List Of Abbreviations

From Future Of Mankind

AA - Arahat Athersata, see Books


Beamship - flying saucer with Beam-drive, typically belonging to Plejaren Federation personnel, see Beamships

CR - Contact Reports

CEO - Chief executive officer

CT - Computed Tomography

ECHR - the European Convention on Human Rights

ESP — Electrostatic precipitator

ET - Extraterrestrial

EU - European Union

EMF — Electro magnetic field

FIGU - FIGU, mother-centre, SSSC

FLAU - FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia

FLCA - FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada

FDA - Food and Drug Administration, see Lifestyles and Health

FoM / FOM - Future Of Mankind, the Billy Meier wiki website

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

GoT / GotT - Goblet of Truth / Goblet of the Truth, see Books

HID — high intensity discharge

ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

ID - Identification

ISO - International Organisation for Standardisation

INCL - Including, to include

MIM - Man-in-the-middle

MAO-A - Monoamine oxidase A

MRI - Magnetic resonance imaging

NDE - Near Death Experience

NWO - New World Order

PIN - Personal Identification Number

P’s - Plejaren Federation extraterrestrials

PM - Peace Meditation / post meridiem

RFID - Radio-Frequency IDentification

REC - Record, a recording

resp. - Respectively, that is, i.e.

TFEU - Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

T’s - Timmar, Timar

TWtL - The Way to Live, see Books

USA - United States of America

UK - United Kingdom

UFO - Unidentified Flying Object



DOofD - ? TBC

“age of Aquarius” - a time designation, related to planetary position, 2029 onwards

“third millennium” - all years between 2000 to 3000

“flying saucer” - aviation technology, flight device, resembling a ‘cup and saucer’ but 2x saucer only, for aerodynamic reasons.

“old time” - pre-circa 9,500 BCE, i.e. prehistory for all intents and purposes, see Atlantis

“the secret” - referring to the various genetic modification(s), see Ageing

“the treasure” / “guardian of the treasure” / “treasure holder” - referring to knowledge of Type III civilisation, and / or Arahat Athersata, see Nokodemion