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Hawaiian said ...

True, human beings are similar (but at a lower level) to BEING that are exclusively in the spiritual transceiver state. The penal gland is the "gateway" to these wonderful abilities of being connected to other Beings of similar levels of evolution.

However sad it appears, why wait until one is about to expire in order to reach out to others in the final material 3 arc seconds (900,000 kilo meters), when such abilities could be done while still living in a material self? This is the downside of religious dogmas, to keep others enslaved and not experiencing their true potentials.

Your ego also plays a primary role in preventing further spiritual evolution

--Hawaiian 20:46, 5 December 2010 (UTC)

Sanjin said ...

Just want to make a note that I don't think that "carefree" is a good translation for unbeschwert. This refers to the sentence "I live carefree". The problem with carefree is that it means without worries and without responsibility, while unbeschwert only refers to being without worries. There may not even be a word for it, but it is usually expressed as "easy-going" or maybe the closest would be unburdened.

--Sanjin 23:22, 5 December 2010 (UTC)