President Barack Hussein Obama, his wise politics and his opponents

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This is an article from FIGU Special Bulletin 55, published in August 2010.

President Barack Hussein Obama, his wise politics and his opponents

It is a distinguishing characteristic of many human beings of Earth that they very quickly change their opinions and standpoints according to the inner or outer circumstances. Due to a lack of conscious selfcontrol and self-mastery, they succumb to very strong feeling-vacillations which lead to first abandoning themselves to a strong enthusiasm and fit of excitement concerning an event, a person or a project, whereby after some time these then abate and give room to feelings such as suspicion, hate, disappointment, frustration, vexation, etc. towards the former source of excitement.

The unsteadiness, instability, and susceptibility to vacillations of the world of feelings and world of thoughts of many human beings of Earth are undoubtedly the cause of great individual and societal crisis-situations of political, economic and social kinds on our earth, which, however, could be prevented or at least contained if human beings would learn to control and equal out, i.e. to direct onto neutral-positive tracks, their own thoughts and feelings as well as emotional outbursts. The importance of this control- and equalling out-process of one's own world of thoughts and world of feelings, which leads away from a strong polarisation and towards a neutral-positive condition of the psyche and of the consciousness, becomes clearly apparent when one considers that a society, a country and – in the end – the entire humanity of Earth is made up of the sum of the individual human beings of Earth and that for this reason a present and future reality is nothing other than the product and result of the human beings' intentions, bearings, proposed deeds, decisions and wishes of a conscious or unconscious kind that are thought and felt as well as partially put into action.

In democratic countries, a president and head of government is directly or indirectly elected by the people, but very often human beings vote on the basis of feeling-related conditions, moods and stirrings, i.e. on the basis of sympathy or antipathy, which a candidate conveys through his or her rhetoric, gestures and his or her appearance, while the programs as well as the ideas, contents and motives of his or her politics are hardly paid attention to.

As the government-candidates are for the most part conscious of how easily human beings are influenced, they attempt to impress their voters through targeted image strategies and media appearances and to appear as sympathetic and radiant as possible to them, in order to thereby achieve their consensus. Everything possible is done to have an effect on the voter's vacillating world of feelings. The candidate who masters this art of trickery the best is normally elected to president; but then he or she must live up to these artificially produced sympathies, expectations and wishes of the voters which is usually very difficult. So politicians are able, through media-manipulations and exciting promises and deliberate stagings, which target the creation of enthusiasm and euphoria or also anxiety and fear, to bring entire masses of human beings on their side as well as to also give a false picture of themselves and their politics. Thus, it can for example be feigned that they campaign for peace, prosperity, and inner security and defence of the country against external threats and dangers even if this does not correspond to the actual facts and is a pure illusion. The voters, which are led around by the nose through targeted techniques of opinion manipulation, are thus, on account of constant bombardments through false news, tendentious messages as well as through hammering political propaganda, no longer capable of separating the fiction and the shine from the true reality and of discovering the deception that they have fallen victim to.

So it happens that a president and head of government who has come to might through such deceptive means completely ruins his or her land economically, financially and socially by accumulating mountains of debt, betraying the constitution, sending his or her fellow countrymen to war – whereby many innocent people must die – and leaving behind a contaminated environment to the future generations, without being called to account for it by his or her gullible and indoctrinated voters. However, the truth gradually comes out and the population (or at least a part of it) becomes conscious of the illusion, the deception and the manipulation of opinion that they have fallen prey to, and as if waking up from an evil dream they turn their backs on their former great hero and idol and even begin to hate and to damn him or her.

