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From Future Of Mankind

Hawaiian 21:32, 22 August 2009 (UTC)It is good that the Sirius intelligences removed the men-in-black from their station in Mars, but unfortunate if true, that they also removed all remmants of the former civilization materials there. For if they left it intact, then Earth scientists and religious leaders can no longer claim such illogical dogmas they have misled humans for so long.

It just makes it much harder for Earth humans to re-connect to their ancient pass in order to move forward without being interfered or prosecuted by ridiculus religions and egotistic stupidity of present Earth scientists! Just my opinion...I sense BEAM also felt a little betrayed too! But, there may be another agenda...that is probably in some form of classification for the time being...Aloha

newinitiation said ...

There has got to be more to the conversation and the underlying meaning of Ptaah and Billy than what we are led to induce. Afterall the conversation is in German and from experience of the past conversations therein lies much more than what is given therefore all manmade artifacts destroyed by the sirians on Mars must exclude remnants of partial manmade artifacts such as small statues, old buildings, pieces of furniture both wooden and metal and various countless others yet to be discovered which will eventually by discovered in the future by our progenitors. The Plejarens and Billy are very very wise, intelligent beyond our comprehension and unfathomably so smart that we earth humans fail to recognise the dumbing down approach to their simplified conversation which is designed for our current lowly evolution state but it must also be said that they are also catering to the future generations to come. How could such a person like Billy who is the most wisest living human being in this universe fail to take so much into consideration that we earth humans have not yet comprehended who must take thousands of spiritually relevant laws into consideration with every circumstantial, situational and contextual scenario but also the cause and effect relationship that is pertinent to the effect that he is working towards to achieve not just for now but far into this millennium and beyond and not give the kind of tidbits that the plejarens have also dutifully and quite synchronously partook with Billy. There is definitely much more to the conversation than what is made to appear and it will reveal itself as time goes by. So we should never discount the unexpected by passing a too rash a judgement and then concluding that every single manmade artifact both minute and sizable was comprehensively eliminated. NASA is still relaying photo images of Mars with anomalous objects clearly in sight up to the present from the rovers so what can anyone make of it other than the still left behind objects not destroyed still lying around on Martian surface yet to be discovered upon manned expedition some couple of decades from now.

--newinitiation 09:57, 8 April 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian 19:22, 8 April 2010 (UTC)you make it seem that there can be no mistakes regarding the Plejaren's mission with Billy, but fail to mention they even admit mistakes are made on their behalf. Just look what happened when the Plejaren's unreasonable demands almost killed BEAM, who went through a nervous breakdown, that included irrational feedback from his original inner core members. Who by Semjase's own interpertation "the former personalities were nothing more than merchants and potters".

Even Jmmanuel stated that Eduard Albert Meier is responsible for ALL dimensions in this universe, yet as far as I can gather, the Plejarens are only responsible for 3 if correct, there is a discrepancy on which party is carrying the heavier load...and it appears that Billy, whose spirit is Nokodemjon has that responsibility, yet he is the interface amongst all including the benevolent and malevolent and we Earth humans are directly connected to BEAM, who shares the same attributes as us...but has the highest evolution. Thus, even though our evolution is low compared to other ET's...but we were not 100 percent responsible...there lies the delimna.

Kkeschoi said ...

Surely Billy and the ET can travel back in time to Mars and use the digital camera and video in today's technology of human race to take really good and clear images of those human-built artefacts that the Sirian forces has elimination. That would be amazing information and wisdom Billy can bring and share with His followers.

--Kkeschoi 16:48, 18 November 2010 (UTC)