World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

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This article is not an official FIGU publication.


The article is related to a highly regulated world army, contributed to equally per capita by all nations allowing for transparency, putting an end to costly national armies and reining back the secret service expenses etc., which can instead be sent to any areas of the world to deal with isolated arising problems e.g. humanitarian crisis, help during natural and man-made disasters etc., and to combat terrorism, piracy, warmongers, dictators, criminals, gangsters, traffickers, and revolutionary uprisings such as sectarian, anarchist, rebellions etc., but also to enforce the worldwide birth control measures where necessary, see overpopulation. Allowing for an overall calming and settling down of state secrecy related surveillance, bureaucracy, scandals, justice system deficits, national projects etc., all of which has got thoroughly out of hand in terms of the oversight of investments no longer representing good value for the tax paying public.

World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

Source: FIGU Open Letter 003, FIGU: Offene briefe 2008 Nr.03 (German) (External)

… As the name implies, a peace-fighting troop is a multinational composition of trained military men and women. Every country trains for this purpose, proportional to its size and population, so-and-so many men and women as peace fighters, who are peace-loving in nature and who are willing to accept responsibility for the life of others. The result of this is a gigantic peace-fighting troop which is composed of several million people and is deployed over the entire earth. This troop champions peace and has world peace as its highest commandment. Its duty is to protect human life and if necessary to defend it in personal action, even with weapons if need be, and to also deprive the guilty parties, warmongers, dictators, terrorists, criminals, gangsters, etc., of power and make sure that no new unrest, etc., can break out in the country concerned. The large number of joint forces alone must guarantee that whenever they have to intervene in a belligerent country, they always outnumber the army members, criminals, gangsters, etc., many times over and thus constitute a large superpower in a peace-making form, so that no chance exists against them, should they be belligerently attacked. Communication around the globe today functions in a flash, and it has thus become possible for the commanding chiefs of such a peace-fighting troop to be constantly informed and kept abreast of things. Therefore, if unrest breaks out somewhere or if criminality and gangsters increase or a warmonger instigates his own army to rebellion, at least a tenfold superior force of peace fighters must instantly be mobilized and immediately dispatched to the place of unrest, via the shortest route possible, to nip the source of trouble in the bud, so no war, etc., can escalate. Alone the tremendous superior force of the fighting troop enables it to invade the troubled country from all sides, encircle the aggressors and apprehend them. At the same time, a defensive attack is started against the army and commanding chiefs, which is always proportionate to the aggressive threats of the belligerent country. (A popular uprising or rampant spread of criminality and crime calls for measures other than a nuclear bomb threat.) Once the source of trouble is eliminated, all weapons of the country concerned will immediately be destroyed. In the end, only the multinational peace-fighting troop has weapons for defence, and they must be stored and controlled in such a way that no power cravers, no retaliatory addicts or profit seekers and no criminals and gangsters have access to them.

The peace-fighting troops are furthermore only able and permitted to obtain and use these weapons, if necessary defence should require it. The peace-fighting troops guarantee that the would-be dictators, warmongers, criminals, gangsters and enemies against life, limb, possessions and goods will be rooted out with time by humanly justifiable but rigorous measures, through which peace and security for all life will be established worldwide and will be lasting. A peace-fighting troop has absolutely nothing to do with a renewed state of war or with a new power group on Earth but merely performs the function of protection and of the logical use of force. As long as humanity continues to degenerate as it has for such a long time and as the daily news today confirms over and over again, such an organization will be needed to halt such hostile actions towards humanity and life. A warmonger, belligerent party, despot, dictator, criminal or gangster can not be brought to reason with friendly words; alone the very idea of giving war commands or bullying, robbing and stealing from other people, sucking others dry with drugs and killing, etc., is evidence of the fact that people who do such things are sick, insane and degenerated in their thinking and behavior in a way that is hostile towards life and humanity. In their insanity and in their position of power, etc., they are so dangerous however, that they endanger the life of their own countrymen and the life of others, including people from foreign countries, whom they are willing to thoughtlessly, irresponsibly and senselessly sacrifice. In most cases, the heads of state, with their entourage, are the ones who are unable to cope with the enormous stress and responsibility of an entire state, have a mental breakdown and are power-hungry and therefore always want more and will never be satisfied. Peace can only be brought about and maintained with the logical use of force which many people however are unwilling to understand. But a very good example of this is the human body itself which is subject to given natural laws and thus also functions accordingly: When a bacillus tries to settle down in the body, innumerable antibodies are produced which attack and destroy this disturbing factor with superior force. If this were not the case, the disease-bringing bacillus could multiply unhindered and finally attack and even destroy the entire body.

