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This was an incorrect translation on my behalf. It is in the process of being revised, and so it is probably better that it be taken down instead of it being disseminated any further as an incorrect article this early on in the mission. The biggest reason for this is that the word 'zuneigung' cannot even be translated, completely and precisely, as 'affection' when translated into English. A closer translation would be 'inclination,' as in "being inclined towards someone." But the English term 'affect' does not even necessarily have a positive or negative connotation. Thus, according to Willem Mondria, the English term 'affection' does not even have a correct definition attached to it, which he told me yesterday during a conversation we had at the SSSC. At the same time, 'incline' as the root word of 'inclination' does not really equate to the German word 'zuneigung.' It is at least better than 'affection,' though. This is just one problem that one encounters when trying to translate German into English.

Rem Robinson 6/6/12