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FIGU Zeitzeichen archive (German):

FIGU Zeitzeichen archive:

FutureofMankind has decided not to translate the name and retain calling it Zeitzeichen.

It’s been variously translated as “Signs of the times”, “Time signal”, “Time piece”, “Time character”, “Character of our time”, “Symbol signifiers of the current time phase”, ”Contemporary temperament dramatis personae”, ”Spells in rhythm to maturity”, ”Programme charms in the key of growth”, ”Retrospection at the inception of assessment”, ”Appraisal ex post facto” and ”Indicators in the interests of time measurement”. It's been referred to as ”FIGU Politics”, even though the words neutrality and rationalism have traditionally been associated with FIGU. It’s heavily laced with all sorts of Americanophobia, anti-American sentiment, at times bombastically so and harsh and readers may find themselves asking whether they are reading some strangely positioned propaganda magazine from Nazi Germany, when every signal which lead them there to reading it caused them to think they would be getting UFO’s and extraterrestrials, not so much in Zeitzeichen, but it’s good they’re freely expressing their opinions and getting them out in the open without persecution.

The publication tends to include an excerpt from the latest Contact Reports and include many news clippings (sometimes from tabloids), quality written articles by FIGU, and various other commentary. It would require a fair amount of time and work to translate and present as well as (external), the United States online FIGU interest group, has done it, so readers are recommended to browse the periodicals there.

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