The antibodies render security and protection to the living and healthy cells. It is just the same with warmongers and the multinational peace-fighting troop. If the criminal act of a head of state or a gangster, etc., is not immediately halted by a superior number of peace fighters, who establish order, then all the horrible and unimaginable things, which happen in abominable wars and crimes year after year in dozens of countries on Earth today, can go unhindered and unpunished. In general, a fully false opinion prevails with regard to a multinational peace-fighting troop. The words ‹peace› and ‹fighting› united in one expression annoy a lot of people, and they think of it as an army, like the one we know today, which spreads misery, hardship, fear and terror. But that is not the case at all, since the troop members are very well trained specialists with regard to such things as defence, peace-making, peace-keeping and safeguarding survival on the one hand and with regard to abiding by the natural laws and being humane on the other. In addition, they come from so many different nations and nationalities that they could never form a power-hungry, state-related unit with viable traits of power. This way, they are multinationally obliged to perform their duties, side by side, whereby it can by no means be in their interest to allow quarrels to arise or cravings for power, etc. The peace-fighting troop fights for peace and tries to establish it to the best of its human knowledge and ability and also as humanely as possible, or in other words, in such a way, that there will be no dead, if possible, or only very few. Their task consists of protecting life and eliminating the source of unrest in order to maintain peace, stability and order as well as security for all life and possessions and goods and does not consist of playing ‹would-be warriors›. Every unnecessary death must be prevented under all circumstances. Whoever thinks however that a belligerent country could simply be invaded and leveled to the ground is no better than the instigator of a war, for he is playing in his thoughts with underhanded murder, crimes against humanity and treacherous assassination of innocent people. That however is not the purpose of a multinational peace-fighting troop. Furthermore, the soldiers of the belligerent country are only carrying out their orders, forced to do so in many cases, and perhaps only out of fear of being killed themselves by their rulers or their own people. It is usually not at all the way most people think, who are uninvolved, for if a ruler or a gangster degenerates somewhere, then neither he nor his entire entourage and by no means his entire people, who are usually not at all guilty, may be killed.

The primary duty of the helping side consists, without exception, of protecting and preserving life. Death is only permissible for a single, solitary reason: Necessary defence. A human being is only justified in this one form to take the life of another human being. The peace-fighting troop always acts in accordance with the law of passive force (= alone the multiply superior force of the peace fighters nips the unrest in the bud). It naturally can not be ruled out that a peace fighter may have to shoot or otherwise kill a warlike assailant to save his own life or that of a third person or to fulfill his goal of bringing the unrest and the war or the crime, etc., under control, for it should be reckoned with that the belligerent country or the criminals, etc., are not willing to give up. But when killing must be done in this form, out of necessity, a peace fighter is acting in full defence of life and thus not for reasons of bloodthirstiness. This way, the number of unavoidable deaths can be limited to a countable few, whereas contrary to this today, thousands of people all over the world are abused, tortured, mutilated, robbed, exploited and innocently promoted from life to death, after they had hoped in vain for days, months or years for justified help. Here again, the human body serves as an example: If the antibodies do not succeed in neutralizing the seat of the disease, then a foot or a leg, etc., for example must be removed to protect the rest of the body, so the poison or the disease is unable to spread any further. Peace-fighting is not the same as war, since war means murder, misery, hardship, hatred, annihilation and destruction; peace-fighting however, in the sense of fighting for peace, is an earnest, human endeavor towards a peaceful and healthy existence for all life-forms and all existence, which is indeed connected with a period of unrest but has neutrality as its goal. This type of fighting is done in such a way that peace emerges as the goal, even if logical force is necessary to accomplish it. This is contrary to political and criminal wars, whose sole purpose is the acquisition of power, the preservation of power, and profit. The peace-fight struggles with the negative and the degenerated, so that the positively balanced can finally gain the upper hand.

