacked by groups of radicals, whereby also ssevere destruction can be calculated. In the Feredal Council itself, during the time after 1980, internal difficulties and differences will arise, which lead to serious economic conditions and cause certain changes within the government. And, which I almost forgot, in April 1980, Switzerland will, for the first time, receive an official state visit by the royal couple from England: Elizabeth and Philip will visit Switzerland.


280. You have calculated a lot.

Billy: I have, yes, but you know, several things would still interest me, for which I simply did not have the time to calculate.


281. Certainly, what do you wish to know.

Billy: You probably remember quite well, what was said regarding the details around Tito’s death in the prophecy, which I received years ago. I already wanted to ask you about it before.


282. You speak of that prophecy . . .

Billy: True, at that time was transmitted to me, that at the time of Tito’s death, a quake would roll through the oceans.


283. Sure, but I do not understand what the purpose of your question is.

Billy: This is quite simple: I see something in the fact, which has to mean more than a simple seaquake. As I understand it, this seaquake must be the real cause for something much worse. I fancy myself to understand something regarding prophecies, so that from them I am able to recognize certain things, which remain hidden to the layman.


284. That this is so I know, and you also have correctly presumed.

Billy: Good, then tell me first, where this seaquake will take place and what happens thereafter. The seaquake is only a precursor, or?


285. Yes, unfortunately, and it will be in the ocean, to the West of America.

Billy: Aha, now I understand a bit more already. Am I right in the assumption that this quake precursor is related to the San Andreas Fault?


286. Yes.

Billy: Aha, this can mean, that somewhere in America, suddenly a volcano erupts, or?


287. You have a keen mind. 288. Yes, this is so. 289. A volcano, dormant for many decades, will suddenly erupt, to rain death and destruction across the wide land. 290. This will be Mount St. Helens, which will destroy many lives and bury much land underneath. 291. The seaquake, originating at the time of Tito’s death will not be too severe, so that people of Earth will not be moved. 292. But this quake will be a bad sign for the threatening eruption of the St. Helens volcano, which is connected to the San Andreas Fault, that stretches down from the high North of western America, down to the far South of this nation. 293. At first the scientists will not see the connection of the small seaquake to the volcanic eruption.

294. Also at first, they will assume that the volcano will soon quiet down again. 295. But in this they will deceive themselves, because they do not recognize the direct connection to the San Andreas Fault. 296. But already 10 days after the eruption, several scientists will consider the event and recognize that the San Andreas Fault plays an important role in these events. 297. At this time, however it will already be so that in the San Francisco area severe earthquakes take place. 298. And only these will point the scientist to the fact that the San Andreas Fault is involved. 299. Think about the prophecy given to you on February 4, 1976. 300. It speaks about San Francisco being destroyed. 301. Time will come full circle with the eruption of the St. Helens volcano, when the beginning of the end truly begins. 302. About this is written word for word in hour prophecy in verse-form: 303. And the city on the trench will be totally buried.

Billy: I know, but I did not learn the prophecy by heart.


304. Naturally you did not, but instead I can recite it for you by heart.

Billy: Really? Then go ahead.


305. If you want: 306. Under smoking black cone-mountains 307. many hell-fires will deadly be blazing; 308. they liquify sand and earth and stone, 309. deep within the Earth, and without sunshine. 310. Deep within the bowels of Earth boil hot magma masses, 311. which greedily reach upward, on to the Earth. 312. Exploding they shoot upward their fire, 313. through the throat of the mountains, the fire door. 314. Crashing they spew forth their glowing masses.

315. to destroy man, animal, plants, oh horror. 316. And also the oceans are churned deep down below, 317. this the Earth has felt now log time ago. 318. Evil volcano fires tear the picture of the world 319. and all over great horror cries shriek. 320. But not enough, when it burns, 321. Before and thereafter the earthquake runs; 322. destroying, screaming they demolish all, 323. And no one may appease the disaster. 324. Racing are volcano fires and earthquakes, 325. Unerring round about destroying life upon life. 326. They allow in the oceans new islands to form, 327. While people on sinking land are pleading. 328. Already the time of the first destruction is here, 329. In the southland of the ancient inhabitants of America. 330. This land in coming times is hit quite hard, 331. So also the land where black people are hoping. 332. Also Europe will not be spared of the evil, 333. Because there also under the land hell lives. 334. Of the boot-land people will speak very sadly, 335. And also of the nations with the gold-blessings of Earth. 336. Also the land of the cherry blossom will be shaken 337. And the city on the trench will be totally buried. 338. Also the people and land of the sword-lion suffer, 339. And the star in the half-moon will not be spared, 340. Also the land of the gods wil be evilly hit, 341. The nations of the dragon and of hope for peace, 342. When the fires of volcanoes hellishly blaze, 343. And earthquakes in many lands tear all asunder. 344. So it is already happening in the following days; 345. Beginning with many thousands of death mourns; 346. By which the dying announce the terror times, 347. In the South of Latin America below-ground lands, 348. There first the earthquakes will claim many lives, 349. And then volcanic fires will unexpectedly blazing. 350. The coming times, they bring great suffering, 351. And over the Earth then lays down a death-cloth. 352. As herewith I am writing down my poems, 353. Will it be coming, Earthman - now judge.

Billy: Phantastic, you actually know it by heart.


354. Sure, also every other prophecy, which you have written in rhyme-form.

Billy: You really flatter me.


355. I much enjoy to repeat your poems.

Billy: That is sweet of you, but the prophecy you just recited not only refers to coming events, but also to various ones, which already have come true years ago. This is quite far-reaching a series, reaching far into the future.


356. Certainly, I mentioned it only because it mentions the coming events. 357. It has been valid already since the year 1976, whereby various matters mentioned therein have already occurred. 358. But at the time of Tito’s death, the occurrences begin to fulfill themselves in increased measure, which terrestrial mankind must discover in horror. 359. Perhaps some people will then remember your prophecies and realize, that much more is hidden in them than they would have wanted to be true. 360. Also many people will then recognize that your mission does not consist of lies and deceit, as is and will be slanderously claimed.

Billy: You speak in riddles. For the longest time, people deny that I speak the truth and truly have contact with you. I am used to this fact for some time, to be accused of being a swindler and deceiver.


361. Certainly, that is a word of truth, but during the year 1980, a time will come for you, when you will be exposed to increased evil, untruthful and slanderous attacks. . .

Billy: Then I still have another question: When I start my action against the Olympic boycotts in 1980, will this be successful?


392. On the whole, yes. 393. It will be to your and your group’s merit, that the Olympic Games will continue to exist and some day will become non-political. 394. However, the matter will be handled so that you, as the actual initiator will, for the time being, not receive any honor and no thanks from the world public, because it will be kept secret that only due to your initiative, the Olympic Games will continue to exist and continue to be carried out. 395. The decisive responsible ones of the nations and sport associations of all nations will put everything so as if their decision would be their own idea. 396. However, in truth they act according to your action, when the time to do so has matured. 397. But that they admit, to have come to their affirmative decision for participation in the Olympic Games due to your action alone, for that they are too arrogant. 398. And arrogance, from which they profit and want to appear as great.

Billy: Basically, that does not matter at all. Important is only that the games are held and carried out.


399. Nevertheless, it is most regrettable, that the responsible ones only want to accredit the honor in this case to themselves. 400. But this will change still, because the future states that someday you will publicly be mentioned as savior of the Olympics-idea. . .


405. But the participation may move in the framework between 58 to 64 %.

Billy: This means that approximately more than half of all participating nations will take part in the Olympics.

Contact 131, dated June 15, 1980

Contact Report 131


31. Earth Man himself carries the blame for most of the evil severe weather and catastrophes of nature at the present time on Earth.

Billy: I know. Mainly and first of all, the atom bombs are to blame, secondly it is the chemical industry with all its products, exhaust fumes and refuse, third in line are the airplanes and with that the airlines and the armies, the automobiles and industries as well as the entire humanity.


32. This sequence is approximately correct, yes. 33. But whichever this may be, the fact today is, that due to the fault of the entire earthly humanity, the European Continent, slowly but surely, will turn into a water-polluted morass and quagmire, in which some time in the future, disease and death will reign.

Billy: You mean due to the rain?


34. Not only because of this rain, no, because due to the fault of Earth Man, the natural climate has been destroyed, and for decades Europe is being excessively saturated with rain, but as this will occur to much worse degrees in the future.

Billy: You mean, that Europe will drown in water or in the rain?


35. It will come close to that, due to the fault of Earth Man himself.

Billy: And nothing can be done about it, I know, because the people of this world do not allow themselves to be taught, nor do they want to change.


36. That is correct.

Billy: So they also are partially to be blamed now that it rains to the degree, that one could think the flood of Noah’s time is coming again.

Contact 134 dated August 13, 1980

Contact Report 134


5. With that we can not assist anyone, because on the one hand, it would be wrong and, on the other hand, we will be extremely busy with reconnaissance tasks in regard to weighty coming earthly events during the coming time.

Billy: With that, do you think about the rising war actions in the Near East?


6. That is correct, we will be much occupied with the approaching war breaking out between the nations of Iran and Iraq.

Billy: According to my knowledge, the war there will break out approximately by the beginning of the month of September of this year, or?


7. That is of correctness.

Contact 135, dated October 9, 1980

Contact Report 135


4. I am certain that you have already calculated these coming events yourself.


Unfortunately, during the recent time, I could not involve myself with any calculations, due to psychic reasons, wherefore I also do not know what events will break loose over the Earth or in which parts of it.


5. But we once spoke about it in hinting manner.


At the moment, I do not remember.


6. Al Asnam.


Al Asnam - Al Asnam . . . Oh yes, that is the city in Algeria, which shall be destroyed by an earthquake up to at least 80 % . . . I believe, if I remember correctly, this shall happen during autumn of this year?


7. Certainly.

8. Tomorrow, during the noon hours, the unavoidable event will happen.


And this upsets you again. I understand. I am also struck by this again and again, although I am actually far away from the events. And when I consider that, for the main part, Man of Earth carries the greatest blame for all these matters, my hair could stand up straight in rage. If I remember correctly, it will crash so hard again tomorrow, that close to 50,000 people will be killed within barely 30 seconds.


9. Unfortunately, this corresponds to truth.

10. This will actually be one of the strongest quakes that will shake Algeria, as it has rarely happened previously.


That I do not know, but it will probably be so as you say.


11. And despite the fact, the Earth-humans will not become thoughtful, especially not those, who carry the true blame for it, namely the scientists and the administrative authorities.


They deny their fault, that is clear. They vehemently defend their insanity assertion that this refers to only purely natural processes. Only in Japan, the scientists seem to have become smarter, at least in regard to the entire climatic changes and the air- and environmental pollution resulting therefrom.


12. That is known to me.


And how do matters stand about Iraq and Iran, both of whom are battling each other bloodily?


13. This war of brother against brother will continue to prevail with undiminished violence, and will plunge the entire world into a very dangerous crisis.

14. And I already explained to you previously, at the end of the war, there will be no actual victor.


I know so, yet could you still tell me a bit more about this, but also about other coming events?


15. Today I have not enough time to do so, but during the course of the following weeks, I will educate you about additional approaching events.


That is nice of you.

Contact 136, dated October 14, 1980

Contact Report 136


95. That I will do, otherwise we veer further and further away from it. 96. Thus, it will happen, that the future will bring events which, on the one hand, will have a quite malicious effect on the world and mankind but which, on the other hand, will only be confirmation

of what has been announced prophetically for several thousands of years. 97. Especially now, it also confirms what has been said since times of old, that the Israeli nation never was and never will be a nation, but this mass of people, who consists of a gigantic group of degenerate and partially even criminal elements, who since their time of existence on Earth only sow discord, falsehood and war. 98. Originally they were expelled ones, because they would not obey any order and were criminal, who banded together in ancient times and created the sham-people of the Hebrews, of the gypsies, who in megalomania and in selfishness and egotism, called themselves the chosen people, who were to occupy an elevated and ruling position over all earthly nations, as is known to you. 99. But you also know that this sham-nation throughout thousands of years always reached its goals, however, always only due to murder, arson, friendship betrayal and intrigues etc., in which the Israelis, as they are called today, have become true masters, who now even, under the public eyes of the world and even with their applause, may commit the worst crimes pitilessly and unhindered. 100. Not only that these criminal elements have trustworthy friends in many nations of Earth, who they simply brutally and bloodthirstily butcher as needed and to reach their goals, no, they also have known, due to their intrigues, how to make friends in the governments of the respective nations, or even to creep into these themselves, so that their power has grown to the degree, that this can not be realized and perceived by Earthman any more. 101. Great fault about this was the last World War, the second one, that this could even happen to such degree, in which millions of Jews were massacred, which truthfully was not right, as you know. 102. But blinded by it and full of a false compassion, Earthman seeks the friendship of the Israelis, but who in no way merit this friendship and only take advantage of it for their criminal purposes. 103. The fact . . . .

Billy: Dear child, you have to be damned cautious about what you say here, because all of this could be interpreted as being neo-fascist and anti-Jewish. You also know, that anti-Semetic doings and similar constantly result in legal procedures and worse.


104. But these explanations are necessary for what I need to tell you in this context.

Billy: That may be, but nevertheless, it is dangerous. Our entire mission could be endangered, or at least attract murder attempts around my neck again.


105. If you are frightened, then we can leave off our mission.

Billy: Certainly not, but I ask myself, if I did right in this, to have questioned you regarding future events, when you now so openly speak of these matters, which correspond to truth as I know, but which are damned hot.


106. I would have spoken about it, even if you had not asked about future matters.

Billy: I understand. Seemingly the coming world situation requires this.


107. Certainly.

Billy: But nevertheless, this means a quite damned danger.


108. That also is correct, and it especially indicates a very great danger for yourself and for your life, because the fewest people of Earth will understand and want to understand, that we only speak the truth and only spread the truth regarding the Israelis, and that we ourselves, as well as you, nevertheless, do

not harbor any anti-Israeli ambitions in any form regarding the people as such. 109. Only very few will understand that we only object to the murderous and false doings of this group of Earth-humans, and only have to warn the rest of mankind about this.

Billy: Naturally, but this explanation will probably not help much.


110. That may be, but a few will, nevertheless, absorb the truth.

Billy: That profits me damned much, if I go to hell in the process.


111. You can rid yourself of your duty, if you are afraid, but which you have never done before.

Billy: Of course not, because you know that I cannot simply break a given promise. On the other hand, I ask myself why you suddenly got the crazy idea that I should be afraid. Should this perhaps be a psychological trick, to keep me in line? Do you want to aim at my honor, so-to–speak, and with it also address my own feelings of honor? That would be pretty mean of you, because you know exactly that I then in . . .


112. You lose yourself in words, which you yourself do not accept. 113. And you also know, that I would never approach you with such devious thoughts.

Billy: Naturally, that would be quite new to me. I only wanted to know the depth of your thoughts. Then continue to tell me, I will remain in line, even if devil may care or not.


114. That I knew.

Billy: Then this small skirmish was superfluous.


115. Sure. 116. But listen now: 117. What I have just said I had to explain, because due to it the following could only be understood: 118. You know about the Israeli intrigues, which are established through their secret service, and are advanced or extinguished by revolutions and wars throughout the world. 119. But you also know that through the Israeli secret service assassinations, attempts on life and political murders are committed in great numbers, and that the very same secret service creates political confusions and topples governments, etc. 120. But what still is unknown to you and mankind, is this fact that in many revolutions and small wars the Israelis are directly involved and commit monstrous crimes. 121. Not only that they do not submit to the world orders regarding atomic laws, and continue to conduct nuclear tests etc., and therewith break all rules and regulations, no, they steal and rob, by murder and manslaughter, also the materials necessary for it. 122. But far worse things are carried out by the Israeli military and secret service, in that they directly meddle in revolutions and wars of other nations, and commit hundred- and thousand-fold murders. 123. This however, they do in the insidious and infamous manner, that all looks as if the directly involved ones or any sub-groups of these were the guilty ones in these cases. 124. So the Israelis are already directly meddling in the war between Iraq and Iran, the breaking out of which they also have been participating in. 125. Israeli special commandos, especially in Iraq, carry out criminal and war criminal acts and undertakings, as also Israeli bombers predominantly bombard Iraqi positions, cities and atomic and oil centers, with the assumption, that it would not be noticed, that these are direct Israeli meddlings and their cunning murders.

126. However, they deceive themselves in this regard, because we at least notice their dirty doings and let it be known to the world public.

Billy: And you are of the opinion that the people of the Earth will accept this from me, when I submit this to them or am trying to explain?


127. A small group will realize that you speak the truth.

Billy: That profits much then. Just consider that we are four billion people, who have to be convinced of the truth. Especially in the Israeli-friendly Switzerland, in Germany, France and in America, they will stoke hell-fire under me, when I spread your explanations.


128. Certainly, because in these nations especially the Israelis have made for themselves many friends in government and among the people, or they have their own people sit in authoritative governments and in the financial world.

Billy: Ah, and it is supposed to be easy for me?


129. Such a word I never uttered. 130. Neither I nor anyone else of us thinks that the task would be easy for you. 131. We also know, that your life will be harder and the dangers still greater.

Billy: Ah, now nice - but to every prayer belongs also an Amen. Right?


132. For sure.

Billy: Good, I will do what needs to be done. Trouble I am used to. But why does it have to be particularly and always these

Israelis? Already in times past they were the culprits, and today they are the culprits again.


133. And they will still continue to be the culprits in the future.

Billy: And mankind probably will not get any smarter. Then cheers.


134. Unfortunately, it will remain like this for a long time, the same as the religions will wield power over earthman and exploit him and lead him astray for a long time.

Billy: That is well known, and even this can not be changed.


135. For sure, as of now there exists no possibility to change this situation on a grand scale. 136. The possibility only exists in the manner in which you conduct it. 137. Small groups are essential, which will spread in snowball fashion. 138. But now, my friend, enough of this, because I still have to give you some important dates and facts of future events, which I cannot eplain in a few minutes. 139. So right now, I will name the next coming event, which will become known worldwide, if it fulfills itself. 140. This refers to the election of the new American president. 141. Worldwide will be expressed in this event, that the smaller evil must be chosen, consequently the present President Carter shall not continue to occupy his position. 142. For this reason the great new man, Ronald Reagan, will be American’s president. 143. A man, who due to his future actions, will align everything toward the purpose, to allow the old prophecies to be fulfilled, which will result in the fact, that slowly but surely everything on Earth will widen to a world-wide war. 144. The new president will be aggressive and bent on solving the problems by military power and armament.

145. This in contrast to his predecessor, who however is also unsuitable in his position, as we as the new president, who exhibits radical and extreme lines. 146. Contrary to the erroneous opinion of the American and the worldwide populace, Reagan does not represent the smaller but the greater evil, as the people of Earth will also experience.