It can, however, also happen – although rather infrequently – that a presidential candidate achieves, on account of his or her authentic and in no way feigned charisma, his or her speaking skills, as well as the truthfulness and honestness of his or her ideas and projects, widespread sympathies and a large consensus among voters which is not produced artificially but arises spontaneously in the human beings because he or she is actually capable of convincing voters through the – applied for positive purposes – might of his or her words and thoughts of the goodness and effectiveness of his or her intentions. This was, for example, actually the case with the election of president Barack Obama, who had aroused a broad wave of sympathy and was elected with great enthusiasm to president of the USA. As president he has been celebrated by many million fellow American citizens as that statesman who would return dignity and honour to his country and set a political course that would awaken new hope and open up a better outlook for the future. As the first black president in the history of the USA, he embodies for many million of voters of differing ethnic origins values such as new beginning, renewal, peace, freedom, progress, and equality, as well as a fair leader-figure who is able to carry out the final steps for the overcoming of a still creeping racial discrimination of black and other ethnic minorities. Thus, for the large masses of human beings in the USA and elsewhere in the world, Obama represents a true and long yearned for glimmer of hope, who after the dark Bush-era – during which many countries of Earth wanted to arm themselves in order to be able to defend themselves against the insane warmongering of the USA –, would practice a reconciliatory peace-politic. These hopes and expectations, as was already clearly and distinctly shown after the first months of his administration, were in no way disappointed because Obama took decisions and measures that represent the consequent implementation of his election promises. Yet soon after his election, a smear campaign and a malicious mudslinging were launched by his political opponents, fanatic media-gurus, partisan newspapers and interest groups as well as by delusional religious preachers and doomsday prophets in order to put the newly elected president in a bad light and using every opportunity to run him down by blaming him for things, problems and accusations which were the doings of others – especially some of his predecessors in office – and for which he bears no responsibility.

The American foreign policy, so goes one of the leitmotifs of the anti-Obama propaganda, is too soft, too willing to compromise, and too weak, that is to say, too little self-confidence and not aggressive enough against other world-mights like China, Russia as well as the Islamic countries. Also racist sects and associations have become loud against Obama because to them he is as a black president a thorn in their eye.

That president Obama in relation to other world-mights, countries and peoples puts dialogue first and does not immediately use threatening might-words in order to put others under pressure and to terrorise them is something that appears to a part of the American people as a sign of weakness and not knowing what to do and even as cowardice, because their mentality is still strongly marked by the stereotype of the gunman and cowboy, which is inclined to rely on weapons and Gewalt (The German word Gewalt is definied as «to use physical, psychical, mental, and consciousness-related powers, abilities and skills with all available coercive means in order to carry through and carry out actions and deeds.) as the sole means for the solving of problems. Apparently this part of the US-population has very little interest and respect for other cultures and peoples because it is of the view that everything revolves, or should revolve, around the USA and that the entire world should submit itself to the USA or should at least adapt to the “US way of life”. In contrast, Obama is a president who is open to the world, modest and eloquent, knows and esteems other peoples, religions and cultures, and for this reason does not constantly boast of US-values in order to impose these on all the others. Therefore, it could not have turned out any differently than his being hated by that part of the American people who only knows the language and gestures of the use of Gewalt, the threat of war, the exploitation of the economy, and the brutal domination of the world, and that they also attempt to vilify the president and to insult him and to expose him as being incompetent with all means, whether through television programs, caricatures, cover pictures, newspaper articles, political smear campaigns, satirical internet sites and all possible propaganda tricks, in order to destroy his public and private image. While doing so, these brainless critics and evil slande rers never consider what positive results the Obama politics have already brought not only America, but the entire world. The following are some of them:

  • With regards to foreign policy he has within one year eased the great and dangerous tensions between the USA and other world-mights, offered the Islamic countries dialogue instead of war as well as started or got underway a nuclear disarmament process with Russia which is on a scale that has not happened in decades.
  • He has ordered the closing of the human-rights violating prison camp in Guatánamo and imposed the ban of torture practices by intelligence services and police officials as a means for extorting confessions from suspected terrorists.
  • He has openly criticised Israel's expansion and settlement politics as well as taken a neutral position in the Israel-Palestine conflict and encouraged both parties to dialogue and to concrete peace negotiations.
  • He has distanced himself from the reprehensible US-practice with regard to foreign affairs of again and again interfering militarily or with the secret service in the internal affairs of other countries and acting as the world-police everywhere.
  • Instead he has treated other countries as equal partners in talks and offered them co-operation and partnership, and also, when necessary, made help available as for example in the case of the earthquake in Haiti, and that without pursuing deceitful world domination objectives.
  • He has explained the complete and step-wise withdrawal of US troops as necessary and initiated it, as well as put in place plans to solve the Afghanistan-question.
  • With regards to domestic politics he has put into power a historical healthcare reform which has secured over 35 million Americans a form of healthcare which they previously could not afford.
  • He has initiated a government investment plan in the amount of 787 billion dollars for the rescue of the US economy and of the banking system, which as massive stimulus of the economy has had an effect and has cared for that the worst effects of the crisis, such as mass unemployment and impoverishment of society, were contained or substantially softened, which were caused by the predator-capitalists who are driven by unrestrained greed for money and who trample under foot every ethic, moral and all human-values because they are ready to go over corpses for the sake of profit.
  • He has bluntly attacked the excessively high extra-payments for bank managers – through which the businesses and banks that they manage are driven into ruin – and in doing so has announced limits for the managers' salaries.
  • He has signalled a constructive attitude towards the progress of the economy and in connection with this has repealed some of the bans and restrictions on stem-cell research and genetic engineering that were pushed through by G.W. Bush, as well as removing the bans and restrictions of their financing by the government. In return he was heavily criticised by the Roman Catholic church.
  • He put an end to the undignified practice dubbed “Don't ask, don't tell”, according to which homosexuals were only then allowed to be accepted into the Military if they kept their homosexuality a secret.
  • He spoke honest words of reconciliation and deep respect towards the human beings of Islamic faith and emphasised that America shall no longer be viewed and considered as an enemy by these human beings but as a friend, because it does not want to lead a crusade against Islamic countries. In doing so, he called upon the representatives of the monotheistic religions to overcome their mutual hostilities and suspicions and instead to discover again the common roots and values and to foster them.