Peacefighting creates peace and it preserves and builds, so it is not there to destroy and annihilate, which is characteristic of every politically, power and profit oriented war, etc. However, mindless fighting can not simply be started, because a peace-fight must also be strategically well planned down to the last detail and developed in such a way that success is guaranteed. This means with respect to an intervention in the machinations, etc., of belligerent states and criminal organizations that a tremendously superior number of peace fighters will invade the country concerned, so that every resistance is useless and so the unrest can no longer escalate and is destroyed at its source. A war however is not yet settled with this, for after the acts of war have been brought under control and those responsible have been rendered incapable of action and brought to account through a measure, for example, such as life-long banishment to an absolutely secure and inescapable place, it is necessary that the people concerned are offered humanitarian help. Therefore, the entire corps of the peacefighting troop can not simply be withdrawn again. A certain vital part of this corps must remain in the country and make sure that no new unrest is able to break out. In addition, the new government to be appointed and also the people must be led back onto the right path through teachings, which can possibly take a long time, because every human being must gain insight into the necessity of peace and humanitarianism and also into a just and good lifestyle and therefore must undergo a change of mind.

By Barbara Harnisch and Billy, Switzerland

In an article by Achim Wolf entitled «Die Stimme der Vernunft» (see FIGU: Sonder-Bulletin no. 26 (German) (External)), the creation of multinational peace-fighting troops, according to the model described above, would require that the decision-making body of the United Nations be occupied and headed by people who are absolutely independent, non-political and neutral, whose entire thinking is solely aligned with the creative principles of truth, knowledge and wisdom and who only allow themselves to be guided by reason and understanding.

However, the way the U.N. handles things today, with its ridiculous and useless missions, nothing can be achieved with respect to pacifying the earth or its peoples, although the foremost duties of the U.N. are to secure world peace, heed international law, protect human rights and promote international cooperation. Our current multinational peace troops, as defined by the U.N., are nothing but a farce. In an official contact conversation between Ptaah and Billy on August 15, 2006, Ptaah stated that if the overall concept is to be effective and the desired goal of world peace achieved, then this can only be done with a multinational ‹peace-fighting troop› that acts in logical force and does everything necessary to disarm the armies. In principle and under all circumstances, only one multinational peace-fighting troop may exist on a planet under the strictest control of the world population, and alone this peace-fighting army may have combat weapons at its disposal to secure the safety of the entire planet and its population. The duty of such a multinational peace-fighting force would be to nip every seat of conflict in the bud within 72 hours, to disarm the elements responsible for the warmongering crimes and armed conflicts in a resolute manner and to take them in safe custody. The guilty must then be separated from society for life, by decision and order of the world community, so they can no longer do any damage. This procedure would correspond to the creative principle of logical force in defence, whereby the guiltless may in no way be harmed, injured or killed, nor any avoidable damage caused to their property. For further details see «Auszüge aus dem offiziellen 432. Kontaktgespräch» in Sonder-Bulletin no. 27 at With such a mighty global force dedicated to securing and preserving world peace, all the horrors of war could finally be brought to an end. The duty of every human being is to protect and foster life and not to destroy it. So let’s stop the senseless harming, robbing and killing of our fellow human beings and the equally senseless destruction of our planet. Together, we can take control of our destiny with the help of global referendums and not only stop all wars but create a truly humanitarian society on Earth guided by truth, knowledge, wisdom, reason and love.[1][2]

Rebecca Walkiw

FIGU Special Bulletin 27

This is an official and authorised translation of a FIGU publication.
N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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Title: "Only by fighting evil will we ever overcome it"
Source: FIGU Special Bulletin 27 p.16

