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“Popi” Kalliope Meier Zafiriou - Billy Meiers ex-wife. Key UFO and paranormal activity and phenomenon witness according to the witness listing. Zafiriou is her maiden name. Her full name is found signed at the bottom of the witness statement article written by her included in Contact Report 119 and her signature is on the Affidavit. [continue reading]

Kalliope is Billy Meiers ex-wife. They divorced in 1997, at the time Billy had been informed their marriage would be legally dissolved, in a private conversation in 1979, which he was not permitted to publish until 2003.[1] In truth she felt no love in herself for Billy and only married him because she wanted to free herself from the conditions placed upon her by her own family, where she was under the terrible religiously indoctrinated thumb of her wildly religiously abusive mother, revealing her art for acting. She theatrically deceived Billy and FIGU group members, harming them all financially, damaging their belongings, reputation, and the mission for a couple of decades.[2]

The Plejaren assessed in 1979 that she had been unlawfully passing sensitive details and personal information of the internal FIGU group members by telephone, directly verbally, through sound recordings and letters to the outside and to non-members. But they could not openly disclose this information because then hatred, vindictiveness, and injustice, would have arisen, demanding other group members be informed, which would have jeopardised the entire FIGU mission. Consequently they had to tread another path, which consisted of Kalliope removing herself from the FIGU group association by her own initiative and by going her own separate way, which occurred in the mid-nineties, which finally rid FIGU of her abusiveness, altercations, hassle of her dishonesty, disadvantages to FIGU, the group members, and the mission for her own profit.

Despite all this going on in the background, Billy and Kalliope would have however shared many wonderful memories with eachother during their 31 years or so of marriage. Anyone who has experienced or seen a divorce separation, particularly after such a long relationship and involving children, e.g. been a child and gone through those motions with their parents over years, appreciates that it goes on for a fair few years and gradually breaks down, where there is no love. The various details of their divorce are private but she didn’t love him.[3]

Kalliope gave a number of reasonably positive reviews, saw plenty of UFO's, wrote her own FIGU articles about what she saw and experienced while there, witness statements, signed an affidavit, conducted interviews and worked for 'the Billy Meier case' and FIGU at the Semjase Silver Star Center. The divorce subsequently allowed her to pull herself out and then more substantially negative, vengeance reviews and less restrained interviews emerge thereafter. She hadn’t properly rejected it all after all those years of experiences and therefore developed a keener interest in being interviewed than before.

Kalliope Meier

Kalliope Meier (ex wife) and Billy Meier.


Kalliope Zafiriou (nickname Popi/Poppi), named after a rare beautiful bird (Calliope hummingbird), was born in Neoi Epivates, Greece on the 3rd of November, 1948. She was brought up as a strict Greek-orthodox and spent it partly in the monastery and changed to atheist in later life,[4] just like the vast majority of people exposed to religion during their childhood do. She started working in a factory at age 14, but wanted to be either a dressmaker or hairdresser. Her father worked as a fisherman. Her mother saw her as a child resulting from an unwanted pregnancy (by the late 1850s several major rubber companies were mass-producing, among other items, rubber condoms). Her mother required unconditional obedience from Kalliope, and regularly beat her when she wasn’t, which is how her hatred developed toward her mother.[5]

She first met Eduard when she was 17 years old on 25th December, 1965, in the city of Thessaloniki.[6] At that time Eduard wasn’t far off twice her age at 29 years old. By that time he had already lost his left arm from the bus accident, about 5 months prior to them meeting on the 3rd of August in Iskenderun,[7] Turkey. A month after they met, Eduard popped the question to Popi, she said yes and they got engaged on the 25th of January 1966. Her parents didn’t approve and consent, she already hated her mother for traditionally slapping her religiously as a child,[8] so a month later the pair of them ran away together, eloped, to get married in secret, on the 25th February, 1966.[citation needed]

After encounters with the police, being searched and threats by her family. They got married the following month on 25th March 1966,[9] in the city of Corinth.[10]

