Future American Civil Wars

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North American civil war and revolution

Common Definition: A revolution is an insurrection (usually armed) that attempts to overthrow and change the form of government. ... Resistance is sometimes a component of a civil war or a revolution. However, because it can often be peaceful, such as the United States in the 1960s movement for civil rights, it is not always armed.

  • United States
  • Canada

Future North American Civil War in the Contact Reports


  • 286. ...two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other.
  • 287. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.

Please list here all mentions'


  • Please check for yourself. We cannot make any claim here to have made a successful interpretation of dates or sequences etc, because we cant even work out how to compile the information into a chronology. Even if we did or could it would require a precision science and we have insufficient information for this.
  • It might be a waste of time either way, because in acknowledging any future we either get bored and change it or induce a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • The various texts are spread over several documents
  • What we are confident about is that politically around the world the situation is unstable - the mass of humanity wants more input into any direction, they want something better, something more reasonable - politics has made too many shady deals etc. over the last century. When the citizens catch up to the situation, whenever that may be, they will 'probably' demand something better - this then is why the situation points to these various intersections of war and conflict. Had the politicians been more reasonable and included everyone in the various decisions then maybe we could call a different outcome. The exact shady dealings are a mystery, until the mass of humanity turns their attention to the various situations then we won't know exactly what has been agreed or disagreed. What we know so far is that a plethora of agreements have been made in and between nations, or we think this is the case anyway, we are not really sure to be honest, many of which have put normal people in harms way, normal individuals will have to suffer horribly over a fairly long period of time before a sufficient fuss has been made that we then can access together the cognitions of what shady deals are in place and what is not, we just don't know yet what has been agreed upon or what has been disagreed upon. Its been a psychopathic governing regime for so long that until we normal individuals in our millions catch up, until it all filters down into popular culture, then we just wont know what is what and who is effected by what.

Chronology of events

  • The best we have are the key plot points, the main events.
  1. we have only few references to time scales etc.
    1. few geographical references
      1. little to no information about who is effected and by what etc.
        1. what circumstances etc.

However the information seems to be presented in such a way that multiple instances over a long span of time have been mottled together.

  • A 'possibility' of war precedes.
  • Proceeds quite a while later, a war with lazer weapons etc.

  • So that you don't mix up any information. Then much much later, in what we can see is a long time in the future, way after all these events, several hundred years, after we have colonised mars and done various other things, then we can see it is written that several other wars occur, one due to a famine, one comes from our future colony on mars.

Inciting incidents

  • We have the inciting incident, the events that trigger the sequence.
  1. trigger A; a pope is not in italy, is hiding indefinitely in another country, some form of threat causes that.
    1. a volcanic eruption; terrorism; extreme persecution
      1. trigger B; four political figures murdered in an eastern nation trigger
        1. trigger C; tens of thousands of terrorists migrated to Europe hidden amongst the refugees in 2016.
          1. trigger D; a lot of people have some form of tracking microchip under their skin somewhere, then leading onto the various events that way. but this may be an event that occurs later and more in consequence, either way it will lead to something bad even if that is the second round of bad things.

There is another trigger, that Americans cannot find jobs as they have been able to historically because they have been moved to other nations by their executives to make a quick, dirty, cheap profit. Which is understandable really from a business perspective but that is irrelevant if it was the wrong thing to do. The American men and women are incredibly strong, arguably the strongest breed of human on Earth at the present time, without that historical steady supply of employment and with greater gaps and distances between employment and a longer lead time to economic prime with tougher and more niche economic sectors. Then its not like in Europe where there are a plethora of safety nets to smooth the ride built up over time by Europes own historical problems. In America it probably means an incredibly strong might, this is going to manifest in a variety of ways, probably in-line with the prophecies, makes sense.

  • Again please check for yourself.