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English Translation
Original Swiss-German
The directives of the Plejaren say unambiguously that they may not intervene in the quarrels of foreign peoples and humanities if these do not belong to their federation and if support, and so forth, is not requested by their relevant leadership positions. Die Direktiven der Plejaren besagen eindeutig, dass sie sich nicht in fremder Völker und Menschheiten Händel einmischen dürfen, wenn diese nicht zu ihrer Föderation gehören und wenn nicht von deren entsprechenden Führungsstellen eine Hilfestellung usw. verlangt wird.
In regard to foreign planets and their humanities, who are not yet capable of higher space travel and a higher development of consciousness, they may likewise not intervene, take up any official contact, and therefore also are permitted to perform no other support, other than of a telepathic-impulse nature, which serves the general peaceful progress. In bezug auf fremde Planeten und deren Menschheiten, die noch nicht der höheren Raumfahrt und einer höheren Bewusstseinsentwicklung fähig sind, dürfen sie sich ebenfalls nicht einmischen, keine offiziellen Kontakte aufnehmen und also auch keine anderen Hilfestellungen leisten als telepathisch-impulsmässige, die dem allgemeinen friedlichen Fortschritt dienen.
Regarding the removal of the Giza Intelligences, this directive was not violated because these belonged to traditional Lyran-Vegan-Plejaren groupings who caused much harm among the Earth humans for which reason they were deported and banished. Hinsichtlich der Entfernung der Gizeh-Intelligenzen wurde diese Direktive nicht verletzt, denn diese gehörten zu altherkömmlichen lyranisch-weganisch-plejarischen Gruppierungen, die viel Unheil unter den Erdenmenschen anrichteten, weshalb sie deportiert und in Verbannung geschickt wurden.
Therefore the Plejaren are only permitted to intervene in this case, without violating their directives, because the moronic Giza halfwits corresponded to a Plejaren peoples. Also durften die Plejaren, ohne ihre Direktiven zu verletzten in diesem Fall nur eingreifen, weil die Gizeh-Heinis zu plejarischen Völkern belangten.
The humans of the Earth can therefore in no way at all expect any help from the Plejaren against the criminal machinations of the state powers, as well as their vassals and the people who acclaim them, in regard to an end to wars, murder and manslaughter, torture, rape, the death penalty, criminality, destruction and annihilation, because first there must be a certain degree of consciousness evolution present which could allow an intervention of the Plejaren in line with their directives. Die Menschen der Erde können also in keinerlei Weise Hilfe von den Plejaren gegen die verbrecherischen Machenschaften der Staatsmächtigen sowie deren Vasallen und der ihnen zujubelnden Völker in bezug auf ein Beenden von Kriegen, Mord und Totschlag, Folter, Vergewaltigungen, Todesstrafe, Kriminalität, Zerstörungen und Vernichtungen erwarten, denn erst muss eine gewisse bewusstseinsmässige Evolution gegeben sein, die ein Eingreifen der Plejaren gemäss ihren Direktiven erlauben könnte.
But they will never carry out such intervention because, after the course of a certain amount of time, which is no more all-too-distant, they will finally draw back from the Earth and have nothing more to do with it and the Earthly humanity. Solche Eingriffe werden sie aber niemals durchführen, denn nach Ablauf einer bestimmten Zeit, die nicht mehr allzufern ist, werden sie sich endgültig von der Erde zurückziehen und nichts mehr mit dieser und der irdischen Menschheit zu tun haben.
The years for that are already numbered and their final withdrawal is inevitable. Die Jahre dafür sind bereits gezählt, und ihr endgültiger Abzug ist unabwendbar.
The humans of the Earth must, from their own incentive and from their own recognition, as well as from out of their grasp of the creational-natural truth, learn to use their understanding and reason in order to develop in consciousness in line with the creational laws and recommendations. Die Menschen der Erde müssen aus eigenem Antrieb und aus eigenem Erkennen sowie aus dem Erfassen der schöpferisch-natürlichen Wahrheit heraus ihren Verstand und ihre Vernunft zu gebrauchen lernen, um sich bewusstseinsmässig gemäss den schöpferischen Gesetzen und Geboten zu entwickeln.
However, so long as this obligation is not adhered to, so long will the human conjure up monstrous criminality, irresponsibility and wars, as well as every evil of the world, whereby love, freedom, peace and harmony will be allowed to wait until he finally keeps his true obligation, and also observes it, in regard to the fulfilment of the creational-natural laws. So lange aber, wie dieser Verpflichtung keine Folge geleistet wird, so lange wird der Mensch ungeheuerliche Verbrechen, Verantwortungslosigkeiten und Kriege sowie alle Übel der Welt heraufbeschwören, wodurch Liebe, Freiheit, Frieden und Harmonie noch so lange auf sich warten lassen werden, bis er endlich seiner wahren Verpflichtung in bezug auf die Erfüllung der schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze gewahr wird und diese auch wahrnimmt.