147. Commenting generally on the earthly presidential elections, this is to be said, that a rather great mistake is being made, that after every 2, 3 or 4 years etc., a new presidency is always being sought, after which a new president for a nation will be chosen. 148. Every new president lives with different ambitions and emotions, but also every new president has a different character, different plans and a different illogical understanding in regard to politics etc. 149. This leads to the fact that every new president or other ruler disregards and changes the past actions of his predecessor, due to which repeatedly new errors and confusion materialize. 150. The only right way would be, that a truly good man attains to power, who is free of all those matters, which are erroneous and confusing. 151. This man would have to occupy his office as long as he is able to conduct himself in clear consciousness and without confusion. 152. In only this manner can steady and good politics in a nation be created, to unfold and become effective.

153. After the presidential election in America, the next and world-moving occurrence will be that in Italy, the next severe earthquake will take place after Al Asnam, to which close to 4,000 people will fall victim. 154. This quake will affect the areas Southwest, South and Southeast, as well as East of the volcano Vesuvius, and will also cause horrendous damages to buildings. 155. The first severe quake of great destructive power and thousand-fold death will arise toward the end of the month of November of this year, whereafter for a long time, continued new shocks of Earth will drive the people to panic, as

this will also be in Al Asnam, where the Earth also will never come to rest again completely, and daily between 50 and 80 quakes will roll through the Earth. 156. In Al Asnam the death toll is by thousand-fold higher than will be the case in Italy, but instead greater danger lies in the boot-land. 157. The severe quake around Vesuvius, namely, indicates only the beginning of a series of similar catastrophes in Italy, as well as the starting point of the coming eruption of the volcano itself, which in the not so distant future will begin its destructive work. 158. But the eruption of the volcano itself represents a sign that the third world-fire, the Third World War has come into close proximity and without a possibility of being averted, and will begin and carry out its work of destruction. 159. Two thousand years, mankind has been reminded of these coming events by the prophecies, but he only laughed about it and blew all advice to the wind. 160. But for this he must now bear the coming consequences. 161. The events in Italy are and, therefore, shall be a sign of this coming time, because from this nation the most horrendous crimes have been committed against earthly mankind since times of old, namely through Catholicism, for which especially the ‘Holy See’ is responsible. 162. Already at the beginning, when the papal seat and the Vatican in Rome were founded and called into existence, the most negative place on Earth was chosen for the residence of the Pope in unconscious manner, the City of Rome, where the State of the Vatican was formed, from which throughout nearly two thousand years, murder, enslavement, exploitation spread, the leading astray and every possible crime across the earthly world, of which even other worlds in the universe and in distant and strange galaxies were not spared this shameful, murderous and religious-deadly doing, because blameless extraterrestrial visitors, who came to Earth, were confronted with the insanity of the religion-cult of the Vatican and with it with Catholicism, and falling for this false belief and, after their return to their home world, infected the people living there with their acquired false belief, until religious wars broke out, and due to it entire planets and even gigantic galaxies were destroyed.

163. These facts mankind should seriously consider and realize therefrom how deadly the earthly religious cults are in truth. 164. And Man of Earth should also think about, why in times of old, the most negative place on Earth was unconsciously chosen for the establishment of the Vatican, and why especially from there again, as numerous times before, the sign of death is set for the world, when the volcano, Vesuvius, will spew forth its lava, and with it announce the Third World War. 165. These are facts, which would be worthwhile if Man of Earth would think about these. 166. But as usual, there will be the know-it-alls and the cult-religion-faithful, who will say, that volcano Vesuvius neither lies in or close to Rome, but near Naples. 167. These know-it-alls, however, do not know the conditions inside the Earth, as the respective scientists do not know either. 168. Therefore, they do not know that the major activity of the volcano is not situated and takes place directly underneath, but quite deep and directly under the City of Rome, as well as in those regions, which by the end of November will be shaken by the coming quakes, which are partially caused by erupted magma-, water- and gas -chambers and partially by tectonic movements. 169. This needs to be said regarding the coming quakes in Italy, that they will find their beginning at the end of November of this year and will never end.

170. But to name the coming events in chronological order, I have to deviate from it now and later come back to it again. 171. Namely, before further major quakes follow in Italy, several other and for earthly mankind weighty, or simply important and moving things will occur. 172. As the earthquake catastrophe in Italy will die down on Man’s lips, the next event will take place, which will deeply move millions of people. 173. Namely, it will happen in New York, that during the second week of December of this year, a man will be murdered with a gun, who is known by the name of John Lennon. 174. He is a musician by profession and he previously belonged to the Beatles group.

175. He will be murdered by a religious fanatic by the name of, Chapman, who suffers from insane ideas, called forth by error-religious teachings, as this occurs increasingly in extremes in America, which has lapsed into a religion-delusion. 176. A further event will occur in regard to the climate which, however, is in its preparation since October and affects especially the northern hemisphere of Earth. 177. I already explained to you previously that, as a special case, Europe will slowly turn into a swamp area. 178. But furthermore, the climate changes drastically in that icy cold will befall this region of Earth, because a new glacial period unavoidably approaches, by which the total surface contour of Earth will again be changed. 179. Already in the North, birds which are at home there all year, begin to fly to the warmer South for winter, and already within a hundred years, these feathered animals will not be at home in the North any longer. 180. Many animals, presently living in northern regions, on the other hand, also migrate toward the south, or they already begin to change their entire anatomy etc. to accommodate themselves to the newly approaching climate of the glacial period. 181. As can soon be discovered by earthly scientists, many species will begin to mutate into different forms, by which they can exist then in the new climate. 182. Thus the picture of the animal world will change again, and new faunic life-forms will populate the Earth, while Earthman also will have to submit to many changes and can not escape the newest changes. 183. The signs of the time increase steadily, while these signs, unfortunately, are always only of a negative nature. 184. These are the signs as they have been given in the prophecies of old, but to which Earthman pays no attention. 185. Many of the evil events he could have prevented, had he attentively followed the prophecies and taken them to heart. 186. However, he always disregarded these and disturbed the entire becoming and passing away of the planet as well as of all other life-forms of Earth.

187. For this the reward comes, which will be quite bitter. 188. The time has come, when all negativity gets out of hand and the prophecies begin to be fulfilled to the letter. 189. The guilty ones specifically will be held accountable and be removed, but before that they create still greater trouble. 190. Also all those will not escape their destruction, who slander us extraterrestrials and, due to their lies created about us, live in material affluence. 191. All those, who heap greedy profits due to our existence and founded false cult-religious sects, clubs and organizations, established upon lies that they are in contact with us or other extraterrestrial lifeforms, and state that we would support cult-religions, will find a miserable end, and by the hand of their own believers will die an evil death or at least be defamed. 192. Especially those deceivers will be held accountable by their believers, who steal your material and try to evaluate this to their own advantage. 193. Of these many have existed already and many will still exist in the future, but their own disgraceful conduct will cause them to fall and bring them loss.

194. Concerning additional chronological predictions for the coming months and years, is given as follows: 195. Around the time of January 19, 1981, Japan will be shaken by an earthquake, which we calculated to be about 8 points strong, according to the Richter scale know to you. 196. This quake, which despite its strength will remain without great catastrophe, serves as sign of the end of the Irani-American hostage affair. 197. On the same day, at 21:30 P.M., the American hostages should be freed which, however, will be prevented by the power of Ayatollah, Khomeini, because with it he wants to strike the departing American President, Jimmy Carter, to whom he does not want to grant the triumph. 198. For this reason, he prevents the release of the prisoners the very last moment, so that the release only occurs on January 20, 1981, at about 18:23 PM.

199. With that for the time being, the greatest criminal extortion of the Earth world ends, which however, at a later point in time, will have weighty repercussions for the Iranian people and their government. 200. At first, the Iranians will be of the erroneous opinion that, due to the criminal extortion and its consequential release of the prisoners, they have won a victory, whereafter they soon will come to realize, that with that they have purchased all kinds of iniquity and ruin. 201. But their regret and realization of their erroneous idea and of their fanaticism will come too late. 202. Especially the new U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, will show forth his power, to vengefully prosecute Iran. 203. And that will be so, as well as many other very irrational and evil matters, which lead to murder and war, a man sees to that, who works closely with President Reagan, namely a war- and intrigue-fanatic like Reagan himself, a man named, Haig, who already has stirred up much political trouble. 204. Reagan will become especially unforgiving towards Iran, when he will be closely informed about the fact, that the US-hostages had to suffer tortures, and that presently they still do. 205. As the next event in chronological order, Indonesia will be shaken by an earthquake, which claims several hundred victims, while on the same day, namely on January 24, 1981, China also will be visited again by a severe quake in the region of the Province of Sechuan. 206. There also many dead will be mourned, which must be calculated as several thousand. 207. But as usual, the Chinese authorities will declare the number of death victims to be much smaller than what corresponds to the truth. 208. Aside from such heavily weighting and sad events, also other matters occur around the world, thus also in the area of criminality. 209. But to make predictions about it in sequential manner would be senseless, as the entire criminality in all nations is rising to an extreme degree.

210. Therefore, it only pays to say something regarding such matters in chronological order, and only if the entire or greater part is of interest to the Earth population. 211. With our calculations, we not only happened upon grave criminal matters, but also upon uncountable minor ones, which are only of interest to a few people. 212. Among these minor criminal happenings some events occur again and again, which personally I find humorous, despite the criminal background. 213. Thus I have written down two happenings, which will come to pass approximately at the time of the quake in China, which I do not wish to withhold from you, just because I myself find them amusing, and because the occurrences will be so illogical, that I can not make sense of it: 214. In St. Gallen, after a longer tournee in Switzerland, an American singer named, Percy Sledge, will be defrauded by his manager, who not only steals the salary and flees with it, but also his bus and all his musical instruments. 215. The theft of the money makes sense, however, I find it amusing, that the vehicle and the musical instruments will also be stolen, with which the manager can not be anything. 216. Also incomprehensible and amusing I find, that at the Zoo in Copenhagen, a young elephant will be stolen also, at approximately the same time. 217. Despite the criminal aspects, somehow I find these happenings amusing, because they are the result only of illogic and lack of understanding. 218. But enough of this, because I have to explain other and important coming events to you. 219. It needs to be said, that immediately following the mentioned earthquake in Indonesia and China, severe floods will visit the nation of South Africa, while following this, a volcano will erupt in Iceland, which spews forth enormous masses of fiery lava. 220. This volcano, however, is situated far away from inhabited regions, wherefore no human lives and losses will have to be claimed.

221. Then follows the first political blow of U.S. President Reagan, who will affront the world with terror measures. 222. His first big actions in this regard will already become known by the end of January, 1981, and at the beginning of February, 1981, namely that he stretches forth his hand, in terms of a pact, to murderous dictatorships and regimes in smaller nations, and smoothes their way for enslavement, suppression and murder of their people. 223. The assistance in armament, which he grants these nations, will have vicious consequences. 224. Also with Russia, this new president will have a falling out, at this time, and speak harsh words, which will provoke the Russian government. 225. But this will not be enough of the American President’s absurdity because these actions only indicate the beginning of his evil time in office, during which he destroys much of the hopes of peace, which in strenuous work, since the last world war, have been established. 226. As next terror blow against mankind of Earth, Reagan will bring into play the neutron bomb, secured under his predecessor President Carter, because Reagan will want to allow this terror weapon to be stationed in Europe. 227. Consequently, Russia will speed up even more its secret armament and then bring an even more terrifying weapon into the evil play. 228. Not only for the entire world, but especially also for the American people, Reagan will conjure up very much evil. 229. One of these evils will be that he will undermine the security for the consumers of goods. 230. A large consumer-security-firm will be attacked by Reagan, whereby the security for the consumers of America will again begin to suffer, which as a consequence will show that, due to accidents, the death rates will again rise, because of Reagan’s intrigues, the security of consumer goods in construction etc. will be neglected.

Billy: You said to me years ago, that Reagan will be the true originator of the Third World War.


231. Certainly, he will be the man, who prepares the way to lay the foundation for matters, which finally lead to the third world-fire.

Billy: But which will not be carried out under Reagan’s sceptre, or?


232. No, and that is fortunate for Earth mankind. 233. Namely, if he would have the decisive word in leading this war, then the entire Earth would be destroyed.

Billy: Which probably equates to a total atomization?


234. Yes.

Billy: Then there will still be people, who hopefully recognize these matters in time.


235. This will be so, and his inglorious end is now already set, as well as that of the murderous Ayatollah Khomeini, whose end begins to approach within the first days of February of the year 1981, when he will be stricken by an incurable disease.

Billy: One murderer less will live on this world. But as a rule, usually nothing much better follows one of these.


236. Unfortunately, that is the truth, and this will still remain so for a long time.

Billy: Otherwise, the world would really come to rest.


237. Yes, and that would not please those demanding to be in power.

Billy: And that would not please these power guys.


238. Sure, but listen again: 239. Ayatollah Khomeini and his allies will play with the thought during the first months of the year 1981, that the Ayatollah should be treated by well-known physicians in Switzerland. 240. The materialization of this attempt, however, is at the moment still questionable, because no clear picture can yet be formed. 241. The brain functions of Khomeini are damaged, therefore, capricious actions and decisions are often exhibited by him, which in their final form very often can not be forecast. 242. For this reason his appearance in Switzerland can not be foretold with certainty, as also not the Pope’s journey to Switzerland, who is considering the thought of visiting your motherland by the middle of the year 1981. 243. Also with the Pope certain insecurity factors are present, which at least could postpone his journey. 244. By and large, the year 1981, generally holds very many uncertain factors, wherefore exact time frames can only seldom be given, as well as it is also not possible to predict with absolute certainty in different cases, whether a certain event will occur or not. 245. However, this relates exclusively only to events, which refer directly to individuals. 246. This only because the year 1981, especially in regard to individual events, is ruled by such individuals whose material consciousness, and with it the brain, reveal damages which lead to capricious, moody and prediction-inaccurate actions. 247. This is also the case with Prince Charles of England, who will get engaged to a certain Diana, which will lead to a marriage during the first half of the year, if these plans, due to the instability of this man, become doubtful again. 248. On the other hand, it would be good if Prince Charles would not marry this girl, because if the marriage actually takes place, this marriage will not become a happy one, especially not for Diana, who will have to suffer hard under the tyranny, lack of self-control, moodiness and other emotional outbursts of the Prince, which understandably

will be tried to be kept secret by the Royal House with all means. 249. Also in Spain, the one matter is uncertain it its conclusion, where the attempt will be made to topple the government. 250. Approximately, during the month of February, 1981, namely, as our calculations indicate, the military in that nation will again try to attain to power. 251. However, according to our calculations, this attempt at a revolutionary overthrow must fail, because the best friend of King Juan Carlos can not gain his support. 252. But here also people play an important role, whose material consciousness is not fully functional any more, and whose brain exhibits certain damages. 253. For this reason, also in this case an exact prediction is not guaranteed. 254. Extremely exact, on the other hand, are those events to be determined, which are produced on a natural basis, even if often, to a large extent, they are caused by Earthman’s errors. 255. With certainty, soon after February 20, 1981, the southern part of Greece will be shaken by a moderate type earthquake. 256. The loss of human life, however, will not be high and will be in the confines of maximally around one-quarter-hundred. 257. Truthfully, however, this quake represents only a continuation of the Earth shakings, which have their original source in Agadir and continue to Italy, where the actual heavy quakes truly begin, and through which the chain of earthquakes will not discontinue any more. 258. As explained, after Italy, Greece as the next nation will be shaken, whereby there also, as in Italy, the quakes will not end any more. 259. From Greece, the quakes travel as far as Japan, by which also Yugoslavia, South America and Russia, as well as the Balkan States and finally, Europe, will not be spared. 260. Italy will thus be the actual starting point of the great chain of lighter to most severe quakes, which as of the end of 1980 and the beginning of 1981, will shake the Earth for many years and bring death and destruction to mankind, to which Earthman himself has contributed much, to advance these quakes.

261. The beginning of this time of severe earthquakes, furthermore is connected to great climatic changes, whereby these will become noticeable already by the end of the year 1980, because of a severe winter, which brings unusual masses of snow, and which will be felt as far down as the desert of Sinai and the Sahara, whereby also large areas of Africa will suffer during the winter. 262. Thereafter wild waters will be experienced around the world, under which large areas of many nations will suffer from flooding, and which will bring death, destruction and anninilation. 263. Even the fact will bring Earthman no joy any more, when earthly astronomers unexpectedly admit, that they were in error about the entire size and expanse of the universe, and that they have discovered new galaxies of gigantic expanses at approximately the distance, from which they will assume up to that point in time that there the end of the universe would approximately be.

Billy: Aha, several therefore will have to admit their errors, but that is no more than right. But could you explain to me why you said, the end of the American President has been set already?


264. About this, I later will tell you specifics. 265. For now, I would only answer your question insofar, telling you that the life of this man is much endangered, and that already shortly after his taking on of office, enemies stand ready in the background, who want to murder him. 266. However, to speak about this now is too early, because this does not fit into our chronological sequence of listing of the coming events at this point in time. 267. Presently, I am with my explanations only in the beginning months of the year 1981. 268. Up to the middle of the year 1981 only, many matters have to be explained, which will occur and play themselves out on Earth in world-moving framework. . .


280. Therefore, the following will occur:

281. While the hard winter of 1980/1981 is still ending, it will occur with absolute certainty, that in Italy the volcano Aetna will again begin an unusual action, as has not been the case for several decades, while at the same and following time, an unusual number hijacking of planes in many nations will be carried out. 282. This will also be the time, when due to the plane hijackings many dead will be mourned, as will also be the case with adolescents, who will revolt in terroristic and anarchistic manner in many nations and will also occupy buildings. 283. This will get so out of hand, as well as neo-naziism in many nations, while for the cause of these events the governing powers of Earth themselves carry the blame. 284. A false humanitarian attitude toward adolescent terrorists, anarchists, building occupiers and the revolting ones, and an unjustified, weakened forbearance toward these, will allow them to become powerful. 285. In the case of neo-naziism, it is similar, because due to lack of insight of the governments, that the intrigues of the last world war should finally be laid to rest, neo-naziism will be resurrected with great force. 286. But the governments, film makers and mighty ones of TV will, during the coming time, increasingly commit the insanity, to depict on film the terror acts of the last world war, and make it accessible to people on Earth in movie theaters and on TV. 287. Thereby the minds of those will be excited, who are in disagreement with their governments and social order, wherefore they take the horror movies and horror documentaries as model and form and create new movements of destruction. 288. Next year already, this will happen in increasing measure, as also in 1981, while the year 1982 will bring the continuation thereof. 289. The responsible governments are blinded enough not to recognize, that these intrigues of repeating re-enactment displays of the last world war should be prohibited by every possible means, and that public information of adolescent revolts should not be permitted, while the organizations of order would have to proceed without ceremony.