Between February 1967 and June 1969, they then traveled Turkey, Pakistan and India. She gave birth to their first, a girl, Gilgamesha Meier in Quetta, Pakistan, 20th September 1967. After returning to Switzerland in 1968,[11] they had two sons – Atlantis Meier, 9th August 1970 and Methusalem Meier, 31st October 1973.[12]

Billy told Kalliope in 1975 about the extraterrestrials. Since 1975, Kalliope’s task at FIGU was the comprehensive household duties, where she cooked daily for up to 16 including the group members and children. In addition, she also greeted visitors to the SSSC, took care of the library and processed the mail of about 100 to 120 FIGU passive members.[13]

For reasons she hasn’t publicly made clear, Popi left Billy and the SSSC, launching divorce proceedings in the spring of 1995, just as Semjase as had told him she would.[14] She officially quit FIGU on 3rd August 1996, and her marriage officially ended in June 1997. She then became a nurse, as she had wanted for years. According to her son Methusalem, Popi was later in a relationship with a man for 2 years, but has been living alone since they broke up.[15]

Kalliope Signed Affidavit

Kalliope in 1991 signed an Affidavit. An Affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court. The translation reads:

The undersigned herewith confirm that they have never observed or known Mr. Eduard Albert Meier (Billy), residing at CH-8495 Schmidrüti/ZH, of ever being involved in any unfair intrigues or manipulations in order to feign false facts, much less ever having been involved as assistant himelf.

Furthermore, we know of no wealthy backers ever giving Billy material help in any way with the attainment of his ufological slide series and short films.

We also confirm that the reports of our experiences outlined in this book completely correspond to the truth. If need be, these statements can at any time be sworn to before a court of law.[16]

Followed by many signatures including Kalliope Meier.

Kalliope Contact Report 119

Kalliope in 1979, while being interviewed by Ufologist Jun-Ichi Yaoi.
Courtesy of Lee Elders.

Kalliope saw Ptaah by mistake for 15 seconds on Eduards birthday, 3rd of February 1979 and wrote up an article about it which was included in Contact Report 119. The exchange lasted long enough for her to make reasonably descriptive observations. She walked into the living room at the SSSC and saw a tall bearded male figure dressed in a grey, full body, overall suit, which had a large round opening in the neck for a helmet, which he wasn't wearing. Around the belt were attached some strange devices and apparatus things. Upon unexpected sight of each other she was startled and he took a step backwards, grasped a small device on his belt and disappeared.

Kalliope Beamship Sounds

Kalliope was among the fifteen witnesses present during the Variant III Beamship, forty-eight minute tape recording, which was made on 7th July, 1980, in Ober-Sädelegg, Switzerland, on four seperate cassette recorders. Kalliope gave her own Aiwa recorder to Billy, and then stood approximately 450 metres west of his position. Many residents of the small hamlet of Zinggen, three kilometers away heard it, prompting several of them to run up the hill in search of the source of this strange loud whirring noise of the unmuffled device, arriving after it ended. Two members of the D. family however, who lived a half-mile away, came just in time to observe the final minutes of the recording.

Kalliope Contact Report 218

Quetzal regarding an argument between Billy and Kalliope.

18. It could actually have come out very badly since your wife had, with great strength, flung the knives and forks in your face over the kitchen table.
19. You could have been killed by the kilogram weight of the crystal ashtray which she hurled, right across the whole kitchen, at your head.

Kalliope Witness Account Summaries

Kalliope witnesses the disappearance of the tree in 1976.
Kalliope witnesses the triangular UFO in 1977, Zeugenbuch, p. 132.
Kalliope witnesses the zigzag manoeuvre UFO in 1977, Zeugenbuch, p. 133
Kalliope sees the Zurich UFO in 1977, Zeugenbuch, pp. 136-139
Kalliope is one of the observers that Billy moved the 500 kg furnace 1m by himself, Zeugenbuch, pp. 148-151
Kalliope writes up another witness account in 1981.

List of UFO photo opportunities
Witness List
Witness Matrix
Kalliope is listed as a witness on several occassions.

How can you be sure of the authenticity of the Meier case?
Kalliope passes lie detector test.

