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Obama's mission and the FIGU somehow run parallel and there exists a deep connection that reaches back thousands of years. Regardless of whether Obama is conscious of it or not, he can still bring about all kinds of positive, progressive and evolutive things for the humanity of Earth and prevent a third world war inferno which is still a threatening possibility. But, whether his mission is crowned with success depends mainly on the kind of thinking and acting of the US-citizens as well as the entire population of Earth, because it depends on whether they are willing to make an effort to drive forward their own consciousness-evolution in order to really learn what needs to be learned with regard to being human in the real and true sense, so that everyone begins to live as a true human being among other human beings. Everyone must decide whether he or she wants to walk along the path of the positive, progressive and evolutive, which Obama and FIGU also walk along, or if he or she decides against it and continues to go along and vegetate away on the old pernicious and self-destructive tracks of hate, of might-addiction, of cult-religious veneration and of fanaticism as well as of inner unpeace and of inner enslavement. We all, regardless of which consciousness-evolution-level we belong to, carry the full responsibility for the course of our history. It is through our responsibility that we determine whether we go along the path to bitter suffering, which leads us continuously into enmity and into all-destroying wars, or whether we turn ourselves towards love, harmony and progress, and as a result true freedom as well as a lasting worldwide peace among all peoples, regardless of whatever their race, skin colour, mentality, opinion, and direction of belief and knowledge may be.
Obama's mission and the FIGU somehow run parallel and there exists a deep connection that reaches back thousands of years. Regardless of whether Obama is conscious of it or not, he can still bring about all kinds of positive, progressive and evolutive things for the humanity of Earth and prevent a third world war inferno which is still a threatening possibility. But, whether his mission is crowned with success depends mainly on the kind of thinking and acting of the US-citizens as well as the entire population of Earth, because it depends on whether they are willing to make an effort to drive forward their own consciousness-evolution in order to really learn what needs to be learned with regard to being human in the real and true sense, so that everyone begins to live as a true human being among other human beings. Everyone must decide whether he or she wants to walk along the path of the positive, progressive and evolutive, which Obama and FIGU also walk along, or if he or she decides against it and continues to go along and vegetate away on the old pernicious and self-destructive tracks of hate, of might-addiction, of cult-religious veneration and of fanaticism as well as of inner unpeace and of inner enslavement. We all, regardless of which consciousness-evolution-level we belong to, carry the full responsibility for the course of our history. It is through our responsibility that we determine whether we go along the path to bitter suffering, which leads us continuously into enmity and into all-destroying wars, or whether we turn ourselves towards love, harmony and progress, and as a result true freedom as well as a lasting worldwide peace among all peoples, regardless of whatever their race, skin colour, mentality, opinion, and direction of belief and knowledge may be.
''Written by Andrea Bertuccioli, Italy''
''Translation: Willem Mondria, Switzerland''
''Translation: Willem Mondria, Switzerland''

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The Deadly Might of Thoughts and Feelings

