Language Learning the Plejaren Way

From Future Of Mankind


From Contact Report 4


12. Just like human beings on Earth, we also have to learn a language.

13. Yet this is much easier for us and presents less trouble.

14. We possess all Earth languages that were ever spoken in ancient times or are currently used.

15. That is to say, we have detailed recordings of them in the most diverse formats.

16. Language training courses, as you would call them, were compiled from them.

17. This work is performed by language scientists and machines similar to what you call computers.

18. Further machines of a similar type serve to transmit the desired language and instill it in us.

19. This means we are connected to such a machine or apparatus, which then transmits the desired language.

20. This occurs during a machine-induced, hypnotic-like state.

21. In this way, the definitions and meanings of the language become implanted and registered.

22. This process takes 21 days.

23. Then we require another 9–10 days in order to also speak the language correctly.

24. This means that we must practice its correct application and pronunciation with the help of machines and the language scientists.

25. In this manner it takes us about 30 to 31 days to learn a language.

26. People on Earth are already operating in a similar fashion by using tape recorders in their language courses, particularly at so-called language institutes.

27. This is already the first step toward constructing and using apparatuses and machines such as ours.

28. In various parts of the world, work is being done on such computers.