Kalliope in book

From 61 Years of Poems, Sayings, Aphorisms (book)

Billy has generously shared with us many of his older poems in his 2004 book, "61 Jahre Gedichte Sprüche Aphorismen" (61 Years of Poems Sayings Aphorisms). From there we learn - from many touching love poems written for his beloved Kalliope - that "Kannibalen" was one of Billy's affectionate nicknames for his wife, along with "Kannibalenkind", "Agapulla" and "Agapimo".

Kalliope FIGU Special Bulletin 038

And now a short reminder of the early travels of Billy: In 1967 Billy and his now ex-wife, Kalliope continued their travels towards the Far East, namely to Karachi, West Pakistan. During their stay they were both taught about Islam. Billy’s reason to study Islam was because of his task to get to know the world religions and to learn them thoroughly.

When somebody converts to Islam, he/she is usually given an Arabic name(s) if he/she doesn’t already have one, and so Billy was given the Muslim name Mohammed Abdullah and Kalliope (his ex-wife) the name Ayesha Abdullah.

Kalliope Contact Report 239

Kalliope watched some lights high in the sky above the SSSC with many other folks in 1991.

Kalliope Contact Report 118

Kalliope was involved in an assassination attempt while driving with Billy in the car, brakes failed and she crashed it into a wall at 40mph, in 1978.

Kalliope Contact Report 132

Kalliope in the account of the Beamship Sounds event.

Kalliope Contact Report 104

Kalliope looked at the future San Andreas earthquake photos.

Kalliope Contact Report 72

Kalliope will incarnate again into a new personality between 2065 and 2072 and some time later approach the FIGU again. Which might mean she may die between 2051 and 2058, at an old age.

Kalliope Contact Report 123

Semjase, 4th June 1979.
Source: Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 3, page 375 – 388.

