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==By Eva Bieri, Switzerland==
==By Eva Bieri, Switzerland==

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By Eva Bieri, Switzerland

  • From Stimme der Wassermannzeit Nr. 160
  • Translation: Renate Stiller

Every person needs the other species that ‘live around’ on this planet. Be it in order to get satiated, reproduce or to get from A to B, etc. That is an irrefutable fact, that is and will remain so. Being ‘independent’-there is no such thing, for any living being, especially not for mankind. Many only become painfully aware of it when sickness, accident, loneliness or advancing age appear. Then they realize that they never were independent and never will be.

The stronger help the weaker, the intelligent ones those that are a little more simple. Sometimes it is the other way around.

The only independence one can attain is with thought-one’s very own original thinking, thinking things through, internalized thinking. One has to swim through and emerge from all the external influences that inundate us day and night, such as the media, people, worries, the fight for survival, work.

Thinking alone is best: Whoever goes on a thought-trip with self-reliance, knows no boundaries and can thus snatch a little corner of independence.