Billy: Then we can expect quite a lot during the next and the year following. Only one thing is not clear to me of your explanations. Namely, while you spoke, I thought about your words before, when you said that up to the middle of the year 1981, many matters will occur, which you would still have to explain to me, before you can make further comments regarding the American President. I also have had my thoughts about this man. In doing so I discovered in my combinations that what you said 10 minutes age, has to occur before the middle of 1981, namely that the new U.S. President shall be done away with.


290. Certainly, that is correct. 291. The date and the time for this occurrence has already been set, meaning it is unavoidable, but I explained to you that I want to list the coming event chronologically. 292. But if you are so impatient, I will gladly leave out various coming events, which will still happen before the attempt on Ronald Reagan will be carried out.

Billy: Are these of such great importance? What are these about?


293. These are to be placed in proper order with the earthquakes which, however, are only occasionally of importance, especially the continuing quakes which will happen in Italy and Greece. 294. In addition, several greater criminal-murderous facts need to be mentioned, especially a great murder series in America which will rouse the world to indignation, because of the killing of about 30 black children by the middle of 1981, while this figure will only be the official statement. 295. In truth, the number of murdered, however, will be much more horrible. 296. This case will move the entire world, whereby several other same or similar cases will find only random interest, among which an occurrence of similar nature will also happen in England.

Billy: These matters do not seem to be too important, because on this world they are occurrences which, for a long time already, practically belong to the order of the day. Man simply acknowledges these, says in pretended indignation and sympathy, ‘terrible, terrible,’ and with that the matter for him is settled and forgotten. He does not waste his thoughts on it, because the matter does not personally concern him. Only greater events like earthquakes, wars, attempts on the life of public figures, volcano eruptions, floods, droughts, epidemics, atom bombs and new deadly technical discoveries etc. make a greater impression on a very few, but as a rule even these few do nothing about it, because also for them, finally, all events are too far away and do not touch them directly. Therefore also with them everything is soon forgotten. . .

Billy: That is not so, because greater and worldwide events, even if these notions are only momentary, could be made public to the information media and brought to Man’s attention. And as you mention these events to me already long before their occurrence, carious people will reflect on it, and due to this perhaps change their mind for the better.


298. That is logical. 299. Good, then I will give you the necessary information regarding the President of America. 300. On March 30, at 21:45 P.M. before the Hilton Hotel the event will happen in the city where he is speaking, where the President will be shot down by a student, named John Hinckley. 301. Ronald Reagan will suffer a shot in the lung, from which via surgery, the bullet will be removed. 302. His injury will not place his life in direct danger, while the life of several of his escorts, however, will be in direct danger, one of them a security officer and Reagan’s press speaker.

Billy: Aha, and which time do you mean by 21:45 P.M.? Is this according to American or to our time?


303. The time mentioned corresponds to Central European time, and pertains particularly to the changed time.

Billy: That I do not understand.


304. But you know, that the so-called summer time plays a great role in the nations of Europe.

Billy: Naturally, but Switzerland wisely has excluded itself therefrom for about 40 years.


305. Surely, but during the year 1981, it will again be reinstated.

Billy: This could not be true. That is sheer idiocy, because such a change only creates horrendous additional financial expenditures and in addition, absolutely no energy savings, as the super-smart envision.


306. Unfortunately, that is correct, but the illogic in Earthman up to now, has never stopped short of the dumbest stupidity.

Billy: You have spoken a true word there.


307. Shall I now continue to tell you?

Billy: Naturally, because I still do not understand several things. You said that already shortly after Reagan taking office, background enemies will stand ready to murder him. Now you just mentioned that by a single man only, a student he would be shot down. Has the danger for the President not past with that, and what is not clear to me particularly, whether or not he still dies after the operation due to his injury. In this regard you did not express yourself clearly, because you mentioned that the bullet injury is not directly life threatening.


308. As usual, you are quick of hearing. 309. I actually only spoke about the direct gunshot injury, which the American President, Ronald Reagan, will have to suffer, but which during an operation of several hours can again be removed. 310. The man’s state of health after the operation will be satisfactory, however, several complications will set in, which require a second operation. 311. Only thereafter the recovery of the President will begin, when after a two-week period, he will be able to carry on his duties. 312. During his recovery period, the security services will find out that the perpetrator will be a single man, that he, however, proves to have contact to other elements, who are willing to kill the President. 313. In this regard, several arrests of suspects will be undertaken which, however, will not lead the security services any further. 314. For this reason, the man will continue to be in danger, because other elements before his election for President, will position themselves against him and harbor the thought to kill him, for which he runs risk to fall victim to another attempt on his life.

Billy: The absolute possibility exists then that he will yet be done away with and leaves this Earth plane?


315. In fact this danger is quite acute, despite the tightening of security measures after the attempt on his life. 316. In this reference, however, I will explain the most important data at a later point in time. 317. For now, the fact is that this President Reagan will be powerful one, who will shake the world peace heretofore so laboriously preserved, because as power-individual he has been of the erroneous opinion from the beginning, that by the use of power, intrigue and force he could solve all problems. 318. Already for a long time, this man lives in the delusion, that America would have to become the most powerful and all-ruling military power,

so that after his taking on of office, he will try to make this illusory idea reality, for which every evil means will be right for him to realize his erroneous plans.

Billy: In another explanation you mentioned that Reagan practically will be the sign for the coming down-fall.


319. Certainly, because he will be the powerful one, who will shake the laboriously maintained and very doubtful world peace, for which all his predecessors have labored. 320. With that he sets an evil sign for the beginning of the destructions following on the entire Earth, which will be caught up in a third world-fire. 321. According to his erroneous doings, everything in the entire world will rapidly align with terror and anarchism, because those led astray will see a means in his hunger for power and his tyranny, by which they could reach their own confused and unreal goals. 322. Even on the so-called average citizens this will have its effects which, especially in Switzerland, will be horribly expressed to the extent, that criminality rapidly rises at a terrifying rate and whereafter, during the month of April 1981 alone, as many murders on human beings will be committed in your homeland, as will be the case during the entire year of 1980.

Billy: Ha? You mean that in April of 1981, in Switzerland as many murders will be committed, as during the entire year of 1980 in total?


323. That I explained.

Billy: Man, oh man, that could become interesting.


324. These are only additional following signs of the coming and slowly approaching downfall. 325. But the signs after the recovery of the U.S. President will rapidly increase, because soon thereafter criminal elements in prison will try to receive a political status.

326. IRA-prisoners, murderers and other dangerous criminals will try to extort the British government via hunger strikes to effectively become political prisoners. 327. The British, however, will remain unyielding, whereafter, in the first days of May 1981, the first criminal hunger striker will die, as this will also happen in Germany weeks before, where the same method will be used by anarchistic criminals to extort the government. 328. But there also the hunger strike of one criminal will lead to his death, as in the case of the criminal, Bobby Sands, who as the first IRA-criminal, will die of hunger after which, only a few days later, the next striker will follow him into death. 329. But all this is only the beginning of woes of the approaching ruin and destruction in the year 1981, whereby the Earth will be visited by an extremely vicious third world war. 330. This has already begun to roll without stopping, that it could hardly be prevented any longer. 331. We will do everything that is permitted, to lessen the coming catastrophe, however, we can not prevent it, because we are not authorized to directly interfere in the insane doings of earthmen and their governments. 332. For this reason, we also cannot prevent or lessen the attempts on lives of so-called high ranking personalities, to which heads of state and their ministers fall victim, while regarding these matters, as usual, Italy will play the leading role due to the criminal organization, ‘Red Brigades’. 333. But the members of this criminal political organization in particular are, ill-fatedly, strictly believing Catholics, and they especially will suffer a hard blow on May 13, 1981, which should cause them to consider. 334. Namely, when their so-called spiritual head will be severely injured, due to an attempt on his life sought by a Turkish murderer. 335. But also in . . .

Billy: You mean, that the Pope will be shot dead by a murderer already marked?


336. He will be perilously injured in the attempt on his life, but I will report about that to you later, because before this occurs several other matters happen which, at least, should cause the people in Europe to reflect. 337. It will happen that, by the end of April 1981 and during the first days of May 1981, in Austria and in fact in Vienna, a head of state will be shot, while thereafter in Germany, a minister will be robbed of his life by gun shots.

Billy: And who are these two?


338. Their names are not important and for certain reasons, I presently am not allowed to mention their names.

Billy: Then leave it.


339. For that reason you also carry less of a burden. 340. But continue to listen: 341. You know the truth about the Israelis and about the Zionists in particular. 342. Due to Reagan’s insane politics, the Israelis, who want to gain world dominion by all means, will be induced to reveal their true face. 343. Especially the criminal and head of state, Begin, will betray the true Israeli intent, and will try to vilely slander the German politicians with lies and intrigues, and he will do this already before the attempt on the life of the Pope will occur, and before in France the new President, named, Mitterand, will be elected, who also pursues a policy, which leads toward the destruction of the nation and the Earth, as will be the case with the American President Reagan. 344. Only, that the new French President will handle these matters differently than Reagan.

Billy: You mean that the Israelis, during the year 1981, will admit to their intrigues?


345. Sure, and that with absolute certainty. 346. At this point in time, the Germans will finally realize that their reparation attempts, up to that hour, have been totally wrong and that with Israel they have nursed a deadly breed of snakes at their bosom. 347. A brood of snakes of a particularly poisonous kind, who harbored the one and only aim to forcefully pull everything into their possession whichever they can get their hands on by lying, cheating and intrigues, which has been the case for thousands of years. 348. Perhaps, those responsible ones in Germany and in the other nations of the Earth, will finally recognize the truth, namely that the Israelis, since times of old, pursued this murderous method, to make drunk those to-be-extorted in pretended friendship, in order to butcher and eliminate them in their drunken stupor.

Billy: Th those quick of hearing and honestly knowing and searching ones, this was already known for thousands of years.


349. Certainly, but to only those. 350. The know-it-alls and phantacisers never wanted to see this factual truth. 351. Perhaps, the Israeli intrigues during the year of 1981, will finally bring about a change.

Billy: This is not certain yet? I mean that a change will take place?


352. No, unfortunately, not, even if this should be the case, the Israelis will still gain the upper hand. 353. This also is the sign for the fact that the Pope in Rome soon begins to join plots with this criminal wat-to-be-nation, by which the Pope will be dumb enough not to recognize, that he also is only exploited as a means to an end for the dark and criminal plans of the Israelis. 354. And now, I briefly have to jump ahead in the chronology of events, because something will be planned, particularly in connection with Begin’s defamation

of the German politicians, which will reveal the true face and the true intent of the Israelis even more crassly, than the insult against the Germans: 355. Already after the attempt on the life of the Pope, the Israelis will commit another world-provoking crime. 356. Namely, when Begin will insult the German politicians, he will do so for this reason, calculating that he would be seen as a strong man, who can afford to act in this criminal manner. 357. Due to his vile conduct, several reprimanding voices will be heard in various nations, but they truly are not to be taken seriously. 358. Secretly, namely, Menuhin Begin will be admired and supported by those reprimanding him, whereby he will feel strong enough, to drive his insults toward the Germans to the utmost in order to gain votes in his country. 359. These insults, of course, are based only on vicious lies, but they are well calculated and aimed toward one purpose, to keep secret the next and at that point in time already planned crime; namely, to lead a war-like offensive blow under the pretense of defense, against the nation of Iraq, while approximately during the time between June 7. And 9. 1981, the nation of Iraq will be criminally attacked and bombarded by the Israeli Air force, whereby their target of destruction will be an atomic power plant under construction.

Billy: Ha, naturally the responsible ones of several nations wil again feign to be excited, to continue the false pretense.


360. Unfortunately, so it will be in this case.

Billy: The Zionists could then still reach their goal, because as usual the Israelis, due to falsely induced pity, reparations, and due to false humanitarian acts, they continue to carry on in their murderous doings and their mania to gain world dominion. They actually live up to their true name: Hebrews (Hebreaer). As I know, this

designation originates from the ancient Lyran language and means, gypsy, but while this translation is not correct, because actually, Hebrew, in the ancient language, that is the Lyran, it is Hebraer and not Hebraeer (Hebrew). But Hebraer means the cast-out or the cast-out scum.


361. Certainly, that is correct, but now listen to what I have to report to you in chronological order, and already have mentioned. 362. Pope John Paul II. Will be seriously injured by an attempt on his life, which also leads to the already mentioned insecurity, whether he carries out his journey to Switzerland or not. 363. From the health point of view, this journey would be quite possible after the attempt on his life, but from the calculations is not discernible whether those, who are responsible for this journey to Switzerland, will approve of it or not at the given point in time. 364. The greatest probability is that the journey will be canceled or postponed. 365. For the attempt on the life of the Pope, a multiple murderer of Turkish nationality named, Ahmed Ali Akca, will have to shoulder the responsibility, who will fire several shots at the Pope and severely injure him. 366. Although the injury will be severe, the Pope survives the attempt on his life and the following quick operation. 367. According to our calculations, this event will occur between the time of May 12 to 14, whereby May 13, 1981, about 17:17 P.M. shows the greatest probability. 368. The Pope, and that is certain, will survive, but while only a short week-span later, the Pope’s bosom friend, Cardinal Wyszynski, in Poland, will end his life who, for many years until then, has conducted his sectarian regime there. 369. The Cardinal’s death will occur approximately at the same time, when the President-Reagan-perpetrator will commit his unsuccessful suicide attempt with medication.

Billy: Ah, so that one wants to do away with himself.


370. With certainty, but the attempt will remain such, as I explained 371. Only few days after these occurrences, the nation of Iran will be in line, to excite the interest of the public world again.

Billy: Aha, probably this Khomeini will act up again?


372. Seemingly this will be so, because he will instigate the Iranian people against the leadership, this time against President, Bani-Sadr, who as a political moderate will take over this role in Iran. 373. This means he will not pursue the murderous line of the insane Ayatollah and in so doing will slowly fall into disgrace with him and the people. 374. His overthrow will occur at the time between June 10 and 15, 1981, while he is forced to flee. 375. The Iranian people and an executioner will rebel against him and demand his death.

Billy: Thus the usual action of criminal minors and irresponsible ones.


376. For sure. 377. This event in Iran will not be the only one at this point in time, because only hours after the attack on President, Bani-Sadr, a severe earthquake in the South of that nation will claim 7,000 victims.

Billy: And where does this quake happen?


378. According to our calculations, in the region of Kerman, an area you know very well.

Billy: Yes, several times I was there and also stayed for a longer period of time.


379. I know about that. 380. But now listen gain, because a third occurrence will follow the two previously mentioned, while this, however, will take place in England. 381. This event will be the sign indicating, that the prophecies about England, you have written down and have received from PETALE, will begin to fulfill themselves in their first phases.

Billy: This could only refer to the attempt on the Queen’s life, as you once mentioned to me would be such a sign of the time, which shall be the fundamental start of the beginning fulfilments of the prophecy.


382. Your ability to remember, as usual, is excellent. 383. Yes, only a short time after the severe earthquake in Iran, the English Queen will be attacked by a youth not quite 20 years old, while the Queen, however, does not suffer any harm and gets away with only a shock. 384. This because the gunshot of the youth will only be loaded with fake ammunition.

Billy: You mean the attacker’s canon only contains blank cartridges?


385. Surely.

Billy: That I do not understand.


386. That has its particular reasons, which shall not be mentioned publicly.

Billy: That is okay.


387. Around June 18 to 19, 1981, the Israeli president will register his first results in reference to his cunning attacks on the

atomic power plant in Iraq, because the pretense-accusations of various nations will result in no sanctions imposed against Begin and Israel, which provokes him to insult the German politicians again as criminals and being responsible for the anti-semitic doings during the last world war, while this time, he will go as far as making the entire German populace liable for it.

Billy: Typical.


388. Sure, but listen again to what will take place: 389. During the month of June, 1981, a severe earthquake in Iran, in the Kerman area, will claim approximately 1,300 victims, whereafter approximately on June 28, a bombing attempt on the Iranian cabinet in Tehran is carried out. 390. The result will be about 70 people dead, whereby the Khomeini-adhering mass-murderer, the executioner Khalkali, will be killed. 391. Only one month later, on July 28, Iran again will be shaken by a severe quake, again in the district of Kerman, but which this time claims close to 7,200 victims, while several cities and villages will be leveled. 392. Only shortly after the attack in Tehran, another severe quake will shake the Philippines. 393. This quake will be connected to a volcanic eruption, to which approximately 130 lives fall victim.

Billy: During this time alone, a lot will happen. Presumably, the insane of Ghom, Khomeini, will again start his mass executions according to what you said regarding Iran.


394. Unfortunately, this will actually be the case, because many hundreds will again fall victim to the insanity of this man.

Billy: How could it be different with such a degenerate.


395. Unfortunately, this is true.

. 396. But listen again: 397. I reported to you already about the to be expected severe quakes in China, especially in the Sechuan area. 398. After the previously mentioned events, this Chinese earthquake region will experience severe floods, while the count of dead will run up to about 4,700 people. 399. This will also be the time, during which the murderous and criminal Israeli President, Menuhin Begin, will be reaffirmed in his office, whereafter he immediately will order new murderous attacks on the neighboring nations to be carried out. 400. This time, bombing attacks on the Lebanese capital will be on the plan which, after several Israeli Air force attacks, will mourn hundreds of dead ones. 401. The result of the power-hungry insanity of the Israelis, and additional proof that this pretense-nation could practically undertake everything under the protection of their powerful allies of larger and smaller nations around the Earth, because the leaders of these nations are blind to the real and world-dominion grabbing plans of the Israelis.

Billy: When will these dumb ones finally wake up and see the truth?


402. Unfortunately, this will still take quite a long time.

Billy: Okay, continue.


403. Until and from the end of June 1981 on, again two facts occur in your homeland, Switzerland, which are worth mentioning. 404. In the first half of the year 1981, namely, it will happen in Switzerland, similar to the murder cases, that the cases of drug deaths in the first six months of the year increase in to such an extent that until the end of June 1981, there will be as many as in the entire year of 1980. 405. From the middle of July, Switzerland will be haunted by terrorists who, due to a string of bombing attacks, will frighten and terrify the citizens of several cities and places and

whereby, unfortunately, people also suffer damage, not to mention the million-fold property damages.

Billy: Switzerland has to expect quite a lot then, to which I like to mention, that the entire population, and especially the government, carry the greatest blame, if these matters actually take place. The indifference of the Swiss people and their government just make such things possible, but also the wrong legislation and the false humanitarian attitude.


406. That is absolutely right, but this is not only the case in Switzerland, but in all nations of Earth, where the same events can occur. 407. These matters, however, are not only known to us, but also to every thinking Earth citizen, who analyses the true facts.

Billy: That is clear, but in spite of it, especially these do not want to acknowledge the truth.