English German
Semjase: Semjase:
(The following information was first made accessible to parts of the core group in the year 2003; until then, no one knew anything about the following controversial conversation and action between Semjase and Billy.) (Die nachfolgenden Informationen wurden Teilen der Kerngruppe erst im Jahre 2003 zugänglich gemacht; bis dahin wusste niemand etwas vom folgenden Verschwörungsgespräch und -handeln zwischen Semjase und Billy.)
120. But now to the unofficial, which you may, indeed, present to a few specific group members, but which you may not release to the public until after the turn of the millennium. 120. Doch nun zum Inoffiziellen, das du wohl einigen wenigen bestimmten Gruppengliedern unterbreiten, jedoch für die Öffentlichkeit erst nach dem Jahrtausendwechsel freigeben darfst.
Billy: Billy:
It is probably better for me to remain silent toward all group members, because disputes could arise from it, if I would prefer some and disadvantage others. Es ist wohl besser, wenn ich gegenüber allen Gruppemitgliedern schweige, denn es könnte daraus Streit entstehen, wenn ich einige bevorzuge und andere benachteilige.
Semjase: Semjase:
121. You may be right about that. 121. Da magst du recht haben.
122. So listen, then: 122. So höre denn:
123. I first want to explain a few things in reference to your wife and you, about which you should not get upset, however, because nothing is to change anyway, and it is already determined. 123. Erst will ich einiges im Bezug deiner Frau und dir selbst erklären, worüber du dich jedoch nicht aufregen sollst, weil sowieso nichts zu ändern und bereits bestimmt ist.
124. So it will happen that in 1997, you will legally dissolve your marriage with your wife, which won't be attributed to your efforts, however, if I may say that in such a way, but to the demand of your wife. 124. So wird es sich ergeben, dass du 1997 gerichtlich deine Ehe mit deiner Frau auflösen wirst, was jedoch nicht auf deine Bemühungen zurückführen wird, wenn ich das so sagen darf, sondern auf das Ansinnen deiner Frau hin.
125. In truth, she feels no love in herself for you, because she only married you because she wanted to free herself from the conditions of her own family, where she was under the terrible thumb of her mother. 125. In Wahrheit fühlt sie keine Liebe in sich für dich, denn sie ehelichte dich nur, weil sie sich aus den Verhältnissen ihrer eigenen Familie befreien wollte, in der sie unter der schlimmen Fuchtel ihrer Mutter stand.
126. But now, I would like to reiterate that we do not want you to publish these statements of our conversation in the Contact Reports. 126. Ich möchte dich nun aber nochmals darauf hinweisen, dass wir nicht wollen, dass du diese Erklärungen unseres Gespräches in den Kontaktberichten veröffentlichst.
127. It is necessary that you are really silent about this. 127. Es ist notwendig, dass du wirklich darüber schweigst.
128. And furthermore, in our conversations that we carry on from now on, there should also always only be talk as if everything with your wife is in order, of which you do, indeed, say ever more frequently that in terms of the mission, she only reveals her art of acting. 128. Und weiterhin soll in unseren Gesprächen, die wir fortan führen, auch immer nur die Rede davon sein, als sei alles mit deiner Frau in Ordnung, von der du ja immer häufiger sagst, dass sie in bezug der Mission nur ihre Schauspielkunst offenbare.
129. For this reason - along with other reasons - I had a look into the future and saw your marriage dissolution. 129. Aus diesem Grunde – nebst anderen Gründen – machte ich eine Zukunftsschau und ersah deine Eheauflösung.
130. I wasn't allowed to penetrate into the inner world of thought of your wife, however, in accordance with our directives, in order to investigate her true, most secret things, so I always had to rely on, and still have to rely on, what your wife releases outwardly and what I can see and determine with regard to my open inspections. 130. In die innere Gedankenwelt deiner Frau durfte ich jedoch gemäss unseren Direktiven nicht eindringen, um ihre wahren geheimsten Dinge zu erforschen, weshalb ich mich immer auf das verlassen musste und weiterhin verlassen muss, was deine Frau nach aussen hin freigibt und was ich hinsichtlich meiner offenen Kontrollen ersehen und feststellen kann.
131. And in any case, these inspections indicate to me something other than what you report to me more and more frequently about your wife, that she just theatrically deceives you as well as the group members and also harms you all financially as well as damages your belongings, which she also does with respect to the mission. 131. Und diese Kontrollen zeigen mir jedenfalls etwas anderes auf, als das, was du mir immer öfter über deine Frau berichtest, dass sie eben schauspielerisch dich sowie die Gruppenglieder betrüge und auch finanziell sowie am Hab und Gut schädige, was sie auch bezüglich der Mission tue.
132. And as long as I, father, or Quetzal cannot recognize this from her outward nature, so long must we rely on what we can determine about your wife on a purely external basis. 132. Und so lange, wie ich, Vater oder Quetzal dies nicht aus ihrem nach aussen gehenden Wesen erkennen können, so lange müssen wir uns auf das verlassen, was wir rein äusserlich an deiner Frau feststellen können.
