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Hello World!

This is a testing area.

The Today section below is being tested. It will display different information for every day of the year - such as Billys birthday, release of consistent newsletters by regional FIGU's, the sunday peace meditation, and trivia about what happened on that day eg 38 years ago when Billy had a conversation about Contact Reports, wrote a letter, published a book or said something interesting, and info about others such as Michael Horn if they are open to providing dates and references to events and published works etc, when websites were founded is another good idea ... and a very short interesting summary to hopefully make folks read it, which is both interesting and attention keeping but 1 line of text. It will open up the website, refresh the visiting reader and link to resources that may not have been known to exist. The idea came from the FIGU English Forum recently, once the basic technical ability is established, we will gather these resources and work with those individuals who are interested in helping to find interesting things by date they happened and then it will all be shortened and made neat and tidy and placed on the main page.

Its a reasonable large undertaking and the project may continue for some time depending on how it goes and the level of interest in it, we are welcoming contributors of various content, such as researchers and those that have read one of the Books etc, who may enjoy researching. Please feel free to introduce yourself and lend a hand.

If you have the specific technical ability and can see what is being done here please feel free to introduce yourself and lend a hand.

Notes for helpers: Tested in Jsfiddle.net with jQuery 3.2.1 setting
<--! dates inside div have to be mm/dd/yy dont know how to change it yet !-->
<--! adding a st rd th to the end of the date number is tricky, dont know how to yet !-->
<--! apply to any year - dont know how to yet !-->
<--! put time on same line as date with - separator, dont know how to yet !-->


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6/3/2018 to 6/4/20184th June 1979, something happened in Contact Reports (text is shown between 3 June to 4 June)
6/3/2018 to 6/8/20184th-8th June 1979, something happened over several days in Contact Reports (text is shown between 3 June to 8 June)
6/4/2018 to 6/5/20185th June 1978, something happened (text is shown between 4 June to 5 June)
6/5/2018 to 6/6/20186th June 1978, something happened (text is shown between 5 June to 6 June)