These efforts of Barack Hussein Obama that are marked by wisdom, broad-sightedness, rationality, tolerance, love for one's fellow human being and peace have already in a short period of time decisively contributed to easing the tension in the world situation in many places as well as to building up peaceful and progressive relationships between the countries of Earth. One asks oneself what other politicians in his position could have brought about even half of that which he has already achieved in less than one and a half years. But in spite of the support of the “small” people in the USA and in all of the world Obama's political effects run up against many dark powers such as the financial elite, economic centres of might, the armaments industry, the insurance lobby, the fanatical-religious and extreme right-wing groups as well as some mass media and Republican opponents, because he acts counter to their egotistical self-interests and also endangers them through his deeds serving the public interest by reaching decisions which serve the common good of his people as well as indirectly also the entire humankind. In addition many of his incapable opponents and critics envy his talent of speech, his intellectual brilliance and the excellent ability to recognise problems quickly and to find effective short, medium, or long term solutions for them, which the opponents and critics are completely incapable of doing. And as if that was not bad enough, there are those who also strive to kill him in order to silence him definitely.

The line of Obama's opponents is much longer than one could imagine at first glance, as many anti-globalisation fanatics, conspiracy theorists and other left-wing extremists and ideologists also do not like him because they accuse him in an unfair way of not allowing banks and financial institutions, which were responsible for the economic crisis, to go bankrupt instead of having them rescued from collapse through government subventions and massive injections of funds. It does not occur to these dumb groaners that if Obama had responded like they wished, namely to just sit back and watch the greatest financial crisis, then the entire economic system would have broken down and these world-changers would have become beggars, homeless people and unemployed, and their dollars would have had almost no value. But that is not all, for also the obstinate worshippers and protectors of the predator-like capitalistic system and its financial sharks keep on and on and accuse Obama of socialism, because he has injected large sums of tax dollars into the economic and financial sectors and provided government support to heavily hit private industries, especially the auto industry. Apparently these quarrelsome and cynical ideologists are not in any way interested in the destiny of millions of workers just as they are also not interested in the existential situation of the large masses of human beings, whose future is threatened by great poverty and impoverishment. According to these critics, Obama is simultaneously, on the one hand, a faithful friend of the banks and the financial system and, on the other hand, however, a dangerous socialist who wants to nationalise everything – which is completely absurd. Thus, this clearly shows how unfounded, slanderous and pretextual these attacks are, since they serve to convince the public that this president is good for nothing and is ruining everything in the USA

In reality Obama has already put much of that into effect what he had promised before the election whereby the majority of his predecessors totally failed in all these things or – if one wants to express this weakly – roundly neglected everything. One only has to think of the historical contract with Russia for nuclear disarmament. According to this agreement the number of nuclear warheads, as well as their carrier systems, must be halved within seven years. With this Obama had the courage to express a clear vision of a world without nuclear weapons and has begun to take the first steps in putting into effect his valuable idea. However, regarding this the nasty critical voices have also become louder, which say that Obama's intentions are utopian and unrealistic since the reduction of the nuclear weapons arsenal only concerns the two super-mights USA and Russia, but not the many other countries that possess nuclear weapons, such as China, India, Pakistan and Israel etc. But the fact is that someone among the nuclear-mights must begin with the disarmament, and if one starts with the weapons arsenal of the former archenemies USA and Russia, it is so much the better; then an important sign is set by this that has a signal-effect with regard to the necessity of a nuclear disarmament, which other willing countries worldwide can then follow. The more mighty nations, foremost the USA, shall serve as an example according to Obama's vision and spur on all the others to do the same. To expect that the others take the first steps in the direction of disarmament is extremely foolish, illusory and irresponsible.