The intelligence of the majority of humans of the Earth is still truly in children's shoes, for which reason he chains himself to religions, sects, philosophies, and other ideologies, as well as to commerce, politics and their false resolutions and dealings. Die Intelligenz des Gros der Menschen der Erde steckt wahrlich noch in den Kinderschuhen, weshalb er sich an Religionen, Sekten, Philosophien und sonstige Ideologien sowie an die Wirtschaft, Politik und deren falsche Entschlüsse und Handlungen kettet.
Consequently he hangs on the lips and dealings of the state powers who steer their peoples into death, into ruin, into bondage, coercion, destruction and war, instead of leading them in a life of peace, love, freedom and harmony. In dieser Folge hängt er an den Lippen und Handlungen der Staatsmächtigen, die ihre Völker, statt in ein Leben in Frieden, Liebe, Freiheit und Harmonie führen, in den Tod, ins Verderben, in Unfreiheit, Zwang, Zerstörung und Krieg steuern.
They do not recognise that their state powers are insane, schizophrenic and power-greedy - with few exceptions - who conjure up the devil out of hell in order to fulfill their own lusts for power and at the same time to heap up their bank accounts with the tax money of their stupid followers. Sie erkennen nicht, dass ihre Staatsmächtigen irre, schizophrene Machtgierige sind - mit wenigen Ausnahmen -, die den Teufel aus der Hölle heraufbeschwören, um ihre eigenen Machtgelüste zu erfüllen und gleichzeitig ihre Bankkonten mit den Steuergeldern ihrer dummen Anhänger zu überhäufen.
These stupid followers are also those who raise the power-greedy to their positions and pay tribute to them as every insane, un-self-supporting and stupid one pays tribute to the devil, if he can hope for a use for himself from it. Diese dummen Anhänger sind es auch, die die Machtgierigen in deren Stellungen heben und diesen huldigen, wie jeder irre Unselbständige und Dumme dem Teufel, wenn er sich davon einen Nutzen erhoffen kann.
Still the humans are not so far progressed in regard to intelligence, respectively, pertaining to understanding and reason, that they would turn themselves away from religions, sects, philosophies and other false ideologies, as well as from the false politics and state leadership, as also from constantly raising up the greatest criminals and felons to state officials, who then launch war and every evil of the world and with that, bring not only foreign, rather also their own peoples, into need and misery, as well as into death and ruin. Noch sind die Menschen intelligenzmässig resp. verstandes- und vernunftsmässig nicht so weit vorangeschritten, dass sie sich von den Religionen, Sekten, Philosophien und sonstigen falschen Ideologien sowie von der falschen Politik und Staatsführung abwenden würden, wie auch davon, ständig die grössten Kriminellen und Verbrecher in Staatsämter zu erheben, die dann Kriege und alles Übel der Welt vom Stapel lassen und damit nicht nur fremde, sondern auch die eigenen Völker in Not und Elend sowie in Tod und Verderben bringen.
The intelligence of the majority of the Earthly humanity has still not thrived to the extent that they search for the creational-natural truth and would learn and follow it, because, would the humanity follow this way, then they would quickly be so far that they take the rudder themselves in hand and would only choose trustworthy humans as state and world leaders who are striving to effect only the best and very best for the individual humans and the individual peoples as well as for the entire Earth humanity in order, world wide, to effect true love, freedom and harmony, as well as true peace. Noch nicht ist die Intelligenz des Gros der irdischen Menschheit so weit gediehen, dass sie nach der schöpferisch-natürlichen Wahrheit suchen und diese erlernen und befolgen würde, denn würde die Menschheit diesem Weg folgen, dann wäre sie schnell soweit, dass sie das Ruder selbst in die Hand nehmen und nur noch vertrauenswürdige Menschen als Staats- und Weltführer wählen würde, die bestrebt sind, für den einzelnen Menschen und die einzelnen Völker sowie für die gesamte Erdenmenschheit nur das Beste und Allerbeste zu bewirken, um weltweit wahre Liebe, Freiheit und Harmonie sowie wahren Frieden zu bewirken.
Now, that is everything which already, often, and over and over again was discussed in the bulletins (see also Special Bulletin Number 25) and which has found much resonance with very many readers around the world. Nun, das sind alles Dinge, die schon oft und oft und immer und immer wieder in den Bulletins (siehe auch Sonder-Bulletin Nr. 25) besprochen wurden und bei sehr vielen Leserinnern und Lesern rund um die Welt viel Anklang gefunden haben.
However, in order, with that, to thereby effect something in the world and in the humanity, every individual must grasp the initiative, learn to behave correctly, carry the ideas of love, peace, freedom and harmony from his side into the world and fight for that. Damit dadurch aber in der Welt und in der Menschheit etwas bewirkt wird, muss jeder einzelne die Initiative ergreifen, lernen richtig zu handeln, die Idee von Liebe, Frieden, Freiheit und Harmonie seinerseits in die Welt hinaustragen und dafür kämpfen.
And if that is done, then all of us do not stand on lost posts to which we have stationed ourselves for it. Und wird das getan, dann stehen wir alle, die wir uns dafür einsetzen, nicht auf verlorenem Posten.
