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[https://youtu.be/wkuqRf9YTqs Morcheeba - Riverbed (Youtube external link)]<br>
[https://youtu.be/wkuqRf9YTqs Morcheeba - Riverbed (Youtube external link)]<br>
[https://youtu.be/u-b516EDvo8 Zero 7 - The Space Between (Youtube external link)]<br>
[https://youtu.be/u-b516EDvo8 Zero 7 - The Space Between (Youtube external link)]<br>
[https://youtu.be/mMSwgG4UOWo Motorcycle diaries
[https://youtu.be/ddEjVw8oz50 Kinobe - Heartstring (Youtube external link)]<br>
[https://youtu.be/ddEjVw8oz50 Kinobe - Heartstring (Youtube external link)]<br>

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Enjoy peaceful classical music while you read, or perhaps while you do other things...

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Download any file from here (search for "mp3").

ClassicFM (External website) - Classical and traditional music live radio.
BBC Proms 2010 Royal Albert Hall, Orchestra Cinema (Youtube external link)
BBC Proms 2007 Royal Albert Hall, Anna Netrebko Joshua Bell J. Bellochlavec (Youtube external link)
Concert du Nouvel An 2012, Soirée de Gala, Réveillon autour de Verdi (Youtube external link)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gala from Salzburg, Austria (Youtube external link)
Maria Callas Opera Arias: La Traviata, Norma, Madama Butterfly, Lucia di Lammermoor (Youtube external link)
Ludovico Einaudi, Royal Albert Hall 2010 (Youtube external link)
BBC Proms 2017, Last Night of the Proms, Royal Albert Hall (Youtube external link)
BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Prom, Royal Albert Hall, Orchestra (Youtube external link)
Hans Zimmer, Time, Live in Prague, Orchestra (Youtube external link)
Concert Netrebko 2011, Kaufmann, Schrott, Armiliato, Orchestra (Youtube external link)

List of examples of other styles of peaceful music

Above and Beyond Acoustic Full Concert (YouTube external link)
RelaxDaily - No089 (YouTube external link)
Above and Beyond - Good for me (Chillout video) (Youtube external link)
Katie Melua - I will be there (Concert version) (YouTube external link)
Blue Solar - Believe in me (Chillout video) (YouTube external link)
Unknown artist - Unknown song (Relaxing waterfall guitar music) (Youtube external link)
Keiko Matsui - Tears of the ocean (Youtube external link)
Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale - Sea Dreamer (Feat Sting) (Youtube external link)
Llewelyn - The healing mist (Youtube external link)
Yanni - Guilty pleasure (Youtube external link)
Morcheeba - Riverbed (Youtube external link)
Zero 7 - The Space Between (Youtube external link)
[https://youtu.be/mMSwgG4UOWo Motorcycle diaries Kinobe - Heartstring (Youtube external link)