Contact Report 585

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This is an unofficial and unauthorised translation of a FIGU publication.

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
Before reading onward, please read this necessary prerequisite to understanding this document.

Excerpt from the 585th Contact of Good Friday, April 18, 2014 from the Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports

Block 13 book, pages 356-357

German to English translation by Larry Driscoll

Date: January 30, 2016

The German equivalent is yet to be added but is on the way.


Ah, you are already waiting, I have thought that I might even be here before you. However be greeted dear friend, and may you also be welcomed into my office. Actually, I have not expected you until tomorrow for the corrections work.


1. I do greet you as well Eduard, my good friend, and thank you for your welcome.

2. I am here in terrestrial space from today’s evening until tomorrow’s evening because I devote myself to some things which interest me, so I come to you now, in order tomorrow afternoon after the corrections work to have more time at my disposal to pursue my interests.

3. Furthermore Florena has said to me that you have some questions which refer to earlier spoken facts and about which I still should explain some things

4. We could discuss these right away at the beginning of our conversation, if it suits you.


Naturally, on some questions I have also copied excerpts from earlier reports which I want to show you, on the other hand I have however also still another thing, such as for example the matter, that you have sent in the last century to terrestrial scientists, apparatus-hypnotic, development impulses regarding technology in general as well as medicine and especially electronics, whereby an enormously fast development in all of these areas has occurred. Your father Sfath has already in 1945 and you then also in 1975 many times forbid me to openly mention or write something about the real reason for the sending of these impulse to terrestrial scientists. Naturally, about this I have obliged, because you have indeed said to me that I would only be permitted to openly speak, if Earthlings would direct questions to me regarding this. This now has occurred several times in the last two weeks, whereupon I then also have given the correct answer, which hopefully was not incorrect.


5. Your silence regarding this applies only to the time up until now, when you would be some Earthhumans about the reason for our actions regarding the sending of impulses to terrestrial scientists.

6. As this is now clearly occurring, like you say, is it also the time for giving the explanation for this, subsequently I can now on my part explain that the entire undertaking of the impulse transmissions to many thousands of terrestrial scientists served to aid, in a very short time, the overall technological, medical and electronic development and to bring it to useful position for the mission.

7. Specifically, I address the development of computer-information-and internet technology, which especially were aided to a great extent, because they are in the present and future time of enormous meaning and absolute importance for the fulfillment of your mission.

8. This development could however only occur in the new age because in earlier times were the possibilities for this still not given, subsequently then the six ancient prophets could only bring the teachings orally, which however were extensively falsified by those able to write, according to their own interpretations and were handed down in this way.

9. This, if the writing of Judas Ischkerioth is left aside.

10. Therefore, then in the new age from 1844 in general the technology of Earthhumans etc. had reached a certain development, and furthermore it was determined in advance by the ‘Arahat Athersata’ level that the last valid mission of teaching spreading of Nokodemion should find its beginning as of the year 1937 and then we were directed by this level via the ‘High Council’ to aid the medical as well as the overall technological, computer-,information- and internet development on the Earth

11. However in the entire development of all areas of research and knowledge etc., an approximate equilibrium was to be created, therefore all forms of development must be taken into account so that not an unbalanced but a generally widespread development resulted.

12. In accordance with the instructions of the ‘Arahat Athersata’ level our specialists, like technologists and engineers etc., developed an apparatus, which made it possible to deposit, by apparatus, specific, hypnotic impulses into certain Earthhumans, like especially selected researchers and particular scientists of all areas of knowledge as well as also the, many and diverse, technologically talented, individuals of different specialist fields, in order to aid in all areas the necessary development and as a result to create the necessary technology through which your mission could spread out into the entire world, which indeed actually has occurred and also will occur in the future.

13. The development of computer- and internet systems and all of the other things connected to them stood then to be given top priority.

14. The hypnotic, sending of impulses for the development of all necessary areas of knowledge and development therefore was not without thought, but a precise, carefully considered action so that your teaching-mission could spread out into the world.

15. Regarding this, without our impulse-like development intervention with the Earthhumans, the entire development in every respect would only very gradually advance and would have taken still several more centuries before the position would be reached which is given today.

16. Unfortunately have occurred from the whole matter of very accelerated development also extremely malicious, negative and bad factors, which particularly have arisen regarding atomic-, rocket, drone- and other weapons in general and other technologies as well as chemistry, industrial-, Earth orbit- and communications technologies etc., through which much disaster was brought and will be brought in the future over terrestrial humanity as well as in regard to the planet itself, the entire nature and fauna and flora and the climate.

17. The stupidity, power conduct, greed for profit, and highhandedness, egoism and religious-sectarian faith delusion as well as hate, inhumanity and everywhere ruling illogic etc., allows the understanding and reason of Earthhumans to decline, consequently from all development and all progress in each area enormously much disaster is caused and has even brought about the gross climate change.

18. The stupidity of terrestrial responsible scientists, militaries and technologists as well as all of those, who shamefully abuse as filthy profiteers for the sake of power and pleasure, everything to the detriment of all human, animal, insect and plant life and the planet as well as its resources and climate, unfortunately recognizes no limits and in no way whatsoever responsibility.

19. With them belongs also the majority of terrestrial mankind, who just think about their own well-being and do not concern themselves about the fact that gradually however certainly each and every thing is destroyed, consequently Earthhumans themselves slowly but surely destroy all of their life basis which always occurs more rapidly the faster the terrestrial population increases.

20. The fact is then, that the raging human overpopulation is the reason for each and every evil which already for decades results in a steadily further increase and ultimately leads to inevitable catastrophe, if not finally everything is stopped and guided into correct courses and everything necessary is taken up and strictly implemented.

21. The fundamental evils of all the whole matter are the overpopulation as well as the irresponsibility of all of those Earthhumans, who in no way adapt themselves to the creative-natural laws and guidelines and hence they themselves create more and more destroying and destruction.


The eyes and ears and reason of Earthlings are unfortunately closed.