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This page contains information about new articles and media added to this wiki.

21st May 2014

I still have work to do on the page, however, your help would be greatly appreciated with it. I have set out the regime for its presentation, in tables of 7. but have only managed to complete the electromagnetic spectrum section. Also the contact reports and other texts have a wealth of information that could be cited on the page. We need researchers to trawl the interweb for information.
Daniel Leech

5th May 2014

There are several other evolution types to be added at a later date and can be found listed under 'further reading' at the bottom of these pages. When my Ratio facilitates the opportunity to look closely into these other types of Evolution I will indeed endeavour to add these pages to the Meier Encyclopedia.
Daniel Leech

23rd March 2014


8th March 2014


6th March 2014

Created book samples:


3rd March 2014


28th February 2014


  • Added new category Booklets with freely available booklets from FIGU, as well as the original pdf files.
  • Added the German side by side original text to any booklet that did not have it.
  • Added the relevant links to the sources of translations of booklets as well as links to their original.
  • Placed a header at the top of each booklet to be consistent to say whether it’s an authorised/unauthorised official/unofficial translation.
  • Modified Template:Officialauthorised, Template:Unofficialauthorised, Template:Unofficialunauthorised to be more clear, informative and to render well on mobile.
  • Added HOW TO READ THE TEACHING, an introduction sample from the book The Psyche
  • Started work on category Books
  • Added extraction script samples to User:Prunc used in converting html to wikitext in order to avoid manual editing and copy/paste.
  • Did other things I didn't remember at the time of this writing...


25th February 2014

James Moore

20th February 2014

Proposal: This could be added to 'important questions answered' on the main page.
Daniel Leech

17th February 2014

Daniel Leech

12th February 2014

Daniel Leech

11th February 2014

Daniel Leech

8th February 2014

Daniel Leech

6th February 2014

Daniel Leech

27th January 2014

  • Added contact reports 104 and 106. Some new translations by Larry Driscoll.

James Moore

16th January 2014

Daniel Leech

15th January 2014

  • Added a new translation of Contact Report 563, the first to be translated by the community (for free too)! May more be forthcoming from Its a great free learning system that I personally recommend to anyone wanting to learn a new language.

James Moore

4th January 2014

  • Added 9 new works of art by Daniel Leech to various contact reports. You can see them listed in the upload log here: Special:Log/upload

James Moore

1st January 2014

  • Added an old partial translation of Contact Report 275 by Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg that I had overlooked several years ago but only just "found" once again about Mother Theresa.

James Moore

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