408. That also corresponds to truth, but now let me continue to mention important events, which will take place in the future, affecting the entire world. 409. To you these coming events are partially known, but in certain parts only in a few details. 410. Regarding Iran, the end of Khomeini is known to you, which basically begins with the overthrow of Bani-Sadr. 411. The bombing attacks, as I already explained to you, which will transport many close friends of the insanity-dictator out of this life, represent only the actual beginning of the irrevocable ruin. 412. After the first attack in Tehran, during which the Persian executioner and many governing officials will die, soon a second one follows, which will snuff out the life of the President and one of his ministers.

Billy: Ah, I once calculated that this man, this President, is called, Ratsaj, or similar. Is that correct?


413. Your calculation was accurate, although not complete. 414. In any case, he will find his death due to another bombing attack. 415. Due to this act, the political picture will change again, and new mass executions will reveal Persia’s bloody way, which is dictated by the insanity-dictator, Khomeini. 416. The following mass executions in Iran now will not remain n the framework of 1,000, but will number in the thousands, while even children are not spared, but are shot in the street by the tyrant’s snatchers, who call themselves, Revolutionary Guards. 417. But this means, that at this point in time, an underground civil- and fraternal war has already erupted, of which Bani-Sadr will be the instigator and inceptor, who will establish a resistance movement in France.

Billy: Crazy, because Bani-Sadr, as you said, could be considered an ally of Khomeini himself, as he also was exiled with him in France during the past years.


418. That is correct, only this time Bani-Sadr will not be for Khomeini any longer, but against him, while he will prepare the way for everything to have him murdered..

Billy: This could be the third attempt on someone’s life?


419. Your question confuses me.

Billy: I mean, first an attempt on President Reagan’s life will be carried out, after that one on the Pope, after which a third attempt should follow in the course of only a few months, if I am oriented corectly.


420. You mix up the facts, because Khomeini’s death does not take place in the mentioned space of time, as you know, because this event will occur later.

Billy: Pardon me, naturally. I confuse things. But on whom is the third attempt being made?


421. I would have mentioned this, if you had not interrupted me.

Billy: That was not my intention.


422. This attempt will be made on the President of Egypt, actually during a military parade, if the supposition for is does not change. 423. On Tuesday, October 6, 1981, on the honor platform of the military parade square, Abassija in Cairo, Sadat will be attacked and killed by members of the Army themselves. 424. Close to 10 or 12 dead will be mourned due to the murder attack, while several attackers will be killed in addition by the defense powers. 425. Several diplomats and an ecclesiastical dignitary, who also will be on the imperfectly secured honor platform, do not escape the attack and will be implicated. 426. The attack will be carried out by members of the Egyptian Army, who belong to the movement of the ‘Army for Egyptian Freedom’ and the Moslem Brotherhood, but who as well are on the payroll of the Libian and crazy dictator, Ghaddafi. 427. The actual cause of everything, however, originates in Israel. 428. The mighty of Israel, namely, Menuhin Begin, will be the actual instigator of the murder of Sadat, who will assume the mighty and insidious murderer unto his death to be a good friend, but who Begin truthfully is not. 429. Already now Sadat is to much aligned toward an honest peace, according to Begin and for Begin’s purposes not yielding enough, wherefore Begin will have him murdered, while he will have

unrecognized Israeli secret agents standing in the rows of Ghaddafi’s as well as in the freedom armies of the Moslem Brotherhood, who work toward this purpose. 430. Namely Ghaddafi, who is dumb, but claims to be knowing, the Moslem Brotherhood and the Freedom Army nevertheless are clever enough to know, that Israeli secret agents exist in their ranks presently, and already for a long time, and conduct their scandalous actions in alignment with Begin. 431. Begin namely, a man full of vileness, falsehood, lies, intrigues and thoughts of murder, needs to have the Egyptian President murdered, because this one does not fit into his criminal world-dominion plans. 432. But Sadat, in his blind confidence, nevertheless, is very goal-oriented and unyielding, wherefore Begin hopes that a non-goal-oriented man will become Sadat’s successor, when he has this one murdered.

Billy: Can one do nothing about this either to prevent all this?


433. In this exceptional case a try by visiting him is allowed you, if you want to do this. 434. But you will not be able to change anything, this you have to realize. 435. How difficult it always is for you to remain silent and to wait without doing anything about it, I know. 436. But do not be disappointed.

Billy: I will write Sadat a letter to warn him. I only hope that he will truly receive it.


437. I see to that and will ask Quetzal for his help, because as of next spring, I will be absent for some time. 438. But your visit to Sadat should not take place sooner than is safe for your security. 439. July 28, 1981, would be a suitable date for this purpose, and your visit could be carried out unhindered. 440. This date I calculated in advance, because I know your reactions quite well and wanted to submit this suggestion to you anyway.

441. You can then speak to the President for some time, so you do not need a letter. 442. Quetzal will take care of it that you can see and speak with the President for about 20 minutes undisturbed and unseen. 443. Be aware however, that your visit to Sadat can have severe consequences, because he will try to prevent the unavoidable, inasmuch as he will order a well-organized wave of arrests to be carried out in the ranks of any opponents within his reach. 444. This as a result of your explanations.

Billy: This would be good, then the culprits would be captured before they could attack.


445. You think illogically, because what must happen will happen. 446. The coming event can not be changed any more.

Billy: I would like to try in spite of it.


447. You know this is impossible, but you actually have to experience it another time, although you know the inescapable and unchangeable truth. 448. Sometimes you are quite peculiar in these matters despite your substantial knowledge.

Billy: I know, because everything presumably hits me in the pit of my stomach. To know future events is damned difficult, especially when one has to keep silent about it. And in addition, damn it somehow I like Sadat and for that reason I feel shifty and quite dishonest.


449. Certainly, but nothing can be changed about it. Sorry.

Billy: I know, and it will probably remain so, because Man on Earth will presumably not change quickly and accept the truth, so that changes for the better could be brought about, I mean.


450. Despite this fact, certain attempts should be made to change the approaching and seemingly unavoidable events for the positive, but about which you are not allowed to speak, because the success would then become questionable. 451. Toward the end of the ear 1983 or around the beginning of spring of 1984, we plan to set up an effective peace meditation for the benefit of the Earth and her people and events, in which the populace of Erra and many members of our Federation will participate, meaning a total number of human beings, encompassing more than 3.5 billion, by which gigantic power is generated, which shall influence the human beings on the Earth and their actions, and with that also their events. 452. Due to this effort, the mind of Earth humanity should be changed toward the positive and promote peace and solve all political confusions, which should also lead to the result that Russia and many other nations will be freed of dictatorship. 453. This then has been composed and ordered to be carried out by the High Council, who have found a way of interference in earthly matters in this regard according to a certain cosmic clause. 454. In connection with the effects of the peace efforts, the inhuman wall shall fall then, which separates Germany into two different states and the nation shall be united again. 455. All of your group members shall participate in this peace meditation, by which the power and initiative of every group member is decisive, as well as the assistance of additional people of the Earth, who will join you voluntarily. 456. In this reference, you are allowed to speak about the peace meditation and its purpose toward peace, however, not about the matters I just explained to you. 457. If you should not act according to this order and not keep silent, then all efforts would be endangered and the results, to be expected to occur from 1987 on, would not take place, or would even be turned into something negative.

Billy: You have ideas. Naturally, I will sit on my mouth. - But - you envision that the dictatorships on the Earth will come to an end during the next decade, and that the East German wall will be torn down?


458. That is certain as can be, even if a Third World War will continue to threaten, besides many other terrible events of various types. 459. If we diligently and systematically as well as regularly carry out the peace meditations, the result has to show forth, so that from the year 1987 on, matters will begin to change toward the positive. 460. However, only by the year 1988, the first tangible and concrete results will be recognizable which, within the shortest period of time will gain solidity, that during the year of 1989, the first major changes begin, but which will only reach a temporary peak period in 1990.

Contact 150 dated OCT. 10, 1981

Contact Report 150


70. The next event which soon will occur, this time will be of a less sensational manner, and pertain to the Israeli political murderer, Moshe Dayan, who will die of natural causes within a few days, counted as of today. 71. Thereafter, in many places of the Earth, occasional earthquakes will be registered again, which are precursors lining up to the major earthquake catastrophe, about which, however, should not be talked yet. 72. The next sensational event will occur in Sweden on October 28th. 73. A submarine of the U.S.S.R. will have to be raised by the Swedish Navy, because the submarine is engaged in spying in the Swedish waters. 74. Due to carelessness of the navigators, the submarine will be in distress at sea, after which the Swedish Navy will rescue it and take it in tow. 75. In and of itself, this would be a minor political trifle, but the fact that the submarine will carry atomic weapons on board, will be made public, which will cause a substantial political whirlwind.

76. Only on November 6, a preliminary end will be set for this event, when on this day the submarine of the U.S.S.R. will be directed out of the Swedish territorial waters. 77. On October 31st, Switzerland will be stirred by an uproar, because in Kaiseraugst, a demonstration will be staged, numbering 20,000 people, which is a large scale event according to Swiss proportions. 78. This demonstration will protest against the construction of an atomic power plant which, despite all protests of the citizens, will be approved of by the Swiss governmental authorities, which has to be equated with a criminal act against the people, the nation, culture, and fauna and flora, like every other construction of such type, who never have the legal right to even be discussed....

Quetzal: 108. Up to November 29th, nothing of great significance will occur worldwide, if one ignores the unnecessary screams about Poland. 109. However, November 29th will produce an event again, which will be exaggerated by the newspapers of humanity, although the event is a very natural one. 110. On this day, in America namely, the movie star, Natalie Wood, will be fished out dead from the ocean, where she will drown in a drunken state, after a marital quarrel. 111. After that, nothing of significance happens, until in Poland, the point is finally reached which brings matters to a peak again. 112. A general Jaruzelski will issue marshal law for the nation, in order to bring an end to the destructive doings, going on for many years, of great masses of the people and the political-revolutionary union, the leader of which is Lech Wallesa. 113. As usual, Earth humanity will not see the truth of this matter, wherefore they will elect a radical party and scream for false humanism. 114. But that these leaders in truth want to seize the power in the land, shy away from work, and that due to evil force, they have neglected the entire land and have driven the entire population into need and misery, into hunger and into financial ruin, no one wants to see and recognize that. 115. Thus, it will come as it must which, unfortunately, will claim many human victims.

116. But the existing force of a great portion of the people and the solidarity of the union in Poland can again only be broken by force. 117. Unfortunately the western world, in its humanitarian delusion will unjustifiably also be siding with Poland, due to which especially the Polish Army leaders and the leaders of the U.S.S.R. will be unjustly sanctioned another time. 118. The true meaning of humaneness, unfortunately, has been lost to Earth Man for a long time already, wherefore here totally wrong politics will be practiced another time, in which the truth is totally misinterpreted and the fallible ones are placed into an unjust and incorrect light, thus namely the solidarity of the union and those labor-shirking members, whose greed for money and power knows no boundaries. 119. The western nations and people, however, do not want to see this truth, wherefore they, in misunderstood humanism, will see the fault in the leadership of Poland and Russia who, in this case, truly are not guilty of the problem. 120. Not lastly, but first of all, for this false humanism and anti-propaganda against the regimes of Poland and Russia the American President Reagan is to blame, who behaves like a small boy in his office and will issue dangerous sanctions again Russia and Poland. . .

Quetzal: 124. A lot of storm is brewing there: 125. All of Europe and great portions of America will be flooded by enormous masses of water and will cause damages in billions of dollars as well as claim a mass of human lives. 126. Especially Switzerland, Germany, England, France and America will have to suffer due to enormous masses of water, which will bury and destroy much, but which will only be a small portion of what the winter of this year will cause. 127. In addition to enormously severe snowfalls, the clouds will also open up and cause great amounts of rain to freeze to ice, which also is a sign that unusual cold spells are to be expected, which mankind has only experienced rarely in such regions,

or hardly ever when nature causes such in a natural manner. 128. However, all the events of this winter, those that have passed and those yet to come, are not based on natural occurrences, but are the result of Earth Man’s outrageous absurdity towards nature etc. 129. In certain areas, the temperature will drop down to 600 Celsius and more below zero and turn everything into ice. 130. However, the average degrees of cold in Europe and in certain areas of America will be between 300 and 400 Celsius below zero, which means as much as death and destruction for many human lives and animals as well as plant cultures. 131. And these cold spells will not stop short of the more southern regions, while especially the American vacationers paradise will suffer extremely hard due to the destruction and cold. 132. But Australia will also have to suffer, especially due to a severe drought, but as well as due to great floods. 133. Yet all this does not indicate the end or the satisfaction of winter, as partially also, at this time, quite malicious earthquakes will occur, in which America specifically will be the nation, where most of the earthquakes will happen, besides North Africa, Italy, Oceania and Japan as well as China and Russia. 134. All nations of the Earth will practically be shaken by minor and more severe quakes, while many-a-place volcanic eruptions will be caused thereby, which also are caused by human senseless doings in regard to the destruction of Earth, while, during the last past years, the atom bomb tests specifically have contributed to the cause of these events to the greatest extent. 135. The end of the winter, which will bring along other evil happenings, will also claim many human lives and material losses again as, due to the melting of snow, enormous avalanches will roll down and destroy much, but enormous floods from the melting snow will occur as well as rock and mud slides, which will destroy much and of which Switzerland will also not be spared.

136. Yet such events will already come about, before even the middle of winter has been reached. . .

Quetzal: 154. Namely, quite a lot will go on yet, however, due to the sun-star-constellations during the month of March 1982, no influences are caused when all planets of the SOL-system are circling on one side of the Earth and thus are located at a short angle on one side of the Sun. 155. All these heavenly bodies, in fact are too distant from the Earth to even have the minutest influence in direct manner on the Earth and her lifeforms. 156. And as you well know, occurrences of change of the central sun frequencies and central sun radiations can only occur, and which only prove to be of astrological value which means that, as purely neutral central sun powers, they will only be of changeable value for those lifeforms, who know how to use these in negative or positive manner.

Billy: That is clear to me, but while we are talking about heavenly bodies, I would have a question regarding Saturn. As you know, the American space probe ‘Voyager’ is travelling past Saturn and sends photos to Earth. With that, the scientists will again be astonished, as already with Jupiter, because without a doubt, they will have to see on the photos that this not fully matured pygmy-sun is circled by more moons than has been assumed up to now. As far as I know, up to today it is maintained that Saturn would have only 10 or 12 moons, although truthfully there are 29 of them, if I do not count the adonids, I would be interested to know if all these moons will be discovered by probes and by the transmitted photos.

Quetzal: 157. This will be so - and some more. 158. As you were already able to notice on your big journey, at the very place, 29 moons circle around Saturn, which actually have to be considered a such. 159. With approximately 15 years, these should be discovered in their total number by probes.

160. They will probably not be that many and more, which can be discovered up to this number, because since your journey to Saturn, earthly scientists have discovered several additional moons, but which you probably missed in the course of the last few years. 161. After the discovery of the moons around Jupiter, the scientists are counting on finding several undiscovered moons also around Saturn, nevertheless, there will still be a surprise for them.

Billy: You think about the adonids?

Quetzal: 162. That is correct. 163. These miniature planets, called adonids, as you say correctly, are so small, that from the Earth they can not be noticed and seen, at least not for the time being, because the necessary instruments to do so do not exist yet. 164. A great portion of these miniature planets will certainly be registered by various probes, which will cause some confusion among the scientists.

Billy: I can easily envision that, because it is a substantial number, which circles Saturn - besides the few small wandering adonids, which only pass by the planet from time to time, I can fully understand that they are not visible from the Earth, because on the average they prove to have a diameter of only approximately 10 to 15 kilometer, if I remember correctly and what Ptaah and Semjase explained to me during the year 1975.

Quetzal: 165. That is correct, but it also should be known to you where these adonids came from and how they got to Saturn.

Billy: Naturally, at that time, Semjase said that the miniature moons would be larger pieces from the exploded planet, Malona, the rotational course of which was between Mars and Jupiter, before it was destroyed and torn to thousands of pieces by an explosion, caused by unreasonable human beings living there. While the greatest portion

of the destroyed planet circles the sun as Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, a few small groups of adonids have separated themselves and, due to the expansion forces of the planet’s explosion, were thrust into space, while a larger group of those came into the gravitational field of Saturn which, since then holds them as miniature moons, which means also, that these are not actual moons of the incomplete sun-planet, but are only immigrated foreign bodies of adonid-size, while the actual number of Saturn moons only totals 29.

Quetzal: 166. That is correct, but this shall suffice, as I still have to explain other matters to you: 167. The time following the event mentioned last will bring the a short rest periods from great and greatest occurrences. 168. These catastrophes of nature also are kept in a small framework, as besides some earthquakes and floods, not much will take place, except in China and Japan as well as in Mexico, where a more severe quake will be noticeable with human losses. 169. In addition, during the month of May, Europe will be in line in this regard, while Germany specifically will be the central point, however without any damage. 170. On the other hand, winter will once more occur in various European areas when Man will assume, that it has already passed. 171. Up to approximately May 10, namely, snow will fall again in Switzerland, in Germany and in other European nations, after spring had already shot forth its splendor of flowers which, however, will not cause grave damages. 172. By the end of April or the beginning of May, the Pope of Rome will again squander the funds of his believers, because he will again embark upon an extremely expensive journey to visit various nations, which will cost many millions of dollars. 173. Thus he will also visit Portugal, where he will hypocritically announce, that the Madonna of Fatima has protected him, so that he survived the attempt carried out on his life.

174. But with this deceitful fraudulent assertion, which he will be fully aware of and betraying the believer, he will kindle hatred in a Catholic Priest, believing differently, who will try to attack him with a dagger weapon and try to kill him which, however, will be thwarted by the security organization, before the priest will even be able to get into direct proximity of the Pope. 175. After his stay in Portugal, the Pope will move on to England, which will be considered to be a sensation because, since the British Anglo-American Church split off from Rome, no Pope has troubled himself in this manner about the English Church. 176. The entire journey of the Pope to England in truth does not serve a newly fraternizing of the Roman and Anglican Church and Christian-uniting relations, as the Pope will deceitfully announce, because firstly he is concerned about his personal image which he wants to stabilize and expand and on the other hand, he is interested to bring the Anglican Church under the sovereignty of the Roman Papal See via intriguing plottings.

Billy: I think that the present Pope is a repulsive, deceitful, hypocritical and sneaky pulpit creep, leading the people astray intentionally, who only wants to lead an easy life and create a great name for himself. When I think about other Popes in this regard, I have to say that various ones among them at least believed what they said and did, while this Pope is only play-acting, although he is a damn-bad actor.

