Intelligence Evolution

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Intelligence Evolution is exclusive to the higher species of animals, such as apes, dolphins, horses, ravens, pigs, goats, parrots, buffalo and other kinds of cattle, bears, camels, donkeys, beasts of prey, elephants, dogs, cats, sheep, and so forth.

These pages about evolution are just to ensure that in your understanding, evolution is not just a solo thing, entity, but is divided into many different and separate components and fields of evolution. Only by understanding all the forms of evolution do we develop a useful appreciation for evolution.

Having this pointed out, that Intelligence Evolution is different from Instinct Evolution and is different again from Consciousness Evolution, facilitates for most people, quickly making a connection in their mind that their experiences with the higher animal has been noticeably different.

It is true that the earth human (in general) is currently very weak in their Consciousness Evolution strength of ideas. So this being a given premise, it is clearer for us to understand, determine, that their cognitions about their relationship with their pet cat or dog is not fully formed when they compare their experiences with a lower form of animal, like a hamster for example. Which leads most pet owners in a strange way to repeating the same exercises with the animal that they have formed concept of ownership over. In order to try their very best to determine for themselves spiritually these explained differences. Where many pet owners lead themselves into boredom long after these cognitions are reached.

It is worth noting that the FIGU, its friends and distantly interested people, do not condone animal ownership as a civilized practice. In fact quite the opposite, many maintain that pet owners should be forced to meditate over their behaviour outside of their community for a period of time. In order to ascertain that the faecal material, disease and evolutionary differences be observed and clarified clearly for the individual, that concept of ownership over an animal is anti-logos, anti-social, as opposed to social behaviour. In many parts of the world a very defensive stance over pet ownership has been developed culturally, whereby their community in their eyes is but a meadow for their pet to defecate as and when it pleases, even in the playing areas of their most vulnerable offspring, with some very tactical, hostile, resilient phases being used to defend and justify their behavioural patterns. But this has to be determined through their own cognitions of the various facts. It is also worth noting that worlds developed in a civilization like form, would prevent humans from keeping animals in their personal living spaces for all these various reasons. To give you some more of a comprehension of the situation we have here on earth.

It is through observing the higher animals from a distance that the evolutionary differences are observed. It is also the case that the higher animal may perceive the humans gazing eyes, so neutrality is recommended, in much the same way that the neutrality of thoughts towards looking at their fellow human is recommended, as part of a healthy attitude towards the development of life.

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