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Sirian technically-advanced humans who created a new human race with a limited life-span of 100 years, which also bore barbaric traits that tended toward degeneration and cruelty.

This new human race, which exists on Earth today, was created to protect the Sirians as they had lost the ability to fight through self-manipulation when they were previously living in the Lyra star system.

The reason for the new human races' limited life span was because the creator-overlords feared that they would band together and annihilate them. Eventually, their fears became reality, and for this reason new methods had to be found to bring the genetically-manipulated races under their control once again, although it meant that these goals would have to be achieved through radical extermination.

Since the creator-overlords were more powerful than the genetically-manipulated humans those found but one recourse and that was to flee, which they did with help from benevolent supporters in the Sirius regions. At the same time, these supporters secretly decided to exploit the genetically-manipulated people for their own use.

Two large, genetically-manipulated groups of humans fled from the Sirius regions and settled in an area on the other side of the galaxy in the Nisan star system.

Eventually, however, they were discovered by space travellers from the Old Lyran lineage, whereupon they emigrated to the Lyra star system and later on came to the Sol star system.

Another group of humans fled to the Sol star system and settled on planets Mars and Malona.

Some rebellious humans had also already been banished to the Sol star system.

Fictional CGI - This is generally what modifying genes is thought to look like under ideal circumstances. See Nanoscopic scale (Wikipedia)

On the part of the ‘creators’ there was the hope that the Earth human beings would drive themselves into confusions and wars due to their various teachings of belief and thereby exterminate themselves. But at the least this hope was anchored in the fact that the Earth humanity would only then be able technically, biologically and scientifically, to again conquer their world and space, after they had carried out the necessary changes in their thinking and behaviour - due to a sufficiently long evolutionary development time. Thus the Earth human would be brought up to these insights by their faith teachings and faith directions of the most diverse kind, in order to then later solve their genetically manipulated degeneration problem and to correct this degeneration, whereby not least this factor would become important for the Earth humanity in finding this genetically manipulated damage for themselves one day, in their distant future; in order for them to reform it by a corresponding gene change, back again to the normal.

Billy, Contact Report 251, 3rd February 1995

‘It Fits Like a Glove‘ (Excerpt)

For those who are new to this, the story, as told to us, is mind-blowingly involved and long, and in fact altogether spans billions of years! But let’s just make a short version. Imagine you are a highly evolved humanity in regard to knowledge, skilfulness and opulence. You take your evolution so far that you eventually actually genetically engineer aggression right out of your people. You think you don’t need it anymore. But then you realise that you have made yourself vulnerable to attacks by aggressors. What do you do? Having long lost your ability to fight, you create a race of people who do have the aggression gene and can protect you. But you realise that those people could also turn on you and become your aggressors, so you build into them a short life-span and various crippling diseases that prevent them from ever developing into a real threat. Only you got it wrong and their permitted natural barbarism allows them to be great survivors despite all of that. They get out of hand. You decide you have to destroy them. They have become too dangerous. But some among you feel that those aggressive ones should be protected, not killed, and these ‘benevolent ones’ help them flee to a planet far, far away where they will not be found by their creators – to a planet not likely to be suspected as a hideout due to the fact of its dying sun and rather inadequate oxygen levels. After much time has passed during the space travel and the true story of their origin has been obscured and forgotten, those genetically modified people are deliberately misled and controlled with various confused religious teachings to make sure they are thwarted in their evolution and hopefully self-destruct – and here we are! Well it’s not quite that simple, but that is the gist of it.

It’s a really sci-fi sounding story and hard to accept as feasible at first. But to me – admittedly after a very long time absorbing the idea – this fits like a glove and is the story that explains [a lot more] - Source:

How didn't we see this before?

Some did, we still don't see it, we're a minority at the present time as it was in previous times, it's still a science-fiction narrative to the majority and it is due to require hundreds more years, another thousand and more of discoveries, perhaps it won't ever be acceptable to all and remain an open-secret to a critical mass. It's been explained to BEAM by Plejaren by an exceptional education since childhood, who has subsequently passed that information over to us, in ways that we might appreciate and comprehend it. He has had to explain that extraterrestrials were the ones who brought all the details out of it, because that's the way it has been every time we've been told as a humanity, how else could we have known that. The ins and outs of these things and their details have been explained to us in several different ways over the course of the Contact Reports, a portion of which has been listed on the ageing page. We know from our investigations (collectively as a community over the years, see forums, FIGU Forums and FIGU publication articles) that small groups in isolation at various intervals in recorded history must have on some level or another part-fathomed what is going on, the existence of the myth itself demonstrates that. But it's such a fantastic tale, too difficult to explain even with the science much less without the support of the science, that it's never really been acceptable how ever it's been said or written. It's been difficult for individuals at any time in history to develop the kind of brain for themselves through their education within such a short period of time, like a few decades as it is for our humanity, that there's been so very few in all history that have been there to identify it - we're too busy living our short lives with all the problems we have to have the time for it. It certainly wasn't going to be worked back into the education system before the science was available. Faith and belief, it was thought, would have been the likely carrier for it, as an ongoing myth, the 'original sin' - to one day much later be examined properly. With such an incredibly short history and brain development schedule it was always going to have to be a myth that was picked up by a researcher at some time, because they'd never have the time to develop a consciousness and subsequent cognition about the situation and subject by any other way, because we have much of nothing to compare anything to with an analysis of such the sort.

There are extraordinarily delightful Earth-humans among the Earth humanity it can be said with good confidence.

Einstein slack tongue.jpg

Technological progresses since then

That isn’t quite everything because the Plejaren have worked out what fine-material is and its many applications, since about 50,000 years ago. Thus they’re now able to remotely influence that brain development schedule and process accurately using artificially produced ‘impulses’ which would ordinarily arise from natural sources along the way of evolution, but by using a technological apparatus, directed at the individuals concerned, and without the individuals knowing about it - powerful enough as a tool to create Einsteins ...literally.[1] Even if it requires a lot of work to get right with individuals and is essentially assisting the development of a humans brain -for them to some extent, which is therefore inherently out of proportion to their worlds evolution, holds risks which those individuals have to find a way to bear i.e. plenty of limitations. They’d be considered nuts and bonkers by their fellow man, no secret, they have to learn to embrace what they are like anyone else. It’s not a tool which can be used indiscriminately to help a world help themselves, the Plejaren Federation has to employ a fairly sizeable team of operatives were it to succeed in undermining the evolutionary projections of a civilisation, and they have limitations, see The High Council which in some cases e.g. a global war in their future, which the Plejaren Federation are forbidden from interfering with, can only go around by involving individuals from another universe, see Asket.

Whether unsure or sceptical, all this stuff occurs with human societies from highly-evolved civilisations i.e. beyond fossil fuel transport, have sustainable food sources, good management i.e. finally moved beyond war, lasted long enough to have worked out serious problems such as overpopulation, moved along from money and have moved into a higher quality education and attainment system which is fairer, more reasonable, and everything apparently with all this depends on having a normal life expectancy i.e. a thousand years not a hundred. In other words it’s difficult to know really whether Earth will now carry on the way it has been, a new civilisation every 14 thousand years for the next million, or whether over the next millennia (assuming we last that long at the rate we’re going) we genetically modify ourselves back to normal again, and live long enough to make good decisions at long last, like all those things that higher evolved civilisations do, or not and just carry on for another million years in the same vein of restarts which by that time will have tackled all these things the hard way and won’t any longer need to be artificially supported by extraterrestrials.

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