Quetzal: 177. Your words are correct point-blank, but this Pope will not carry on his evil doings much longer. 178. Due to his criminal actions, namely, he also has already pre-determined his end, about which I presently do not wish to state any data. 179. It is rather appropriate that I tell you, that this deceitful man has up his sleeve to also visit your homeland, Switzerland, where he will present himself and continue to carry on his showy acts. 180. Besides that, he will also try to get to Argentina, in order to instigate the people there in his dirty way and manner, in regard

to the war between Argentina and England. 181. During the month of April 1982, namely, the Argentinians will militaristically occupy the Falkland Islands, which are a British colony, whereupon England will send out a fleet of warships, due to which an actual small war begins between two nations, which will claim many human lives and war materials. 182. But this war will be an additional sign for the Third World War, moving closer and closer. 183. Besides, this will also be the actual fundamental reason for the fact that, during the approaching Third World War, England will be attacked from the East by great force. 184. This however, still lies further into the future, and whenever the time arrives, no one will search for the reason for this attack on England in this approaching Falkland conflict, breaking out during the month of April 1982, although in truth the cause for it will be there.

Billy: For this conflict, the snotty girl Thatcher and the Argentine army-rogues should be held accountable or? They should all be led to a public place, before a TV-camera of worldwide scope, to roll down their pants, put them over the knee and give them a thrashing according to the ‘book’.

Quetzal: 185. You amuse me, but this would truly be an effective solution, because thereby they would become impossible to occupy their positions, for which they have no ability anyway.

Billy: In truth they altogether have not grown up yet, but are actual rogue-boys and rogue-girls, yet even snot-boys and snot-girls.

Quetzal: 186. The expressions in your dialect fit exactly, and not one person among them has grown up, like most of those in other governments of the Earth.

Billy: Finally, I hear an open word in this regard and those, who actually would be somewhat suitable for leading positions, they are not man enough

in order to carry out what is right, because they do not dare to stand up against their party members - perhaps because they fear to lose their position.

Quetzal: 187. That is correct, but we should not talk about these matters, because they reach into politics.

Billy: Despite that it is so, and I think that we are not politicizing, if we point out the erroneous actions of the governments.

Quetzal: 188. Although this is correct, but Earth Man tends to misunderstand these matters despite the fact. 189. Therefore, let us turn to other matters. . .

Quetzal: 202. However, we should not talk about these things any longer, because in regard to world events in the coming time, much still needs to be explained as, for example, that by the middle of the year 1982, that point in time will have been reached by the nations of Earth, which will create the decisive guidelines, which will make the fate of Earth humanity unalterable. 203. However, when these guidelines will occur, the eyes of Earth humanity will remain shut and blind as is their sense for truth. 204. For the main part in this reference, it pertains to the criminal matters of the wanna-be-nation Israel, which will commit another gruesome crime before the eyes of the world public, without the rest of the world interfering an stopping the terrible murders. 205. By the middle of the year 1982, namely, Israel will demonstrate its true character with full force, when it will attack the capital in the nation Lebanon, Beirut, by force of war and destroy it for the most part, due to which many thousands of innocent human beings, women, men and children will be killed. 206. The murderous degenerate, Menachin Begin, will come up with excuses, which will be carefully listened to at the U.N. and the rest of the world, although behind Begin’s actions nothing else is hidden, than the insane greed to shed

human blood as well as his greed for absolute power over the entire Earth and all her nations. . .

Quetzal: 207. Your words express helpless rage, my friend. 208. Rage about the fact, that you preach the truth to Earth humanity in vain and that because of it, this criminal wanna-be-nation continues to murder right before the eyes of Earth humanity and can make its goals reality, namely, to increasingly grab hold of the dominion of the entire world. 209. But actually can not and are not able to do anything in this regard by spreading the truth, because the murderous death power of the Israelis, demanding human blood, has grown too big already, thus only the fulfilment of the prophecy can bring a change to the bloodthirsty greed for power and might of the Israelis, when they will be annihilated by the nation from the East in the irresistibly approaching future by war and death, when the warriors from the East will knee-deep wade in the blood of the criminal Israelis. 210. And all this only due to the fact, that the responsible ones of all world religions are just as blind and cowardly as are the people of many nations of Earth, in order to demand a stop to the wanna-be-nation and criminal state of Israel, pursuing human blood in criminal and murderous manner.

Billy: The world will have to experience what kind of a snake they nurse at their bosom.


211. This will be so with certainty, but only when everything has become unavoidable. 212. The megalomania and the denial of truth will allow Earth humanity to recognize the truth when, unfortunately, it will be too late. 213. Therefore, by the middle of the year 1982, it well not be enough that the criminal Israel will carry on a murderous and brutal war of destruction in Beirut against the Palestinians, but these criminals will continue to a yet harder degree, because they will never give up their plans for world dominion.

214. Therefore, not only in Beirut will many thousands of the innocent, children, women and men die, but also thereafter in the future, if these wanna-be-great ones continue to pursue their plans for world dominion, to which the responsible ones of the world continue to look on stupidly and foolishly and even and with forbearance, as do also the people of the nation, who still believes in a reparation for the Jews suffering during the Second World War. 215. These believers do not understand that a reparation of the infamous actions of the Third Reich is impossible, and that such a reparation can never occur to the survivors and descendants of those who, due to the commands of the Thule-Society via Adolf Hitler and his generals and other leading powers, were murdered and butchered during the years form 1939 to 1945, in the Third Reich. 216. A reparation could only occur to the murdered one himself which, however, is impossible. 217. But a reparation to the survivors and descendants is totally out of line, because these people, for the most part, live in greed for hatred and vengeance, as well as in greed and lust for power and materialism with the one thought in mind, to grab hold of world dominion and to subjugate, exploit and enslave the rest of humanity. 218. Thus the great mass of Earth humanity lives in the wrong illusion of an unjustified reparation for an evil infamous action committed on their ancestors and predecessors, by which the Earth-humans nurse a very malicious poisonous and life-endangering snake at their bosom. 219. Hence it will be that during the month of July 1982, the Palestinians, expelled from their justified homeland by the war actions, caused and carried out by Israel, will be forced to recognize the murderous Israel as a state which, for thousands of years, has been causing ravaging fires and brought death and destruction.

Billy: This could not possibly be true.


220. Unfortunately, that will be as certain as the Israelis succeeding the expulsion of the Palestinians from Beirut with murder and destruction,

without the responsible ones of the Earth nations and Earth humanity doing anything to stop them, or to recognize what type of real plans is actually predominate in the brains of the Israelis in regard to the grabbing hold of world dominion.

Billy: This could also be the point in time, when Iran will again launch a major offensive against Iraq, or?


221. As it seems, you have closely occupied yourself with these matters?

Billy: Yes, I did.


222. Yes, during the month of July, the Iranians, under the chief command of the insane Ayatollah Khomeini, will drive the war, up to then raging for about two years, to a high point again, while on both side, among the Iranians as well as among the Iraqis, many thousands of people will die again. . .


236. Then go ahead, ask.

Billy: During the next following years, numerous comets will pass like those of the comet, Halley, which can practically be observed in the sky during daylight. This is my question: When you took me on the big journey during the year of 1975, I saw the enormous belt, outside of our sun- and planetary system, consisting of materials of frozen acids, of giant rocks, of adonids and of lifeless planets, some of which were rather large. Similar to the Asteroid Belt outside of the Mars orbital path, this belt also moves around the sun, however, very close to the Pluto orbital path. At that time, you explained to me that heavenly bodies of various types pass by this belt as, for example, dark stars and other starry bodies and, from time to time, tear smaller and larger bodies loose from this belt and set them on to a different orbital path around the sun, which can then be observed

and seen from Earth as comets. If I remember correctly, you said at that time that, on the one hand, this belt is still unknown to Earth Man, on the other hand, however, would soon be discovered but, up to now, has evidently not been the case, because I have neither seen nor read anything about it so far. Furthermore, you explained that this matter belt would consist as residue of the creations of the sun system and of materials having migrated from space, etc. My question is, how high the percentage point is of comets, which occur in our sun system and which originate outside of the matter belt of the Pluto orbital path (see Existing Life in the Universe by Billy - Wassermannzeit - Publishers).


237. May be this has escaped your notice that, in the meantime, this belt has already been discovered, that is by a Dutch astronomer, named Oort. 238. According to his discovery, the discovered belt is called in circles of Earth, Oort-Cloud, but which is all, because the connections of this belt to comets of the SOL-system are still unfamiliar and unknown to Earth scientists, as far as I know. 239. However, the truth is that approximately 97% of the SOL-system-comets originate from this belt, when planetary bodies pass this belt and, due to their gravitational force, disturb the orbital path of the matter-materials, so that suddenly, they swirl out of control and from them, occasional greater and smaller objects detach themselves, in order to be pressed into a new orbital path around the SOL-sun, where they appear as comets, while others, far away from the sun, fly out into outer space to disappear somewhere in the expanses of space.

Billy: Then only approximately 3% of all comets in the SOL-system originate from the outside and from somewhere in space?


240. That is correct.

Billy: At that time, you also said, that the greatest portion of all meteorites would not originate only from the Asteroid Belt and race through our system, but

the far greater portion would come form the belt outside of Pluto. Those space missiles would be the ones, which predominantly crash down on the moons, planets and the sun and would continue to do so in the future, while only a minor portion would originate from the Asteroid Belt.


241. That is correct, but you should keep silent about it.

Billy: I know, but you told me, I remember exactly that, after the year 1980,I would be allowed to speak about it, because the scientists of Earth would have discovered this fact by then. That time has passed, even if I have heard nothing in this reference about the belt.


242. That is also correct. 243. The meaning of my words was not to reprimand you, because I only wanted to remind you that, at that time, we explained to you not to be allowed to make your knowledge public before the year 1980.

Billy: That is the way I understood you. But now tell me: The Halley Comet, for example and the comet Roland, do they not originate as missiles from the depths of outer space, or? At that time, I understood it that way.


244. That also is correct. 245. They belong to the 3% of comets outside of this system.

Billy: Thus, one could say that 97% of all comets are co-habitants of the SOL-system.


246. If you want to formulate it that way, it is correct, although we ourselves see this differently and I must explain, that these comets originate from other systems in space.

Billy: Naturally, according to your presentations, every star or every planet with its own circling heavenly bodies represents its own system,

that is why you, for example, speak about Jupiter or Saturn and Uranus etc. to be different systems and not about our sun-system. That I know, but it still confuses me, because to us the SOL-system is called to be such with all its planets, their rotating bodies and including the incomplete miniature suns of Saturn and Jupiter.


247. At an earlier point in time, the necessary facts have already been explained to you.

Billy: Naturally. I felt it was necessary to talk about this fact once more.


248. I understand, you think about misunderstandings?

Billy: Exactly. But my questions have now been answered, so you may continue to speak about those matters, which refer to future earthly events. I interrupted you about matters concerning the evil storms and bod weather during 1982, as well as in regard to diseases and epidemics.


249. That is correct, and especially in reference to these matters, I still have to give some explanations. 250. Especially from the month of July 1982 on, the most severe storms will occur, which will cause great damage in the European region. 251. Switzerland will also be affected by it, as well as Germany and Austria and several other European nations. 252. Destruction of houses and diverse buildings, streets, fields, grape arbors, cultures, railroads and vehicles etc. will occur, while floods will also happen, caused by thunderstorms and rain crashing down like floods. 253. In many areas of Switzerland, enormous damage will be caused by severe storms, specifically in the Jura area as well as in the area of Adelfingen.

254. Unfortunately, human lives will also be claimed, either due to lightning strikes or indirect causes of the flood-like thunderstorms. 255. Your Center will also not be spared from these crashing flood-like thunderstorms, wherefore I suggest to you to secure, as best as possible, all buildings in regard to the approaching flooding, as well as doing everything else necessary to avoid damages, due to the severe storms to be expected. . .

Quetzal: 261. Approximately on August 15, 1982, southern Italy will again be visited by an earthquake, because this part of Italy will not come to rest any more. 262. But Switzerland and Germany will in a specific case also suffer from much unrest, however, in a different form. 263. Namely, specifically in these two nations, due to sexual perpetrators, a lot of unrest and suffering will spread epidemic-like, as well as due to the bold and stupid actions and degeneration of young girls. 264. The year 1982, namely, will be a year for Switzerland and for Germany, especially from about the middle of the year, during which many school girls and adolescent girls will, without the knowledge of their parents, leave home and adventurously like gypsies travel through their nation and others, while many others will be seduced by sexual perpetrators and will be raped and murdered. 265. In this regard the year of 1982, will be quite an evil time for Switzerland and for Germany, as well as in reference to newly occurring mass murders, while specifically mass murders of families will occur. 266. Furthermore, a new and dangerous epidemic will appear, which is caused by shamelessness and sexual greed and degeneration of Earth humanity, who already are lost in unrestrained and animalistic satisfaction of sexual lust and the degenerated drive thereof. 267. In this reference animals are truly developed decisively higher than Earth Man, because animals have their pairing season according to nature, while in this regard, Earth Man is degenerated to a considerable extent and suffers from sexual greed, produced by his abnormal thoughts and he also lives and acts accordingly.

268. However, this will produce its consequences, because such transgressions against the laws of nature always bring evil consequences. 269. Thus it will be that a new epidemic-like sexual disease, which already rages in the U.S.A., will be brought to Europe and will spread. 270. This is like a malicious form of gonorrhea, which for the time being can not be brought under control and therefore will be incurable and will claim many human lives.

Billy: That are really some prospects for mankind of this world. But tell me, during my great journey at that time, you also told me about a severe disease, which should occur due to space travel. At that time, you said that the human beings of Earth would soon discover via their space travel experiments, that the primitive way, in which they conduct their space travels, they can not continue to do without severe damages. If I remember correctly, you told me then, that due to this primitive way of space travel, the danger of an incurable disease would exist for the wanna-be-astronauts, and that all those would already be befallen by it, who had flown beyond the ozone-layer in their space capsules. At that time, you explained that something would happen to the brain of these people.


271. That is correct, because at that time, we explained the dangers of space travel to you, because the conquering of interstellar space is not as easy as the Earth-humans envision this to be. 272. The free space in the universe harbors many dangers of which Earth Man is not conscious in any way yet. 273. Specifically the most dangerous type of conquering space, as it is conducted by Earth Man, causes health damages within Man. 274. First of all, the Earth-humans have absolutely no knowledge in regard to the dangerous and body- as well as organ-damaging radiations, which prevail in the all-space and interweave it. 275. On the other hand, they also lack the knowledge, that the weightlessness of the human body can not be handled for a long period of time, wherefore, after seven hours

in a weightless condition, the body already begins to suffer bodily and organic damages. 276. If Earth Man wants to conduct space travel in space, like every other universal space conquering race is classified as such, the space flight devices have to be suitable in every regard to the given conditions as well as the space suits for the lifeforms themselves. 277. Space flight devices and space suits must be secured and be made resistant in regard to the most diverse body- and organ-damaging space radiations and space frequencies by a specific isolation-protective-layer. 278. This is the most important factor for the preservation of life in space for the human being, but it is also the most important factor for the preservation of bodily and organic health of the human being, who travels in space in efficient space travel devices or in protective suits. 279. The second and import factor as well in this regard refers to gravitational force, and has to be attended to with the same and meticulous care as is needed for the screening against space radiations and space frequencies. 280. If these factors are not taken into consideration and as a result, the flying apparatuses and protective suits of the human beings are not manufactured according thereto, that via specific isolation-screening, the flying apparatuses and protective suits are made resistant against the outside influences of the radiations and vibrations, and that the flying apparatuses and protective suits are equipped with their own gravitational fields, the bodies and the entire organs of the space-travelling human beings suffer health damages. 281. Radiations, frequencies and similar, unprotected flying apparatuses and such unprotected suits as well as weightlessness of interstellar space, with human beings and many other lifeforms lead, first of all, to health damages in parts of the organ of the brain. 282. This aside from many other health-damaging forms, which spread over the entire body and to all organs. 283. If the lifeform, human being, therefore, is not protected via specific screens and by artificial gravitational fields in space against space radiations and space frequencies and against weightlessness, he falls into health damages which, as a rule, lead to death.

284. The first severe reaction of brain damage, I mentioned for example, leads to slight cases of barely noticeable brain swellings which, after a longer period of time, lead to thought- and action-insecurity and thereafter necessarily to reaction failure by which, for example, a sudden inability to control a vehicle or a flying device or total erroneous actions against one’s reasoning occur. 285. This type of mild cases already occurs in those human beings, who remain on Earth even in containers, in which weightlessness is generated but, on the other hand, they also occur in all those Earth-humans, who leave the Earth only for a short period of time and travel above the earthly ozone layer. 286. This in truth would only allowed to be done, if the required protective measures are sufficient, otherwise health damages are unavoidable. 287. But if a human being or any other lifeforms remain in space unprotected and in a state of weightlessness far beyond seven hours, then the brain swelling develops first in form of an inflamation and suddenly in reversed manner, by which a brain atrophy is caused, as is the case in old people with a weak memory. 288. The brain substance itself suffers an atrophy, therefore the entire mass of the brain falls victim to this type of unnatural disease. 289. This type of disease, and it has been proven that it constitutes such, on the one hand, is caused by the unhindered influence of the space frequencies and space radiations of most diverse types, but also by weightlessness. 290. The disease, caused by these factors, inflames the brain substance and the organ of the brain itself, whereafter within the shortest period of time, a new disease factor develops, which is expressed as a reduction of brain activity, due to a type of brain substance paralysis, which then leads to a general atrophy of entire mass of the brain and cannot be stopped by human and medical and similar remedies. 291. If a human being remains long enough in space in an unprotected and weightless condition, the brain atrophy leads finally to the point, at which a human being loses the absolute control over himself, his thinking and action and his life.

292. The final end is insanity and death.

Billy: Exactly, you explained this to me at that time, but how long will it take yet, until Man of Earth recognizes the first factors of the fact?


293. This will occur by the middle of the year 1982. 294. However, for the time being only very few facts will truthfully be explored, while the final or at least more extensive ranges of the effective dangers of space will be recognized much later, after space travel will have claimed many Earth human lives. . .


296. I explained to you that the Israelis are carrying on a very evil game of a political nature, in reference to Palestinian matters as also regarding their ambitions to gain world dominion. 297. Thus, after the expulsion of the Palestinians from Beirut, their next step will be that, for the first time, the Israelis will officially oppose the demands and orders of those who, up to now, have given all necessary assistance to this wanna-be-nation, so that the Israelis can carry on their criminal and murderous actions throughout the world at all up to the point in time of the expulsion of the Palestinians from Beirut. 298. Therefore, after the expulsion of the Palestinians, the Israelis will oppose the Americans openly, because up to then, the Israeli leadership will have realized, in the meantime, that they have secured their murderous political power on the Earth to the degree already, that they can risk this step. 299. When the event takes place, the American President Reagan will pose demands to Israel, but which the Israelis will spitefully throw to the wind, because their murderous political power on Earth will actually have reached a point, from which their actions in this regard can be justified before the blind eyes of the ignorant ones. 300. Despite the fact, America and the rest of the world will continue to support Israel, still not realizing what evil game Israel is plying in making their world dominion plans actually come true.