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Placebo preparations, (Latin: "I will please"), only appear to be medications and contain no active medicinal agent, but, in spite of that, cause effects in the human being, such as those which become evident with real medicinal medications. Placebo-Präparate (lat. ‹ich werde gefallen›) sind Scheinmedikamente, die keine medizinischen Wirkstoffe enthalten, die jedoch im Menschen trotzdem jene Wirkungen hervorrufen, wie diese bei wirklichen medizinischen Medikamenten in Erscheinung treten.
Put another way, that means that human beings are, for example, freed from pain or are even healed of suffering by things which only appear to be medicines, that is to say, placebo preparations. Das bedeutet anders dargelegt, dass Menschen durch Scheinmedikamente resp. Placebo-Präparate z.B. von Schmerzen befreit oder gar von Leiden geheilt werden.
In contrast to placebo preparations, there are the so-called nocebo preparations (Latin: "I will harm"), which, likewise, correspond to things which appear to be medicines, and so forth, and which fundamentally are also nothing other than placebos, which, as a rule, are made of sugar or other harmless substances and are therefore also called "sugar pills" and so forth. Gegensätzlich zu Placebo-Präparaten stehen die sogenannten Nocebo-Präparate (lat. ‹ich werde schaden›), die ebenfalls Scheinmedikamenten usw. entsprechen und grundlegend auch nichts anderes sind als Placebos, die in der Regel auf Zucker oder sonstigen unschädlichen Stoffen aufgebaut sind und daher auch ‹Zuckerpillen› usw. genannt werden.
So, it can be said that placebo and nocebo preparations are essentially the same, however, are fundamentally different in their effect, exactly in accord with that which the patients, when they take such preparations, imagine in relation to the effect. So kann gesagt werden, dass Placebo- und Nocebo-Präparate eigentlich dasselbe, jedoch in ihrer Wirkung grundverschieden sind, eben je nachdem, was sich die Patienten in bezug auf die Wirkung einbilden, wenn sie solche Präparate nehmen.
The effect of placebo preparations is such that they act to promote health and relieve pain, or to even heal, while nocebo preparations have exactly the opposite effect. Placebo-Präparate haben so eine Wirkung, die gesundheitsfördernd und schmerzlindernd oder gar heilend wirkt, während Nocebo-Präparate genau das Gegenteil bewirken.
With the taking of nocebo preparations, which are truly also placebos, negative effects such as pain and suffering are caused as a result of the patient's negative imagination, therefore exactly theopposite of that which occurs when placebos, which are assumed to be means of healing, are taken. Bei der Einnahme von Nocebo-Präparaten, die ja wahrheitlich auch Placebos sind, werden jedoch infolge der negativen Einbildung der Patienten negative Effekte wie Schmerzen und Leiden usw. hervorgerufen, also genau das Gegenteil von dem, wenn Placebos genommen werden, von denen angenommen wird, dass sie Heilmittel seien.
With the taking of nocebo preparations, when they are assumed to be damaging to the health or even deadly, that which comes about as a result of the imagination is: all kinds of pain, suffering, breathing difficulties, nausea and even symptoms of poisoning, dizziness, thirst, hunger, sudden sinking of the blood pressure, and all kinds of other things, which can lead to actual death as a result of the delusion. Bei der Einnahme von NoceboPräparaten, von denen angenommen wird, dass sie gesundheitsschädlich oder gar tödlich seien, treten durch Einbildung allerlei Schmerzen, Leiden, Atemnot, Übelkeit und gar Vergiftungssymptome, Schwindel, Durst, Hunger, schlagartiges Absacken des Blutdrucks und allerlei andere Dinge in Erscheinung, was bis zum tatsächlichen Tod durch die Wahnvorstellung führen kann.
The might of the thoughts is always bound up with corresponding feelings, which do indeed result from the world of thoughts, and, in this combination, they form a deadly might, and also precisely in the context in which some preparation or other is taken - which is essentially only a fake medication, respectively, fake preparation or fake substance without active agents, and is completely harmless - but which has negative effects and consequently, as a result of a supposition, introduces suffering, pain, or death. Die Macht der Gedanken ist immer mit dementsprechenden Gefühlen verbunden, die ja aus der Gedankenwelt resultieren, und in dieser Kombination bilden sie eine tödliche Macht, und zwar eben auch in der Beziehung, wenn irgendwelche Präparate genommen werden, die eigentlich nur Scheinmedikamente resp. Scheinpräparate oder Scheinstoffe ohne Wirkstoffe und völlig harmlos sind, die aber negativ wirken und folglich Leiden, Schmerzen oder den Tod herbeiführen sollen.
So, human beings who are weary of life, can, for example, form deeply impressed, dark imaginations of an imminent misfortune, or of their own deaths, which actually also then kill them. So können lebensmüde Menschen sich z.B. tiefeingebildete dunkle Vorstellungen eines bevorstehenden Unglücks oder vom eigenen Tod machen, die ihn dann tatsächlich auch töten.
And if the taking of nocebo preparations - respectively, of imagined, deadly medications or other substances - is also bound up with that, then the thoughts and feelings have the effect of actual deadly might, through which the self-destruct code in the human body is activated. Und wenn damit noch die Einnahme von Nocebo-Präparaten resp. von eingebildeten tödlichen Medikamenten oder sonstigen Mitteln verbunden ist, dann wirken die Gedanken und Gefühle effectiv als tödliche Macht, wodurch dann der Selbstzerstörungs-Code im menschlichen Körper aktiviert wird.
Through such a nocebo effect, medical symptoms can actually also then come about in the body: for example; demonstrable, real symptoms of poisoning. Durch einen solchen Nocebo-Effekt können im Körper dann tatsächlich auch medizinisch z.B. nachweisbare, reale Vergiftungssymptome entstehen.
So, the belief alone - respectively, the delusional imagination - that something bad will happen, that suffering and pain or death will come about, can destroy the life of a human being. So kann allein der Glaube resp. die wahnmässige Einbildung daran, dass etwas Schlimmes geschehen, Leid und Schmerzen oder der Tod eintreten wird, das Leben eines Menschen zerstören.
The nocebo effect is therefore exactly the opposite of the placebo effect, whereby, therefore, one must observe that, alone, the might of bad thoughts, feelings and imaginations - especially when they are determined by delusion - cause the human being to become ill and even suffer death. Der Nocebo-Effekt ist also genau das Gegenteil des Placebo-Effekts, wobei also zu bedenken ist, dass allein die Macht schlechter Gedanken, Gefühle und Vorstellungen, speziell wenn sie wahnbedingt sind, den Menschen krank werden und ihn gar den Tod erleiden lassen.
Hypochondriacs also live in such delusions, whereby they evoke serious psychosomatic processes of suffering, however they vehemently deny their hypochondria. Auch Hypochonder leben in solchen Wahnvorstellungen, wobei sie schwere psychosomatische Leidensprozesse hervorrufen, jedoch ihre Hypochondrie vehement bestreiten.
The fact also is that placebo, respectively, nocebo, preparations, show demonstrable physiological results and therefore their effects can be proven. Tatsache ist auch, dass Placebo resp. Nocebo-Präparate nachweisbar physiologische Resultate zeitigen und also deren Wirkungen nachgewiesen werden können.
Along with that, it can also be proven that placebo preparations evoke a positive effect as a result of the imagination and nocebo preparations evoke negative effects as a result of the imagination. Damit kann also bewiesen werden, dass Plabeco-Präparate einen eingebildeten positiven Effekt und Nocebo-Präparate eingebildete negative Wirkungen hervorrufen.
If the nocebo is precisely observed along with any human being who believes in the negative effect of the preparation, then it is apparent that this has to do with a self-fulfilling, negative prophecy. Wird das Nocebo bei jenen Menschen genau betrachtet, die an die negative Präparatwirkung glauben, dann handelt es sich dabei um eine sich selbst erfüllende negative Prophezeiung.
It is thereby also a fact that the imagined, or true, knowledge about imagined, or genuine, side effects - as well as bad expectations and ideas - can exert a very bad influence on the health of the human being and make him ill or even kill him. Tatsache ist dabei auch, dass das eingebildete oder das wahre Wissen um eingebildete oder echte Nebenwirkungen sowie schlimme Erwartungen und Vorstellungen einen sehr schlechten Einfluss auf die Gesundheit des Menschen ausüben und ihn krank machen oder gar töten können.
The fact is that thoughts and feelings exert a monstrous might on the health of the human being and not seldom even determine whether one lives or dies. Tatsache ist, dass die Gedanken und Gefühle eine ungeheure Macht auf die Gesundheit des Menschen ausüben und nicht selten gar über Leben und Tod bestimmen.
Angst, gloomy expectations, negative imaginings and worries are - at the very least - just as big a negative factor and risk factor, in regard to physical and psychic health, as are, for example, alcohol, nicotine and pure toxic substances. Angst, düstere Erwartungen, negative Vorstellungen und Sorgen sind ein mindestens ebenso grosser Negativ- und Risikofaktor in bezug auf die physische und psychische Gesundheit wie z.B. Alkohol, Nikotin und rein toxische Stoffe.
