Contact Report 002

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N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • Contact Reports volume: 1
  • Page number(s): Unknown
  • Date/time of contact: Monday, February 3, 1975, 10:10 p.m.
  • Translator(s): Unknown
  • Date of original translation: Unknown
  • Corrections and improvements made: N/A
  • Contact person: Semjase


In the second contact Semjase expresses how spiritually developed Billy already is. She also speaks of ET visitors to Earth and the variety of reasons they travel here; she again mentions negative ETs and their behaviour towards Earth humans, and also confirms the names of several fraudulent ET contactees and one true contactee, Kenneth Arnold, who actually saw Plejaren beamships during one of his sightings.

This is the entire contact.

Contact Report 2 Translation

Second Contact


1. You astonished me after my first try, because your receptivity for my thoughts was much greater than we had calculated.

2. We really should long be used to surprises from you, for you have always shown over the years that you think far.

3. Though your thought processes are often extreme, they do get to the point of the matter and find solutions to problems that remain closed to your contemporaries.

4. Actually you surprised me on my first visit when you remained silent and did not ask any questions when I gave you my various explanations.

5. I am thinking about the discussion on space, time and null-time.

6. At least there I thought you would have a question.

7. Then I took the liberty to explore your thoughts and found that you really had no question, because you understood my clarification – even more than what I said to you.

8. Even for me, your way of thinking in spiritual and material regards is enormous and phenomenal, which I have never before noticed in any other Earth human.

9. All of them, until now, were knowledgeable and capable of thinking only in one direction, or three maximum, while you are capable of thinking in any form you wish.

10. You really hardly lag behind us at all if we disregard what you call book or school learning.

11. As you yourself always say, this type of knowledge is not of great importance, but only spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom are the decisive ones, as you have already recognized long ago.

12. And you are truly eminent in your knowledge; you do not lag behind us in that respect – quite the contrary.


You are embarrassing me, Semjase. Everything seems to be praise and flattery today. I do not like this because it seems primitive to me. So, please, drop it.


13. You are very frank, as we are used to from you.

14. However, I do not want to praise and flatter you, for we have long ago passed this stage as well.

15. I am only giving you clear, factual statements, just as you yourself enjoy making them.


Then I am content and at peace.


16. So you no longer think I am primitive?


Certainly not – but why don't you search for it in my thoughts? Or should I perhaps apologize for saying this?


17. I do believe you and do not expect an apology from you.

18. Apologies are only empty words and seldom represent the real sentiments behind them.

19. On the other hand, I do not perceive your words as an offense, because I know very well that you only say what you sense or feel.

20. To your fellowmen your words may sound offensive, but only because they do not know and understand that you are speaking only from your feelings, guided by your own knowledge and wisdom.

21. Because of this, a lot must also seem very primitive, even stupid, to you.

22. But always remember, the majority of your fellowmen are incapable of thinking and acting in a spiritual manner because they have never learned how to do that and they are still too much entangled in the web of purely human urges, wishes and hopes, among other things.

23. If I want to investigate your thoughts, then I do it only if it appears important to me.

24. It is neither our ways nor our desire to simply penetrate the thoughts of others unless it is really important.

25. Besides, none of us have the right to penetrate into the personal secrets of others.

26. If one penetrates the thoughts of another person, the danger always exists of discovering more than was actually intended.

27. Were we also to ignore this law, we would be able to decipher even your most intimate thought processes and secrets, and you could not amaze and astonish us again and again.


What about this claim by so-called UFO contactees who pretend their friends from the stars only communicate telepathically amongst themselves?


28. Certainly there are such beings who communicate only telepathically.

29. However, their method of communication was telepathic from the very beginning, or else, they simply allowed their spoken language to become neglected.

30. But as far as we know, no beings who communicate only telepathically have ever come into terrestrial space.

31. On the other hand, it must be noted that these so-called UFO contactees who claim such things, with certainty, have never had contact with human or other beings from outer space.

32. They are simply frauds and charlatans.


I have been thinking over the notion that most of these so-called UFO contactees are only frauds and charlatans. On what fact do you base your statement?