133. We do, indeed, know that she unlawfully passes on internal group information by telephone as well as directly verbally and also through sound recordings and letters to the outside to non-members, as we already told you before, but if we would reveal this through an open conversation report in the group, then hatred, vindictiveness, and injustice, etc. would arise, which would jeopardize the entire mission. 133. Zwar wissen wir, dass sie unrechtmässigerweise gruppeninterne Informationen per Telephon sowie direkt mündlich wie aber auch durch Tonträger und Briefe nach aussen an Nichtmitglieder weitergibt, wie wir dir schon früher erklärten, doch wenn wir das durch einen offenen Gesprächsbericht in der Gruppe offenbaren, dann entstehen Hass, Rachsucht und Unbill usw., was die ganze Mission gefährden würde.
134. For this reason, I also haven't informed father and Quetzal about the concerns, and indeed, also not about what you report to me more and more often about your wife. 134. Aus diesem Grunde habe ich auch Vater und Quetzal nicht in die Belange eingeweiht, und zwar auch nicht darüber, was du mir über deine Frau immer häufiger berichtest.
135. If the two of them would be informed, then they would demand that the group members also be informed about everything, which would be very imprudent, however, in my opinion, because through that, the group could be dissolved and the mission could be destroyed, as I know from a probability calculation. 135. Wären die beiden informiert, dann stellten sie die Forderung, dass auch die Gruppenglieder über alles unterrichtet würden, was aber meines Erachtens sehr unklug wäre, weil dadurch sowohl die Gruppe aufgelöst wie auch die Mission zerstört werden könnte, wie ich aus einer Wahrscheinlichkeitsberechnung weiss.
136. Consequently, we must tread a different path, which consists in your wife removing herself from the group association by her own initiative and going her separate way. 136. Folgedessen müssen wir einen anderen Weg beschreiten, der darin liegt, dass sich deine Frau durch eigene Initiative aus dem Gruppenverband entfernt und allein ihrer Wege geht.
137. You can be unconcerned, however, because in the end, everything will, in fact, arise in the Center and change for the better in such a way that the mission will begin to bear its fruit. 137. Du kannst aber unbesorgt sein, denn letztlich wird sich nämlich alles im Center derart ergeben und zum Guten wenden, dass die Mission ihre Früchte zu tragen beginnt.
138. In the mid-nineties, your wife will already remove herself and depart from the Center, whereby you will also get rid of all of her abusiveness and altercations as well as the hassle of her dishonesty, by what means she disadvantages you, the group members, and the mission for her own profit, as you always explain. 138. Mitte der Neunzigerjahre wird sich deine Frau bereits absetzen und aus dem Center ausziehen, wodurch du ihre ganzen Ausfälligkeiten und Streitereien ebenso los sein wirst wie auch den Ärger ihrer Unehrlichkeit, wodurch sie dich, die Gruppenglieder und die Mission zu ihrem eigenen Profit benachteiligt, wie du immer erklärst.
139. It… 139. Es …
Billy: Billy:
You can calmly ease off on telling me what I say about my wife, because everything corresponds to the truth, and indeed, even if you still question it. Du kannst mir ruhig abnehmen, was ich bezüglich meiner Frau sage, denn alles entspricht der Wahrheit, und zwar auch, wenn du es immer noch in Frage stellst.
Semjase: Semjase:
140. The whole thing isn't questioned by me; rather, I'm only saying that so far, I could not verify these issues with your wife because I'm not allowed to penetrate into her inner world of thought. 140. Das Ganze wird von mir nicht in Frage gestellt, sondern ich sage nur, dass ich bisher diese Belange bei deiner Frau nicht überprüfen konnte, weil es mir nicht erlaubt ist, in ihre innere Gedankenwelt einzudringen.
141. But in the future, I will strive to give my very specific and special attention to all external matters, in order to… 141. Künftighin werde ich mich jedoch bemühen, alle äusseren Belange meiner ganz besonderen und speziellen Aufmerkamkeit einzuordnen, um …
Billy: Billy:
You will do well in that. Excuse my interrupting, but it will really be good if you take a good, close look at my wife sometime in the external things. With that, you will experience your nasty surprises. Da wirst du gut daran tun. Entschuldige mein Dazwischenreden, aber es wird wirklich gut sein, wenn du meiner Frau in den äusseren Dingen einmal auf die Finger siehst. Du wirst dabei deine blauen Wunder erleben.
Semjase: Semjase:
142. That concerns purely private matters, which we should not inspect. 142. Es handelt sich dabei um rein private Belange, die wir nicht kontrollieren sollten.
Billy: Billy:
That is quite right, but I would hereby like to ask you to take a thorough, closer look at these things sometime, even if they are of a private nature. Das ist wohl richtig, doch möchte ich dich hiermit ersuchen, diese Dinge einmal gründlich unter die Lupe zu nehmen, auch wenn sie privater Natur sind.
Semjase: Semjase:
143. I can only do that within a certain framework, and also only with your permission. 143. Das kann ich nur in einem gewissen Rahmen tun, und eben auch nur mit deiner Erlaubnis.
Billy: Billy:
Which you have with this. Die hast du damit.
Semjase: Semjase:
144. Then, nevertheless, I wouldn't like to talk about your wife disparagingly, even if everything is confirmed. 144. Trotzdem möchte ich dann nicht abfällig über deine Frau reden, auch wenn sich alles bestätigt.

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