That is also proven by the fact that approximately 60 percent of all human beings already feel poorly in relation to their health, and often downright bad, when they have to undertake chemotherapy or another treatment about which they are uneasy, or simply when they undergo a medical examination. Das beweist auch die Tatsache, dass etwa 60 Prozent aller Menschen sich schon gesundheitlich angeschlagen und oft recht schlecht fühlen, wenn sie eine Chemotherapie oder eine sonstige ihnen nicht gerade geheure Behandlung oder einfach eine Gesundheitsuntersuchung machen müssen.
Through their false thoughts alone - and the feelings resulting from them - they feel miserable, weak and ill, and, indeed, although there is no logical cause which is purely physiological. Allein durch ihre falschen Gedanken und die daraus resultierenden Gefühle fühlen sie sich elend, schwach und krank, und zwar obwohl es dafür rein physiologisch keinen logischen Anlass gibt.
The fact that approximately 50 percent of all cases of illness, which result from a wave of colds, comes about only through negative expectations as well as angst, worries and negative ideas, proves that that corresponds to the truth. Und dass das der Wahrheit entspricht, beweist die Tatsache, dass etwa 50 Prozent aller Erkrankungen bei Erkältungswellen nur durch negative Erwartungen sowie Ängste, Sorgen und negative Vorstellungen zustande kommen.
That proves that just the belief alone, in side effects and effects in regard to medications or toxic substances, is just as mighty and evokes, by means of the imagination, effects which are just as mighty as do angst, worries, bad expectations and imaginations. Das beweist, dass allein schon der Glaube an Nebenwirkungen und Wirkungen in bezug auf Medikamente oder toxische Stoffe ebenso derart machtvoll ist und eingebildete Wirkungen hervorruft wie die Angst, Sorgen, schlimme Erwartungen und Vorstellungen.
Merely the belief, the imagination, the idea and the delusion, about effects or side effects from medications and toxic substances - regardless of whether they are preparations designated as placebos or nocebos - activate warning areas in the brain which translates into alarm and evokes physical difficulties, as well as downright disquiet pertaining to the thoughts and feelings, and thereby also impairments pertaining to the psyche. Allein der Glaube, die Einbildung, die Vorstellung, der Wahn an Wirkungen oder Nebenwirkungen von Medikamenten und toxischen Stoffen, egal ob Präparate der Bezeichnung Placebo oder Nocebo, aktiviert Warnareale im Gehirn, der sich als Alarm übersetzt und körperliche Beschwerden sowie erst echt gedanklich-gefühlsmässige Unruhe und damit auch psychische Beeinträchtigungen hervorruft.
While the placebo effect causes health improvements or healing, the nocebo effect has a precisely opposite effect and is damaging to the health, is dangerous and, under certain circumstances, even deadly. Löst der Placebo-Effekt gesundheitliche Besserung oder Heilung aus, so hat der Nocebo-Effekt eine genau gegenteilige Wirkung und ist gesundheitsschädlich, gefährlich und unter Umständen gar tödlich.
The complicated connections related to this - among the thoughts and their feelings, the psyche, nerves and the immune system - are thereby of immense significance. The psycho-neuro immunologists have already been able to demostrate that for a long time. Die diesbezüglich komplizierten Zusammenhänge von Gedanken und deren Gefühlen, der Psyche, Nerven und des Immunsystems sind dabei von immenser Bedeutung, das können die Psycho-Neuro-Immunologen schon seit geraumer Zeit nachweisen.
The usual suspected causes of illness, such as age, blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol level, thereby represent a much less significant risk than is generally assumed, because it is much more the thoughts and their feelings which stand in the foreground in regard to physical health difficulties. Die üblichen verdächtigen Krankheitsauslöser wie Alter, Blutdruck, Körpergewicht und Cholesterinspiegel stellen dabei ein viel geringeres Risiko dar, als allgemein angenommen wird, denn vielmehr sind es die Gedanken und deren Gefühle, die für körperlich-gesundheitliche Beschwerden im Vordergrund stehen.
Through long-term medical studies it can also be shown that, for example, human beings who unjustifiably, respectively, without reason, consider themselves to be susceptible to heart attacks, die much more often of heart attacks than others who do not construct big thoughts and feelings about it. Durch medizinische Langzeitstudien kann auch belegt werden, dass z.B. Menschen, die sich unberechtigt resp. grundlos als herzinfarktgefährdet halten, viermal häufiger an einem Infarkt sterben als andere, die sich nicht gross Gedanken und Gefühle darum machen.
And, in regard to all deaths caused by heart attacks, American scientists estimate that, worldwide, five percent lead back to nocebo effects. Und in bezug auf alle Infarkttode schätzen amerikanische Wissenschaftler, dass weltweit fünf Prozent auf Nocebo-Effekte zurückführen.
Along with the natural drive to maintain ones life, which causes the human being to fight for his life, there exists in him also a self-destruct mechanism, which, although slumbering deeply buried, can, however, be activated at any time when the need and situation require it, in order to flee, in a natural way, from absolutely unbearable things. Nebst dem natürlichen Lebenserhaltungstrieb, der den Menschen um sein Leben kämpfen lässt, existiert in ihm auch ein Selbstzerstörungsmechanismus, der allerdings tief vergraben schlummert, jedoch jederzeit aktiviert werden kann, wenn es die Not und Situation erfordert, um absolut Unerträglichem auf natürliche Weise zu entfliehen.
If, however, the human being is not powerful enough in his thoughts and their feelings, as well as in his will to live, then he can also trigger this self-destruct mechanism through his incapacity for life and his powerlessness for life. Ist der Mensch jedoch in seinen Gedanken und deren Gefühlen sowie in seinem Lebenswillen nicht kraftvoll genug, dann kann er diesen Selbstzerstörungsmechanismus auch durch seine Lebensunfähigkeit und Lebenskraftlosigkeit auslösen.
And, unfortunately, many human beings can succumb to this incapacity, consequently, in this regard, an enormous number are susceptible because everything is steered through the might of the thoughts and their feelings. Und dieser Unfähigkeit können leider viele Menschen verfallen, folglich diesbezüglich ungeheuer viele angreifbar sind, denn alles wird gesteuert durch die Macht der Gedanken und deren Gefühle.
As soon as the thoughts, and the feelings resulting from them, become negatively and simply overpowering, the psyche and the body capitulate and react with difficulties, with pains or even with illness. Sobald die Gedanken und die daraus resultierenden Gefühle negativ und schlicht übermächtig werden, kapitulieren die Psyche und der Körper und reagieren mit Beschwerden, mit Schmerzen oder gar mit Krankheit.
Negative and bad thoughts and their feelings therefore create psychic difficulties and even great damage, and these lead inevitably, in the human body, to very dramatic psychosomatic disturbances, which ultimately are expressed in real, physical illnesses and suffering. Negative und schlechte Gedanken und deren Gefühle erschaffen also psychische Beschwerden und gar grosse Schäden, und diese führen im menschlichen Körper zwangsläufig zu sehr dramatischen psychosomatischen Störungen, die letztlich in wirklichen physischen Krankheiten und Leiden zum Ausdruck kommen.
If the human being's environment is observed then one notices that it is full of hidden nocebo cases, which have been started by instruction leaflets which describe possible, or actual, side effects and effects of medicines and all kinds of toxic substances. Wird die Umwelt des Menschen betrachtet, dann steckt diese voller versteckter Nocebo-Fallen, begonnen bei Beipackzetteln, die mögliche oder wirkliche Nebenwirkungen und Wirkungen von Medikamenten und allerlei toxischen Stoffen beschreiben.
And if these descriptions are read by human beings who imprint everything into themselves and imagine bad things in relation to them, and believe them, then they actually become ill with the symptoms described. Und werden diese Beschriebe von Menschen gelesen, die sich alles einprägen und sich schlimme Vorstellungen darüber machen und daran glauben, dann erkranken sie tatsächlich an den beschriebenen Symptomen.
So, just through the might of the thoughts and their feelings, undesired side effects of medicines are invoked which then corresponds to a nocebo effect. So können allein durch die Macht der Gedanken und deren Gefühle unerwünschte Begleiterscheinungen von Medikamenten heraufbeschworen werden, was dann einem Nocebo-Effekt entspricht.
Nocebo preparations can nearly evoke the most impossible effects, whereby not only pain, nausea, and dizziness, and so forth, can be the results, but also confusion, headaches, forgetfulness, constipation, diahareah, nosebleeds and fatigue, as well as poor eyesight, and so forth. Nocebo-Präparate können beinahe die unmöglichsten Wirkungen hervorrufen, wobei nicht nur Schmerzen, Übelkeit und Schwindel usw., sondern auch Verwirrung, Kopfschmerzen, Vergesslichkeit, Verstopfung, Durchfall, Nasenbluten und Müdigkeit sowie Sehschwäche usw. die Folgen sein können.
