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* [[Prior Knowledge Of Major Ozone Depletion]]
* [[Prior Knowledge Of Major Ozone Depletion]]
==Featured Media==
Watch these video presentations of scientific and related facts and theories published by FIGU that were later corroborated by Our sciences and reports in media, thus proving that either Eduard Meier is a genius in multiple fields of science or that he obtained the information from a technically advanced source. Coupled with all of the other forms of freely available evidence, the most logical conclusion is that the sources were extraterrestrial in nature.
All videos produced by Karumudi Mahesh Chowdary(KMC).
Note: '''''After the uploading of these videos on Youtube, my(KMC) new research indicated to me that there are a few changes to be made to the years of corroboration or the article that is being corroborated. More updated work will be available soon as videos or else you can go through the updated work at - 'Will Humanity Wake Up…In Time?' page.
===Corroborations found for 2006===
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2006.flv</mediaplayer>
===Corroborations found for 2007===
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2007.mp4</mediaplayer>
===Corroborations found for 2008===
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2008.flv</mediaplayer>
===Corroborations found for 2009===
====Part 1====
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2009.flv</mediaplayer>
====Part 2====
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2009pt2.flv</mediaplayer>
===Corroborations found for 2010===
====Part 1====
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2010pt1.flv</mediaplayer>
====Part 2====
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2010pt2.flv</mediaplayer>
===Corroborations found for 2011===
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2011.flv</mediaplayer>
===Additional corroborations found for 2009 to 2011===
<mediaplayer bufferlength='10' width='800' height='600'>File:Corroborated2009to2011.mp4</mediaplayer>

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