Billy: And in Iran - How does the matter continue at this point in time? Outrageous horrors are taking place there, which mock all humaneness and all human laws. As I have calculated years age, not only pregnant women and children will be executed, but the women will be raped before they are shot to death.


301. This will also be made public about the middle of July 1982, or during the month of August 1982. 302. But for the time being, it will be kept secret that these women and girls are not only raped and then murdered, but that before, during and after the rapes, they have to suffer tormenting tortures, during which the signs of their femininity will be slit open or hacked to pieces or be cut off.

Billy: Gruesome swine - with knives they torment the breasts and genitals of these death-ordained ones. Damned swine.


303. This type of specific torture, as the Iranian revolutionary guards and Khomeini henchmen call it and, therefore is legalized, that the death-ordained women and girls, who are even of a child’s age, will not only be carried out during the year 1982, because even at the present time it is practiced - aside of many other tortures. 304. We already spoke about it at length, at least in regard to the execution of women and girls in a pregnant condition. 305. But in truth, the world should really know what type horrors actually are practiced in Iran. 306. As example among thousands, in this regard I can report about occurrences, which I have personally observed on my monitors, which raised naked horror within me. 307. In a dimly-lit dwelling, I saw how a girl of less than 11 years of age was put to death in the most gruesome manner. 308. Bodily already matured as woman, the child was stretched out by its hands and feet and tied to a hard bed, whereupon

nine men raped her in the most brutal manner. 309. While the last one of these criminal and dehumanized creatures assaulted the girl, suddenly another one drew a knife and hacked the breasts of the child to pieces, while the rapist screamed out in debauchery and lustfully hatred in the blood splattering all about. 310. However, this was only the beginning of a much more horrible end, because now the rest of the bestialic creatures assailed the child, whereby an additional knife was forced into the vagina of the child and slitting it open high up to the stomach, so that all the intestines burst forth. 311. Another one cut off the child’s ears, and another one played out his murder- and bloodthirsty rage with a knife on the child’s upper thighs. 312. All hell of this truthfully gruesome bloody delirium was played out, before finally, one of these bestialic men put his pistol on the temple of the child and carried out the final execution. 313. You can see from this report, that in truth matters are going on in Iran under the filthy cover of religion, from which the rest of the ignorant world can learn to shudder in horror. 314. But for a long time yet, Earth humanity will not learn about these horrifying occurrences, and if some day this should yet be the case, the Earth-humans, on the one hand, live far away from places of such events and, on the other hand, these atrocities do not happen to themselves, while their senses also are already dulled to the degree toward murder, rape, death and atrocities and bestialic killings of human beings, that these facts and happenings will simply not touch them deeply, but that they simply take note of it superficially, do not concern themselves about it any longer and continue to happily pursue their life as they please, because they think, ‘never mind’, it really did not happen to them - and the dead do not suffer pain any longer.

Billy: But the living ones, damn it again, because those, who meet their death, they live before that, and before their death they have to suffer under the inhuman bestialities.


315. That is correct.

Billy: I feel that in this regard also nothing will change, that those who have been murdered and will still be murdered in Iran, that previously they have worshiped this mass-murderer, Khomeini, into high heaven and considered him to be their god and redeemer.


316. That is correct, because this does not change any of the fact, that these murders, rapes, atrocities and bestialities should never be allowed to be committed.

Billy: And those, who do it anyway, are a thousand times worse than regular murderers. For such brutal beasts, no designation even exists in any language. The same as also not for those murderous executioners, who simply carry out the death sentences pronounced by judges. These commando-killers are also much worse that the killer, who is executed by their hands.


317. You speak a word of truth.

Billy: I wish I could change this entire insanity; there would have to be a possibility.


318. Unfortunately, there is none, at least not in the sense, that an abrupt end could be set to these murders and the other inhuman bestialities. 319. There would only be a lasting solution, and that would be due to a party beyond any nationalism, thus an international peace-fighting-troop and an association with a sufficient number of members in every nation of the Earth, which would be predominant over every other party. 320. However, this peace-fighting-troop and party - I use this designation for better understanding - would in every manner and regard have to be non-politically and uniformly aligned, to lead the populace of every nation into correct life-paths and to the required knowledge by spirit leadership and the fight for peace.

321. In truth, such a peace-fighting-troop and party would have to be a uniformly aligned free interest community, for which the framework of the U.N. and NATO as well as F.I.G.U. would be exactly the correct organizations. 322. These organizations and associations would not be able to avoid to have a supreme spiritual leadership in addition to spiritual sub-leaders whereafter, via these leading authorities, everything would truthfully be steered in a manner as is given by Creation. 323. Therefore, no political intrigues would be allowed to occur, in the sense as they are practiced on Earth, and which lead to war, murder and manslaughter and to revolutions. 324. Thereby terrorism and anarchism, criminality, uprisings and demonstrations etc. would have to be prevented, in that all Earth-humans are treated equally and would have to be ordered into a uniform order and justice.

Billy: That is easily said because, again and again, insane extremists of terroristic character come on the scene in the smallest groups, who stage hi-jackings, take over and occupy embassies and schools and administrative buildings, murder human beings, in order to cash in amounts in the millions of extorted funds in exchange, so that afterwards, they can live a happy and comfortable life. And those responsible ones of the nations assist this riff-raff in that they fall for the extortions, on the one hand, but carry out similar actions themselves, on the other hand, while it is at their disposal, that they have a damned lot of power and use it to also start up wars, for which they can also use the damned religions in this regard, especially the Christian churches, which of their own do not truly like to have peace. But with all means they aim for and defend the fact, that the nations of Earth set up warring armies and manufacture, accumulate and store war materials, in order to conduct war, always under the cover of the peculiar and insane screams that, according to a god’s order, peace and also love would have to prevail on Earth. If one confronts these idiots and power clowns with this fact, the answer that every nation would need its own army with suitable weapons, in order to defend itself against enemies breaking in. An idiocy without equal because, if all nations uniformly have peaceful intentions and act according thereto,

then no nation would need war armies and war weapons. Then namely, a regular security force with weapons according thereto would suffice, in order to be armed for eventual cases, for example if inhuman lifeforms from space would undertake attempts to subdue the Earth-humans. Nevertheless, I have to say, that your idea of a worldwide free interest community in the F.I.G.U.-framework is very good and is also our endeavor, but that this alone, in our world of today, would not suffice. All these insane war-mongers and terrorists, anarchists and demonstrators could, for the time being, not be tamed and brought to their senses by words and by Spirit teachings. In this regard, an armed special force would be required, which would have to encompass millions of men and who would take immediate action in every single nation and create calm and order, where any uprisings, terrorist acts and wars etc. threaten to begin or break out. This armed force would also be responsible, that all participants - male or female - of such peace-opposing actions would immediately and mercilessly be separated out for their entire life, in the framework of how you handle this matter for thousands of years, that the fallible ones are taken to specifically guarded and remote islands, men and women separately, from where they con never return to society.


325. That is correct; I would have given you this explanation in addition to the suggestion of the peace-fighting-troop. 326. But in your statements you also spoke about terrorism, and especially in regard to this subject, I would like to give you a prediction, which refers to your homeland, Switzerland. 327. Namely, in Bern, as my calculations revealed, during the year of 1982, the Polish embassy will be occupied by terrorists, by which a small number of hostages will fall into their hands. 328. This event will occur approximately on Sept. 9, however, while during this terroristic game no human lives are claimed and will end already on Sept.9, during the tenth or eleventh hour in the morning. 329. Due to a smaller explosive blow, the police force of a specific commando from Bern, which will be carried out under the name ‘Star’,

the police force gains entrance into the embassy while, first of all, the four extremists, the terrorists, are taken to security, whereafter the hostages will also be freed as second in line. 330. As this event referred to a happening in the capital of your homeland, I tried to observe the coming events by bridging time, in which I made a regrettable discovery in reference to the thinking and actions of the responsible ones there and those carrying out their orders. 331. The Swiss Executive Federal Council, Kurt Furgler, will form a crisis intervention staff, of which he will be the chairman. 332. On the one hand, this responsible one is caught extremely strong in his religion, as I noticed, on the other hand, all his actions paradoxically show his great insecurity, while another factor in this regard is that, due to his unusually strong craving for recognition, he is driven to actions and the need to have the last word. 333. This peculiar combination, at the point in time of the occurrence, will lead to the fact that, at first a great helplessness will prevail to battle the terrorists’ action, after which a solution will be reached much too late. 334. If this responsible one would be able to think logically, the entire occurrence could already be ended an hour and a half after the hostage taking and occupation of the building, i.e. by the same procedure that will be employed only on September 9th. 335. Furthermore, this Kurt Furgler is as well suffering from anxiety attacks, also during this coming matter, whereafter he is truly not suitable for his position for this reason alone. 336. In reference to the police men, who will be used in this action, the same negative trait has to be objected to, because all participants only act, because they have received orders to do so, while inside of them fear blazes, combined with a peculiar urge for power and violent action. 337. My observations, at the same time showed their fear and arrogance by their movements and their actions.

Billy: I know what you mean. You want to explain that they will behave like small boys, who play ‘Indians’ and who

defeat their enemy, in order to then set their foot on the neck of the defeated one, while they threaten the subdued ones with a deadly weapon. That afterwards, they do not beat the pride-swelled chest with their weapons like gorillas and let out a Tarzan victory howl will truly be a miracle. But be consoled; these poses and manners of action of the Swiss police force, I am used to already for 45 years, because they differ not by one iota from all other megalomanic weapons swingers of all other nations on Earth. They are all small megalomanic and illogical boys who, once they have a weapon in their hand, elevate themselves to gods, due to which they behave worse than small children in their thinking and actions, tots who for the first time are able to think a thought and receive a piece of wood for the first time to play with. Small boys with physically mature bodies, who are much impressed with themselves. . .


347. With that, I want to refer to an event which, in and of itself, is not of great meaning, because too many of such events take place continuously and can not be stopped, because the responsible ones can not be confronted with corresponding prevention measures, as their money greed and lack of responsibility are more pronounced and more important than their responsibility and the security of their fellow men. 348. On the other hand, I want to mention this event, because it will occur in the town of residence of one of your core group members, in Pfaeffikon where Hanna lives. 349. It will happen on September 12, 1982, exactly at 2:47 P.M. when a large bus with people from Germany with approximately 40 passengers, belonging to an association of retired men from Sindelfingen, due to safety barriers not closed, will be caught by a train, coming from Fehraltort and entering Pfaeffikon, and will be torn to pieces like an old wooden crate. 350. The sad result of this accident will be about 39 dead, which are the sacrificial victims of those responsible ones, the money greedy and duty neglecting ones, who carry the responsibility for the safety of railroad crossings.

351. But responsible for this are all those who, as construction firms accept and carry out such orders to created such railroad crossings, and responsible for this are also all those construction workers, who work on the completion of such projects, and responsible for this are also the architects, who plan such railroad crossings. 352. Responsible also are the engineers, planners and organizers and, first of all, who as responsible ones for the railroad system order such life endangering crossings to be planned and constructed. 353. For several decades already and especially at the present time of highly developed technology, such railroad crossing on all streets and roads, in every form, represent an irresponsibility without equal and a criminal action unknown on Earth in similar manner, if one disregards war-like and similar actions. 354. What the responsible and mighty ones of the railroad dare to do in this reference, and that means not only in Switzerland, corresponds to legalized murder, for which all those are to be held responsible, who ever moved or moves only one finger for such crossings and who only activated and activates one thought in this. 355. For decades already such large and small crossings should not be allowed to exist any longer, but would have to be secured by street tunnels, so that no street and no road would lead across a railroad tract any more. 356. That this has not been done already for a long time, not one excuse would be valid.

Billy: Although it is regrettable what will happen, but perhaps it will serve the purpose that the SBB and other railroad companies at home and abroad will lear from this.


357. Unfortunately, that will not be the case, also not for the car drivers themselves who, as a rule, like the bus driver, drive on the roads with excessive speed, without being able to control their vehicle.

358. If this circumstance, namely, would also not be decisive on September 12, 1982, this accident could be avoided, as well as the one in Monaco, however, by which a private car for only few people will be thrust off the road in a sharp curve, in which will be the princess of Monaco, namely, the former movie actress Grace Kelly who, due to the accident, will be severely injured, and thus has to be taken to a clinic for treatment, where she will die. . .


370. Good, I can then continue to report about the approaching event, in which I have to mention Israel again in this regard, which well not keep peace after the expulsion of the Palestinians from Beirut, but shortly thereafter will start new war actions however, this time against the Syrians stationed in Lebanon, in which Syrian rocket bases will be destroyed by bombing attacks, whereafter these bombing attacks will again spread to the city of Beirut; and as usual, these attacks are naturally caused by the Israelis. 371. This criminal action however, is only the starting point for an additional crime, where is planned by Menachem Begin, the Israeli Head of State. 372. Similar to the murder case of the Egyptian President, Sadat, he will set up the same intrigue one more time and have it carried out. 373. In this case also, this criminal and murderous intrigue will be successful as in the murdering of Sadat. 374. Namely, due to Begin’s intrigue, an approximately 200 kg heavy and portable bomb will be manufactured by treacherous and hired perpetrator-murderers, in order to expedite and explode it in a house, in which the new Chief of State in-the-making, Beshir Gemayal, will be present at the given time. 375. Besides this man, approximately 30 additional people will meet their death due to the Begin-intrigue and this murderous strike. 376. The cause of this criminal act, to be expected approximately on September 14, 1982, will be that this mass murderer is considering that, due to this intrigue, he could have his army officially march into Lebanon, as alleged protective force

and peace-granting security force, in which he will actually be successful, because no responsible one on the Earth, as well as no citizen will have the slightest idea, that this murderous assassination attempt, like the one on Sadat, was accomplished, once and only by Begin’s initiative and will and in cooperative work of treacherous Arab-Lebanese elements. 377. Officially, namely as with the murdering of Sadat according to the order of Begin, the treacherous traitors will not be recognized as the tools of Begin, because those, carrying out the crime, act in the belief that they would only serve their organization, without knowing that their leaders secretly work together with Begin in treacherous and intriguing manner. 378. Therefore, Menachem Begin will succeed to take another step in regard to his world dominion plans, without the responsible ones of the world and the nations in total even having the slightest notion about what kind of a dirty game is being played.

Billy: This Begin evidently is the most vile and filthy guy, who presently and for some time still is walking on the Earth.


379. That is correct, because the next one is not in office yet, who is also of Begin’s character.

Billy: And the responsible ones of the world, first of all are so pitifully dumb, because how could they not see and recognize the actual intrigues and world dominion plans.


380. That also is correct, because even after this repeated crime, the responsible ones of the world will continue to support Israel and Begin’s plans and murder attempts, without recognizing the truth. 381. For this reason, I will still have to make a great number of predictions in reference to Israel.

Billy: You will present your explanations in chronological order.


382. That is correct.

Billy: Good, then I would still have a question, which does not refer to this wanna-be-nation and the world criminal number one. You spoke about the death of Grace Kelly, but did not mention any specific dates.


383. Yes, I neglected to do so. 384. Her death occurs in the late evening hours of September 14, 1982, while the accident will already happen the day before. 385. The reason for her death will be the damaging of the brain, causing a bleeding, which will be recognized too late. 386. This is the main factor of her death, although two additional perilous factors will occur due to the accident.

Billy: A neglect of the physicians so-to-speak.


387. Not directly, but only indirectly.

Billy: How shall I understand that?


388. The Princess will be connected to a life-support system, however, which will soon be disconnected again, because the physicians will come to the realization, after some time, that the life functions of Grace Grimaldi would only be of purely mechanical nature.

Billy: You mean she will be dead, but that the life-support system will continue to keep her animalistic life mechanism running?


389. That is correct, but we should not elaborate further regarding this matter, because it is not important.

390. Other events are more important, which are in preparation already one day after the death of the Princess. 391. It will occur. . .

Billy: I still have a question in this regard. You mentioned the name Grace Grimaldi. Is that the family name of Prince Rainer of Monaco?


392. That is correct, but listen to what happens further: 393. Before the burial of the Princess can take place, the Ayatollah Khomeini, having gone insane, will have his best friend and long-time comrade-in arms, Sadeg Ghotbzadeh, executed by a firing squad of the revolutionary army, by which the most faithful and most serving adherent of Khomeini of past times will be eliminated. 394. His fate in this regard will be the result of him realizing too late, that Khomeini has gone insane and suffers from a morbid greed for blood and lust for murder, paired with cowardly fear, so that he unscrupulously has all those punished by death, whom he categorizes as dangerous to himself. 395. However, this criminal event will already be overshadowed on September 17 and 18, 1982, by a much worse event in Beirut. 396. Namely, one more time, due to Begin’s intrigues, mass murder will be set into scene, which is supposed to be advantageous to his planes and will be. 397. In continued succession, namely, powers steered by him will undertake something, which again will be recognized by no one as the work of the Israeli mass murderer and state criminal. 398. By truly devoted state traitors to Begin, namely leaders of the Christian Militia in Beirut, will be forced to have their militia forces march into the refugee camps of the Palestinians, in order to create and indescribable blood bath and massacre among the Palestinians, which will lay hold of women, men and children, and will not find its equal in a long time. 399. And all this will happen under the protection and under the supervision of the Israelis, who will see to it with their military forces in Beirut, that the murderous Christian Militia

of the Lebanese can march into the refugee camps, whereafter the massacre will then claim more than six thousand Palestinian human lives. 400. Only after the end of the massacre, the Israelis will officially interfere and pretend to have wanted to prevent the murder. 401. However, in truth their action will only occur, in order to conceal their own criminal action and to be able to wash their hands in innocence before the world public. 402. The fact will be that the massacre and the marching in of Begin’s troop to Beirut will serve the purpose, first of all, to further expand Begin’s world dominion plans, and the second reason will be based on the fact to make this massacre possible. 403. Due to the murder of Beshir Gemayel, set into motion by Begin, namely, it will be easy for this murderous criminal to win the Lebanese Christian Militia over to himself and his plans by treacherous detours in order, namely, to murder and eradicate the remainder of Palestinians in Lebanon. 404. The leaders of the Christian Militia will agree to Begin’s plans, if he promises them to have the Israeli Army march into Beirut for their protection in their carrying our of the massacre, which he will agree to and have carried out. 405. Once the murderous undertaking has ended, Begin will, however, withdraw his army from Beirut, because he will see that his goals in this matter will be accomplished. . .


410. But enough of that, because these matters are not of great importance, because what the future will bring, is more significant. 411. By the end of October or the beginning of November, 1982, it will become known that Begin and Sharon were the instigators of the Beirut massacres, but unfortunately, they will barely be held accountable, even if many righteous Israelis will intervene against these two criminals so that, for the time being, everything remains as is. 412. Approximately from November 5, 1982 on, Switzerland, France, Andorra and Spain will experience unusually great and severe storms from the South. 413. Many human lives, animals and buildings, as well as nature itself will suffer severely and sustain damages, which will amount to billions of Swiss Francs.