Contrasting with that, the placebo effect also functions to the same degree, when things which appear to be medications, and so forth, are thought to be good, positive and promoting of good health. Gleichermassen funktioniert das aber auch gegenteilig mit dem Placebo-Effekt, wenn Scheinmedikamente usw. als gut, positiv und gesundheitsfördernd erachtet werden.
Belief, imaginations and delusions have a monstrous might over the human being. Glauben, Einbildungen und Wahnvorstellungen haben eine ungeheure Macht über den Menschen.
And if the human really believes that he is ruined by a certain situation, then that will actually also happen, because whoever believes, hopelessly loses himself in a delusion from which he can barely, or not at all, free himself any longer, as is also the case with religious and sectarian belief in God. Und wenn der Mensch wirklich glaubt, dass er an einer bestimmten Sache zugrunde geht, dann wird das tatsächlich auch geschehen, denn wer glaubt, verrennt sich rettungslos in einen Wahn, von dem er sich kaum oder überhaupt nicht mehr befreien kann, wie das auch beim religiösen und sektiererischen Gottesglauben der Fall ist.
Especially human beings who have a deep religious or sectarian belief, as well as those who are anxious and plagued by worries, are susceptible to the nocebo effect. Besonders religiös oder sektiererisch tiefgläubige sowie ängstliche und von Sorgen geplagte Menschen sind empfänglich für Nocebo-Effekte.
Religious and sectarian belief, as delusion, epitomises a quite especially mighty nocebo preparation. Accordingly, the world of thoughts and world of feelings are directed such that everything happens as is assumed in the delusional belief. Der religiöse und sektiererische Glaube als Wahnvorstellung verkörpert ein ganz besonders mächtiges Nocebo-Präparat, demgemäss die Gedanken- und Gefühlswelt darauf ausgerichtet wird, dass alles so geschehe, wie im Wahnglauben angenommen wird.
If the human being is observed then one can determined that he is very strongly dependent upon optimism and pessimism and is therefore able to be influenced in relation to this. Wird der Mensch betrachtet, dann ist festzustellen, dass er sehr stark vom Optimismus und Pessimismus abhängig und diesbezüglich also beeinflussbar ist.
But optimism and pessimism are factors which also are expressed by means of the psyche, consequently, placebo effects lead to positive liberations from burdens, while nocebo effects evoke reactions which burden the psyche. Optimismus und Pessimismus sind aber Faktoren, die auch psychisch zum Ausdruck kommen, folglich führen Placebo-Effekte zu positiven Belastungsbefreiungen, während Nocebo-Effekte psychische Belastungsreaktionen hervorrufen.
Therefore it is also the case that a placebo or nocebo effect can be evoked by the environment, the family, colleagues, parents and siblings, relatives, friends, acquaintances, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and also completely unknown persons. Also ist es auch gegeben, dass die Umwelt, die Familie, die Arbeitskollegen, Eltern und Geschwister, Verwandte, Freunde, Bekannte, Ärzte, Psychologen, Psychiater und auch völlig fremde Personen einen Placebo- oder Nocebo-Effekt hervorrufen können.
And this can happen without it being noticed by the human being who is impaired, or who profits, therefrom. Und dies kann geschehen, ohne dass der dadurch beeinträchtigte oder profitierende Mensch etwas davon bemerkt.
But in order for something negative or positive to happen as a result of a nocebo or placebo effect, the most important tool is the might of the brain, respectively, the might of the thoughts and feelings which originate from it. Damit aber etwas Negatives oder Positives durch einen Nocebo- oder Placebo-Effekt geschehen kann, ist das wichtigste Werkzeug die Macht des Gehirns resp. die Macht der daraus entstehenden Gedanken und Gefühle.
The might of thoughts and feelings is the best pharmacy of life - or the deadliest poison for the destruction of life. Die Macht der Gedanken und Gefühle ist die beste Apotheke des Lebens – oder das tödlichste Gift der Lebenszerstörung.
In the body of the human being, the thoughts and feelings are capable of setting the most diverse biological processes in motion, such as, for example, also the activation, or blocking, of the distribution of positive or negative neurotransmitters. Die Gedanken und Gefühle vermögen im Körper des Menschen die verschiedensten biologischen Prozesse in Gang zu setzen, wie z.B. auch die Ausschüttung von positiven oder negativen Botenstoffen zu aktivieren oder zu blockieren.
Therefore the brain is capable of producing highly effective substances of a positive or negative kind, which are far superior to any pharmaceutical preparation or toxic substance. Also ist das Gehirn fähig, hochwirksame Stoffe positiver oder negativer Art zu produzieren, die jedem pharmazeutischen Präparat oder toxischen Stoff haushoch überlegen sind.
Consequently the brain can stimulate valuable processes which promote health, or evoke processes which destroy the organism and life. Folglich kann das Gehirn wertvolle Prozesse anregen, die die Gesundheit fördern, oder Prozesse hervorrufen, die den Organismus und das Leben zerstören.
The entire production of hormones is directly or indirectly steered by the brain, exactly as is the control of all bodily functions, the efficacy of the immune, and pain, systems, and the readiness for action, and so forth. Die gesamte Produktion der Hormone wird direkt oder indirekt vom Gehirn gesteuert, genauso wie die Kontrolle aller Körperfunktionen, die Effektivität des Immun- und Schmerzsystems sowie die Einsatzbereitschaft usw.
The thoughts, and their feelings, of one's internal attitude, have therefore a very great influence on the efficacy of medicines, toxic substances, as well as of therapies, and so forth, and these decide the individual course of effects in regard to placebo and nocebo effects - so, therefore, ultimately over life and death. Die Gedanken und deren Gefühle der inneren Einstellung haben daher einen sehr grossen Einfluss auf die Wirksamkeit von Medikamenten, toxischen Stoffen sowie von Therapien usw., und diese entscheiden über den individuellen Verlauf der Wirkungen in bezug auf Placebo- und Nocebo-Effekte – so also in letzter Konsequenz über Leben und Tod.
Thoughts, and their feelings, when they are observed in their origin, are truly only a mixture of chemicals and electrical circuits in the brain. Gedanken und deren Gefühle, wenn sie in ihrem Ursprung betrachtet werden, sind wahrheitlich nur eine Mischung aus Chemikalien und elektrischen Schaltkreisen im Gehirn.
These constantly evolve anew and change. Diese entwickeln sich dauernd neu und verändern sich.
So it also comes about that every region of the brain, which is associated with healing through thoughts and feelings, is correspondingly stimulated, as is the case with the dormant self-destruct mechanism which lies in wait for a suitable opportunity. So kommt es auch, dass jene Hirnregionen, die mit der Heilung durch Gedanken und Gefühle zusammenhängen, dementsprechend stimuliert werden, und dies nebst dem schlummernden Selbstzerstörungsmechanismus, der auf eine passende Gelegenheit lauert.
Therefore it is also possible that negative, dark thoughts and feelings can kill a human being. Daher ist es auch möglich, dass negative, dunkle Gedanken und Gefühle einen Menschen töten können.
Angst, delusional imaginings, belief, fear of death, hopelessness and panic unavoidably destroy the sensitive equilibrium of the human psyche and body, because they make everything ill. Angst, Wahnvorstellungen, Glauben, Todesfurcht, Hoffnungslosigkeit und Panik zerstören unweigerlich das sensible Gleichgewicht der menschlichen Psyche und des Körpers, weil sie alles krank machen.
Those human expectations, which stem from good and bad thoughts and their feelings, have an incredible might, and form reality according to the nature of the thoughts and their feelings. Die guten und schlechten gedanklich-gefühlsmässigen Erwartungen des Menschen haben eine unheimliche Macht und formen die Wirklichkeit demgemäss, wie die Gedanken und deren Gefühle sind.
The fundamental factor, which ultimately arranges everything, is the psyche - formed by the thoughts and feelings - the negative effects of which can actually kill the human being. Der grundlegende Faktor, der letztlich alles arrangiert, ist die durch die Gedanken und Gefühle geformte Psyche, deren negative Auswirkungen den Menschen tatsächlich töten können.
Just as every biological death has its certain reasons, so indeed does death resulting from a nocebo effect also have its reason. Wie jeder biologische Tod seine bestimmten Gründe hat, so hat eben auch der Tod durch einen Nocebo-Effekt seinen Grund.
With the human, angst, panic and thoughts and feelings, as a nocebo effect in regard to a danger, attack the immune system, respectively the body's protective shield. Angst, Panik und Gedanken und Gefühle als Nocebo-Effekt in bezug auf eine Gefahr greifen beim Menschen das Immunsystem resp. den Körperschutzschild an.
If angst and panic come about then the control centre in the brain switches and sends its own defence mechanism into the blood. Tritt Angst oder Panik in Erscheinung, dann schaltet das Steuerzentrum im Gehirn und schickt eigene Abwehrmechanismen ins Blut hinein.
