Concentration Exercises

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Hello everyone,

The true spiritual teachings which BEAM (Billy Eduard Albert Meier) and the Plejaren people present to us in the 21st century have to do with many things, but one of the most important things is Meditation. Through meditation, you can find inner peace, peace amongst the people close to you, and help bring peace to the world (Salome Peace Meditation). But meditation isn't something you hear about one day, and start practicing the next. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be able to learn how to practice it correctly. Meditation is all about CONCENTRATION - if you do not concentrate, you are not meditating correctly and your attempt is futile. Since concentration is something that is so important to meditation, and is not something that you will master in a day or two, here is a course that will help those interested in learning how to meditate, build up their concentration, and one day be able to practice meditation the way it should be.

(All credit goes to Jacob of the FIGU forum for providing us with these exercises, which he learned from Billy)

Concentration Exercises

Sit down in a comfortable chair three feet away from a burning candle.

Totally relaxed, you observe the lower part of the candle flame for five minutes, no more then that.

If you are unable to keep the exact time, use an alarm with a mild tone, so you are not startled. On the first day of exercising, its absolutely important that you JUST think of the word 'sun', and nothing else, using passive aggressiveness by ignoring other thoughts.

During those five minutes ONLY and ONLY the word 'sun' is in your mind, everything else during that time is foreign.

The following day, add just one minute more, so when you started on Monday with 5 minutes, you concentrate 6 minutes on Tuesday, and so forth.

When you reach the 12-minute mark, you blank your mind TOTALLY for 12 minutes during 6 days.

After these 6 days you can extend the concentration time from 12 to 15 minutes and just think of a golden or red rose in your thoughts - again ALL other thoughts are alien and irrelevant in that time-period.

Then you reach a stage where you just have wishful daydreams (preferably one that can be realized) during those 15 minutes of concentration.

You can still use the candle flame as a focal point.

The schedule:

  • Day 1 - 5 Minutes 'Sun'
  • Day 2 - 6 Minutes 'Sun'
  • Day 3 - 7 Minutes 'Sun'
  • Day 4 - 8 Minutes 'Sun'
  • Day 5 - 9 Minutes 'Sun'
  • Day 6 - 10 Minutes 'Sun'
  • Day 7 - 11 Minutes 'Sun'
  • Day 8 - 12 Minutes 'Sun'
  • Day 9 - 12 Minutes 'Thoughtless' (Think of nothing)
  • Day 10 - 12 Minutes 'Thoughtless'
  • Day 11 - 12 Minutes 'Thoughtless'
  • Day 12 - 12 Minutes 'Thoughtless'
  • Day 13 - 12 Minutes 'Thoughtless'
  • Day 14 - 12 Minutes 'Thoughtless'
  • Day 15 - 15 Minutes 'Red or Golden Rose'
  • Day 16 - 15 Minutes 'Red or Golden Rose'
  • Day 17 - 15 Minutes 'Red or Golden Rose'
  • Day 18 - 15 Minutes 'Red or Golden Rose'
  • Day 19 - 15 Minutes 'Red or Golden Rose'
  • Day 20 - 15 Minutes 'Red or Golden Rose'
  • Day 21 - 15 Minutes 'Wishful dream'

These exercises will enable you to have peace of mind, so that your consciousness is (more) free of random and irrelevant thoughts, it will give peace in the Psyche and it will give you much needed TIME between thinking and acting, and thus preventing acting on thoughts or feelings which can bring harm to oneself or others.

The results of these exercises WON'T come easy, it's not a one-month, half-baked course, only strict practice and continuous repetition will bear fruit.

Don't be disappointed when your results are not what you expect on the first time. Try, try and try again - the real effort and reward is in both reaching your goal and by walking the path that leads to that goal.