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Barbarian216 said ...

Interesting post especially the part where Billy compares the human male and female as "opposing" forces similar to the positive and negative parameters of electrical force where both are needed before any generation of light is produces. Thus one cannot function without the other, otherwise there will be no flow of energy from the positive to the negative.

That brings another interesting prospect in regards to the specific gender being either human male or female in their respective material parameters utilizing both the fine and coarse energies that define their particular attributes either as a female or male in a physical female or male material body and being.

Therefore Billy is also correct in stating that homosexuality is a “sickness” and “confusion” for the evolving spirit form. It not beneficial for a spiritual form to engage in “confusion” until the spirit form has evolved up to the Petale level where both the male and female attributes merge and there is no distinction between gender, where both attributes, experiences and knowledge acquired during their specific gender specifics have been fulfilled so that when “it” enters into the Absolute Absolutism, this combination has accumulated both “realms” of the gender specific qualities and are now merged together so that it also become the “light” and energy to again create more universes and things.

There is no flow of energy because there is no polarity of positive or negative, but has become pure spiritual energy to not only create, but most importantly to merge with other spiritual forms that have gone through this process since the “beginning” so that “it” the ONE, too evolves further with this new input that continues forever.

--Hawaiian (talk), 00:50, 20 November 2012 (GMT)