The adrenalin level thereby increases tenfold and the immune system is stimulated into full performance. Dadurch verzehnfacht sich der Adrenalinspiegel und das Immunsystem wird auf volle Leistung stimuliert.
However, if this state is maintained for too long - if the negative expectations and the panic remain active for too long - then the burden becomes too great and the system becomes full of holes. Wird jedoch dieser Zustand zu lange aufrechterhalten, wenn die negativen Erwartungen und die Panik zu lange aktiv bleiben, dann wird die Belastung zu gross und das System wird löchrig.
It thereby becomes possible that bacteria, harmful substances and viruses break through into the body's own immune system and thus leave the organism helplessly at the mercy of the attackers. Dadurch wird es dann möglich, dass Bakterien, Schadstoffe und Viren in das körpereigene Immunsystem durchbrechen und so den Organismus hilflos den Angreifern ausliefern.
The nocebo effect is not only able to cause illnesses, rather it also measurably causes and worsens pain, so everything seems much worse than it really is. Der Nocebo-Effekt vermag nicht nur Krankheiten auszulösen, sondern er verursacht und verschlimmert messbar auch Schmerzen, so alles viel schlimmer wirkt, als es wirklich ist.
The nocebos' pain code is a neurotransmitter with the name CCK, respectively, Cholecystokinin. Der Schmerz-Code der Nocebos ist ein Botenstoff mit der Bezeichnung CCK resp. Cholecystokinin.
This is formed in the intestines as a result of angst and panic, and causes a pain reaction in the brain. Dieser wird bei Angst und Panik im Darm gebildet und löst im Gehirn eine Schmerzreaktion aus.
This process can - that is to say, could - only be stopped by the neurotransmitter dopamine, but, as a rule, that is not possible when negative and bad expectations, and so forth, block the production of these protective transmitters. Consequently, angst becomes sheer pain. Gestoppt werden kann resp. könnte dieser Vorgang nur durch den Botenstoff Dopamin, doch ist das in der Regel nicht möglich, wenn negative und schlimme Erwartungen usw. die Produktion dieses schützenden Transmitters blockieren, folglich aus Angst blanker Schmerz wird.
The nocebo effect applies not only to individual human beings, rather larger groups of human beings can also be effected by it, as for example, in regard to mass hysteria. Der Nocebo-Effekt trifft nicht nur einzelne Menschen, sondern es können auch grössere Menschengruppen davon betroffen sein, wie z.B. in bezug auf eine Massenhysterie.
These phenomena, whereby the nocebo effect causes an epidemic, occur again and again, and indeed especially where human beings gather in larger groups. Dieses Phänomen, dass der Nocebo-Effekt eine Epidemie auslöst, tritt immer wieder in Erscheinung, und zwar insbesondere dort, wo Menschen sich zu grösseren Gruppierungen versammeln.
As a rule, such nocebo epidemics emerge especially often in offices spaces, in factories, as well as in schools, or at events where, indeed, many human beings meet together and are somehow isolated as a group. In der Regel treten solche Nocebo-Epidemien besonders häufig in Büroräumen, in Fabriken sowie in Schulen oder bei Veranstaltungen auf, wo eben viele Menschen zusammentreffen und irgendwie als Gruppen isoliert sind.
The nocebo symptoms are thereby extremely varied and range from allergies, nausea, cases of dizziness and fainting, from abdominal pains, stomach cramps, behavioural changes and headaches, right up to hallucinations and actual delusions. Die Nocebo-Symptome sind dabei äusserst vielfältig und reichen von Allergien, Übelkeit, Schwindelund Ohnmachtsanfällen, von Magenschmerzen, Bauchkrämpfen, Verhaltensveränderungen und Kopfschmerzen bis hin zu Halluzinationen und effectiven Wahnvorstellungen.
That is also demonstrated with alleged UFO sightings, whereby smaller or larger groups of human beings succumb to a form of imagination based on visions and see UFOs although none are there, and this is only because one single person believes to have seen something and thereby causes a nocebo effect. Das erweist sich auch bei angeblichen UFO-Sichtungen, bei denen kleinere oder grössere Gruppen von Menschen einer Art visionären Einbildung verfallen und UFOs sehen, obwohl keine vorhanden sind; und dies nur, weil eine einzelne Person etwas zu sehen glaubt und dadurch einen Nocebo-Effekt auslöst.
As a rule, the nocebo symptoms begin without apparent reason, with one single human being, however they take effect, as a result of imagination, with others and evoke - in accordance with the domino effect - an epidemic, because ever more human beings succumb, indeed, in rapid succession, to the undertow of the nocebo effect. In der Regel beginnen die Nocebo-Symptome ohne ersichtlichen Grund bei einem einzelnen Menschen, wirken sich jedoch durch Einbildung auf andere aus und rufen nach dem Domino-Prinzip eine Epidemie hervor, weil eben in schneller Folge immer mehr Menschen dem Sog des Nocebo-Effekts verfallen.
If symptoms of illness are evoked through the nocebo effect then no pathogen at all can be localised, because there simply is no pathogen. Werden durch Nocebo-Effekte Krankheitssymptome hervorgerufen, dann können jedoch keinerlei Erreger lokalisiert werden – weil es schlichtweg keine gibt.
Nevertheless, nocebos are infectious, under special circumstances, specifically as a result of imagination and belief. Nichtsdestoweniger sind Nocebos unter besonderen Umständen ansteckend – eben durch Einbildung und Glaube.
By this means, of imagination and belief, entire masses of human beings can - avalanche-like - be infected. Consequently, on the Earth, every tenth influenza epidemic also leads back to a nocebo effect because these symptoms are, in this way, also really very infectious. In dieser Weise der Einbildung und des Glaubens können lawinenartig ganze Massen von Menschen infiziert werden, folgedem auf der Erde auch jede zehnte Grippe-Epidemie auf einen Nocebo-Effekt zurückzuführen ist, weil diese Symptome auch in dieser Weise wirklich sehr ansteckend wirken.
In order to understand that, it must be comprehended that the human body, and, with it, naturally, especially the brain, is a biochemical pharmacy, and that, from the brain and its consciousness, thoughts arise, which create specific feelings. Um das zu verstehen, muss begriffen werden, dass der menschliche Körper, und damit natürlich speziell das Gehirn, eine biochemische Apotheke ist und dass aus dem Gehirn und dessen Bewusstsein Gedanken hervorgehen, die spezifische Gefühle erschaffen.
The entire thing thereby rests on the most varied biological processes which are set in motion, and to which not only healing factors belong, rather also the dangerous self-destruct mechanism which, if not strongly and consciously kept under control, can produce a deadly effect. Das Ganze beruht dabei auf verschiedensten biologischen Prozessen, die in Gang gesetzt werden, wozu nicht nur Heilungsfaktoren gehören, sondern auch der gefährliche Selbstzerstörungsmechanismus, der, wenn er nicht stark und bewusst unter Kontrolle gehalten wird, eine tödliche Wirkung zeitigen kann.
Thoughts, and the feelings which result from them - through which the psyche is formed as well as the human body - are very closely bound up with each other and always demand their tribute, and indeed it is all the same regardless of whether that is recognised or not. Gedanken und die daraus resultierenden Gefühle, wodurch die Psyche geformt wird, sowie der Körper des Menschen, sind sehr eng miteinander verbunden und fordern immer ihren Tribut, und zwar ganz gleich, ob das erkannt wird oder nicht.
And, the fact that placebo and nocebo effects play an extraordinarily important role in this complex is proven by the fact that placebos can really alleviate or even heal, while the nocebos' dark might invokes illness just as much as does any infectious deadly disease. Und dass in diesem Komplex Placebo- und Nocebo-Effekte eine ungemein wichtige Rolle spielen, das beweist die Tatsache, dass Placebos wirklich lindern oder gar heilen können, während die dunkle Macht der Nocebos genauso krankheitserregend ist wie jede ansteckende tödliche Krankheit.
But the truth is also that, on the entire extent of the Earth, the nocebo effect demands far more human lives every year than the biggest natural catastrophe to date. Wahrheit ist aber auch, dass auf der ganzen Weite der Erde der Nocebo-Effekt jedes Jahr weit mehr Menschenleben fordert als die bisher grössten Naturkatastrophen.
The opiate and dopamine systems in the human brain react to nocebos in a manner which very quickly has an effect which endangers one's life. Das Opiat- und Dopamin-System im menschlichen Gehirn reagiert auf Nocebos in einer Art und Weise, die sehr schnell lebensgefährlich wirkt.
The systems are responsible for the body's own pain alleviation, and if this is disturbed by nocebos, then everything gets out of control whereby the self-destruct code can act out its might. Die Systeme sind für die körpereigene Schmerzlinderung verantwortlich, und wenn diese durch Nocebos gestört werden, dann gerät alles ausser Kontrolle, wodurch der Selbstzerstörungs-Code seine Macht ausspielen kann.
Semjase Silver Star Center, May 9th, 2010, 11.57 PM Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, 9. Mai 2010, 23.57 h