33. On pure facts that may be proven anytime:

34. All of those would-be contactees are implying that we are on a mission for God and the Christian religion; a malicious lie without a trace of truth.


What about the other contactees?


35. Although many frauds exist, there are many who really have had, and continue to have, contact with us.

36. But a great many of those have never had more than just visual contact with us.

37. Contactees, therefore, who have only seen our beamships from a distance and were often able to take pictures as well.

38. Only very few of them have had personal contact with us, which is the case even now.

39. Most of them wrap themselves in silence, in fear of their fellowmen.

40. Frequently, beings from alien races have also come to your Earth and carried out their expeditions here.

41. They gathered various things that could be of service to their investigations.

42. And it will always happen time and again that such beings come here and perform their studies.

43. They come from the most diverse worlds and systems.

44. They are often still new to space travel and perform their expeditions to expand their knowledge and understanding.

45. It can also happen that they unintentionally come into contact with Earth people but then never return again.

46. They are not power hungry or the like because they are glad to finally have serenity and order in their own worlds.

47. It can also happen here and there that they overpower some people from Earth, bring them into their beamships, examine them carefully with their instruments, and conduct a most detailed study of their anatomy.

48. Without exception though, they let these human beings go again, for they do not wish to harm them.

49. They are often more humane beings than man on Earth.

50. Unfortunately however, there are also some rather barbaric beings traveling through space who come to Earth here and there.

51. Many among them are power hungry and evil.

52. It can happen, that they kidnap and abduct human beings from Earth (as well as from planets in other systems) and bring them to their home planets.

53. These poor creatures then lead a life there as objects of exhibition or are used for experiments.

54. Man on Earth and inhabitants of other worlds must be wary of these beings, for in their viciousness they often use great force.

55. Feelings and other human traits and sentiments are often foreign to them; thus, a human life is nothing of value to them.


That's all very interesting, Semjase, but somehow I have known this for a long time already.


56. For sure, I know that you think very far.


Well, okay, now please tell me one thing: You already have spoken several times of frauds and charlatans who have gone public with their fantastic UFO contact tales, and continue to do so. Can you give me some names?


57. Absolutely, but you know most of them by name.


Nevertheless, please give me at least a few.


58. As you wish—with whom should I begin?


First of all, I would be interested to know about Kenneth Arnold. Am I correct that he was not a fraud?


59. Certainly, this man was no fraud, for he really had seen our beamships.

60. Many other pilots have encountered our beamships or alien ones as well.

61. The greatest fraud, however, was the man who called himself Karl Michalek.

62. And on the same level was the man who became world-famous by the name of George Adamski.

63. His so-called colleagues or friends belong in the same category also.

64. This means those around him who pretended having had contact with us.

65. Other names are lesser known, but are of a certain importance because they are frauds: Harushi Tsukamoto, Jerrold Baker, R. O. Schmidt, C. A. Anderson, Angelucci, and many, many more.


Thank you, that's already enough. Are they really all frauds?


66. Absolutely, and you know that as well as I do.


You're right, but how can one prove that they are frauds?


67. We could prove it, but you should not attempt this because man on Earth is very difficult to convince of the truth.

68. His consciousness-related intelligence is too limited for that.

69. One day, he must discover the truth by himself, and only then he will accept it as knowledge.

70. At present, those individuals who are the least agreeable to recognize and disseminate the truth will be those who had allowed themselves to be deceived by frauds and charlatans for decades, and who had sacrificed millions for the dissemination of the deceitful stories and books.

71. Their world would collapse, for they would have to acknowledge having been deceived and lose face in front of everyone.


That makes sense, but how should I deal with it? They will not believe me when I reveal the truth.


72. Do not be concerned, because you belong to a circle of human beings who think and will help you.

73. I will give you the names of those who are important to you, but keep them to yourself and never reveal them in public …

(Seven names and addresses were then given.)


Are these names sufficient?


74. They are — and now my time is up for today.

75. I have to leave you now and will transmit my thoughts to you later, as it is already becoming a habit, so you can write them down.


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