Death, Afterlife and Rebirth

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The process of Death, Afterlife (life of the Spirit in the Spiritual Realm) and the Rebirth Process.
By Jacob Smits

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The location of the Comprehensive Consciousness Block and the Spiritform is in the human brain, it is in the Colliculus Superior, from which it penetrates the whole body, both factors, the CCB and the Spiritform are connected in the human.

Jacob Smits, Death, Afterlife and Rebirth, April 2004


There are two things every human is certain of in his life, Death and Rebirth, usually, he is very aware about the absolute certainty of Death which causes much fear, grief and sadness in people who don't know the Truth about Life, Death and Rebirth.

Fear comes from the Psyche, the Psyche has it's function to guard over the human body, to make sure that the integrity and health of the human body (physe) is given at all times. Death is of course the end of the human body, the end of health, the end of the Psyche.

This fact of life apparently conflicts with the Psyche, and that is the reason why people have a fear of Death. Fear is a natural emotion from the Psyche caused by events which threaten the human body (Physe) which is often followed by a response of the Material Consciousness with a thought of fleeing, running away from the potential threat / hazard.

Another reaction of the Psyche can be observed when you touch a hot plate, your hand will retract very fast, much faster then the material consciousness can give an order, with other words, such a response is a reflex, governed by the Material sub-consciousness and the Psyche (nervous-systems).

The Natural Creative Laws and Commandments tell explicitly that one of the human responsibilities is to take care of the whole being and integrity of the human body in order to fulfill evolution during life in the material realm.

In early times when the human was very primitive and his conscious thinking was still primitive, it was the Psyche who was responsible for the whole being of the body, by fleeing or fighting in case of dangers like fire or wild animals.

The human has entered a level of development which allows him to use his material consciousness and his intellect to be in conscious control over his surroundings and make decisions in situations that would normally fill him with fear or anger, he can act upon his knowledge and have a control over his emotions.

Natural feelings from the Psyche, like fear, happiness, sexual desire, aggression, etc will exist as long as the human has a material body, don't think for a second that feelings of the Psyche are unnatural, they are fully natural as long the material conscious keeps them on their natural levels.

What is Death? There are several definitions, but there is one real death.

1. Clinical Death: This is not a death, this is a state of life in which all vital functions are reduced to a absolute minimum, beyond the range of detection, the heart doesn’t beat, the lungs don’t get oxygen, but the Spirit and it's Comprehensive Consciousness Block are still present in the body, and the material consciousness is in a state of deepest unconsciousness. The brain still has some electrical activity.

2. Brain Death: Brain death is defined as the irreversible loss of all functions of the brain. It can be determined in several ways. First - no electrical activity in the brain; this is determined by an EEG. Second - no blood flow to the brain; this is determined by blood flow studies. Third - absence of function of all parts of the brain - as determined by clinical assessment (no movement, no response to stimulation, no breathing, no brain reflexes.)

When a person is brain dead then he is actually dead, all bodily functions are sustained by machines which enable breathing, blood flow, intravenous feeding, etc. The person is actually dead.

Real death is instantaneous, which means that the CCB and the Spirit leave the body with lightspeed and in an irreversible way. Once the Spirit and the CCB have left the body they can't return, that is impossible. The Spirit does not have a desire or wish to return to the body or has any negative feelings and emotions, this is simply impossible, since the human spirit lacks a conscious-spirit consciousness and does not think about it's former body or life, there is simply no consciousness in the Spirit as of yet to generate any conscious thought.

When people see tunnels or loved ones when they are in a life threating situation like a heart attack or stroke, or anything else, then its nothing more then a lack of oxygen, or imbalance in the hormonal make-up of the brain which causes the Material consciousness and Material subconsiousness to generate tunnel effects, 'Jesus' and god experiences, just like the way people have lived and thought all their lives.

Religious people will often see helper-spirits, god, jesus, Mary, etc. There are as much near-death experiences as there are people.

In conclusion, true Death is final and very fast, the parting Spirit and CCB don't have the desire to return to the body or 'miss' the people they left behind, it is normal to up an extent to have a fear of death, Jmmanuel was one of the most 'famous' people to express this, just before his crucifixion and near-death. He stated that the 'Flesh is weak and the Spirit is strong', he meant that the Psyche, which is a part of the human body, the Physe, feels fear and horror for death, and that even a highly developed person knowing about Death will have to deal with these responses of the Psyche.


What is the afterlife? The Afterlife is the time of the Spirit spend in a Spiritual reality. For the Earth human, this is normally 1.52 times his physical life, which means that when a person dies at age 75, then the time of the Spirit will be 114 years in the afterlife.

An example: Jane Doe is born in the year 1925 and died in the year 2000, then her Spirit will reincarnate in the year 2114 For human understanding, this time seems very long, yet is in truth extremely short, since the Spirit itself is totally independent from space and time in the material realm.

In human understanding, material time and space are nullified in the Spiritual realm, that’s the truth, but it is absolutely so that also the Spiritual Realm has a Space and Time structure, but of a much higher order then the Material Space and Time structure.

This Space/Time structure in the Spiritual Realm is directly from Creation itself, in which it exists and evolves, and this appears to people a realm of timelessness and absence of space, which is in fact not true, but only apparently so.