Translated by Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine, August 16th, 2010, Australia


President Barack Hussein Obama, his wise politics and his opponents

It is a distinguishing characteristic of many human beings of Earth that they very quickly change their opinions and standpoints according to the inner or outer circumstances. Due to a lack of conscious selfcontrol and self-mastery, they succumb to very strong feeling-vacillations which lead to first abandoning themselves to a strong enthusiasm and fit of excitement concerning an event, a person or a project, whereby after some time these then abate and give room to feelings such as suspicion, hate, disappointment, frustration, vexation, etc. towards the former source of excitement.

The unsteadiness, instability, and susceptibility to vacillations of the world of feelings and world of thoughts of many human beings of Earth are undoubtedly the cause of great individual and societal crisis-situations of political, economic and social kinds on our earth, which, however, could be prevented or at least contained if human beings would learn to control and equal out, i.e. to direct onto neutral-positive tracks, their own thoughts and feelings as well as emotional outbursts. The importance of this control- and equalling out-process of one's own world of thoughts and world of feelings, which leads away from a strong polarisation and towards a neutral-positive condition of the psyche and of the consciousness, becomes clearly apparent when one considers that a society, a country and – in the end – the entire humanity of Earth is made up of the sum of the individual human beings of Earth and that for this reason a present and future reality is nothing other than the product and result of the human beings' intentions, bearings, proposed deeds, decisions and wishes of a conscious or unconscious kind that are thought and felt as well as partially put into action.

In democratic countries, a president and head of government is directly or indirectly elected by the people, but very often human beings vote on the basis of feeling-related conditions, moods and stirrings, i.e. on the basis of sympathy or antipathy, which a candidate conveys through his or her rhetoric, gestures and his or her appearance, while the programs as well as the ideas, contents and motives of his or her politics are hardly paid attention to.

As the government-candidates are for the most part conscious of how easily human beings are influenced, they attempt to impress their voters through targeted image strategies and media appearances and to appear as sympathetic and radiant as possible to them, in order to thereby achieve their consensus. Everything possible is done to have an effect on the voter's vacillating world of feelings. The candidate who masters this art of trickery the best is normally elected to president; but then he or she must live up to these artificially produced sympathies, expectations and wishes of the voters which is usually very difficult. So politicians are able, through media-manipulations and exciting promises and deliberate stagings, which target the creation of enthusiasm and euphoria or also anxiety and fear, to bring entire masses of human beings on their side as well as to also give a false picture of themselves and their politics. Thus, it can for example be feigned that they campaign for peace, prosperity, and inner security and defence of the country against external threats and dangers even if this does not correspond to the actual facts and is a pure illusion. The voters, which are led around by the nose through targeted techniques of opinion manipulation, are thus, on account of constant bombardments through false news, tendentious messages as well as through hammering political propaganda, no longer capable of separating the fiction and the shine from the true reality and of discovering the deception that they have fallen victim to.

So it happens that a president and head of government who has come to might through such deceptive means completely ruins his or her land economically, financially and socially by accumulating mountains of debt, betraying the constitution, sending his or her fellow countrymen to war – whereby many innocent people must die – and leaving behind a contaminated environment to the future generations, without being called to account for it by his or her gullible and indoctrinated voters. However, the truth gradually comes out and the population (or at least a part of it) becomes conscious of the illusion, the deception and the manipulation of opinion that they have fallen prey to, and as if waking up from an evil dream they turn their backs on their former great hero and idol and even begin to hate and to damn him or her.

It can, however, also happen – although rather infrequently – that a presidential candidate achieves, on account of his or her authentic and in no way feigned charisma, his or her speaking skills, as well as the truthfulness and honestness of his or her ideas and projects, widespread sympathies and a large consensus among voters which is not produced artificially but arises spontaneously in the human beings because he or she is actually capable of convincing voters through the – applied for positive purposes – might of his or her words and thoughts of the goodness and effectiveness of his or her intentions. This was, for example, actually the case with the election of president Barack Obama, who had aroused a broad wave of sympathy and was elected with great enthusiasm to president of the USA. As president he has been celebrated by many million fellow American citizens as that statesman who would return dignity and honour to his country and set a political course that would awaken new hope and open up a better outlook for the future. As the first black president in the history of the USA, he embodies for many million of voters of differing ethnic origins values such as new beginning, renewal, peace, freedom, progress, and equality, as well as a fair leader-figure who is able to carry out the final steps for the overcoming of a still creeping racial discrimination of black and other ethnic minorities. Thus, for the large masses of human beings in the USA and elsewhere in the world, Obama represents a true and long yearned for glimmer of hope, who after the dark Bush-era – during which many countries of Earth wanted to arm themselves in order to be able to defend themselves against the insane warmongering of the USA –, would practice a reconciliatory peace-politic. These hopes and expectations, as was already clearly and distinctly shown after the first months of his administration, were in no way disappointed because Obama took decisions and measures that represent the consequent implementation of his election promises. Yet soon after his election, a smear campaign and a malicious mudslinging were launched by his political opponents, fanatic media-gurus, partisan newspapers and interest groups as well as by delusional religious preachers and doomsday prophets in order to put the newly elected president in a bad light and using every opportunity to run him down by blaming him for things, problems and accusations which were the doings of others – especially some of his predecessors in office – and for which he bears no responsibility.

The American foreign policy, so goes one of the leitmotifs of the anti-Obama propaganda, is too soft, too willing to compromise, and too weak, that is to say, too little self-confidence and not aggressive enough against other world-mights like China, Russia as well as the Islamic countries. Also racist sects and associations have become loud against Obama because to them he is as a black president a thorn in their eye.