414. Many dead ones will also be mourned, and not only in those nations mentioned. 415. America and the Hawaiian Islands will suffer severe damage and mourn a substantial number of human lives, while specifically California has to be mentioned, however, in reference to enormously high storms at sea, which will rage across the land. 416. Smaller and medium-size villages will be destroyed in the process and will look as if they had been leveled by atom bombs. 417. On November 10, 1982, Russia will be in a state of national mourning, because on this day at 4:16 A.M. the national leader, Leonid Breschnew, will end his life, however, in contrast to others, he will die peacefully in his sleep. 418. His successor will be a certain Juri Andropow. 419. At approximately the same time in the Federal Republic of Germany, the malicious and murderous power of the RAF will be broken, as at this point in time, the leading heads of this organization of criminals will fall into the hands of the police: First of all, this refers to the bandit members, Adelheid Schulz and Brigitte Mohnhaupt, whereafter on November 16, the actual chief head of the gang, Christian Klar, will get trapped by the police and will be arrested. 420. With the months of October and November, the time will come, when the Italian, Swiss, Turkish, French and German security- and police forces will finally realize that the perpetrator on the life of the Pope was not alone and did not only act on his own, but that he belonged to a group of conspirators and had accomplices. . .


424. Gladly. 425. The months of November and December will put the Earth into a dangerous situation and into the danger again of an atomic war, about which we do not know yet whether or not we are allowed to undertake any preventative measures in order to avert the danger. 426. The reason for this danger, and how could it be any other way, will be supplied by the American President, Ronald Reagan, who as war-monger is insane enough, wanting to station new atomic missiles in Europe,

which will displease the Russians and drives them to the fact to also station death weapons of the same type on European soil, if Reagan should insist on his insanity plan.

Billy: The guy is out of his mind.


427. He is an extremely dangerous paranoiac and, besides that, also suffers from severe psychopathy. 428. Ronald Reagan is a great danger for the entire earthly humanity, because he not only is a very malicious and erratic war monger, but he actually most important man for the decisive point of the third and presently still threatening world war, as I have explained to you several times already. 429. He actually represents this cause because, due to his war mongering, he creates insanity ideas in the heads of many Earth-humans which, in the future, could lead to the third world fire, even if the wheel of death of the threatening world war will not be set into motion by Ronald Reagan himself any more. 430. Thus, his malicious actions will create waves in the future, which could become deadly breakers. 431. Although others of like mind have also worked in his direction before him, as this is presently the case and will be so during his time in office, and their intrigues in reference to the third world fire are significant, but never to the extent as are those of Ronald Reagan. 432. As you know, there will be seven Anti-Logos, who are guilty of the third world fire and Ronald Reagan actually is one of them. 433. The Anti-Logos, causing the world fire, however, will only attain to his power in coming times, which enables him to commit this destructive work. 434. However, this should not be discussed now, because it will take some time yet until then, and it will also not be of benefit to mention these facts, because Earth Man will not heed these warnings. 435. For this reason, we can concern ourselves with matters of the future which are of greater meaning for Earth Man, and from which he hopefully will learn that we yet know the future and have the right to make prophetic statements, even if up to now Earth Man has not listened to us.

Billy: Unfortunately, I know. You probably are right also that it would be useless to speak about these coming matters now already. I assume, that the people on this planet would not allow themselves to be taught for the better, even if they would realize the truth of the prophecies. Therefore, continue with those matters you wanted to mention.


436. My explanations ended with the month of December, while I still have to give you some additional explanations for this month, which refer to the weather and catastrophes developing therefrom. 437. As Europe will be without snow during this coming time in many-a-place, in America snow emergencies will be caused due to unusual influences of warm air, and cause even famine as a result of unemployment. 438. Other nations will experience most severe storms and will not be spared by catastrophes of nature. 439. Such severe storms of nature will move around the entire Earth during the month of December 1982, and spread emergencies, misery and death. 440. To mention them all in detail and to list the nations, which will suffer as a result, would lead too far, wherefore I only mention these in a general manner. 441. The turn of the year 1982 to 1983 in itself is not of significance, but it should be of interest to you, to know that shortly after the new year 1983, a great spectacle of nature will occur on the Hawaiian Islands, because a volcano will again erupt there, meaning in several eruptions lasting for a long time. 442. The damage, due to this approaching volcanic activity, will not be great, because the human settlements are established at a sufficiently safe distance, so that they are not affected.

Billy: In a few cases, perhaps, it would still be interesting to know, where and what will happen as, for example, regarding starvation in America, which sounds almost unbelievable.


443. It will be fact, because this famine will occur in Detroit.

444. In the nation of Yemen, in the vicinity of Sana in Dhamar, an earthquake in the medium range will occur which, however, will claim many human lives and will make more than a half million people homeless. 445. As additional example for the time period of December 1982 will be a severe mudslide, due to rainfalls similar to Noah’s flood, to be expected to occur in Ancona, which will cause enormous damages. 446. During this time of December, something joyful will occur once for a change, because Spain will reopen its border to the blockaded Gibraltar, which was closed by Franco’s power. 447. Is this data sufficient for you?

Billy: They surely are, because they report about concrete events. What or about what will people talk, when the volcano on Hawaii has erupted?


448. There will be various matters, especially in politics, in regard to disarmament, however, which Man does not take seriously, because all only want to take advantage of each other. 449. At the same time, Earth humanity will get frightened once more, scared due to official announcements, because at this time another Russian atomic spy-satellite will crash and, like a small comet, will move across the sky.

Quetzal’s additional explanations regarding the comet:

Century B.C. - 13,384 Orbital

  Period             714 years


  Event ‘Destroyer’ is moving on a collision course with Jupiter and disturbs its rotation, while it races so closely past the outer layers, that within these a gigantic storm is created in rotating manner, which reaches into the innermost layers.  The mass of Jupiter breaks at the close-point to the matter of the ‘Destroyer’ and gathers a particle- and moon-ring around itself, which will continue to exist for millions of years, together with the original particle- and moon-ring existing already for approximately four billion years, into

which the new ring will be integrated. The gigantic whirling storm, which already developed in most ancient times on the giant planet, has nothing to do with the ‘Destroyer’. At the same time, when the ‘Destroyer’ passes the Jupiter system, it tears an old small-size moon of approximately 4 kilometer diameter out of its orbit which, at enormous speed flies out into the space of the SOL-system on an unknown orbital path, and is accompanied by several smaller asteroids . At first, this moon is lost on a very far orbital path, when it appears again after a long time and moves through the SOL-system - again and again, until someday it will be captured by Jupiter again and crash down on it which, according to our calculations, will be around the period of time, when the change from the twentieth to the twenty-first century A.D. will come.

Additional explanation regarding the same comet: (Excerpt from Contact 251, dated March 2, 1994)

Contact Report 251

Billy: But now I have another question: In the contact report of Saturday, October 10th, 1981, at 3:15 A.M. Quetzal mentioned that, due to the ‘Destroyer’, a small moon of approximately 4 kilometer diameter was torn away from Jupiter during the year 13,384 B.C., and taken on a course which, in addition was followed by several small asteroids. The discussion revealed that, some day, this small moon would return to its point of origin again, namely to Jupiter, in order to crash down on it. The following in this reference: Earthly scientists have discovered, that presently a small planetoid of approximately 4 kilometer diameter is approaching Jupiter on a collision course, accompanied by several asteroids in its tow. According to scientific calculations, this small planetoid, called Shoemaker-Levy 9, will crash down on Jupiter by the middle of the year 1994, which will be barely behind the visible horizon from the Earth. Does this small planetoid refer to the small moon Quetzal mentioned, which

went on its journey from Jupiter during the year 13,384 B.C., and which is now ‘celebrating’ its return to its place of origin, or does this refer to a different space missile from outer space?

Ptaah: This actually refers to the small moon Quetzal mentioned and which, with absolute certainty, will again come into the magnetic field of Jupiter.

Contact 150, Dated October 10, 1981 (cont’d.)

Contact Report 150


489. The meteor mentioned in the prophecies, which proves to be of enormous size and will cause most severe destructions on the Earth, and which threatens to bring, aside from climatic and tectonic changes, also additional changes, will threaten to split the crust of the Earth from the present-day North Sea down to the Black Sea which, however, does not have to occur with absolute certainty, because certain factors speak against this; it approaches from the depths of outer space towards the SOL-system and is a so-called stranger.

Billy: You mean, that this does not refer to a known comet, which again and again passes our system on its path?


490. That is correct, because the meteor travels on a path, which leads it to the SOL-system for the first time. 491. At earlier times, it was never in this area of space.

Billy: And its path shall end on the Earth? Could you not do anything about this?


492. You know very well, that this will be the case and that we are not allowed to halt this event. 493. The cosmic powers have pre-programmed this event which could only be stopped or prevented by Earth humanity themselves. 494. In their materialistic and misled disunity and in their megalomania, however, they disregard all warnings and

prophecies, so that the event inevitably has to happen, as warning and as vengeance, if you want to see it that way; and as this warning and vengeance must occur, we are not allowed to take any steps in order to prevent the occurrence. 495. Earth humanity should listen to your words and warnings, but that especially they do not do. 496. You stand in a lost position, like one calling in the wilderness, and only few are and will be willing to listen to your words, to grasp their meaning, to reflect about them and to learn how to act correctly. 497. Those who will not listen will find death in exchange, when the meteor begins its work of death and creates a new continent, due to an enormous crack of the Earth, from the North Sea to the Black Sea, from which will spew forth red hot lava, if the prophecy should be fulfilled in its entire proportions which, however, has not been determined in its final consequence. . .


502. In reference to the event to be expected, and already told you, that this one will part the land portion between the North Sea and the Black Sea. 503. Red hot lava masses and Earth gas etc. will, in addition, create from it a deadly sulphurous wall which, drifting westward, will cover the land and with that creates an additional death-zone, if the prophecy should actually be fulfilled in its entirely, and if Earth humanity does not undertake something in unison to stop it.

Billy: Aha, that was also stated in one of the prophecies. But is there not the slightest possibility, that you could yet prevent something?


504. Your questions is rather illogical, my friend, on the other hand, we try very well to be helpful to Earth Man, in that we make these approaching horrors and events visible to many sensitives by visions, and also include you in these visions. 505. Unfortunately, however, all these sensitive ones, Earth-humans, who are receiving corresponding vision-impulses from us, are always involved in any type of error religion, so they are not able

to recognize us, and they attribute the visions they receive from us to any godhoods or cosmic world directors etc., although such figures and powers in truth only exist in the religiously misled minds of Earth humanity. . .

Quetzal: 519. During the month of February 1983, events will again begin to excite the world public, which find the source in massacres. 520. Namely, what will occur in Lebanon, due to the fault of Sharon and Begin, will also happen in India, in the province of Assam, where the native ones will commit massacres among the Bengali immigrants, and by which approximately 5,300 Bengali men, women and children will die gruesome deaths. 521. This will, however, not be the end of these massacre murders, the origin of which will have to be sought in the new elections, because in Assam also resident Moslems will be murdered by fanatic natives, the total of whom will be 1,800 so that, due to the massacres over 7,000 dead ones will be mourned, of whom a great portion will be covered with Earth and not be found. 522. Yet while these massacres are still carried out to an extensive measure, a similar event occurs in Africa, in Simbabwe, where an enormous number of dead ones will also be mourned, namely, approximately 2,700, of whom a portion will also be covered with earth and remain unfound. 523. Especially in Assam, the massacres will not only be restricted to the month of February, because they will also be partially continued during the month of March while, according to our calculations, a state of rest will come about in Simbabwe, at least in reference to massacres. 524. After these events, complaints will be heard world-wide about severe catastrophes of nature, especially in Australia, where in the southern parts of the country enormous and destructive giant forest fires will destroy much and claim human lives, whereafter, when the fires have died down, still no rest happens, because new catastrophes break forth over the land, and this time due to enormous masses of water, which fall down from heaven as crashing floods and will flood the land, in order to cause additional, gigantic destructions.

525. The same will then also happen in America, in Los Angeles, where due to storms and flooding damage in the millions of dollars will be caused and human lives will be mourned. 526. Only after that there will be a period of rest, before an additional new event of nature on the Hawaiian Islands, will again be spoken about, namely when within a very short time, a volcano will again erupt. 527. This, my friend, are my statements, which I have to make about approaching events up to the month of March 1983.


552. From approximately the month of April or May, 1991, the phantasy-stories about the Bermuda Triangle occurrences will undergo a change to the extent that, little by little, they can be proven to be incorrect. 553. At that time, namely, it will happen that treasure hunters will find the first missing planes, which have crashed from the year 1940 on and sank into the ocean. 554. However, this will only be the beginning of sporadic clarifications of alleged mysterious occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle. 555. Much will be clarified and lose the nimbus of the mysterious, but which does not mean that steadfast misled ones, fanatics, mystics, phantacizers and know-it-alls will not continue to hold onto the stupidity of those erroneous opinions, who talk about extrasensory, non-earthly or extraterrestrial forces, who should be connected with the Bermuda Triangle occurrences. 556. Such people will continue to exist. 557. And I think this, unfortunately, can not be changed.

PETALE-Messages Telepathically received from the PETALE-Spirit plane by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

Thursday, November 19, 1981, 16:04 P.M.

As the first one, on November 19, 1981, at 16:04 P.M. a transmission from the PETALE-Plane-Powers took place in explanatory format, which is directed toward Man on Earth and given in the following manner word-for-word:

Another time, we transmit prophecies from the plane of PETALE, as this already was the case previously during the year 1976. All transmissions from our plane shall be called PETALE-plane-transmissions or PETALE-messages.

They come about, at any time, in individual manner from certain powers descending from us, so that in uniformity they do not prove to be exactly identical.

But this means, that of our We-form, two or three powers alternately are transmitting about one thematic, but that different characteristics could appear in terms and explanations, thus it happens that one power speaks of certain matters about a thematic, while another power talks about other circumstances and facts of the same thematic.

This guarantees, when various powers from our plane transmit facts about the same thematic, that a spectrum of broader range of arrangement and explanation occurs, however, no contradiction results therefrom.

To translate the symbol-pictures into earthly languages is often quite difficult, because the sentence structures resulting from the pictures are quite complicated, and to the not-knowing and layman of this matter seem complicated or even not understandable.

For this reason this one and every other PETALE-transmission, shall be repeated in a language structure understandable to mankind of Earth, meaning already changed into an understandable form of language.

We transmit from the plane of PETALE another time, as this already was the case during the year 1976. All transmissions (originating) from our plane shall be called PETALE-transmissions or PETALE-messages. At any given time, they are achieved individually by certain powers originating from us, wherefore they do not prove to be exactly identical in regard to uniformity.

But this means, that two or three (individual) powers from our We-form alternately transmit in (regard) to one theme, but that therefore different characteristics could appear in regard to the terms and explanations (of the certain theme), therefore it happens, that one power only speaks about certain matters (to explain these), while another power sets forth and explains other circumstances and facts on the same theme. This guarantees, that thereby a broader spectrum of the arrangement and explanation occurs, however, no contradiction results therefrom.

Therefore, the symbol-pictures have to be translated into a language understandable to Earth Man. The transmitted symbol-pictures, however, most importantly result in a sentence structure, which cannot be read and understood by Man, so it should be clear, that the first paragraph of this transmission has already been changed into a half-ways understandable language.

The second paragraph represents the end result of the translation and change, whereafter the inserts set in brackets, naturally are perfected and included in the final format, due to which a continuous and unbroken sentence flow is created, as in recognizable from the repetition following, a totally changed format already of this transmission, as well as of the prophecies following this explanation.

PETALE-Plane explanation

The PETALE-Plane is the highest existing Spirit-form-plane of the creation-universe. This plane represents the transition to Creation-Being, therefore it is absolutely impossible for a material lifeform to get in contact with us PETALE-Powers in this plane.

But if nevertheless, transmissions from our plane and from our powers are received by one human being on Earth, for this then, on the one hand, very specific spiritual- as also material-consciousness requirements are essential which, for certain reasons, only one human being living on the Earth meets.

In addition, other and not Earth human requirements and powers are essential, to establish a connection with the powers of our plane, as this is also the case with the plane of ARAHAT ATHERSATA, to which any human beings of Earth are also not able to establish contact. And this plane has in common with ours that, for millions of years, we have not been able to make ourselves understood to mankind on Earth any longer, wherefore also no messages from us can be received by Earth-humans.

This is only possible to the New Age-Prophet in this case, who had to pass specific training to do this. The path of this training and the path of connecting to the plane of ARAHAT ATHERSATA and to our plane, however, shall not be described, in order to prevent cult-believing and truth-erring Earth-humans, who always call themselves mediums, not to dare to claim untruthfully, that they would prove to have contacts with and receive messages from the plane of ARAHAT ATHERSATA and from our plane, the PETALE.

Clearly and distinctly shall be explained here: Contacts to our plane or the plane of ARAHAT ATHERSATA in any form are ABSOLUTELY impossible for Earthman since times of old and even now, and also far into the distant future.

It is also not possible for Earthman to receive any messages from our plane or ARAHAT ATHERSATA’s plane - with one exception, a human being who was trained by a very in-depth training and schooling lasting for millions of years - the Prophet of the New Age. But if Man of Earth also wants to attain to this, far in the distant future, he still has very, very much to learn.

Yet this means, that at least 24 million years of in-depth learning and thousands of lifetimes need to be lived, before this level of knowledge and achievement can be attained to.

Man originating from planet Earth should always consider, that his reasoning and his intellect are approximately only a few million years old, while this development of the New Age-Prophet proves to be of 80 billion additional years, because his place of origin is not located on Earth, but in areas of space, where human beings were created at a much earlier point in time, than this was the case on Earth.

In addition, Earthman has to realize, that the New Age-Prophet, for billions of years continuously works and learns according to his mission, due to which his knowledge and ability are quite far developed and stand high above that of Earthman.

Man of Earth should always take this into consideration and never dare to use our name or the name of ARAHAT ATHERSATA untruthfully, in order to make himself believable for untruthful assertions, fake-transmissions and errors. Such people punish themselves for the untruth, when they speak forth such assertions.

Thursday, November 19, 1981, 17:28 PM

Europe sinks into ashes and embers,

in the sand runneth the blood of Man,

the third world-fire rages and fumes,

an insanity-work - praised by evil.

Million-fold death prevails,

who mercilessly razes down Man.

There is war - the third world-fire,

conjured up by Man’s own hand;

through religion, cult, greed, hatred and power,

because mankind about love only laughs.

Political power-greed and cult-religion,

ever since they scoffed at truth,

through this they now release the war,

in 666 - the sign of evil.

Also the regular citizen carried this blame;

for politics and religion he smolders in homage.

That makes him guilty of the downfall,

taboo is to him all drive for truth.