There is no true void of Space and Time in the Spiritual Realm, because even Creation can't think in a void of Space and Time, because it would be impossible to even start to think, since there is no time which can carry such a thought to completion.

Structures of the Spiritual Realm

Even when the Spirit exists in the Spiritual Realm and in the same Spiritual reality as Creation itself, it is separated by it's level of BEING, this just means that there are 7 levels of Spiritual BEING. Every Spirit in the 'afterlife' exists in its corresponding level of BEING.

The first 5 main levels of BEING are bound to the material realm, which means that the life of the Spirit in those levels of BEING is not permanent, but is bound to the Law of re-incarnation. The Spiritforms in these levels still have a CCB and unconscious-evolutive spirit-consciousness Spiritform, and don't have a conscious individuality as of yet. Their evolutionary level is not high enough to evolve without making mistakes and without causing positive and negative thoughts, feelings and actions as humans in the material realm. Spiritforms in these levels can't create their own state of BEING because they lack a conscious-spirit-consciousness which is required for creating the Universal Love, and Spiritual force to form a collective that can exist on its own. This is one of the reasons why Creation created material planets in order for humans to evolve and to exist, because these Spiritforms are unable to exist in their own state of BEING out of their own Spiritual knowledge, love and Wisdom.

The 6th level of BEING belongs to the pure-Spiritform collectives, with the exception of the very first level 6/1; which is the level of the half-material / half-spiritual life of the Horralft.

The level 6/2 is the very first pure-Spiritform-collective level, called in Sanskrit 'Arahat Athersata'; Spiritforms in this level form a pure-Spiritform-collective and each Spiritform has it's own conscious-spirit-consciousness and individuality (not to be mistaken with Personality); These Spiritforms form in unity a collective and this collective is self-sustaining, which means that these Spiritforms live and exist in a state of BEING out of their own Knowledge, Wisdom, Love and Power. Since the dawning of time Creation has always provided the structures for pure-Spiritform collectives to exist, but when Creation was very young there did not exist any pure-Spiritform collective, since no spirits where evolved high enough to occupy these levels of BEING.

In short: The dimensional structures did exist, but no pure-Spiritform collectives to occupy these levels of BEING.

Spiritforms in the pure-Spiritform-collectives are conscious-individual Spirits forming a collective which form a unity by their realization of Universal Love and their developed Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom, which allows them exist in themselves out of their own Spiritual knowledge, wisdom and love.

A conscious-spirit-consciousness is required to constantly evolve and strengthen the state of BEING in pure-spiritual levels, this means that the pure-spiritual state is in constant flux, ever increasing in power and strength, while it always stays true to its essence.

A pure-Spiritform collective is truly universal, which means that it contains pure-Spiritforms which come out of all levels of material existence, regardless if those material existence are shifted in time from our (Earth) space/time or not.

A human race in our space/time continuum which reaches the levels of pure-Spiritform enter the realm of Arahat Athersata in exactly the same way as a similar developed human race in the space/time continuum of the Plejaren race.

Every level pure-Spiritform collective from Arahat Athersata up to the pure-Spiritform collective of Petale are truly universal.

What is the Comprehensive Consciousness Block?

The Comprehensive Consciousness Block is a spirit-energy created by the Spiritform out of the Natural Creative Laws and Commandments.

The location of the Comprehensive Consciousness Block and the Spiritform is in the human brain, it is in the Colliculus Superior, from which it penetrates the whole body, both factors, the CCB and the Spiritform are connected in the human.

The Comprehensive Consciousness Block is the Spiritual energy that drives the material consciousness and the material subconsiousness and material central-consciousness, and it is present in the whole body.

Evolution in the Spiritual Realm

In a human life, all thoughts, feelings, actions and movements, etc are stored in the Comprehensive Consciousness Block, in the planetary and universal storage banks.

When the human dies, his Personality (Personality and Consciousness are the same and integrated in the Comprehensive Consciousness Block) will transfer over to a Spirit-realm parallel to the Spirit-realm of the Spiritform itself.

In this Spiritual realm of the Comprehensive Consciousness Block are all unprocessed factors of the old Personality resolved and transformed into neutral-logical impulses which are transferred and integrated into the Spiritform in it's own Spiritual Realm, at the same time, these neutral-logical impulses are stored in both the planetary and universal storage-banks. When this process is concluded, the Personality is dissolved into pure Spiritenergy, and transformed by the Comprehensive Consciousness Block in to a totally new basic Personality / Consciousness which has no connection to the old one.

The basic personality is based on what the Spiritform needs to learn, which means that certain experiences are required to gain a certain knowledge.

The gender of the new body is not selected in a conscious manner or by decision in the previous life, it is a natural process invoked by the whole of Spiritual evolution, and what kind of knowledge needs to be gained and which gender is most fit, male (positive) or female (negative)

The life of the Spiritform is timeless, without beginning and end and purely based on sense-impulses in which space and time are nullified, this is no way comparable with the material senses.

During the time of processing and resolving the information in the Personality by the Comprehensive Consciousness Block, the Spiritform regenerates and expands its Spiritenergy during that same time. The knowledge and wisdom that it gained a stored into the Spiritform and by this, the Spiritform grows in its power, wisdom, knowledge and love.

The time of the Spiritform in the Spiritual realm is similar to the time in which a human sleeps, it's a time of rest and regeneration.

Death date and time calculation formula

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