That president Obama in relation to other world-mights, countries and peoples puts dialogue first and does not immediately use threatening might-words in order to put others under pressure and to terrorise them is something that appears to a part of the American people as a sign of weakness and not knowing what to do and even as cowardice, because their mentality is still strongly marked by the stereotype of the gunman and cowboy, which is inclined to rely on weapons and Gewalt (The German word Gewalt is definied as «to use physical, psychical, mental, and consciousness-related powers, abilities and skills with all available coercive means in order to carry through and carry out actions and deeds.) as the sole means for the solving of problems. Apparently this part of the US-population has very little interest and respect for other cultures and peoples because it is of the view that everything revolves, or should revolve, around the USA and that the entire world should submit itself to the USA or should at least adapt to the “US way of life”. In contrast, Obama is a president who is open to the world, modest and eloquent, knows and esteems other peoples, religions and cultures, and for this reason does not constantly boast of US-values in order to impose these on all the others. Therefore, it could not have turned out any differently than his being hated by that part of the American people who only knows the language and gestures of the use of Gewalt, the threat of war, the exploitation of the economy, and the brutal domination of the world, and that they also attempt to vilify the president and to insult him and to expose him as being incompetent with all means, whether through television programs, caricatures, cover pictures, newspaper articles, political smear campaigns, satirical internet sites and all possible propaganda tricks, in order to destroy his public and private image. While doing so, these brainless critics and evil slanderers never consider what positive results the Obama politics have already brought not only America, but the entire world. The following are some of them:

  • With regards to foreign policy he has within one year eased the great and dangerous tensions between the USA and other world-mights, offered the Islamic countries dialogue instead of war as well as started or got underway a nuclear disarmament process with Russia which is on a scale that has not happened in decades.
  • He has ordered the closing of the human-rights violating prison camp in Guatánamo and imposed the ban of torture practices by intelligence services and police officials as a means for extorting confessions from suspected terrorists.
  • He has openly criticised Israel's expansion and settlement politics as well as taken a neutral position in the Israel-Palestine conflict and encouraged both parties to dialogue and to concrete peace negotiations.
  • He has distanced himself from the reprehensible US-practice with regard to foreign affairs of again and again interfering militarily or with the secret service in the internal affairs of other countries and acting as the world-police everywhere.
  • Instead he has treated other countries as equal partners in talks and offered them co-operation and partnership, and also, when necessary, made help available as for example in the case of the earthquake in Haiti, and that without pursuing deceitful world domination objectives.
  • He has explained the complete and step-wise withdrawal of US troops as necessary and initiated it, as well as put in place plans to solve the Afghanistan-question.
  • With regards to domestic politics he has put into power a historical healthcare reform which has secured over 35 million Americans a form of healthcare which they previously could not afford.
  • He has initiated a government investment plan in the amount of 787 billion dollars for the rescue of the US economy and of the banking system, which as massive stimulus of the economy has had an effect and has cared for that the worst effects of the crisis, such as mass unemployment and impoverishment of society, were contained or substantially softened, which were caused by the predator-capitalists who are driven by unrestrained greed for money and who trample under foot every ethic, moral and all human-values because they are ready to go over corpses for the sake of profit.
  • He has bluntly attacked the excessively high extra-payments for bank managers – through which the businesses and banks that they manage are driven into ruin – and in doing so has announced limits for the managers' salaries.
  • He has signalled a constructive attitude towards the progress of the economy and in connection with this has repealed some of the bans and restrictions on stem-cell research and genetic engineering that were pushed through by G.W. Bush, as well as removing the bans and restrictions of their financing by the government. In return he was heavily criticised by the Roman Catholic church.
  • He put an end to the undignified practice dubbed “Don't ask, don't tell”, according to which homosexuals were only then allowed to be accepted into the Military if they kept their homosexuality a secret.
  • He spoke honest words of reconciliation and deep respect towards the human beings of Islamic faith and emphasised that America shall no longer be viewed and considered as an enemy by these human beings but as a friend, because it does not want to lead a crusade against Islamic countries. In doing so, he called upon the representatives of the monotheistic religions to overcome their mutual hostilities and suspicions and instead to discover again the common roots and values and to foster them.

These efforts of Barack Hussein Obama that are marked by wisdom, broad-sightedness, rationality, tolerance, love for one's fellow human being and peace have already in a short period of time decisively contributed to easing the tension in the world situation in many places as well as to building up peaceful and progressive relationships between the countries of Earth. One asks oneself what other politicians in his position could have brought about even half of that which he has already achieved in less than one and a half years. But in spite of the support of the “small” people in the USA and in all of the world Obama's political effects run up against many dark powers such as the financial elite, economic centres of might, the armaments industry, the insurance lobby, the fanatical-religious and extreme right-wing groups as well as some mass media and Republican opponents, because he acts counter to their egotistical self-interests and also endangers them through his deeds serving the public interest by reaching decisions which serve the common good of his people as well as indirectly also the entire humankind. In addition many of his incapable opponents and critics envy his talent of speech, his intellectual brilliance and the excellent ability to recognise problems quickly and to find effective short, medium, or long term solutions for them, which the opponents and critics are completely incapable of doing. And as if that was not bad enough, there are those who also strive to kill him in order to silence him definitely.

The line of Obama's opponents is much longer than one could imagine at first glance, as many anti-globalisation fanatics, conspiracy theorists and other left-wing extremists and ideologists also do not like him because they accuse him in an unfair way of not allowing banks and financial institutions, which were responsible for the economic crisis, to go bankrupt instead of having them rescued from collapse through government subventions and massive injections of funds. It does not occur to these dumb groaners that if Obama had responded like they wished, namely to just sit back and watch the greatest financial crisis, then the entire economic system would have broken down and these world-changers would have become beggars, homeless people and unemployed, and their dollars would have had almost no value. But that is not all, for also the obstinate worshippers and protectors of the predator-like capitalistic system and its financial sharks keep on and on and accuse Obama of socialism, because he has injected large sums of tax dollars into the economic and financial sectors and provided government support to heavily hit private industries, especially the auto industry. Apparently these quarrelsome and cynical ideologists are not in any way interested in the destiny of millions of workers just as they are also not interested in the existential situation of the large masses of human beings, whose future is threatened by great poverty and impoverishment. According to these critics, Obama is simultaneously, on the one hand, a faithful friend of the banks and the financial system and, on the other hand, however, a dangerous socialist who wants to nationalise everything – which is completely absurd. Thus, this clearly shows how unfounded, slanderous and pretextual these attacks are, since they serve to convince the public that this president is good for nothing and is ruining everything in the USA

In reality Obama has already put much of that into effect what he had promised before the election whereby the majority of his predecessors totally failed in all these things or – if one wants to express this weakly – roundly neglected everything. One only has to think of the historical contract with Russia for nuclear disarmament. According to this agreement the number of nuclear warheads, as well as their carrier systems, must be halved within seven years. With this Obama had the courage to express a clear vision of a world without nuclear weapons and has begun to take the first steps in putting into effect his valuable idea. However, regarding this the nasty critical voices have also become louder, which say that Obama's intentions are utopian and unrealistic since the reduction of the nuclear weapons arsenal only concerns the two super-mights USA and Russia, but not the many other countries that possess nuclear weapons, such as China, India, Pakistan and Israel etc. But the fact is that someone among the nuclear-mights must begin with the disarmament, and if one starts with the weapons arsenal of the former archenemies USA and Russia, it is so much the better; then an important sign is set by this that has a signal-effect with regard to the necessity of a nuclear disarmament, which other willing countries worldwide can then follow. The more mighty nations, foremost the USA, shall serve as an example according to Obama's vision and spur on all the others to do the same. To expect that the others take the first steps in the direction of disarmament is extremely foolish, illusory and irresponsible.