Man is not interested in the truth,

but only in cult-politics and falsehood,

through which the third world-fire ablazes,

and millions of dead from mankind demands.

For this Europe will be the central point,

where glistening the deadly spark alights.

In Germany alone, where life still blossoms,

a hundred atom-suns are ablaze.

Which emblazing everything will destroy,

in screaming fire, when people will die.

Irresponsibly the world powers will twist to see,

that the Europeans the world-fire will see,

by which the lands and life will die,

when thundering atom-fires will burn.

The mighty ones of the world powers, they play,

by which the subordinates lose their life.

In safe bunkers the mighty ones will hide,

while the subordinates unprotected spend the night,

by which they are doomed to death;

but the mighty ones survive in the bunker closet.

Those, the great ones of the world poker for power,

and each one of these laughs up his sleeve,

because united they throw down the deadly fire,

on to peace-searching Europe as their hire,

for the efforts of Europe for a lasting peace,

which for so long is searched for down on Earth.

Many atom-deaths will waft across Europe,

while chemical- and bacterial bombs fall down.

Radioactive rays destroy much life,

under neutron waves the lands ashake;

a slow death they torturously spread,

which for days, months and years will march ahead;

but still more manifold deaths stalk about,

and Europe slowly will be empty of Man,

because the mighty, the irresponsible ones,

will not raffle their own land off for war,

but far from their own home in Europe-land,

they quench their power-greed in the third world-fire.

So Europe becomes the play-ball of power,

when death of the world-fire laughs,

when the mighty ones in safe places,

hoard reports of victory and ruin,

about Europe and the people, who will die.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1981, 17:45 P.M.

Mercilessly people are driven into quite evil deaths

as already described for two thousand years;

due to politics, religion and other delusion;

the third world-fire - cult - and politicians’ plan.

Soon already in Europe blazes the world-fire,

and every non-war-day is costly already.

Short only is the time of peace,

because soon the world-fire will be spread,

which mercilessly destroys just everything,

and life will be befooled with death.

Europe, cardinal point of testing their power,

will be devoured by the mighty of this world,

who have chosen this part of the world as battle ground,

so that their own lands remain undestroyed.

On the head of Europe all-the-while,

the mighty ones dash their war hatchets to pieces,

and while Europe in the fire is ruined,

new power-greed in the mighty ones breeds,

so other parts of our good Mother Earth,

to their might and greed will be subdued.

Man, the time races ahead toward the fire,

and you stand already at the world-fire rim,

change fast the power of the mighty ones,

or else soon you will sleep the night of death.

Friday, November 20, 1981, 14:16 P.M.

Anti-Logos leads his bloody scepter across the entire world, and also non-Christian nations fall into the hands of death. But not only murdering war-action claims million-fold lives of Man, but also terrible and heretofore unknown diseases and epidemics will break out in many nations and will spread, and against which no remedies are known or will be found. There will be epidemics and diseases, evoked by the decaying corpses of the dead, in connection with poisonous materials and death radiations from the war weapons, irresponsibly used and due to cosmic influences of varying types.

25 million people in the region of India alone will be brought to death due to inhuman war actions, when yellow storm powers from China penetrate and unleash the battle around New Delhi, which after its occupation, the entire Indian nation will be conquered by the Chinese power.

Also Persia and Turkey will fall victim to war and death, when the Russian armed forces fall into the land and grab hold of all oil wells and other treasures. But that is not enough for Turkey, because other foreign powers will spread themselves in this nation, namely, sectarian Christians, who will want to force the Turkish population to convert to Christianity, if the nation shall not be excluded from the Alliance of Free Nations. And verily, so it will happen, when the coarse-skeined Anti-Logos will assail the Turkish people.

The Balkan states will fall into evil uproar and war, driven into it by the Bolshevists, who still will carry on their bloody work, after which the power has mistakenly been denied them.

Friday, November 20, 1981, 16:24 P.M.

The evil and destroying event of a great Earth catastrophe falls upon the people of the Earth world, when the day of St. Mark falls on Easter and the number of the Anti-Logos 666 rounds itself, which stands in the power of the ‘7 dark (ones)’ and the three-fold of the ‘12th chair’.

A possible explanation from Billy to this prophecy

To interpret prophecies, which are given in keyed form, is quite often a difficult task. Also dates given in such prophecies present the same difficulty in deciphering. However, I shall yet try here to decipher the aforementioned prophecy in its data:

With the ‘seven dark (ones)’, according to my cabalistic-cosmic mathematical calculation, it could quite possibly concern the force of the 7 Anti-Logos powers which, one after the other, however, also partially in unity, could appear as this is made clear in other prophecies.

In the calculations, the ‘12th chair’ results in three different values which, however, in their root value are uniform, and which speak of absolute destruction. On the one hand, the calculations point toward a certain chair of the Vatican - to a name- and a Pope’s chair - which at the point in time of the prophetic catastrophe, will be the twelfth of a very specific sequence; on the other hand, the second value of the calculations gives a clear result insofar, that a certain star system with the designation of old, ‘12th chair’, at that point in time, will play a horrendous and destructive role, together with the ‘12th chair’ of the Vatican, but which also is in direct connection to the third value, which es established on a political-cosmic-global basis as power structure of an Anti-Logos-political power form, which aligns itself in its establishment and its wielding of power with the face value and the designation of chairs, namely, from chair 1 up to chair 12 (under specific circumstances even 13 of them).

And here it also proves to be true, that this power-form, just at that point in time, effectively carries out its power from its 12th chair, when the 12th chair of the Vatican and the star system of the 12th chair spread their power. Thereby a three-fold 666-value is created, because all three values in themselves already contain the base value of absolute destruction and annihilation, namely, the Anti-Logos-value 666. But a three-fold 666-value means absolute destruction altogether.

In regard to the calculations of the exact point in time, the following needs to be said: According to my calculations, the next day of St. Mark is at Easter in 1998. However, this represents an uncertain date calculation, which consequently does not need to agree with reality and the actual date of the predicted catastrophic events. An exact date in such cases is always most difficult to quote, because no special details regarding the date of occurrence of the events to be expected were given. But if prophecy recipients want to work out and determine such dates on their own, this is difficult to do and most often also uncertain, because too many interpretations of the data are possible. However, according to my calculations, this could quite possibly relate to the date of April 25, 1998, however, I do not claim surety and certainty of this calculation although this date, without doubt and with a hundred per cent certainty, stands in the value of an absolute Anti-Logos-number 666.

Friday, November 20, 1981, 18:38 P.M.

Africa and Arabia etc. will be captured to ease the conquering of Europe. The Balkan States will fare badly, after they have been captured by the red storm floods.

For the most part, Italy will be destroyed, and millions of people will be homeless. The religious leaders will, for the most part, find a brutal death, while the Pope himself will flee across the waters of the Atlantic.

Through Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Italy rolls the red storm flood from the East to France, to be conquered by the hammer-sickel-carriers. The American weapons arsenals, located in France, at that point in time, will fall into the hands of the red storm flood, whereafter Bolshevism will rule there for a longer period of time, in order to wage war from there against England, Spain and Scandinavia.

This war will be terrible for the entire world, but especially for France and the rest of Europe. Epidemics unknown heretofore and diseases will occur rampantly, which often will be traced back to bacterial and ray-type murder weapons. Especially young people will be afflicted with blindness of the eyes, go insane and fall victim to a total destruction of the body. Germany suffers an attack from the East - from the DDR (East Germany), whereby a fraternal war breaks out, in which Germans fight against Germans.

However, Germany will be freed again, as well as Poland and other nations.

The red storm flood and according to their order France also, fall into Norway and Sweden, while Finland will also be attacked and suppressed. Goeteborg will become French-red, and the two kingdoms are totally defeated in this war.

They will have to relinquish their northern provinces to the red storm flood from the East.

All nations, bordering the North Sea, and the British Island will be destroyed by a horrible stormflood, on the one hand, due to the dropping of a stormflood bomb and, on the other hand, due to a stormflood caused by a typhoon.

Cities and villages will sink and drown into the ocean as well as a part of Scotland. England’s great power position will be forever destroyed when, due to the red storm flood from the East, a revolution will be brought about in England, which surpasses the German civil war (East-West) manifold in bloodiness.

South Wales will be crushed by rebellions and deadly bloodshed, while Ireland also bleeds to death during a murderous war.

America will, due to political entanglements with Canada, be thrown into another war, and a massive attack of the red storm floods from the East of America results in the largest part of the U.S.-troops having to fight in their own country and, therefore, can not help the hard-presses Europe.

However, a hurrying to help would be senseless as well as impossible because, due to the use of the newest weaponry, America will be destroyed to a large part. Due to elementary-weapons (nature-catastrophe-weapons), the existence of which, up to the year 1981, only few people had knowledge, terrible and horrible hurricanes will be released on the American continent, which will crush and destroy everything that comes into their range.

These hurricanes, however, work in conjunction with horrendous giant-fire-cylinders, which race across the land and level everything to rubble and ashes, by which all life dies. But one of these giant-hurricanes, the largest one of all, devastates and destroys everything, and what it does not destroy, mercilessly falls to the screaming inferno of the fire-cylinder following it.

This hurricane races northward, across the American continent, and then suddenly changes its course to a northeastern direction.

Sweeping across the continent and destroying everything, it then races out across to the Atlantic and, in a screaming storm tears up a floodwave of such gigantic size, that to observers it appears to be a high mountain, and destructively races toward Europe - always following the hurricane also racing toward Europe.

As far as mankind can remember, nothing comparing to this disaster has ever been seen - and also will not be experienced in all the time following.

The flood races forth across England and across the North European nations, to destroy everything, to sink cities, villages, Man, animals and islands, while the hurricane itself stubbornly follows its northeastern course, however, part of it branches out and races toward Span and the Mediterranean, to devastatingly destroy everything left and right and amidst the ocean what falls into its path, to then lose itself somewhere in the East.

Two thirds of mankind, due to this world-inferno, fall victim to death, and that will be billions.

In future times, America falls yet into two civil wars, which will politically divide the country into four or five parts.

Should the already threatening and quite closely approaching third world-fire be ended after its incomparable destructions, without the entire world being destroyed, it could only occur due to a compromise, reached by the power-greedy ones of the great powers of the world, otherwise all life would be extinguished on planet Earth.

Monday, November 23, 1981, 11:15 A.M.

When the third world-fire blazes, the red storm floods advance from the South of Germany, while up to the Danube and the Inn rivers, everything will be destroyed, annihilated and leveled. The rivers lose their waters so that no one needs bridges any longer, to walk dry shod from one river bank to the other. Blazing hell-fires of human degeneration dry out the rivers, cause the water to evaporate and advance additional death and evil ruin - caused by bombs, which shoot forth blazing deadly fires.

But at the Danube and the Inn rivers, the red storm floods will fare evilly, because suddenly infernal and lightning fires scream down from the mountains, by which they are thrown back to the East, causing them to leave all their war materials behind and to flee.

However, despite this occurrence, great need, misery and death will break out in Europe and, for the time being, the religions will find a disgraceful end, an end earned in manifold, besides many of those, who in their thinking are evil. Churches will become horse stables for the red storm floods, also in Switzerland, where sectarian-religious cult places will be turned into weapons arsenals by the red storm floods and in which lies horse dung a foot-high.

Hunger, misery, death, disease, epidemics and destruction will also befall Russia, and the mighty ones of the nation find death or will be driven from their positions. This will be the time, when the corpses lie about and smelling evilly will decay in Russia, because no one can bury them any more.

Monday, November 23, 1981, 12:19 P.M.

The last decisive sign, however, for the breaking out of the third world-fire will be a political murder, which will occur in a nation of the East.

Only a short time thereafter and over night, the enemy falls into the nations with a rapidity, that no defense will be possible any more.

Only very few people will be able to flee. Over the majority of mankind, death and ruin comes lightning like and totally unexpected and as a surprise.

Three spear-heads of the red storm floods will fall into Europe - like a three-headed dragon.

The lower head advances through Czechoslovakia, then to break through in a northwestern direction, after which it will set up its headquarters in the Naab-valley in Germany.

The second head rolls straight westward and overruns the nations.

It advances toward Saxony, then moves forward across Germany spewing forth its fire.

The third head of the war-dragon of the red floods screamingly presses forward, advancing from northeast toward southeast, burning and destroying everything in hellish embers, that comes across its death-bringing jaws.

The major attack objectives of the red storm floods in Germany are aiming for the centers of the Western Armed Forces, stationed in this nation, and irresistible they press forward to these targets.

But suddenly, from the south, enormous masses of planes and rockets will approach, carrying with them heavy and deadly loads.

It will seem as if an evil hornets swarm moves across the sky, covered and filled with many thousands of metallic glistening death messengers, which screamingly thrust forth their deadly loads, to bring bursting and crashing death and destruction to mankind. During one clear star-filled night, the deadly ruin will come, when the howling rockets fall down and the planes open their bomb shafts, to rain down the death-bringing load from the night sky.

And millionfold this death rains down, and where it falls, all life is extinguished.

All life dies: Man, animals, plants and only the war weapons and buildings will remain to the greater extent, when the waves and rays of death race across the nations - when neutron waves and 3-R-rays and the screaming fires ahead of them will bring destruction, followed by additional deaths, due to the breaking out of diseases and epidemics of types unknown up to now.

A gigantic corridor of death will result from South to North, from Czechoslovakia up to the North Sea.

It is the yellow band of death and of destruction, in which all life is extinguished, and which does not allow any lifeform to cross this strip of death from one border to the other, because death will continue to reign therein for a long time.

But this will be the reason, that the power of the foreign troops, who fell into these nations, will break down. Reinforcements will, due to the yellow death strip, also be thwarted, as also their retreat, whereby no living human being will return any more to its homeland beyond the death band.

Monday, November 23, 13:42 PM

On the mountains lies snow, yet it is not white, but yellow.

A deadly colour at that time, because the yellow harbours death and ruin for all life.

At this time, the weather will be overcast and rainy, while many deaths float in the atmosphere.

The survivors freeze and will be snatched away by known and unknown deaths, which result from new diseases, epidemics and poisonings.

But at the same time, a severe quake rolls across the nations, to which many people fall victim.

Italy and France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down.

The inhabitants themselves are those, who lay Paris into rubble and ashes via murder, arson and revolution, while Italy also falls due to massacres; the red battalions of the nation massacre the mighty ones of the church and their adherents, while the cowardice of the Pope will be spoken of by everyone, when he disguises himself and unrecognised flees across the Great Waters, however, leaving behind his loyal ones and adherents, to abandon them to death - in exchange for his own useless life.

Further from the South, red, yellow and brown storm floods approach, and on their way they already have drenched immeasurable areas of the land with human blood.

They march to the Alpland which, however, also will be attacked from the North.

The nation of peace will be destroyed and the metropolis of conferences will be extinguished.

Not one stone remains on the other, and life expires in great masses.

A part of Scotland sinks into the ocean, when a gigantic floodwave rages up from across the ocean. High like a mountain, it tears away everything underneath, destroying and death-bringing, to make several islands sink into the wild waters, and also to tear a part of the mainland into the ocean.

A horrifying work by the hand of Man, produced by the insanity of human megalomania, an elementary (weather) bomb dropped into the sea off the coast of England.

In the East, murder and manslaughter rages, and the people fight over a piece of bread. Extremely severe hunger will prevail because, due to epidemics and death-causing chemical influences, all foodstuffs will be inedible.

Water and bread only will remain to be Man’s food.

These foodstuffs, however, will be scarce, therefore, the son will kill his father and the daughter her mother - for the sake of the bread and the water. The city people become murdering criminals. They run out to the country to rob the farmers, to rob the cattle from their stables, so that they quiet the gnawing hunger therewith.

The farmers, however, will be angry and slay all those, who are elegantly dresses and have pampered hands, because they suspect to see city people in them and, therefore, thieves.

Tuesday, November 24, 1981, 01:15 A.M.

The third world-fire will last very long, when the ‘seven dark ones’ appear and the ‘12th chair’ wields its power. Fear will be and terror, when the three days of darkness fall across Earth and over mankind.

But there will be day again and peace - and a hoary old man will at least be king in Europe. But the cursed one will return, to capture mankind under his spell again; to enslave and exploit them, and to make them dependent upon him. With hypocritical love, with lying, betrayal, assassination, vice, lust and greed he will return, the damned one, to establish anew his spirit-enslaving kingdom of the iniquity cult.

He, the damned one, the assassin, who allowed his loyal ones in Rome to be massacred, in order to save his own shameful life, in that he fled disguised across the Great Waters.

During the first spring after the great world-fire, when the flowers in desecrated Europe will bloom again, the damned one of cowardice, of iniquity, of exploitation, of enslavement and of assassination will return.

He, who betrayed his loyal ones, sold and handed them over to the murdering enemy, in order to save his useless life, greeding for power.

So he will return from across the Great Waters, the damned one of Rome, to take renewed advantage of the believing stupidity of his lambs, and to carry on his satanic work of sectarianism anew. And the people of Earth, after the great world-fire, will be stupid enough to adhere to him the more yet, the damned one; the Pope. Thus discord and non-love, as well as enslavement, exploitation and murder and manslaughter again will be stirred up, and again war will result therefrom.

The return and acceptance of the damned one means the beginning of the next war again, from which will result many more wars, spanning over many hundreds and thousands of years. These will recur continuously, due to the religious error teachings, which are the basic fault of all murder in general; because damnation rests on the false cult-religions, which dishonour the teachings of truth and of Spirit and trample them with their feet into the mud.

Damnation rests on the cult-religions, as well as on the Jewish mother, who carries the blame for the birth of the Anti-Logos 666, who brings the most horrible deaths over the Earth and to mankind.

Therefore, Man of Earth will continue to fall for the cult-religions and trample under foot the creative truth which, however, will always be to his detriment.

Peace will not last long after the world-fire, because the cult-religions always press forward for new power and for new murder, as it has always been during the last 10,000 years on Earth, during which planet Earth in total only experienced 243 years of true peace.

But Earthman is able only to protect himself against further destruction and wars and against all evil, if from now one, he outright annihilates all cult-religions, to turn himself once and only to the creative truth and its teachings, and lives faithfully according to the creational laws and recommendations.

This, Man of Earth, be said unto you from the plane of PETALE, as we impart this warning to you in advising and directing manner.

Due to the establishing of the peace meditation, which was set up according to the initiative of the Plejadians/Plejarians, and since 1981 is carried out jointly by them and the member of F.I.G.U., several of the aforementioned prophecies from the PETALE-plane could be averted.

The appearance of Gorbatschow and the dissolving of the former DDR (East Germany) made possible by him, is an example of the effectiveness of the peace meditation. Another example is the prevention of the Third World War - for the time being which, according to the earlier prophecies would have broken out by the middle of the nineteen-eighties, if it had not been halted by the peace meditation and by additional impulses of the Plejadians/Plejarians stimulating common-sense in Earth humanity.