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Another inhabited planet of the Plejares or Plejara star system. Sudor of Askal has previously contacted Billy according to the Contact Statistics.

Contact Report 304

In Contact Report 304 Sudor conveys to Billy that which Zafenatpaneach had asked her to explain to him about electromagnetic waves, microwaves and these devices vicinity to computers. Which leads to talk of politics.

Sudors Beamship

  • On the 5th of June, 2001 00:50:00 AM, somewhere near Hinterschmidrüti in the middle of the night, Sudors beamship was photographed five times, in I suppose you would call a nightime UFO sighting if you were to use the popular vernacular to term the photo opportunity. The photographer who wishes to remain anonymous, calls himself "Pirgler". He took the photos while observing the vicinity around Hinterschmidrüti.

    [Zeugenbuch, pp. 440-446]. As listed in List of UFO photo opportunities.

  • On the 26th August,2001 21:40:00 PM, again somewhere near Hinterschmidrüti in the night. The photographer Freddy Kropf is driving to the centre when he sees a UFO in the sky above the centre. When he arrives at the centre he immediately goes to tell Eduard that he had seen a UFO but that it had disappeared just as he had arrived. Who alerting Bernadette and Silvano to the event, they all turn their attention toward the sky in an effort to witnesses an observation of the flight device and once again are able to see the object. At which stage Freddy is then able to take at least 6 photographs of the object. Later it was explained to Eduard by one of the Plejaren that the object was their craft, that it was Sudors beamship, on this particular occasion.

    [Zeugenbuch, pp. 451-456]. As listed in List of UFO photo opportunities.

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