A further example of the extremely illogical kind of critic of the Obama-politic can be seen in some of the reactions to his decision for the withdrawal of troops out of Iraq. The war in Iraq, which was instigated by his predecessor in office, G.W. Bush, and the bloody military occupation resulting from it, has plunged the country into a civil war and into such chaos and misery that their consequences are immeasurable. However, this war and the occupation brought very terrible consequences also for the USA: A national debt that is driven to astronomical heights, many thousands of dead and injured among the soldiers, and very many more among the private militias and the uninvolved Iraqi population. An entire generation of war-weary US soldiers as returnees, who return home as persons who are psychically or physically damaged by war. As persons harmed psychically and physically by the war experiences they are war cripples and are no longer able to integrate themselves into society – and it is not unusual for them to commit suicide. In view of this entire disaster, there was and is on the part of those responsible in politics and in the military no word of self-critic and of remorse to be heard.

Now, Obama is given the heavy burden to pull the cart out of the mud and even here vehement attacks are brought against him of all people, according to which a withdrawal from Iraq is irresponsible and does not represent a solution to the situation. On the other hand, the president is also accused of not having kept his election promise regarding the withdrawal of troops and as a result had received the Nobel peace prize undeservedly.

How should these self-opinionated would-be statesmen and would-be responsible ones come to the insight that an abrupt immediate withdrawal of US-troops from Iraq after years of occupation, terrorism and civil war would plunge the country into a still worse anarchy because everything has gone downhill and has worsened dramatically in all these years through the corrupt governments that the US has supported.

Thus, how can one expect that a leader comes along – be it also the best strategist of the world – who shall be in a position within a few months or years to magically repair the catastrophe, which has already persisted for many years and has taken on worse and worse forms, and to transform Iraq into a peaceful paradise! Where were these great Obama-critics in all these years of the disastrous, criminal Iraq-politics and above all, what have they actually done in order to prevent the full extent of the disaster, or least to pillory it and to expose it?

The fact is and remains that a step-wise withdrawal of US-troops is only taking place because of Obama's decision and the end of the longstanding criminal military occupation of the country is drawing nearer. Obama's political opponents also demand that he be more aggressive and more threatening towards Iran and threaten this country with war. This, if it does not forego its nuclear programme and also does not abandon its secret nuclear weapons armament project, as is very strongly wished for by the Israeli Leadership.

Should those, who now accuse Obama of having capitulated to Iran as well as Russia and China, and who declare that an especially violent confrontation with Iran is necessary, come to take the helm in the USA one day – which is not to be ruled out – then one asks oneself where would they lead their country and the entire world through their insane plans, and what then will become of us all and of our descendants. That these fanatics through their delusional belief are already strongly endangering the international peace through their ideas and also would suggestively and forcefully bring about war if they took the helm of might, can already be clearly and distinctly recognised. And the insane ideas that they have – which would completely destroy the present-day peaceful relations with Russia, the Islamic world and China, because, due to their stubborn Rambo-politics, it would come to severe tensions among the worldmights, which possibly could lead into a third world war – are not at all taken into account by their reckless followers.

That Obama is no rigid ideologist, rather a circumspect pragmatist and wise rational-human being, who always attempts to make the best out of what is feasible in the moment and in the future, and who is not subject to any dangerous delusions, contributes to letting him appear unsympathetic or also hostile to all those human beings who have lost all contact to true reality and its truth, because they cling to all possible confused fantasies and thought-processes, wild theories and rumours as well as abstruse religious and sectarian teachings, through which they are totally blinded and which hinders them from perceiving, wanting to accept, and understanding, the effective reality in its entire breadth and fullness. For this reason it is astonishing that a substantial part of the US-American population is not in the position to come to the insight that a president is at work in their country who in one year has accomplished much more and brought about much more positive changes than all of his predecessors added together. In spite of this one cannot evade the ascertainment, how dumb, foolish, inane, arrogant, absolutely superficial and irrational a human being must be in order to not summon up any ability, intellect and rationality, to recognise the many results already achieved by President Obama and therefore to give him respect and esteem. In truth, he has since taking office, in accordance with his election promises, already brought about much good and positive, namely not only for his country and the population of the USA, but for the entire humanity of Earth.

And he has done this within a short period of time and within a framework which no other US president before him was able to do.

To conclude I, would like to make the following comments: Surely, it is very hopeful and helpful if someone comes to have might who is wise and whose consciousness-evolution-level is a stretch higher than that of the broad mass of human beings. But if this mass of human beings, instead of observing and considering their wise leader as an example and allowing oneself to be inspired by his manner of thinking and acting, burdens him with all possible terrible states of affairs, shift their own responsibility concerning their own errors and negligence onto him, then this mass of human beings are good for absolutely nothing. A population is actually good for nothing if it acts according to the motto, “You have to clean up the mess left by your predecessor alone, we are not making any personal contribution towards this, because we do not want to bear any responsibility for it; instead we only wait and see that you do everything for us and if you should not succeed then exactly for this reason you are guilty.” Such behaviour is a clear symptom that the majority of the human beings concerned do not possess a clear intellect and a clear rationality and logic and, as a result, have not yet understood what and how life really is, how it functions and how one as a true human being is to live. To this I will describe some typical thought-processes, imaginations and inner consciousness-conditions of these human beings (not only are those fallible ones of the USAmericans, who fall exactly within this framework, meant, but also those human beings in general of all other countries around the world who are fallible concerning this matter):

  • First of all, I let myself be manipulated by all possible influences through advertising, television, political propaganda, religions, sects and films, without questioning their sense and purpose and as a result I lose control over myself.
  • Then I am ready, through my applause and my support, to agree with every single guru, sectarian, political leader or star and to ensure that he exploits my consciousness-conditioning and inner unfreedom in order to be captivated by him.
  • Consequently, I do not recognise all of the disasters that these false leaders and gurus have instigated and triggered in my name and because of my support.
  • The consequence of this thought-process is that I bear no responsibility for them and, should the occasion arise, push it onto someone else, who I gladly put in my sights as a scapegoat or who is pointed out to me as such.
  • If others, human beings who are conscious of themselves, acknowledge the entire disaster and there is someone to be found who really has the ability to clean up the entire mess and dirt, then I begin to view him as a disturbing factor and to blame him for things for which he bears no responsibility.

What Obama effectuates, one will be able to better assess in the future; what is certain is that his politics requires time and patience and for this reason he cannot, in the remaining two or one and a half years, bring that to completion what he wants to achieve, but that he also needs a second mandate in order for his activities to completely unfold.

Obama's mission and the FIGU somehow run parallel and there exists a deep connection that reaches back thousands of years. Regardless of whether Obama is conscious of it or not, he can still bring about all kinds of positive, progressive and evolutive things for the humanity of Earth and prevent a third world war inferno which is still a threatening possibility. But, whether his mission is crowned with success depends mainly on the kind of thinking and acting of the US-citizens as well as the entire population of Earth, because it depends on whether they are willing to make an effort to drive forward their own consciousness-evolution in order to really learn what needs to be learned with regard to being human in the real and true sense, so that everyone begins to live as a true human being among other human beings. Everyone must decide whether he or she wants to walk along the path of the positive, progressive and evolutive, which Obama and FIGU also walk along, or if he or she decides against it and continues to go along and vegetate away on the old pernicious and self-destructive tracks of hate, of might-addiction, of cult-religious veneration and of fanaticism as well as of inner unpeace and of inner enslavement. We all, regardless of which consciousness-evolution-level we belong to, carry the full responsibility for the course of our history. It is through our responsibility that we determine whether we go along the path to bitter suffering, which leads us continuously into enmity and into all-destroying wars, or whether we turn ourselves towards love, harmony and progress, and as a result true freedom as well as a lasting worldwide peace among all peoples, regardless of whatever their race, skin colour, mentality, opinion, and direction of belief and knowledge may be.

Written by Andrea Bertuccioli, Italy

Translation: Willem Mondria, Switzerland