A further example of the extremely illogical kind of critic of the Obama-politic can be seen in some of the reactions to his decision for the withdrawal of troops out of Iraq. The war in Iraq, which was instigated by his predecessor in office, G.W. Bush, and the bloody military occupation resulting from it, has plunged the country into a civil war and into such chaos and misery that their consequences are immeasurable. However, this war and the occupation brought very terrible consequences also for the USA: A national debt that is driven to astronomical heights, many thousands of dead and injured among the soldiers, and very many more among the private militias and the uninvolved Iraqi population. An entire generation of war-weary US soldiers as returnees, who return home as persons who are psychically or physically damaged by war. As persons harmed psychically and physically by the war experiences they are war cripples and are no longer able to integrate themselves into society – and it is not unusual for them to commit suicide. In view of this entire disaster, there was and is on the part of those responsible in politics and in the military no word of self-critic and of remorse to be heard.

Now, Obama is given the heavy burden to pull the cart out of the mud and even here vehement attacks are brought against him of all people, according to which a withdrawal from Iraq is irresponsible and does not represent a solution to the situation. On the other hand, the president is also accused of not having kept his election promise regarding the withdrawal of troops and as a result had received the Nobel peace prize undeservedly.

How should these self-opinionated would-be statesmen and would-be responsible ones come to the insight that an abrupt immediate withdrawal of US-troops from Iraq after years of occupation, terrorism and civil war would plunge the country into a still worse anarchy because everything has gone downhill and has worsened dramatically in all these years through the corrupt governments that the US has supported.

Thus, how can one expect that a leader comes along – be it also the best strategist of the world – who shall be in a position within a few months or years to magically repair the catastrophe, which has already persisted for many years and has taken on worse and worse forms, and to transform Iraq into a peaceful paradise! Where were these great Obama-critics in all these years of the disastrous, criminal Iraq-politics and above all, what have they actually done in order to prevent the full extent of the disaster, or least to pillory it and to expose it?

The fact is and remains that a step-wise withdrawal of US-troops is only taking place because of Obama's decision and the end of the longstanding criminal military occupation of the country is drawing nearer. Obama's political opponents also demand that he be more aggressive and more threatening towards Iran and threaten this country with war. This, if it does not forego its nuclear programme and also does not abandon its secret nuclear weapons armament project, as is very strongly wished for by the Israeli Leadership.

Should those, who now accuse Obama of having capitulated to Iran as well as Russia and China, and who declare that an especially violent confrontation with Iran is necessary, come to take the helm in the USA one day – which is not to be ruled out – then one asks oneself where would they lead their country and the entire world through their insane plans, and what then will become of us all and of our descendants. That these fanatics through their delusional belief are already strongly endangering the international peace through their ideas and also would suggestively and forcefully bring about war if they took the helm of might, can already be clearly and distinctly recognised. And the insane ideas that they have – which would completely destroy the present-day peaceful relations with Russia, the Islamic world and China, because, due to their stubborn Rambo-politics, it would come to severe tensions among the worldmights, which possibly could lead into a third world war – are not at all taken into account by their reckless followers.

That Obama is no rigid ideologist, rather a circumspect pragmatist and wise rational-human being, who always attempts to make the best out of what is feasible in the moment and in the future, and who is not subject to any dangerous delusions, contributes to letting him appear unsympathetic or also hostile to all those human beings who have lost all contact to true reality and its truth, because they cling to all possible confused fantasies and thought-processes, wild theories and rumours as well as abstruse religious and sectarian teachings, through which they are totally blinded and which hinders them from perceiving, wanting to accept, and understanding, the effective reality in its entire breadth and fullness. For this reason it is astonishing that a substantial part of the US-American population is not in the position to come to the insight that a president is at work in their country who in one year has accomplished much more and brought about much more positive changes than all of his predecessors added together. In spite of this one cannot evade the ascertainment, how dumb, foolish, inane, arrogant, absolutely superficial and irrational a human being must be in order to not summon up any ability, intellect and rationality, to recognise the many results already achieved by President Obama and therefore to give him respect and esteem. In truth, he has since taking office, in accordance with his election promises, already brought about much good and positive, namely not only for his country and the population of the USA, but for the entire humanity of Earth.

