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The so-called men in black, named as such because of the colour of their clothing, were from the Sirius star system. They're alternatively referred to as the 'ancient Sirius overlords'.

“The men in black were rounded up and taken into custody through forces of their home world after their last evil attacks against you. They also do not pose a threat anymore.” - Ptaah, Contact Report 424

See the precursory assassination attempts in association with the Asket and Nera Photos.

The malevolent extraterestrial "Men in Black" is all over now anyway, it's in the past, see Contact Report 424. New things manifest themselves for the humankind residing on earth nowadays, such as Overpopulation which is half the cause of climate change.

Questions concerning the men in black

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Hi Billy, One of the first well known uses of the term Men in Black was in the 1962 book Flying Saucers & the Three Men by Albert Bender. In that book, the author describes the Men in Black as "Men dressed in Black with glowing eyes, they changed their form to what they really looked like, a hideous creature".

Are these the same Men in Black that were altering your pictures? If not then why do you use this term, as it is thoroughly discredited today & could cause confusion?


Yes. However, their eyes are not glowing, but fluorescent. --- There are only a few of them left (a group of old Sirians).

The other MiB are "Regierungslümmel" (governmental etc. agents).[1]

Hi Billy, In a previous question about the Men in Black you stated that the Men in Black were government agents. But in the book And Still They Fly on page #219 Quetzal states "the three men belong to the secret neo-Nazi group known by the name of the Schwarze Manner (Men in Black)". So far I have found three definitions for your usage of the Men in Black term.

Government Agents

Secret Neo Nazis Group

Old Sirians

Are all of these groups working together? If not, Men in Black is too vague of a term. Could you please explain what is going on here?

Thanx, Norm


These three groups are operating separately[2]

Hi Billy, I was under the impression all the negative Et’s were gone. So I was shocked to read that Sirian Et’s influenced an assassination attempt on you. What is the Sirian ET's agenda?


The threat of the Sirians (the „Black Men“ of ET origin) is a thing of the past, because in 1998 the Plejaren have installed effective counter-measures so they are not able to attack Billy anymore.[3]

Greetings Billy,

Comment: There appears to be a lot of talk lately about a time-traveller from the future known as John Titor who made a sudden appearance back in around 2000 or so, who also had warnings for the USA in regards to world war 3, etc, in much the same way as did the Henoch prophecies.

Question: In a future prophecy it's stated that a space-ship from Earth will eventually find itself somewhere half way between Earth and the Sirius home-worlds where it will encounter an unimaginable horror. If you know, what is this unimaginable horror?

Perhaps you know if it relates to the ancient Sirius overlords who seek to destroy us and if there are any Sci-Fi movies relating to it, or perhaps the Plejarens can check out this area of space if they've not done so already.

Peace in wisdom,

James Truthseeker


The time-traveller fantasy is rubbish.

“Unimaginable horror” means several happenings which horrify the people when they are getting aware of it. This may be certain laws of nature that are detected, or if interstellar things are not where it is thought that they should be, or bacteria, etc. etc.

There are no “Sirius overlords” left who will seek to destroy us. The last of the ET Black Men (62 of them) are not in a position anymore to bring harm to terrestrial humankind.[4]


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