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Sanjin said ...

Hi Phillip, how are you?

First I want to thank you for the input. Some of the corrections I do like a lot and will keep them. But there are a couple where I don't completely agree with and would like to change them back, if you don't mind. I will try to explain why I do or don't agree with the corrections and keep the current translation for three weeks before I make the changes. Until then, I would appreciate to hear your counterargument if you think that something is wrong with my reasoning. After all, my goal is to get this translated as good as possible and my English does have some flaws.

First part:

1. sufficient sleep be in proportion to all occupations. 1. genügend geschlafen wird im Verhältnis zu aller Beschäftigung.

This one is not correct. Geschlafen is a verb and genügend is an adjective. The "wird" is an active present tense of the word werden:

Wird translates into "is being" to express the same active present tense. Also, all of the ten point are the second part of the "In daily life it is to be payed attention that". Therefore, the whole correct sentence is: "In daily life it is to be payed attention that sufficiently is being slept in proportion to all occupation".

2. good

5. good

7. very good, thanks

Second Part:

1. great. For some reason I only had "radiating" in mind and that reminded me too much of radioactive materia.

6. I guess smith is not that good of a metaphor in the language, so maker is good. But according to this page, Billy Meier wants Ehrfurcht traslated as deference.

7&8. I asked Mr. Meier about the difference between Macht and Kraft. In their official translation they always had Macht->macht, Kraft->power

There are a few more, but I'll get to that later.


--Sanjin 02:31, 24 July 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Dear Sanjin,

Go with your instinct or "gut" as what we English speakers would say, after all it is the "intent" or feelings that really matter that written or spoken words cannot truely convey 100 percent of its meaning all the time!

Maybe one sould put some footnotes next to such words to further translate its meaning in regards to the message being conveyed. Even the Plejarens acknowledge that English is a language that has serious flaws in fulfilling its communications translation when compared with the High German.

But that does not mean one cannot replace such flawed words with a High German one and would in effect, have a double benefit for English speaking people as well. First it will provide more insight and meaning for English speaking people and secondly, give them the motivation to pursue the purely High German materials that BEAM has written which are vastly more informational than the English translations!

I would assume that this approach of a hybrid English/High German translation will have a much more imediate effect of elevating human consciousness (which is the primary mission anyway), since there are vastly more English speaking people than High German.

I have runned into such an event recently and "found" a more appropriate word for "sacrifice" (which has negative religious connotations) with a more appropriate High German word of "hingeben" to describe Nokodemjon's honorable endeavors.

And lastly, although the English language is rather young in evolution, it has some benefits as well. Being mostly deviod of inferences and other "implied" meanings found in other more developed languages, English is straight forward, combined with the High German, it will be very effective in estrapulating the strenghts of both languages to this most important mission which is to "enlighten the awareness" of humans on Earth.


--Hawaiian 22:35, 24 July 2010 (BST)

Sanjin said ...


Well, I try to place footnotes whenever I feel that it is necessary. In this one, I have not done so because it is still WIP. A thing about the second set of the sentences is that one should tell these things to oneself every day, so the sentences should also flow properly and therefore be easy to say and memorize. For that to work properly, I have to reword them, whereby the original sense may get lost here and there.

I'm a little cautious about placing German words as that would be considered a germanization of the English language. Maybe you've read in CR230 how other world languages, including German, are Americanized. So, I'm not sure if people would find it acceptable to Germanize the English language (would that be considered revenge?). I think that both languages can coexist and that people should just make the effort to learn the German language, instead of trying to change the English language. But of course the languages, like everything else, are subject to evolution and some improvement would not harm. The problem is that when one deviates from the standard English words and expressions, it is less likely that the reader will be able to understand the meaning.

Let's say you give some printouts to you Friends, finding a bunch of German words may just make them stuff those papers in the recycling bin.


--Sanjin 21:48, 25 July 2010 (BST)

Sanjin said ...

Here are some more things that I noticed:

Regarding the translation of Ehrfurcht into deference, I think that the best word for it would be "awe". Deference is very much tied to submission, and submission is far from the teaching of truth. I'll try to discuss it with the FIGU team. From my previous inquiry it has become apparent that they are getting tired and seriously repulsed by the flaws of the English language and now just want to be done with it.

But anyways, here's another proposed correction:

First part, #9 I want to change into:

9. one becomes a master in the handling with the personal powers (strengths) and capabilities and "constantly develops" them further with one's best ability.

--Sanjin 19:42, 31 July 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


We commend you and other High German translators in disseminating this most important mission to us English speaking sector. Otherwise we'll still be in darkness as far as being aware of these events, both past and present.

Before the inner circle decides to forgo any more German to English translations due to various issues, primary the limitations of English, at least translate the most important and far reaching section of BEAM's work! All his work are important, but for logistical reasons at least give us a foundation to further analyze and logically spread the message to our fellow English speaking humans.


--Hawaiian 20:15, 2 August 2010 (BST)