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Barbarian216 notes: (note, brain storming, DOES NOT IMPLY Absolute verdict!) :)

1. Inter-connections including dimensions between pass/current/future events between Earth and other parts of the universe(s):

a. What factors are involved to rectify pass/current injustices done to genetically manipulated humans by "creator over-lords", other beings including those already in higher spiritual levels and lastly, current human race(s) themselves.

b. Although the Plejaren ancestors are from the 1st group of Lyrians (not the creator overlords) and will not "touch these with a 10 foot pole" is understandable. How about the benevolent ones who fled to Mars, Malona and Earth? Although they too took the titles of "Gods", there should be at least a few honorable ones, now in spiritual re-incarnations of some earth human form.

c. That being the case, then would it be logical to assume that the same spiritual "values" although not developed to the present Plejaren's level, being evolved in earth humans? A cross between the DNA manipulated humans and humans of the same creator overlord gene pool. A positive and negative characteristic of both camps.

d. Now, this mixed human represents both sides of the "coin", DNA manipulated to ensure survivalibilities and advanced spiritual "potential"??? (need to think this over)

e. The Earth's situation appears the most robust, multitudes of different human races representing different levels of advancements/degenerations from across the central sun. No other planet in the DERN universe has such a diverse agenda as Earth.

f. Coupled this with humans that have are mixed race (white, asian, other colors) and especially of royal blood (leadership roles), then you have another level of circumstances that further complicate the "natural laws of creation". As one can reflect from Plejaren comments that "almost all planets have only one particular developed race".

g. Billy, although the 7th and last prophet on earth, actually represents mainly the white Lyrian race as well as the colored ones. How about the yellow race that came from across the galaxy, they are not of Lyrian stock, who represents them, since they are not of the manipulated DNA ones????

h. That being said, then what happens to a human of mixed race, white, asian, spanish, DNA manipulated and CO stock? (need to think on this)

g-z more to be added

jumped ahead:

2. Questions on Fine Matter & Course Material Inter-Connectivity:

a. Various 7 levels of spiritual development corresponding to what revelant stages of course phase?

b. Problems of not balancing spiritual with course material (body)

c. Who is responsible for resolving issues and to what degree of "commitment" is to be determined? All parties have some responsibilty and should be gauged by pass/current/future "involvements". Not being part of the solution is a criteria of being part of the problem, especially if one was involved in the first place.

d-z more to be added

3. Pi vs technology powers

a. Some earth culture (Hawaiians) have mastered the ability to heal broken bones, by invoking certain energies from chanting and placing hands over broken part. Could this be similar to the current Peace meditation held every 1st and 3rd weekend/month? To "inject" positive thoughts and vibrations from an ancient Lyrian language spoken here on Earth to counter act negative influences?

b. If true, being the case that these Hawaiian Kahunas were very much inferior in technology, but could heal make them superior in spiritual development, at least on this plane of fine matter development? (thoughts, chants are fine matter energy) being "condensed" into coarse material (fusing broken bones)

c. (not in order) Thus, if true, then can one logically extrapulate the premise that past actions can be accessed to influence current situations in order to "balance" the negative forces at hand?

d. Plejarens mention that "predictions" cannot be altered, yet here lies a delimna of sorts. Does Creational law make exceptions to the contrary regarding certain incidences that was not followed in order to "bring harmony" to current negative outcomes? (need more input)