However, every individual must observe his responsibility for that, to let his reason and his understanding govern and be untiringly awake in these things and go to the barricades, because only he who really fights can also win, and carry a victory from it. Jeder einzelne aber muss seine Verantwortung dafür wahrnehmen, seine Vernunft und seinen Verstand walten lassen und unermüdlich in diesen Dingen wach sein und auf die Barrikaden gehen, denn nur wer wirklich kämpft, kann auch gewinnen und einen Sieg davontragen.
And what, and how, everything is to be done and handled was already often named in the bulletins, whereby also the Plejaren have been moved to speak and made clear what is necessary in order to create a better and healthy world. Und was und wie alles zu tun und zu handhaben ist, das wurde schon oft in den Bulletins genannt, wobei auch die Plejaren das Wort ergriffen und klargelegt haben, was notwendig ist, um eine bessere und gesunde Welt zu schaffen.
Thereby the spiritual teachings and the teachings of life integrated into them, as well as the learning and adherence to them, play an uncommonly important role; yet so long as the humans are not willing to learn and follow these teachings so long will the Earth and the entire humanity further live in need and misery, in war, hate, revenge, retaliation, jealously, lovelessness, dissention, bondage and disharmony, as well as in destructive erroneous believing in religions, sects, philosophies, political, commercial or other ideologies. Dabei spielen die Lehre des Geistes und die darin integrierte Lehre des Lebens sowie deren Erlernung und Befolgung eine ungemein wichtige Rolle; doch so lange, wie die Menschen diese Lehre nicht gewillt sind zu erlernen und zu befolgen, so lange wird die Erde und die ganze Menschheit weiterhin in Not und Elend, in Krieg, Hass, Rache, Vergeltung, Eifersucht, Lieblosigkeit, Unfrieden, Unfreiheit und Disharmonie sowie in zerstörender Irrgläubigkeit an Religionen, Sekten, Philosophien, politischen, wirtschaftlichen oder sonstigen Ideologien leben.
First then, if he finally frees himself from all these unworthy things, and from all harm, the wish can be fulfilled of all those who honestly make the effort to create a better and positive world and just as much a better and positive attitude in the humans. Erst dann, wenn er sich endlich von all diesen Unwerten und von allem Unheil befreit, kann der Wunsch all jener in Erfüllung gehen, die sich ehrlich darum bemühen, eine bessere und positive Welt und eine ebensolche Einstellung im Menschen zu schaffen.
Truly, there are, however, only few humans in the majority of the Terrestrial humanity, who really honestly maintain their thoughts, feelings, hopes and wishes in this direction, because generally the honesty in this direction is only determined for sufficiently dealing with one's own well-being, while, to them, the fate of the fellow humans doesn't matter and is dealt with with insipid words like, "It is terrible, everything that happens - these poor people". Wahrheitlich sind es aber nur wenige Menschen im Gros der irdischen Menschheit, die wirklich ehrlich in dieser Richtung ihre Gedanken, Gefühle, Hoffnungen und Wünsche pflegen, denn allgemein ist die Ehrlichkeit in dieser Richtung nur darauf bestimmt, dem eigenen Wohlergehen Genüge zu tun, während ihnen das Schicksal der Mitmenschen egal ist und mit faden Worten abgetan wird, wie: «Es ist schrecklich, was alles passiert - diese armen Menschen.»
The fact is, however, that all these who so speak withdraw in their own snail shell in order to not have to concern themselves openly with the entire worldly and human catastrophe. Tatsache ist aber, dass all diese, die so sprechen, sich in ihr eigenes Schneckenhaus zurückziehen, um sich nicht offen mit der ganzen weltlichen und menschlichen Katastrophe befassen zu müssen.
That is not how it is done, because it is necessary for every human - for everyone who will and can observe his responsibility - to creep out of his snail shell and to take up the fight against all the existing evil, unrighteousness, maliciousness, terror and human catastrophes, and so forth, and continue and live through this in spite of all opposition, verbal and actual attacks, slanders, untruths, and threats against body and life as well as against worldly possessions. Damit ist es aber nicht getan, denn es ist für jeden Menschen notwendig - für jeden, der seine Verantwortung wahrnehmen will und kann -, aus seinem Schneckenhaus hinauszukriechen und den Kampf gegen all die bestehenden Übel, Ungerechtigkeiten, Bösartigkeiten, Schrecken und menschlichen Katastrophen usw. aufzunehmen und diesen trotz aller Widerwärtigkeiten, verbalen und tätlichen Angriffe, Verleumdungen, Lügen und Drohungen gegen Leib und Leben sowie gegen Hab und Gut weiterzuführen und durchzustehen.
To this end, any good, honest and justifiable positive way is precisely good enough, and indeed it is entirely the same whether the fight is led with deeds, actions or with words in speech or text. Dazu ist jeder gute, ehrliche und vertretbare positive Weg gerade gut genug, und zwar ganz gleich, ob der Kampf mit Taten, Handlungen oder mit Worten in Sprache oder Schrift geführt wird.
The article you sent follows: Folgend Ihr eingesandter Artikel:
Billy Billy