And he has done this within a short period of time and within a framework which no other US president before him was able to do.

To conclude I, would like to make the following comments: Surely, it is very hopeful and helpful if someone comes to have might who is wise and whose consciousness-evolution-level is a stretch higher than that of the broad mass of human beings. But if this mass of human beings, instead of observing and considering their wise leader as an example and allowing oneself to be inspired by his manner of thinking and acting, burdens him with all possible terrible states of affairs, shift their own responsibility concerning their own errors and negligence onto him, then this mass of human beings are good for absolutely nothing. A population is actually good for nothing if it acts according to the motto, “You have to clean up the mess left by your predecessor alone, we are not making any personal contribution towards this, because we do not want to bear any responsibility for it; instead we only wait and see that you do everything for us and if you should not succeed then exactly for this reason you are guilty.” Such behaviour is a clear symptom that the majority of the human beings concerned do not possess a clear intellect and a clear rationality and logic and, as a result, have not yet understood what and how life really is, how it functions and how one as a true human being is to live. To this I will describe some typical thought-processes, imaginations and inner consciousness-conditions of these human beings (not only are those fallible ones of the USAmericans, who fall exactly within this framework, meant, but also those human beings in general of all other countries around the world who are fallible concerning this matter):

  • First of all, I let myself be manipulated by all possible influences through advertising, television, political propaganda, religions, sects and films, without questioning their sense and purpose and as a result I lose control over myself.
  • Then I am ready, through my applause and my support, to agree with every single guru, sectarian, political leader or star and to ensure that he exploits my consciousness-conditioning and inner unfreedom in order to be captivated by him.
  • Consequently, I do not recognise all of the disasters that these false leaders and gurus have instigated and triggered in my name and because of my support.
  • The consequence of this thought-process is that I bear no responsibility for them and, should the occasion arise, push it onto someone else, who I gladly put in my sights as a scapegoat or who is pointed out to me as such.
  • If others, human beings who are conscious of themselves, acknowledge the entire disaster and there is someone to be found who really has the ability to clean up the entire mess and dirt, then I begin to view him as a disturbing factor and to blame him for things for which he bears no responsibility.

What Obama effectuates, one will be able to better assess in the future; what is certain is that his politics requires time and patience and for this reason he cannot, in the remaining two or one and a half years, bring that to completion what he wants to achieve, but that he also needs a second mandate in order for his activities to completely unfold.

Obama's mission and the FIGU somehow run parallel and there exists a deep connection that reaches back thousands of years. Regardless of whether Obama is conscious of it or not, he can still bring about all kinds of positive, progressive and evolutive things for the humanity of Earth and prevent a third world war inferno which is still a threatening possibility. But, whether his mission is crowned with success depends mainly on the kind of thinking and acting of the US-citizens as well as the entire population of Earth, because it depends on whether they are willing to make an effort to drive forward their own consciousness-evolution in order to really learn what needs to be learned with regard to being human in the real and true sense, so that everyone begins to live as a true human being among other human beings. Everyone must decide whether he or she wants to walk along the path of the positive, progressive and evolutive, which Obama and FIGU also walk along, or if he or she decides against it and continues to go along and vegetate away on the old pernicious and self-destructive tracks of hate, of might-addiction, of cult-religious veneration and of fanaticism as well as of inner unpeace and of inner enslavement. We all, regardless of which consciousness-evolution-level we belong to, carry the full responsibility for the course of our history. It is through our responsibility that we determine whether we go along the path to bitter suffering, which leads us continuously into enmity and into all-destroying wars, or whether we turn ourselves towards love, harmony and progress, and as a result true freedom as well as a lasting worldwide peace among all peoples, regardless of whatever their race, skin colour, mentality, opinion, and direction of belief and knowledge may be.

Written by Andrea Bertuccioli, Italy

Translation: Willem Mondria, Switzerland