The Israeli Failure and its Consequences

From Uri Avnery, Israel 3rd August, 2006

Sent by G. Caldano, Germany

With friendly greetings from Ellen Rohlfs

Knife in the Back
War of the Generals

The same army that took just six days to rout three big Arab armies in 1967 has not succeeded in overcoming a small "terrorist organization" in a time span that is already longer than the momentous Yom Kippur War.The day after the war will be the Day of the Long Knives.

Everybody will blame everybody else. The politicians will blame each other. The generals will blame each other. The politicians will blame the generals. And, most of all, the generals will blame the politicians.

Always, in every country and after every war, when the generals fail, the "knife in the back" legend raises its head. If only the politicians had not stopped the army just when it was on the point of achieving a glorious, crushing, historic victory.

That's what happened in Germany after World War I, when the legend gave birth to the Nazi movement. That's what happened in America after Vietnam. That's what is going to happen here. The first stirrings can already be felt.

THE SIMPLE truth is that up to now, the 22nd day of the war, not one single military target has been reached. The same army that took just six days to rout three big Arab armies in 1967 has not succeeded in overcoming a small "terrorist organization" in a time span that is already longer than the momentous Yom Kippur War. Then, the army succeeded in just 20 days in turning a stunning defeat at the beginning into a resounding military victory at the end.

In order to create an image of achievement, military spokesmen asserted yesterday that "we have succeeded in killing 200 (or 300, or 400, who is counting?) of the 1000 fighters of Hizbullah." The assertion that the entire terrifying Hizbullah consisted of one thousand fighters speaks for itself.

According to correspondents, President Bush is frustrated. The Israeli army has not "delivered the goods". Bush sent them into war believing that the powerful army, equipped with the most advanced American arms, will "finish the job" in a few days. It was supposed to eliminate Hizbullah, turn Lebanon over to the stooges of the US, weaken Iran and perhaps also open the way to "regime change" in Syria. No wonder that Bush is angry.

Ehud Olmert is even more furious. He went to war in high spirits and with a light heart, because the Air Force generals had promised to destroy Hizbullah and their rockets within a few days. Now he is stuck in the mud, and no victory in sight.

AS USUAL with us, at the termination of the fighting (and possibly even before) the War of the Generals will start. The front lines are already emerging.

The commanders of the land army blame the Chief-of-Staff and the power-intoxicated Air Force, who promised to achieve victory all by themselves. To bomb, bomb and bomb, destroy roads, bridges, residential quarters and villages, and - finito!

The followers of the Chief-of-Staff and the other Air Force generals will blame the land forces, and especially Northern Command. Their spokesmen in the media already declare that this command is full of inept officers, who have been shunted there because the North seemed a backwater while the real action was going on in the South (Gaza) and the Center (West Bank).

There are already insinuations that the Chief of Northern Command, General Udi Adam, was appointed to his job only in homage to his father, General Kuti Adam, who was killed in the First Lebanon War.

THE MUTUAL accusations are all quite right. This war is plastered with military failures - in the air, on land and on the sea.

They are rooted in the terrible arrogance in which we were brought up and which has become a part of our national character. It is even more typical of the army, and reaches its climax in the Air Force.

For years we have told each other that we have the most-most-most army in the world. We have convinced not only ourselves, but also Bush and the entire world. After all, we did win an astounding victory in six days in 1967. As a result, when this time the army did not win a huge victory in six days, everybody was astounded. Why, what happened?

One of the declared aims of this war was the rehabilitation of the Israeli army's deterrence power. That really has not happened.

That's because the other side of the coin of arrogance is the profound contempt for Arabs, an attitude that has already led to severe military failures in the past. It's enough to remember the Yom Kippur war. Now our soldiers are learning the hard way that the "terrorists" are highly motivated, tough fighters, not junkies dreaming of "their" virgins in Paradise.

But beyond arrogance and contempt for the opponent, there is a basic military problem: it is just impossible to win a war against guerillas. We have seen this in our 18-year stay in Lebanon. Then we drew the unavoidable conclusion and got out. True, without good sense, without an agreement with the other side. (We don't speak with terrorists, do we? - even if they are the dominant force on the ground.) But we did get out.

God knows what gave today's generals the unfounded self-confidence to believe that they would win where their predecessors failed so miserably.

And most of all: even the best army in the world cannot win a war that has no clear aims. Karl von Clausewitz, the guru of military science, pronounced that "war is nothing more than the continuation of politics by other means". Olmert and Peretz, two complete dilettantes, have turned this inside out: "War is nothing more than the continuation of the lack of policy by other means."

MILITARY EXPERTS say that in order to succeed in war, there must be (a) a clear aim, (b) an aim that is achievable, and (c) the means necessary for achieving this aim. All these three conditions are lacking in this war. That is clearly the fault of the political leadership.

Therefore, the main blame will be laid at the feet of the twins, Olmert-Peretz. They have succumbed to the temptation of the moment and dragged the state into a war, in a decision that was hasty, unconsidered and reckless.

As Nehemia Strassler wrote in Haaretz: They could have stopped after two or three days, when all the world agreed that Hizbullah's provocation justified an Israeli response, when nobody was yet doubting the capabilities of the Israeli army. The operation would have looked sensible, sober and proportional.

But Olmert and Peretz could not stop. As greenhorns in matters of war, they did not know that the boasts of the generals cannot be relied on, that even the best military plans are not worth the paper on which they are written, that in war the unexpected must be expected, that nothing is more temporary then the glory of war. They were intoxicated by the war's popularity, egged on by a herd of fawning journalists, driven out of their minds by their own glory as War Leaders.

Olmert was roused by his own incredibly kitschy speeches, which he rehearsed with his hangers-on. Peretz, so it seems, stood in front of the mirror and already saw himself as the next Prime Minister, Mister Security, a Second Ben-Gurion.

And so, like two village idiots, to the sound of drums and bugles, they set off at the head of their March of Folly straight towards political and military failure. It is reasonable to assume that they will pay the price after the war.

WHAT WILL come out of this whole mess?

No one talks anymore about eliminating Hizbullah or disarming it and destroying all the rockets. That has been forgotten long ago.

At the start of the war, the government furiously rejected the idea of deploying an international force of any kind along the border. The army believed that such a force would not protect Israel, but only restrict its freedom of action. Now, suddenly, the deployment of this force has become the main aim of the campaign. The army is continuing the operation solely in order to "prepare the ground for the international force", and Olmert declares that he will go on fighting until it appears on the ground. That is, of course, a sorry alibi, a ladder for getting down from the high tree. The international force can be deployed only in agreement with Hizbullah. No country will send its soldiers to a place where they would have to fight the locals. And everywhere in the area, the local Shiite inhabitants will return to their villages - including the Hizbullah underground fighters.

Further on, the force will also be totally dependent on the agreement of Hizbullah. If a bomb explodes under a bus full of French soldiers, a cry will go up in Paris: bring our sons home. That is what happened when the US Marines were bombed in Beirut.

The Germans, who shocked the world this week by opposing the call for a cease-fire, certainly will not send soldiers to the Israeli border. That's just what they need, to be obliged to shoot at Israeli soldiers.

And, most importantly, nothing will prevent Hizbullah from launching their rockets over the heads of the international force, any time they want to. What will the international force do then? Conquer all the area up to Beirut? And how will Israel respond?

Olmert wants the force to control the Lebanese-Syrian border. That, too, is illusory. That border goes around the entire West and North of Lebanon. Anybody who wants to smuggle weapons will stay away from the main roads, which will be controlled by the international soldiers. He will find hundreds of places along the border to do this. With the proper bribe, one can do anything in Lebanon.

After the war we will stand more or less in the same place we were before we started this sorry adventureTherefore, after the war, we will stand more or less in the same place we were before we started this sorry adventure, before the killing of almost a thousand Lebanese and Israelis, before the eviction from their homes of more than a million human beings, Israelis and Lebanese, before the destruction of more than a thousand homes both in Lebanon and Israel.

AFTER THE war, the enthusiasm will simmer down, the inhabitants of the North will lick their wounds and the army will start to investigate its failures. Everybody will claim that he or she was against the war from the first day on. Then the Day of Judgment will come.

The conclusion that presents itself is: kick out Olmert, send Peretz packing and sack Halutz.

In order to embark on a new course, the only one that will solve the problem: negotiations and peace with the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Syrians. And: with Hamas and Hizbullah.

Because it's only with enemies that one makes peace.

Uri Avnery is an Israeli writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom. He is one of the writers featured in The Other Israel: Voices of Dissent and Refusal. He is also a contributor to CounterPunch's hot new book The Politics of Anti-Semitism.

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